Questioning Vaccines Is Not Anti-Vaxxer

With all due respect, there's a difference between 'anti-vaxxers' and people being cautious. I'm not anti-vaxxer. My daughter has all her vaccinations. What I question is we're acting and drawing policy mostly based on fear. Asserting people who merely question the situation are automatically tagged 'anti-vaxxer'.

This is not helpful and counter-productive. We see the same error of conflation with immigration where being anti-illegal immigration is taken to mean anti-immigration. 

And so it is with the vaccines. Plenty of people who are agnostic or even fine with vaccines aren't suddenly 'anti-vaxxers'. They're just hesitant (another word I've come to loathe) about this vaccine. And not without some justification. 

I just take a step back and observe and ask questions.

Apparently you can't do that now.

You must run with the herd.

Asking questions is dangerous. It spreads more than the disease.

Patience is a virtue they say. Ha! Not these days!

Panic is heroic.

Masks are courage.

Vaccines are liberty.

If we don't question authority, that leaves us at their mercy.

And authority figures aren't infallible. Some of them are even corrupt. 



The Unethical Conscience Of Being

If you don't follow medical tyrants you're malignant and a threat.

So goes the latest narrative.

It has been a dizzying display of dreadful behavior from public officials over the last 15 months and with the roll out of the vaccines we've entered another stage in this sordid saga.

Depending how you frame the pandemic or plandemic or simply the health crisis, it shapes your perception of how this can all come to an end.

If you're of the opinion this s a serious respiratory illness that causes too many deaths and even when deaths are low circulates around toto much.  And that we should all follow the mandated actions in order to help slow the spread as our officials have nothing but public health at heart  Then, you will accept the vaccine at face value as the only way to 'regain freedom'. No questions need to be asked. It's a crisis. Vaccines will help to end it. Simple calculus. 

If you're of the opinion the PCR test is at the crux of the hysteria as well as faulty modelling, misattributed death recordings - which are directly connected to the fact early treatments were denied - and that natural immunity is a biological fact and that we're losing our democracy and liberties as a result, then you're likely to think the vaccines are being rushed and not necessary given our immune system is capable of beating it as the high survival rate shows.

The former is the sanctioned narrative. If you're the latter, sorry, you're out of luck. Join the club.

Nothing matters but the vaccine now. The fog of fear has not lifted and has in fact gotten thicker.

Vaccines can be important when working alongside natural immunity. We can get to herd with a combination of both. This time around, however, there are many questions and concerns that are simply not being considered including the proper context of the adverse events and the lack of long-term data. These are important where informed consent are concerned. 

Media is puling out all the stops finding professors, infectious disease doctors and the like - the usual suspects - who not only encourage getting the vaccine but have crossed over a line into a realm of unethical behaviour. We're creating a vaccine-tiered society (hopefully this is just exactly that - the result of excessive fear that has eradicated common sense and actual science) where experts are over shooting the thresh hold to get to herd immunity using all sorts of sleazy tactics designed to get people to vaccinate. Among the worst I've heard is calling people who don't vaccinate 'terrorists' and that they should be treated as such.

Coercion and luring kids with ice-cream or extorting them saying they will get their freedom back is despicable and violates not only the law but God's law and will as well.

This proves what we know about the cognitive abilities of children. The human brain reaches maturity at around 25 years old. That is, it's capable of processing abstract thought for example. You can't expect a 13 year-old to consider long-term impacts and showing them ice-cream only proves the point. Immediate self-gratification comes with an immature mind.

What's happening is UNETHICAL.


Societal Pressure Mounts: An Example

 A friend was telling me about a Zoom hook up she had with five of her friends all of whom have been vaccinated and plan to vaccinated their kids. Two are in the USA. They encouraged her to do the same. 

Like I predicted, the societal pressure will mount and it will be extremely stressful. While she has not changed her stance, my friend almost wanted to cry when they started on the children.

So I asked what were the reasons given? The three were:

  • 1) Kids get very sick.
  • 2) Reinfection happens.
  • 4) Antibodies and T-cells don't last or are enough.
  • 3) Only way to get to herd.

Each of these are not true or tell half a story.. 

The first one I've already posted about. The media and public officials for a period claimed that kids in the 0-19 made up the majority of the hospitalizations. Reports that may have even be exaggerated  Data shows there was an increase but not one to suggest children were in a serous position. Mortality among children remains pretty much at zero (influenza remains the main threat to them) while adults continue to make up the majority of hospitalizations. 

But let's just take one snippet of an example using the fecklessly incoherent and political CDC about children infections.  

More direct, let's consider the American Academy of Pediatrics:

"A smaller subset of states reported on hospitalizations and mortality by age; the available data indicate that COVID-19-associated hospitalization and death is uncommon in children.

At this time, it still appears that severe illness due to COVID-19 is rare among children. However, there is an urgent need to collect more data on longer-term impacts of the pandemic on children, including ways the virus may harm the long-term physical health of infected children, as well as its emotional and mental health effects."

Remember, this can reasonably be assumed the same for Canada. Several other studies from around the world conclude similar findings. 

Stories about children getting very sick remain outliers. It's also worth noting we're still in a fog fear and it's entirely possible we're overstating some statistics. 

Onto the second claim. This has been a concern for some time but 15 months on, it would appear reinfection is very rare like asymptomatic spread. Again, plenty of studies point to this. Still, it's a tricky one. We just don't know for sure.

Once again to the CDC where right there it says reinfection is rare. 

Nonetheless, recent studies have come out looking at reinfection as being serious as this study shows and could help the virus to spread.

