Fact Checking Politicians

Why do fact checkers find more lies among the GOP?

Question Of The Day

Who has more autonomy/power: American states or Canadian provinces?

Article Of The Day

Interesting article from the AP explaining the debate raging among intelligence agencies in the West.

"A tough debate now rages within the intelligence community — previously focused on searching for al-Qaida cells — on how to assess red flags without violating basic liberties.

Confronting an overwhelming sea of mostly harmless individuals who act suspiciously, authorities are still struggling with questions about how and how much to keep tabs on people who spout jihadist rhetoric online or buy material that could be used to make explosives — or something innocuous.
A French government report last week recommended a radical new approach in light of the 2012 terror in which a French-born radical Muslim attacked French paratroopers and a Jewish school in Toulouse, killing seven people. It called for an overhaul of the country's intelligence networks to combat the rising threat of militants working alone outside established terror networks.

One of the report's advisers, academic Mathieu Guidere, said last week's attack showed that intelligence services haven't learned their lesson.

"They're not originally made for fighting against this kind of threat. They're intended to fight against cells, against groups, against organizations, but not against individuals," he said. "It's a question of adapting. That's why there are the same errors in Boston, London and France. There was identification — but not detention — before the suspects passed into the realm of action."
Easier said than done, counters David Omand, who served as Britain's first security and intelligence coordinator.

"No reliable psychological test or checklist has been devised that can predict when such an individual may tip over into actually taking violent action," Omand said in an emailed response to questions from The Associated Press. "Short of a police state on East German lines the number of such individuals who can be subject to very intensive surveillance sufficient to detect preparations for violent action is but a small proportion of the total — and of course individuals can flip quickly even where they have been checked out previously."

Still, British, French and American officials are re-examining whether opportunities might have been lost in the run-up to the recent attacks."

World Opinion Over Rated

From Washington Post:

"With the eyes of the world once again on the United States’ response to an act of terrorism and its treatment of foreign nationals, the last thing the U.S. government needs to do is fuel wild conspiracy theories by releasing too little information or investigating too slowly."

I learned long ago the more you try to please someone, the less they would be happy.

It's the way the squirrels in our brains are wired or something.


What exactly is "World opinion" anyway? Is there an Opinion-meter countries get to cast their thoughts into about how they think Americans should run their own affairs?

The world includes, you know, Syria, Iran, Somalia, Libya, North Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, China, Cuba, and Venezuela.

Just saying. 

World opinion is over rated if not downright meaningless.

Let them deal with it the American way. Not the fucking "world' way. The Americans have but one entity to answer to: America.

And perhaps God.

What Is A Global City?

See the list.

New York City is the world's most 'global city.'

And it's run by a nanny.

If medicinal marijuana is a hoax, what does that make bans on sugary drinks and salt?

Not surprised by Montreal's ranking.

We'd be top 20 if not higher were it not for the jackoffs in the Parti-Quebecois. They prefer Montreal being a parochial town on the periphery of cutting edge ideas because that would mean "too much English."

You simply can't be 'global' with the PQ mindset. It's not possible.

Pop-Tarted By Tarts

Hey kid, you learned in just seven years what adults never grasp in their lives - that your masters have shit for brains.

Baltimore Sun:

"Everyone keeps asking me why I did it," Josh said. "I don't know why I did it. ... I wish people would stop asking me about it. It'll probably go on for 45 years or something."

Oh, what did he do?

He bit his Pop Tart into a shape of a gun. For that he was suspended and it made national news.

And how is this not 'extreme' again?

Someone should give the kid a lifetime supply of Pop Tarts. Or at least until he's 10 or something.

Laissez-Faire Comeback?


Laissez-faire vs. socialism is, as I said, not really relevant. Appeals to neither are more or less likely to promote totalitarianism. 


What is the economy except human interaction? Seriously. The economy is a word that represents the millions of voluntary transactions between millions of people every day. That's what it is.
Laissez-faire means the government steps back and lets people voluntarily interact without asking permission or taking orders from some idiot bureaucrat or enforcer, so long as their actions are not criminal (with "criminal" being defined as harming the life, liberty or property of another).
How the fuck is that supposed to lead to totalitarianism?

And how the fuck is codifying every way in which people engage in voluntary exchange not going to lead to totalitarianism?

