Canada. A Fearful Backward Stupid Cruel Covid Country

Shifting narratives. Planning exit strategies. Mistakes were made. Need more transparency. 

Expect all the usual and predictable phrases from the cast of incompetent, not to bright weasels we've all come to loathe and loathe some more these past couple of years. 

The CDC now realizes it has to holy shit for real catch up to the data. Reality bites, amirite?

In Canada, where laggards come to thrive, the TV Dinner Expert clown circuit are confused that the CDC would abandon such reasonable and cautious science like masks and embrace dangerous biological facts like natural immunity.

Crazy eyes Canada:

*Actual face of a terrified paediatrician in Ontario. There aren't enough masks for her.


Poor Don Vinh He's been lapped. 

All of Canada is lapped.

If this was musical chairs, Canada would be the one left standing. 

Because we're idiots.

Arrogant, cruel idiots to boot.

Even Australia is starting to get it.

Someone told me she 'believes in the vaccines'.

Not sure what she's seeing but 'belief' has nothing to do with it. 

Science isn't a fucking belief system. It's a process. 

It can't afford to become dogmatic yet here we are. Paying a huge, massive catastrophic price because 'we believe!" Baby Jesus....Weeeeeee weeeeeee beeeeleeeeve!

Now they have 'bivalent' vaccines. Know what those are? Repackaged garbage from the original garbage with a cuter label.

At this point, you may as well put engine oil in your blood.


Let's visualize how stupid people in power are. Let's take Christian Dube. A more feckless, reckless and dimwitted a public figure is hard to find. 

If you don't find that cringe.

You can draw with stick people and Dube still wouldn't get it. He's the ultimate NPC bot.

Christian Dube

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