However, evidence still points to it being rare. 

Reinfection can mean many things. You will get reinfected....eventually. It's a coronavirus. The time frame matters.

From BMJ:

"Worldwide, 31 confirmed cases of covid-19 reinfection have been recorded, although that could be an underestimate from delays in reporting and resource pressures in the ongoing pandemic."

“We know that reinfections with SARS-CoV-2 can happen,” says Ashleigh Tuite, assistant professor at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health. “The bigger question is: if reinfections are going to happen, how frequently are they happening?”

"...Since the 1960s, scientists have known that when some patients are infected with a virus for a second time,3antibodies created to fend off the disease in the first instance can end up inadvertently compounding its effectiveness on reinfection—known as antibody dependent enhancement (ADE).

To date, most of the SARS-CoV-2 reinfections that have been reported have been milder than first encounters with the virus, although some have been more harmful—and two people have died as a result.

“Almost certainly, immunity from a mild infection doesn’t last as long,” said Hunter. “But on balance, most second infections are going to be a lot less severe because of a degree of immune memory and T cell mediation.”

The article goes on to ask if it's reinfection or reactivation that's take place. The vaccines seem to be effective at the moment but it was more to weaken symptoms than the stop transmission. 

This is where the role of antibodies and T-cells, the  come into play. Again, studies clearly have revealed antibodies can last and T-cells are key to fighting off the virus. Unfortunately, it would appear we're not paying close enough attention to T-cells.

These are just some of the studies in each of these topics.

And finally, the notion of herd immunity being reached only through vaccines.

This is where things get dirty.

It's widely believed you can only get to herd through a vaccine. This is misleading. What they mean to say is a vaccine accelerates getting to herd because natural immunity would take to long - and potentially cause more deaths along the way (which could be curbed by using early treatments but this is neither here or there). The media and government are making it sound like it's the only way which is unfortunate and has implications for proper informed consent. Natural immunity does happen and vaccines work alongside it to achieve herd.

The main question for the 'hesitant' is there's long term data on the new vaccines. I have no problem with people who have these concerns. 

The way I see it get to you 60%-70% as the WHO believes (for whatever that's worth) is the thresh hold for herd immunity and move on. Not sure why Canada has a target of 70%-75%.

Covid-19 Hysteria Thoughts

From now on, when people will ask 'How could Hitler happen?' I'll respond, you're seeing it happen in real time during this hysteria and moral panic.

It just so happens we don't have a madman in power but this is the blueprint: FEAR.

It's been shocking and appalling how easy people fell and dropped their common sense. 


Pre-Covid: Of course informed consent is essential! Medical privacy is a right we must preserve. The Nuremberg Codes and Helsinki Convention are necessary to keep people.

Post-Covid: Poo-tee-weet?


Am I crazy or are the CDC, FDA and WHO winging things and changing definitions on the fly?

Repeat After Me....

There is no pandemic.

It's endemic.

The vaccines are redundant.

They should not be a means to a medical end.

They should be used judiciously and responsibly.

Flapping gums saying natural immunity doesn't exist doesn't make it so.

Human and natural law beg to differ.


The Greatest Crime?

A rudimentary timeline based on facts and theories.

- Possible lab escape from Wuhan. Virus present in 2019. Soldiers from military games in October 2019 report being violently ill. In the same month, Event 201 exercises takes place.

- December 2020-January 2021. China, with the aid of the World Health Organization, likely covers up and delays notifying the world. Taiwan warnings ignored. Accusations Canada may have conspired to help China.

-Pandemic announced in March 2020. Lockdowns follow.

- Recommended in the infamous Drosten report, PCR testing used to ramp up cases. This, in turn, drums up fear. PCR was never meant to detect infections. German virologist Drosten also posits asymptomatic spread. Imperial College model show pending doom and disaster which later is shown to be erroneous.

-Mass panic kicks off. Policy enacted under fear and duress. Established pandemic plans ignored. Health bureaucrats handed unofficial power as politicians delegate and defer power to medical officials.

-Vaccines touted as the only way out. Pharma bets this virus is deadly enough and begin to develop vaccines. Governments begin to enter purchase deals. By June, virus dissipates but the measures ramp up. Too much money involved at this point. Masks introduced as early as April into July in several Western jurisdictions despite a dearth of evidence for its use.

-Early treatments denied. Health Canada and CDC ban their use. Ventilators erroneously used in spring 2020. Thousands died where it could have been prevented.

-Campaign of suppression, intimidation and censorship begins. Medical orders discipline physicians who question what's happening. Social media ban any dissenting views that challenge the WHO and public health officials. Medical tyranny underway.

-Revelations WHO changed definition of pandemic in 2009 defining it in more broad terms.

-Fall 2020. Variants and waves propaganda begins. More lockdowns. Mass collateral damage grows further. Canada and the United States initiate pandemic financial relieve. Historical, highest spending in history in both countries. Body of evidence stretching back decades showed masks are ineffective and officials early own reflected this fact of science then inexplicably shifted despite dearth of studies supporting its use.

-November 2020, WHO mysteriously redefines herd immunity as being only achieved through vaccines. Natural immunity erased.

- 'Casedemic' phenomena kicks in due to inaccurate PCR testing. PCR not meant to detect infections. PCR inflate cases. Actions such as denying treatments inflate deaths. 

-Pfizer announces vaccines. Mass vaccination campaign roll out. Bill Gates, a convicted felon with questionable motives, makes appearances on television talking about the need to vaccinate. 