About the comment, kids, that's what happens when you do drugs AND read liberal rags.

Rebuttal: People forget what an economy is at its base, naked root.  It's but human interaction as the first sentence explains. An economy is a self-regulating, self-sustaining, delicate ecosystem of daily human interactions. It organically grows from the bottom-up. Modern liberalism prefers a top-down, authoritative approach of manufactured regulation concentrated in the hands of a few politicians. It's their outlook that leads to totalitarianism.

Just look at Quebec. Quebec's economy is basically "fonctionnaire" or civil servant or a branch plant economy of American companies coming in to give jobs. There's very little in-between. There's little in-between because of the interference of the state in the economy. THAT'S the part of the equation people should consider studying - the unintended consequences of that position. Add the retarded language laws and you have an anemic, non-innovative economy dependent on outside factors as well as state control to keep it going.

But hey, maitre chez nous!

Sexual Harassment As Defined By United Nations: You're No Fun

I'm sure many of those are broken everyday by both genders.

Not sure if this is fall of the west material but it's damn close.

Many of those are so vague it's sad. Get one over-sensitive flake chick and all hell will break lose for merely "glancing" at someone. How the fuck am I supposed to figure out if I will ask you out?

Wait. Apparently asking someone out can be considered harassment. I mean, you need to have the mental ability to know beforehand if he or she wants to date you.

Calling a woman 'babe' is also harassment. Well, it won't surprise me if a husband calls his wife 'babe' it would open the door to some busy body femi-nazi to look on in horror. 

There's only one person I know who has telepathic powers and that's Aquaman - and he talks to fish. So he's completely useless in a dating setting.

I was going to make a comment on a few of them on the list but I'm not that into it. But here's one:

Staring at someone

"Was that wrong? 'Cause I gotta tell ya, had I known that was frowned upon...I gotta plead ignorance on that one."

Standing close or brushing up against another person

What if you work in tight spaces? Like making sardine cans?

Giving a massage around the neck or shoulders 

So I get this straight, the Thai massage parlour I frequent is safe right?

Giving personal gifts

Depends on the gift right? It's all so subjective. I'm sure a gal seeking a sugar daddy won't mind that diamond ring even though she has no intentions of fucking the guy. But hey, harassment it is! No Dunkin' gift card for you!

Looking a person up and down (Elevator eyes)

Yeah baby! Add the elevator music and now we're cooking!

Making kissing sounds, howling, and smacking lips 

You mean like this?

See full here. One of my all-time favorites.

Hanging around a person.
 Man, had that been enforced in The Office there would be no Jim-Pam plot.
Man"So. How 'bout those Mariners, eh?"
Woman:"What do I care about them? We live in Winnipeg, Gordie!"
"Can you process this for me?"
"I'm not your secre....argh! What is that?"
"It's a cock!"
"I know what it is b-b-but...it's so....big?" 
 "That's what she said!"

Man smirks. Woman smiles. Curtains close.


Off to work I go.



Quote Of The Day

"We Liberals are heirs to the Enlightenment."

Read that today on a comments thread.

No they aren't.

Contemporary liberals are heirs, if anything, to 19th century socialist thought.

I don't think any of the rhetoric you hear from Obama right on down to liberal publications and programs can be considered part of the Age of Enlightenment collection and tradition.


"We know it's someone who works for Fox or AP, but does it include a blogger? Does it include someone who's tweeting? Are these people journalists and entitled to constitutional protection?" Senator Dick Durbin D-Ill in discussing a media shield law.

And this is in the spirit of the Enlightenment how again?

Read that quote. Digest it.

And we're the 'extremists?'

Ohio St. President Gordon Gee: Flame Thrower

Golly gee, I'll give Gee a day or two to reflect about his comments about Notre Dame and Catholics.

After that, he's fair game. Oh, his ass wills bees mines.

Bill 14 Inches Closer To Law

And soon the government will go to war with businesses.

It just astonishes me how the CAQ can vote for this piece of shit law.

They say they're the party of business. No they are not looks like. If they were, they would not subject business to this tribal, nationalistic lunacy.

Bunch of clowns.

For you Americans and Canadians out there being solicited by the Parti-Quebecois to do business. THINK LONG AND HARD.