-Data and literature ekes on on immunity, effectiveness of measures. Former showing natural immunity robust and long-lasting. Merck abandons vaccine plans stating natural immunity is better. Latter reveal them to offer little benefit as trade-offs suggest cure is worse than the disease.

-2021. Year of the vaccine. Adverse events - injuries and deaths - in total gross form highest in vaccine history. Percentage wise low but concerns mount.

-Fear mongering tactics ramp up. Variants over hyped. Behavioral scientists and epidemiologists partake in using fear to get people to follow public health orders. Silencing of dissent reaches new levels. Propaganda and manipulation of fear also ramps up. Good people want to do right and psychopaths prey on this fact of human nature.

-Tactic of using rhetoric to divide the population commences. Terms such as 'anti-vaxxers' and 'conspiracy theorists' and continued misleading information about asymptomatic people remains.

-Children not vectors of disease or in danger. Asked to be sacrificed to reach new definition of herd. No medial reason or justification offered other than they should 'do it for others' and 'regain freedom'.

There are many questions to be answered. Getting at the truth will depend on how committed we are to finding it. We must not let go. We just dig and expose.

We may be watching criminality and incompetence that induced a mass hysteria.

Greatest medical hysteria in history.


In the anti-hero comic book series Spawn, among the terrifying villains was Malebogia. 

Malebogia's character is the one who tricked Al Simmons - who had been assassinated by the U.S. government and descended into hell -  into taking a Faustian Deal where if he chose to become Hellspawn he'd see his wife again.

Sound familiar? What are various health officials, physicians, academics and the like doing with children? 

They're bribing them into a Faustian Deal. Take the candy and get your freedom back.

Another villain was demonic child serial killer Billy Kincaid. One of his MO's was to lure unsuspecting and innocent children with ice-cream to come work for him. 

Sound familiar?

Government and health experts have combined forces to offer ice-cream to children in return for them getting a vaccine while undermining parental authority.

It's unethical and immoral no matter how you dice it.

Kincaid, to be sure, killed for its own sake whereas the state is ostensibly acting in the interest of public health. However, the path to hell, as they say, is  paved with good intentions. Nonetheless, if giving a vaccine to kids is to get to herd immunity then this can be seen as nothing more than using them as pawns to soothe the fears of a frightened and cowardly adult population. Worse, they're being made to pay for the corruption and incompetence of officials who made the health crisis worse. 

I consider this analogy wholly appropriate.

We all know who they are.


Sweden Stops PCR Testing

Sweden is a beacon of sanity in a sea of madness.

Expect Canada and Quebec to continue to be buffoons.


They really can't kick this identity politics habit. 

In 2020, when the pandemic broke, there were calls to close air travel from China in both Canada and the United States. The response from the left, Democrats and Liberals was predictable if not shocking. It would be racist to do so.

This was uttered by Theresa Tam and Nancy Pelosi and everyone in their tribe alike.

Now, the Canadians government quarantines its own citizens coming back from travel.

This is the very definition of incompetent stupidity. As usual, none of these measures are rooted in science or data and don't expect a shred of transparency from any government in Canada.

As if this wasn't enough, now that we want answers for the role in China in our affairs (which includes the Winnipeg lab employing Chinese spies doing virus research), Justin Trudeau has once again trotted out the 'racist' canard. What is this person thinking? He's not. That's the problem. When you're nothing but an empty vassal of puerile wokisms, you're not an individual that thoughtfully ponders much.

This government, at this point, is simply acting unseemly.

Trudeau's cynical behaviour is beneath the office he tenuously holds.

This arrogant PM has so far managed to somehow escape multiple scandals. 

He never learns. He hasn't evolved in six years. He grew a beard reminiscent of communists and that's about it.

He recently issued an apology for the internment of Italian-Canadians in WWII. I thought Mulroney already did so in the early 1990s? I didn't care for it then and I don't care for it now.

I reject his apology. I don't accept apologies from disingenuous, scandalous people.

He's a phoney through and though as his party.

This country is in a bad spot with how we're handling the on-going health crisis. And by this I mean by not following any kind of science. It's all political machinations. We also have a major problem on our hands with Bill C-10 that needs to be defeated.

I'm glad he's being held to account for his latest instalment of superficial nonsense. 

Here's conservative MP Nelly Shin born in South Korea demanding he apologize for claiming it was 'racist' for raising questions relating to national security. 

Kenny Chiu was even more direct and blunt. 


Now that's an apology he should issue. But weak men don't apologize.

He must resign.

Daily Derp: Up Your Nose With A Rubber Hose SCIENTIFIC FACTS And HARD TRUTHS

Greatest policy failure in Canadian history.

The benefit of lockdown, therefore, was the avoidance of this extra 22,333 years of lost life. However, the cost of lockdown, as noted, was 6,300,000 years of lost life.”

More here.

"Based on his lost-life calculation, lockdown measures have caused 282 times more harm than benefit to Canadian society over the long term, or 282 times more life years lost than saved."


Think about how stupid we are.

We spent trillions trying to 'save lives' yet it cost us far more in lost years and even deaths via various illnesses via collateral damage. Would it not have been better allocating money into treatments and protecting the truly vulnerable?

Had we done so, the death rate would be much lower AND the trade-offs would be a net benefit leaving the social and economy order in tact.

Instead we panicked, flipped the table,  went into debt and are engaging in a dicey mass vaccination program.

We shut down life in a misguided belief we were being decent in protecting a tiny fraction of the population. The thinking was if we stop activities we stop the spread. Of course if we stop anything we can stop something but this is not practical and comes at an enormous and catastrophic cost. Who in their right minds thought this was a good idea? Who are these people and how did they turn established science on its head with such draconian madness? The result of course is having unnecessarily locked down meant people were conditioned to believe this was serious and the only way out was a vaccine. Now millions are taking a vaccine they may not need and the cynical power grab means we abandoned all safeguards in place to protect civil liberties - even though 'emergencies' - including the possibility of abhorrently segregationist 'vaccine passports'. This should never have even entered into our lexicon if we kept calm.

Canada, because it has not evolved with the science and data, will try some passport scheme. One can only hope they see it for what it is: A pointlessly discriminatory endeavour that will accomplish precisely nothing other than exclude and cause angst.

My funny bones tell me travel restrictions remain in place because the government wants to unveil the program and try to look good about it. 

Once this is done, Canada's fall into the illegal and immoral abyss will be complete.


We know masks are environmental disaster.

Here are masks in action.

Not only do they not stop the spread they damage the environment.

Good job everyone! From the companies who manufacture this crap to the public officials and everyone in between who believe they work!


Something is definitely not right.

It keeps getting weirder.

OSHA takes a step back.

When will we start to fully investigate the hell is going on?


The media played a massively sinister role in promulgating the Covid lie. Probably one of the biggest in the history of sleaze slime ball media. This Covid disaster could have turned out so much better and differently had the lying son of a bitches in the media not lied and done the dirty work for nefarious elites.

From the onset their narrative was simple: Challenge Trump. Doesn't matter if he was right. Frame him as anti-science and make Fauci the hero. The reality and truth was inverted. Trump was right about treatments and the lab theory (remember this is the same media that lied about Russia and the Steele Dossier) while Fauci has done nothing but lie his ass off for 15 months and now comes the revelation he and others may have indeed had a hand in the Wuhan lab research.

Had this been reported honestly from the beginning we would not be in this horrible position.

I want you to think about the situation.

If this doesn't infuriate you, nothing will and you're of no service or use to a free civilization.


Another day another reminder Canada isn't following a stick of science or empirical data.

As far as I'm concerned, the fact we continue to deny people live saving and safe early treatments like Ivermectin and HCQ, we're committing crimes against humanity.

Canada gets an 'F' for its handling of the pandemic.


Great conversation on Reddit.


Non-sequitur. The Obamas are an ungrateful, despicable, wealthy couple.


People are fighting the good fight. 

"La Fondation pour la Défense des Droits et Libertés du Peuple est actuellement impliquée dans une des plus grandes poursuites au monde contre le gouvernement au Québec, notamment concernant la non- justification du maintien de l'urgence sanitaire, la non-validité des tests PCR, l’illégalité des décrets gouvernementaux, ainsi que l’inconstitutionnalité des mesures suivantes: imposition du port du masque (adultes et enfants), couvre-feu et interdictions/limitations des contacts sociaux."



John Cena.

Big muscles. Little balls.

Pooh happy.


Undermining parental authority in Canada is unethical. 


Not using Ivermectin killed people.


Are we downplaying adverse events?



Run down on the lies of the century. 



Add a Nobel winner to the list of prominent scientists warning against vaccines. The list is a long one.

France's Dr. Luc Montagnier:

"The vaccines don’t stop the virus, argues the prominent virologist, they do the opposite — they “feed the virus,” and facilitate its development into stronger and more transmittable variants. These new virus variants will be more resistant to vaccination and may cause more health implications than their “original” versions."


Israel ditched the measures inducing the passports. This is good news.

Now they're looking into myocarditis in vaccinated young people.


Suppressing the truth about Ivermectin is a crime that has led to deaths. 

It's not about your health. 


PCR testing needs to stop.

From MedRxiv:

"RT-PCR testing as a tool for mass screening should not be used alone as a base for pandemic decision making including measures such as quarantine, isolation, and lockdown."


So much for the asymptomatic spread.

As always been the case, symptomatic spread viruses.

From JAMA.


Lockdowns must intellectually be repelled.

Will be a massive under taking but it must be done.


CDC admits outdoor transmission is bogus.

Don't worry. Quebec will catch up to the science.


Canada: Land of petrified stooges and hosers.

No courage.




On immunity.

The narrative is misleading people into thinking we don't have natural immunity that can lead to herd immunity. 

Why this is so is something we will have to investigate. I'm betting it's rooted in corruption.

But science doesn't lie. Scientists lie. 

Stick to what nature tells us.

And with Covid, we need to trust our body's spectacular and miraculous immune system. 

It's way more clever, powerful and majestic than any man-made vaccine. God wins. Nature humbles.

Here's a study looking at how the body may never forget you got Covid in Nature.

Although the paper states it may be blunted by variants. But we're likely to be able to handle those too is my hunch. Since I'm not a scientists, I can opine on my blog. However, scientists shouldn't be intruding with their thoughts:

"My presumption is, we will need a booster.”

Presumption isn't science. 

It's almost as if they want to remain in fear. They don't want to believe we can handle this virus.

Here's another at JCI Insights.

"We conclude that most adults display preexisting antibody cross-reactivity against SARS-CoV-2, which further supports investigation of how this may impact the clinical severity of COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 vaccine responses."

Outdoor Transmission; Canadians Experiencing Stockholm Syndrome

The CDC - to the extent anyone pays attention to this politicized and incompetent bunch - admitted outdoor transmission happens less than 10% of the time. It's closer to less than 1% from what I read.

Then again, anyone who had a clue about how viruses transmit and keep up with the evolving data knew this.