They come in peace, speaking like Bambi's about how great Quebec is to do business and then will ink their wolf-fangs into your neck.

Just an embarrassment to be a Quebecer.

Actually, once Bill 14 passes, I will renounce the fact I come from Quebec.

Fuck them.

What's Your Name Again?

Simpson, eh?

Strike ends after 10 years.

Why hire the employees back?

I wouldn't. Too risky.

Besides, just too weird to strike that long.

Hope And Changey

Plus ca change...


Video Of The Day: Anti-GMO Rally

I don't think GMO's are the problem. But I could be wrong.

I think it's all the shit we put in processed foods. I just try to avoid as much as possible things with 'hydrogenated' oils, 'mechanically separated,' 'corn,' and fake 'fructose-glucose.' I just try and pick up stuff as fresh as possible.

Corn-based stuff is a tough one because even some organic foods have it in the ingredients.

Anyway. This is the anti-GMO crowd?

I do consider people who don't vaccinate their kids to be utterly irresponsible because the "science" arguing against it is nothing but quackery.

Fall Of The West Reason 88677333029

Courtesy of the University of Colorado.

Thanks IRS! Take that Tea Party!

Do As We Say And As We Say

I always say judge a proposed law by the actual actions of the politicians who enact them.

In Texas, the House defeated a measure on Sunday that would have given prosecuting attorneys and lawmakers permission to carry guns anywhere they wanted to in the state. Just 38 lawmakers voted for it, while 103 voted against. 

Gun control for thee but not me!

Americans are seeing the same thing play out in health as Congress seeks ways to get themselves exempt with the new health law.

Obamacare for thee but not me!

Do as we say and not as we do. Wait. That should read "do as we say and fuck you!"

Americal Political Sex Scandals

It was a chance for the Democrats to gain the moral upper hand given more of them were sent to jail than Republicans over the years.

Alas, it was not, sigh, to be.

Here's a list of 50 infamous sex scandals. Basically, it's split between the two parties (22 GOP, 21 Democrats...slight edge Dems!) giving proof men love sex regardless of political leanings.

Quote Of The Day: Prescient Founding Fathers

"With respect to the words general welfare, I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators" - James Madison.

So much for the 'the world has changed' argument.

They knew better.

They knew better because they understood, as brilliant men of the liberal Enlightenment movement, human nature. Yes, things 'change' but the general nature of man remains the same.

It's why Homeric themes continue to endure. All great literature contain in one way or another universal laws of human nature.

The Founding Fathers damn well understood how obtuse people can be. Which is why it doesn't surprise me they likely wouldn't accept the absurdly loose interpretation given to the 'general welfare' and 'commerce clause.' They knew people would beat those things up to force through actions never intended to fall under them.

Alas, it's a piece of paper written over, like, 50 years ago by dead-white guys and slave owners who spoke gay and wore funny looking shoes. Jesus, doesn't anyone read the Crusades anymore? What difference does it make at this point?!


Tell you one thing, even after all these years I still think they were wiser and smarter than the pundits interpreting the Constitution today.


Obama Staring Down The Constitution

He's taking bitch-slapping it farther than any President before him.

"...The Rosen matter alone would suffice to disqualify the administration from any Friends-of-the-First Amendment society. Yet it is only one of several such assaults. Others include the administration’s campaign, through its insistence on a contraception mandate underObamacare, against religious liberty, and the president’s suggestion after Citizens United that “we need to seriously consider mobilizing a constitutional amendment process” to limit the free-speech rights of persons who incorporate their social organizations; and its thuggish targeting of its political opponents.

If the IRS’ treatment of tea-party groups were an isolated story, you could swallow the explanation that a few low-level bureaucrats went rogue. But that account does not explain why the EPA has been far more generous to freedom-of-information requests from liberal groups than from conservatives. Or why, shortly after the Obama campaign slimed Romney supporter Frank Vander Sloot as a disreputable fellow, he was audited three times – twice by the IRS and once by the Labor Department. Or why, after Texas resident CatherineEngelbrecht started a Tea Party group, she received scrutiny not just from the IRS but also from the FBI. And OSHA. And, just for good measure, the ATF. Or why the IRS took 17 months to respond to an initial tax-exempt status from the conservative Wyoming Policy Institute. Or why it shared confidential files from conservative groups with the liberalProPublica.  Or why. . .

Enough on the First Amendment. The president also has tried with considerable vigor to undermine the Second, and has succeeded in subverting the Fourth: Under Obama, who has gone to court to defend warrantless wiretaps he once condemned, warrantless “pen register” and “trap-and-trace” monitoring has soared to unprecedented heights.

In 2011 the president signed a reauthorization of the Patriot Act with just one regret: Congress approved an extension of only one year, while Obama wanted three. He signed into law a defense reauthorization bill allowing the indefinite detention, without charge, of American citizens, thereby gutting the principle of habeas corpus. Granted, he issued an executive order promising not to exercise that power. But the order does not constrain future presidents or, technically, even him.

From a civil-liberties perspective, Obama has carried forward nearly every one of the war-on-terror powers that led liberals to denounce George W. Bush as a goose-stepping fascist, and in fact has made many of them worse. When he retires from public life, perhaps he will return to teaching the Constitution. That should be much easier work – given how little of it there will be left."

Facing Welfare Fraud In Liberal Massachusetts

Welcome to the party Boston Globe!

Welfare fraud is rampant in Massachusetts. Sky is blue, grass is green. 

This is stuff conservative pundits and papers like the Herald have been reporting for quite some time. Interestingly, each time responsible politicians table a proposal to tighten up rules for welfare they get shot down by the Democrats in the legislature. I listen to Boston radio.

I even knew about the mail coming back undeliverable months ago for fuck sakes.

Quotas: Path To Mediocrity?

I hate the word 'quota' being used anywhere outside the business realm.

As in a quota to produce widgets.

Using it to achieve 'balance' in the work place is misguided.

It screams giving jobs to people who are in reality unqualified thus potentially creating a mediocre work environment.

How? Let's say a government mandated law exerts companies to hire, say, 10 women. What happens if the talent pool is simply not there? The company is faced with a dilemma. Either they face a fine (let's assume) or they 'fill in the gaps' by sticking a 'body' in there.

Now. Let's further assume they go with the latter. Will this not lead to a poisoned work atmosphere? I've seen too many times fools get promoted and lemme tell ya, it's deflating to people. Sorta like when a goalie let's a soft goal in hockey.

For the idealists, it's mission accomplished. No kidding. They don't have to face the results. They don't stick around to actually see this put in practice. They light the fire and move on.

Then when it's tried to be pointed out the faulty logic, the usual cries of 'extremism' could possibly follow.

The idea of quota is only functional and practical if there's in fact biases built-in preventing, for example a woman, from getting a deserved job. I don't know to what extent this happens but if you want to change a corporate culture do it the old-fashioned way: Become a stock holder and start from within. Asking the government to intervene begs for all sorts of unintended consequences to happen.

That's one side of it and just my impression. I reckon there's a counter-point.

Fighting Graffiti In Germany

I could have satirically titled this post: "Germans use drones to improve efficiency." 

Or "Germans and drones: What could go wrong?"

Or "Kraftwerk killed by errant drone...or were they?"

Or "This is the time on Sprockets when we drone."

How Can Anyone Vote For Her! And Nanny Bloomberg Reveals Inner Napoleon

Just heard Howard Stern, in an interview with Katie Couric, ask "how could anyone vote for her (Sarah Palin) after the less than flattering interview with Couric."



I asked the same question after Obama's abysmal, apathetic, and appalling first debate against Mitt Romney. Romney ate him up. It was like watching a boxer make another pugilist his bitch.


You never hear people bring that up.

But - whoa! - they constantly remind of Palin's 'I can see Russia from my house' comment.

So, Howard.

How did you vote for Obama after that performance? Seems to me that was much, much more important seeing, you know, he was running for office.


Stern likes Mayor Nanny Bloomberg.


Speaking of which, Bloomberg is good for business in NYC I'm sure. But it sounds like he's a class A jerk.