This means masks outside are completely and utterly useless and proof officials use them as symbols and tools to manipulate your emotions into submitting to their commands. Masks keep you in fear and it's being used to remind people to get vaccinated.

They're all pretty much admitting this openly now. The unethical liar Fauci - the man who likely played a part in unleashing this virus - has said it was 'political symbolism'.

If you're still wearing a mask outside, you're neurotic and compliant. The Quebec government remains the only outlier here in North America in mandating it. And they did so in April because of a variant. That's how off the mark they are. Either they know masks have proven to be a dud or this is political.

Either way, they look like fools. Look at that graph. It says a virus particle size is like cigarette smoke (I've been saying it's vapour since June of 2020). Now think about if the medical mask you wear stops that. Hint: It doesn't. Do you understand you were PLAYED?

Speaking of fear, Canadians have swallowed whole like guppies the narrative pimped out by officials and media. And they can't break free of it. They continue to demand 'caution' and more measures. It's the most depressing and sad thing to watch. Not a shred of courage. Instead, Canadians see courage in being locked down and getting vaccinated.  Voters even want borders to remain closed they've been beaten down so bad. No ability to see in the USA things are back to normal now while we wallow in Covid-19 fear.

This is what Stockholm Syndrome does.

This society is done. 


Psychopaths Rule Canada; Who Will Defend The Children?

As if the lockdowns didn't come at a devastating price for little benefit and masks having ruined the psyche of people, the revelations children don't need parental consent for a medical procedure is probably the most tragic of them all.

This leaves children at the mercy of manipulating masters like psychopaths in power. 

For all of humanity, parents have been charged with defending and protecting the family unit. Not so anymore.

Children are being lured with ice-cream to bribe them into getting a vaccine they likely don't even need. And they're taking the deal because they've been fed a steady diet of hysteria and fear mongering for the past 15 months being manipulated into believing they won't get their lives back ( ie have a social life) if they' don't do what the state demands.

The question obviously becomes not only one of science but morality as well.

Scientifically, we've already argued vaccinating healthy children is a risky proposition. We also know a person's mind isn't fully developed until they're 25. How we can justify or think a child of 12 or 16 has the intellectual and emotional skills to make a decision about vaccines? We can't expect them to understand all the nuance and complexity of such a decision. 

Morally it undermines parental authority. Never will you convince me the state or the 'collective' should prevail over the family.


To the state, children are cattle and property. 

To the family, the child is sacred. 

A parent raises a human being. Not the state.

Among the many battles that must be waged moving forward from restoring the rule of law to amending emergency powers we now have to give power back to the family institution. 

Who will defend the children if we remove the parents from the equation? The police? The police have at best shown themselves to be clueless about their duty merely fulfilling orders and worst willing participants in travesties of justice 

That leaves the state and authoritarian scientists and academics.

In other words.


The system is broken and corrupt. We knew this. But now there's a medical tyranny being added to the mix. It's not a crime or a conspiracy to question what the hell is going on. Blind trust is not courage and we need to begin to question authority before it's too late. 

Simple question Canada: Does your child belong to you or to the state?

These are questions that must be asked and pondered moving forward. 



Case Drop In Quebec Not Due To Measures

Now that the "cases" are dropping, politicians are going to claim all their bull shit pointless draconian measures "worked".

No they didn't. 

Don't be fooled.

As weather gets better, viruses tend to diminish. Endemic and seasonal viruses tend to do that.

It's funny, eh, that Quebec has people going to beaches and has mass protests yet cases and hospitalizations keep dropping. So much for the lie of asymptomatic super spreader events.

It's pretty clear that was nonsense from the onset Problem is, it conditioned people to think it's true just like they believe masks "could" help "in case".

What does that tell you?

Is anyone connecting dots?

We have long way back to resetting the facts and truths in the coming months and years.

What a trail of social, economic, spiritual and intellectual destruction public officials and whoever this mafia gang of epidemiologists are have left us.

Stop The Mass Vaccination Of Children For Covid

 If you're concerned about vaccinating chidden for a disease that doesn't impact them, there are ways to voice your opposition. Don't feel intimated by bullies. You can sign petitions or contact your representative. You can write letters to journalists who make false or misleading claims about vaccines for children. They should be challenged.

This hysteria has crossed into a very bad place and we need to stop it.

Vaccines aren't a means to a medical end. The entire premise of Covid is flimsy. 

I am not an 'anti-vaxxer' as the idiots in the media have come to label people. My child has all required vaccines right up to meningitis.

But I draw the line at this. Too much misinformation (from the authorities and media), blind acceptance, and no answers to valid concerned and questions. Worse, and this is the part where people should give pause, the campaign of silencing anyone (including concerned scientists at the top of their respected fields including vaccine experts and professionals, immunologists, and virologists) who dare challenge dogma and orthodoxy raining down from an army of corruption and deceit. 

I have no trust in public officials and certainly don't trust the FDA and CDC. If they've shown anything through all this it's they're just divisions of big pharma and are just as ready to play petty politics using public health as a pawn.

The road to 'freedom' (stolen from us) does NOT run through children.

Adults are gutless cowards it would appear.

The Daily Derporona: So Much Derp 19

Where's the emergency?

Why is there such a drastic push to get as many people vaccinated to the point of bypassing if not erasing informed consent and basic rights? 

Governments seem very worried they're not getting vaccine compliance and are more than ready to push as close to the mandatory line as they could. That line being segregation of people along the lines of vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

Sounds crazy and even more ludicrous typing it in.

The question becomes why?

I know they've erroneously and foolishly staked their reputations on the vaccines being the only solution but the virus itself is not a mortal threat - or even a pandemic - anymore.

It's a nasty flu but still has a survival rate of 99.9x%. 

They're completely ignoring natural immunity through T-cells, the fact infected people don't get reinfected, the portion of the population who have been exposed those adding to herd immunity, and other factors that suggest the vaccine should be a complement and not a means to an end.

Yet, the conniving UK government is hiring behavioural scientists to manipulate people into getting a vaccine they may not even need. I can just imagine what Quebec and Canada are up to. It would appear some group called the Behavioural Insights Team is playing the part of coaching the government on how to reach its 'vaccines sales objectives'.

It turns out, in addition, only roughly 40% to 50% of CDC workers have taken the vaccine according to Fauci. Interesting.

Is it a profit scheme? Something more? Of course, it's been asserted this is a bio-weapon being used, in part, to depopulate. 

Very odd and concerning I must say.

How far are they ready to go? The first step at freeing yourself from their grips is to be aware and informed. 

Is this really about public health?


Quebec remains a laggard relative to the facts.

Quebec insists on peddling two lies: Masks and super spreader events.

'We don't want to risk being the scene of an outbreak,'

Someone should inform Mr. Boivin that super spreader events is largely a myth. 100 000 people protested in Montreal on May 1 - did we see an outbreak? 

He should brush up on the facts and evidence: See Florida and Texas. Beaches full.

Where are the spikes?

Quebec really is ridiculous.


"Scientists working at Canada’s highest-security infectious-disease laboratory have been collaborating with Chinese military researchers to study and conduct experiments on deadly pathogens.

Seven scientists in the special pathogens unit at the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) in Winnipeg and Chinese military researchers have conducted experiments and co-authored six studies on infectious diseases such as Ebola, Lassa fever and Rift Valley fever. The publication dates of the studies range from early 2016 to early 2020.

The Globe and Mail has also learned that one of the Chinese researchers, Feihu Yan, from the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) Academy of Military Medical Sciences, worked for a period of time at the Winnipeg lab, a Level 4 facility equipped to handle some of the world’s deadliest diseases. This researcher is credited as a co-author on all six of the papers. However, on two of them, he is listed as being affiliated with both the Winnipeg lab and the military medical academy.

Alberta vows to curb university’s research ties to China

Two of the Winnipeg lab scientists, Xiangguo Qiu and her biologist husband, Keding Cheng, were fired in January of this year after the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, as The Globe reported last week, recommended that their security clearances be removed on national-security grounds. CSIS had also been concerned about the nature of information Dr. Qiu might have passed on to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Dr. Qiu, the former head of the Vaccine Development and Antiviral Therapies section at the Winnipeg lab’s Special Pathogens Program, co-authored five of the studies. Dr. Cheng participated in one study on Ebola.

Eric Morrissette, a spokesman for the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), which oversees the Winnipeg lab, said the PLA researcher “did work with Dr. Qiu as indicated in the publications. However, the individual was not an employee of the National Microbiology Laboratory.”

Mr. Morrissette said all individuals working within NML undergo a security screening and must adhere to PHAC “security protocols, procedures and policies based on the level of access required.”

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), a think tank, has compiled a rating system to rank the risk that collaboration with Chinese universities might be “leveraged by the People’s Liberation Army or security agencies for surveillance, human-rights abuses or military purposes.”

ASPI rates the Academy of Military Medical Sciences as “very high risk” because it is the PLA’s premier institute for military science. The academy, which led the development of China’s coronavirus vaccine, oversees nine other research institutions in the country.

Andy Ellis, former CSIS assistant director of operations, said it is “madness” for the Public Health Agency of Canada to be co-operating with the PLA, which in recent years has ramped up its recruitment of scientists and invested heavily in medical research as part of its strategy to modernize its military.

“It is ill-advised. It is the top lab in Canada,” Mr. Ellis said in an interview. “It is just incredible naiveté on their part.”

Mr. Ellis said it is also astounding that PHAC allowed a PLA scientist into the Winnipeg lab that requires the highest-level security clearance to gain entry.

“We won’t let a Canadian in unless we have done a deep background check, but we let [someone] in that we don’t know anything about. It doesn’t make sense,” he added.

The Public Health Agency of Canada told The Globe in a statement that “collaborations with institutions outside of Canada is critical to advancing public-health research and science aimed at improving public health on a global scale.”

PHAC said no “new collaborations” on research projects have been initiated with China since the summer of 2019. All co-operation with the Wuhan Institute of Virology ended when Dr. Qiu, her husband and an unknown number of Dr. Qiu’s students had their security access revoked and were escorted from the Winnipeg lab on July 5, 2019.
“In scientific collaborations, when a principal investigator leaves an organization, it is normal that collaborations centred around that research wind down. In this instance, the principal investigator was Dr. Qiu,” PHAC said.

Dr. Qiu won a Governor-General’s award in 2018 for her work on Ebola.

In March, 2019, the Winnipeg lab had shipped Ebola and Henipah viruses to the Wuhan institute. PHAC later described that as an effort by Canada to “foster global collaboration.” E-mails released under Access to Information legislation show that Dr. Qiu played an essential role in negotiating the shipments to the Wuhan facility.

PHAC maintains that the couple’s dismissal was unrelated to the transfer of the viruses. The Globe reported last week that CSIS became alarmed about the people Dr. Qiu was talking to in China and intellectual property that may have been handed over to Chinese authorities.

Attempts to reach Dr. Qiu and her husband, who live in Winnipeg, were unsuccessful.