From Jammie Wearing Fools (thanks Lou (name changed to protect the guilty):

Mayor Bloomberg went on a spitting-mad rant against a city cab-fleet boss who won a court victory over Hizzoner’s planned “Taxi of Tomorrow” — vowing to “destroy your f–king industry” when he leaves office, The Post has learned.
A fuming Bloomberg made the threat against Taxi Club Management CEO Gene Freidman at Madison Square Garden’s private 1879 Club during last Thursday’s Knick playoff game, a witness said yesterday.
“It was like Gene had kidnapped his child. He used the f-word twice,” the witness said.
Freidman confirmed the blow-up to The Post, and said Bloomberg’s tirade included the warning that, “After January, I am going to destroy all you f–king guys.”

But keep hammering at Palin...

Lemme get this straight. Bloomberg wants to control your food intake with specious (and invasive) legislation on the premise of protecting people from obesity and other diseases or ailments. YET, he has no problem putting countless families out on the streets as an act of vengeance? 

The former action will DO NOTHING to curb obesity but the former WILL DIRECTLY hurt people. 

Says a lot about the character of the guy. Doubt he'll be making the papers.

Liberals have a fetish for dictatorial creeps.

I don't know what it is, but they simply fall for their charms.

All that being said, from what I'm reading, the taxi industry is NYC is government controlled so I'm not sure what Bloomberg's angle is.


Stupid By Other Means

"...And there it is: Dopey stimulus, obtuse bailout, noodle-headed Obamacare, half-wit Dodd-Frank, damfool IRS Tea Party crashers, AP and Fox News beset by oafish peeping Toms and the Benghazi tale told by an idiot. One could go on. Stupid is a great force in human affairs. And the great force has a commander in chief."

PJ O'Rourke.

Democrats Have Longer Rap Sheets Than GOP

Remember the Congressional scorecard which shows Democrats have more bad boys than the GOP by a margin of more than 2 to 1?

Here's a list of state and local politicians convicted of crimes.

Guess what? Yup. Democrats lead 106 to 67. That's a big gap.

I counted and added up all the 'D's' and 'R's.' There was one from the green party. Five were unaccounted for but I strongly suspect 2 are Democrats since they hail from states that vote Democrat - Hawaii and Massachusetts.

But it doesn't matter. You must judge on their intentions. Follow their message. Their hearts are two times bigger than Republicans.

Criminals Minds with good intentions?

A Good Memorial Day

To our American friends.

Even Aliens Are On Board Now


Montreal's English language sports writers and radio hosts aren't above not inserting political commentary into their penning and yapping. During the Bush years it was quite rampant - even if it was "under their breaths."


Pretty much silent. Mostly because the ones doing the talking are either liberal or don't know much about American politics.

All that's going on now is perfectly fine since, you know, it's Obama running the show. Benghazi? Nothing. IRS? Nothing. War on journalists? Nothing. War on whistle-blowers? Nothing. Drone strikes killing children and civilians? Nothing. The erosion of privacy rights? Nothing. The growing fears of Obamacare? Nothing. The stagnation of the economy? Nothing.

The silence is deafening.


All talking points and Bush's fault. Right.

But they try and tell us they're 'telling like it is' and are 'balanced.'

The bull shit.

It burns.

It tastes like burning.


Lefties like to focus on the "right-wing evangelicals" corrupting the Conservative and Republican parties. While they do have a right-wing faction, how, I ask, is this any different from the relativistic left-wing secularists who inhabit the Liberal and Democratic parties?

Seems to me we see more laws stemming from the left side of the coins rise to the top.


168 Children Killed In Drone Strikes


Where are all the "Obama eats babies" cries? "Obama has blood on his hands" commentary?

From The Telegraph.

Marijuana: At Least Make A Coherent And Fair Argument In Favor Of The War On Drugs

There's no good reason to continue this madness called the War on Drugs.

It's over. It's like trying to stop water flowing with your hands.

This thing of ruining lives for simple possession is insanity.

The arguments made to keep it going is about as specious as those made for various gun control measures. Articles like this one only reinforce how lost this position is now. It also points to why more and more traditional media is being pushed aside. People have access to information now and it can easily be researched whether an article is full of it or not. Seems like the writers and editors of these publications haven't kept up with this new reality.

Though there are fair concerns about the health risk they pose (and I do feel being a pothead is problematic) but the reality is users are mostly non-violent. Which begs the question, why should we incarcerate these people? I know plenty of users, while I question their responsibility, they hardly deserve to go to prison for a choice they freely make.