PHAC said in a statement to The Globe that co-operation with China on “a few other scientific publications are still under development based on completed experiments,” which could take months or even years to publish.

The federal government has said little publicly about the reasons for Dr. Qiu’s and Dr. Cheng’s dismissal although the RCMP were called in to investigate.

James Giordano, a professor in the departments of neurology and biochemistry at Georgetown University and a senior fellow in biowarfare and biosecurity at the U.S. Naval War College, said he assumes research conducted by any academic working in China is available for use by Beijing for military or defence purposes.

He said China is interested in developing new bioweapons, but also to furthering the capacity for what he calls “heroic rescue,” where Beijing is able to “ride in like a white knight” and offer other countries treatments or cures for diseases that threaten their population and increase its international influence.

Prof. Giordano said China is particularly interested in modifying pathogens to create a novel organism that is not listed – and therefore not regulated – in the international Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention."

Good job Canada. Outstanding. 


Well, this interesting.

OSHA has decided if employers will make vaccination a condition of employment, then they'll be held liable for any adverse events. Now they'e backpedaling.

We need a lot more backpedaling including with the slow infusion of idiotic and discriminatory vaccine passports and certificates. Can't believe I just typed that.

As for Canada, it remains to be seen how this plays out regarding employment. It's Canada so I expect the worst. 

In any event, it's the drug companies who should be on the hook.


Oh, you just wait when the true facts come up.

I'd put in prison every single person who demanded, supported and imposed lockdowns.

You all know who you are.


Back to the clown show that is Quebec.

Quebec completely ignores these facts staring at us in the face insisting on harmful and pointless measures.

No masks in those places. Quebec has children in masks outside doing physical activities. Never thought I'd see the the day where I live in a place so stupid as Quebec.

But look at its leaders and its second rate public health system and lousy epidemiologists. 

Is it a surprise?

By June, if Canada doesn't knock it off we'll be among the most restrictive nations for no apparent. reason.


I don't know what these past 15 months have been about but I do know it wasn't about science.

I learned that science is highly corrupted and politicized.

I learned that politicians are self-serving incompetents who follow. 

I learned the blind lead the blind and sheep follow the blind. 

I learned that the vast majority of people take their liberty for granted.

I learned that fearful people will trade freedom for security.  A virus is temporary , your loss of liberty is forever.

I learned unelected public health officials and infectious disease doctors have no business being in control.

I learned how easy it is to erase or topple democracy.

I learned that the herd mentality and mob tyranny is real.

I learned that the precautionary principle means loss of joy in life.

I learned that doctors should be heard but not in positions of influence.

I learned that superstition always prevails in the fog of fear.

I learned we're not free and that our democracy is a ruse; a sham.

I learned most people are cowards and sheep.

I learned people don't want to debate or discuss. They want to be deceived and controlled.

I learned this is not about public health.

I learned courts and judges are nothing but politics by other means. 

I learned you will have to fight for your rights once again and the tree of liberty is dry and urgently needs nourishing.

I learned all the code of ethics - Nuremberg Codes, Helsinki Conventions - we built after WWII are being erased without debate.

I learned dissent will get you censored and fined.

I leaned most people are collaborators and not resisters.

I leaned most people would have turned Anne Frank in.

I learned the people telling the truth are smeared as 'extremists' and 'anti' whatever.

I learned media is a poison well of disinformation and propaganda.

I learned it's quite easy to manipulate a population to busy or lazy to be engaged. 

I leaned we have no progressed all that much intellectually and spiritually as a species.

I leaned crime and tyranny is the default position of humanity. 

I learned billionaires acting as oligarchs are indeed a threat to liberty. 

I learned Monsanto, Blackrock, Vanguard, Pfizer and other corporate entities including the Federal Reserve, act as illegitimate de facto private nations. 

I learned no one is accountable for their actions and the cycle will repeat itself. 

I learned people who say 'if we don't learn from our mistakes history will repeat itself' willingly repeat the mistakes that put us in trouble.

I learned people engage in false virtue and insufferable righteousness because they're weak and empty inside.

I learned our entire existence is fake news.


"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding yourself in the ranks of the insane." Marcus Aurelius


A medication that has a Nobel prize.

Deny it and you're murderers. Simple.

More here.
Naysayers will say there's no empirical proof but will promote a vaccine with no track record or proof of any of its benefits. Where the former doesn't hurt anyone and does save lives, the latter remains on unclear on its merits while causing thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of adverse events.


Europe is opening for travel! Yay!

To vaccinated people only! Boo! Hiss!


We've taken it up another notch. It wasn't enough incompetent and evil official ruined the lives of millions now they've taken to outright discrimination. 

It's astonishing really but not unsurprising. The panic and for of fear remains even though this virus poses no mortal threat.

As for people who applaud this. These are the same self-righteous, selfish and myopic people who cheered on lockdowns to the detriment of millions. This move is an extension of this broken philosophical and intellectual mindset. They're so wrapped up in fear they can't see what they've agreed to.

In their shackled minds they think they're "free". They don't grasp they've accepted a Faustian Deal. For a respiratory illness!

Still don't see its usefulness. Israel - papers please central - ended all restrictions including the passports.


Here we go conflating again. Just like you can be for immigration but want laws to be enforced to ensure fairness and not illegal entry doesn't make you 'anti-immigration' or you support education reform doesn't make you 'anti-teacher, believing the right to informed consent and choice for vaccines doesn't mean you're an 'anti-vaxxer'. It's very possible to be ok with vaccines as part of the medical arsenal but not be enthusiastic or skeptical about the rushed vaccines roll out for Covid.

This is a pattern of faulty logic that has been allowed to settle and become acceptable.

It's dangerous.


Canada is making international news because it's allowing children to take the vaccine without parental
consent. This is all part of an overall trend where the state is bypassing the family.

Among the many things we will have to ponder at the end of this obscene hysteria, it's how the state behaved in this instance.

Canada has lost all moral sense.



Children starting to get hit by vaccines.

I highly doubt they understand informed consent nor are they being given informed consent. 

All for a demographic being used for herd and aren't in any danger of the disease. Not many have been hospitalized.


It's all a lie.


Fighting invisible enemies.  Viruses and racism.

Welcome to minority report and your favourite dystopia. 


Transmissable vaccines? Apparently yes.


The Hill is on fire.


Following The Blind Is Blindness

The same people - and we all know who they are - who locked down 97% of the population to save 3%, ignored evidence from the onset while sustaining support for dubious measures as well as claiming  Covid and masks eliminated the flu (let that sink in) and remained obsessed with 'cases' though unreliable PCR testing - deep breath - also denied the lab theory are ow the same people cheerleading for and encouraging ramming through rushed gene therapy vaccines with very little data all for a respiratory illness with a very high survival rate.

Let this all sink in.

And then they all said:



The Poison: Francois Legault

Quebec Premier Francois Legault has shown himself to be quite the petty tyrant.

Show me a crisis and I'll show you a leader who truly respects the law and his people.

Legault is not that man.

He's a man who is long on political moxy, arrogance and audacity and short on decency, compassion and courtesy. 

During the second leg of the Covid farce, Legault has used the emergency power provision for his own political purposes.

Scoundrels never let a crisis go to waste and Fankie boy is taking full advantage.

If we were truly mired in a serious health crisis, Legault and Trudeau would not be ham fisting through their little dictatorial Bills that at the end of the will erode individual rights.

Bill C-10 will prove a disaster for Canadian free speech, while the tightening of Bill 101 will only irritate a population on edge.

Legault has no respect for the tone of a society. 

C'est lui le boss. A Boss Hogg of the deep south vain.

The problem with what the divisive CAQ are doing - a party that is inexplicably popular - is twice Legault has invoked the notwithstanding clause which is a veto power given to Quebec meant to be used only in extraordinary circumstances. Not to be used for bigoted bills like 22 and 101. 

When the clause was given, it was a cop out by Canada. Observers noted this will one day be abused by Quebec. A place with a knack for producing demagogues and corruption that would make the Chicago Way, Tammany Hall and Huey Long proud.

Quebec simply doesn't enrich Canada where ideas and ideals of liberty are concerned. Quebec is good to subvert the individual to the collective.

Like communists.

This is Quebec. The pandemic showed its true colors: Scared, anti-science, nationalistic and authoritarian.

And don't expect Canada to come to the defense of freedom. We have gutless and useless politicians. Justin is a meek wanna be totalitarian who sports a beard reminiscent of nihilists and socialists who met in cafes in revolutionary Russia or that could mesh well on a beach in Cuba, O'Toole is a wishy-washy, white bread uncharismatic tool, Singh is nothing but a lazy, bigoted moron who sprouts unsubstantiated crap as he props up one of the most corrupted and incompetent governments I've seen yet in my lifetime (and that includes U.S. administrations),  the Bloc are, well, regional block heads who should thank God they get to steal a Canadian pension as they work to undermine the country, and beyond that (sure there are exceptions. Polievre, Sloan, Hillier, Bernier and maybe one or two others but that's a tiny sample in a nation of 37.4 million) we may as well have a bunch of mannequins sitting in Parliament. What are they good for exactly besides giving themselves pay raises for doing absolutely nothing? When the country needed true guidance, the impostors gave them lockdowns and beatdowns. Nw that the county turns its weary and lonely eyes to, well, anyone, the country turns its back and cowers like the apathetic bunch of losers we really are.

Stand on guard for thee my ass. When you let yourself be pistol whipped by a weasel like Legault, you're not a country but a collective mast of people who merely exist with nary a sense of identity or principles.

We are, at it is heart, but a 'geographic expression' to borrow a term from Metternich. And that includes Quebec and its self-inflated over bearing sense of 'distinct society'.

Legault is a poison to all things enlightened.


It's been a few years I've been contemplating leaving Quebec. I always thought it would be the PQ that drive me out with a final nail to finish off the last bunch of Anglos who stayed after 1976. But it's looking like the CAQ will be the one to do it. 


Facts About Children, Schools And Covid-19

Of all the groups thrown under the bus, none got run over harder than kids.

Self-serving and selfist adults have used children as human shields. These cowards have projected their fears onto kids and in the process may have unleashed a series of mental health issues for years to come.

Telling kids they need to be muzzled because they pose a mortal threat to people is just about the most despicable thing that has come out of this disgusting over reaction.

Just sickens me at the lack of rational thought on full display. 

These same people keep talking about how they 'follow the science' but it's hard to accept when the measures they support aren't backed by scientific data or literature. Notably masks and schools as main drivers of outbreaks. We have plenty of studies now from several countries and states showing schools are safe; that kids aren't vectors of the disease and aren't in any significant health danger from Covid with influenza remaining the main threat to children.

These facts are important moving forward because it impacts decisions and policies regarding schools and children.

The bottom line is we should not be doing what we're doing.

I hope to start pumping out some of the studies I've researched numbering now into the thousands. Yes, thousands.

So I'll start with schools and kids.

Here's a post I penned for Fearless Canada on the matter.

And here are the studies cited:


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