The bottom line is on both counts - drugs, gun control - there's hardly a justification for it.

Ironically, the defenders of the war on drugs are addicted to their own opium: Control.

Oh, the futility of it all.

Who Do You Love?

My liberal friend is found of saying in defense of the welfare and public state (regulations etc.), "I don't trust people to make the right decision."

In other words, politicians and bureaucrats (and all the potential pitfalls that comes with it) doing that on our behalf is okay.

When I brought that point up he answered, "the abuse is less in government than it would in the private sphere." Lesser of two evils if you will.

In other, other words, public servants can do the right thing most of the time in the interest of the public good.

Not my belief but it's a prevailing one among many people. 

Arias Mistrial

I'm with the majority on this one.

She should have received the death penalty. Especially now that we're seeing the reasons four jurors voted against it. It's outrageous.

This is a clear and simple case. That chick was playing the jury like a violin. Eight didn't buy the con job but four evidently did.

That's why charming sociopaths succeed. There are a lot of naive people out there.

Did you read why she thinks she 'deserves' to live? She wants to recycle and teach people to read.

She's a whack job.

I'm still fuming Karla Homolka walks the streets.

Shoot, I lost faith in my fellow man when those silly jurors left O.J. off the hook.


Pic Of The Evening

Why What The Obama Administration Is Doing to Journalists Matters

It's very simple.

He's setting a bad precedent. The Democrat version of McCarthyism.one could say.

The press, and the people MUST BE FREE.

It shouldn't matter what side you're on, this latest development in  scandal-challenged office is a serious, serious matter.  He has to make this right - fast.

Or this the face of 'Hope and Change?'

I don't know. It seems Obama is better suited to govern a middling, left-wing, second-tier, tin-pot dictatorship.

Not a mighty, free, world class, democratic nation.

Blast From The Past

People magazine article from 1980 discussing the heirs of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin.

Hendrix had a Canadian connection. His father Al, who passed away in 2002, was born in Vancouver. His family moved there from Seattle.

A trio of unique rock superstars no doubt.

Rethinking The Trudeau Myth

Here's a rare book attempting to bring into question the allure of Pierre Trudeau's myth. The publishers deserve credit for taking it on.

His son Justin will attempt to revive Mini-Camelot North but I don't think it will happen. Justin needs to find his own voice lest he whither. I'm still perplexed by him being named leader of the liberals. I just can't take that party seriously. 

I haven't read the book so I can't comment. That he was dictatorial is of no surprise to me. It's something for those who yelp about Harper's 'reign of terror' to keep in mind because Trudeau was quite the nepotist tyrant.

I did find it interesting at the time no current world leaders at the time - other than that commie bastard Castro - attended his funeral. Former President Jimmy Carter and British PM Edward Heath attended.

ONE leader? A leader of a quasi-failed state at that.

Movies Produced By Country


India leads followed by the United States.

Japan, China, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Russia round out the top 10.

Canada is 15th.

Cash Sender

I hope Cash Sender succeeds. If anything to serve as a competitor to Paypal - and piss off the Dragon's on the Den.

God, I hate that show and others like it.

Blog Of The Moment: Soccer Is The Theme

Ever wonder how UEFA/FIFA select referees for matches?

Check out Dutch Referee (with link to Refereeing World).

Glad to see Italy keeping up with its tradition of producing strong, world class referees. England too.

Nicola Rizzoli (ITA) expertly and wisely officiated today's all-German Champions League final contested between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Bayern Munich capped one of the most dominating performances of any team in history this season prevailed 2-1.

The best team in Europe won. Hands down.

Five-time winner Bayern joins Liverpool 3rd all-time behind Real Madrid (9) and AC Milan (7).

Redemption for Arjen Robben who scored the winner one year after suffering a devastating lost to Chelsea.

It's been a pleasure watching both Bayern and Dortmund this year.

For Serie A fans, we can look forward to Napoli, Juventus and AC Milan in Champions League.


Forbes' list of 20 most valuable soccer clubs.

By country:

England (7)
Italy (4)
Spain (2)
France (2)
Brazil (1)

Deloitte's Money League:

England (7)
Italy (5)
Germany (4)
Spain (2)
France (2)

The Libertarian Message: One Shift, One Issue, One Period, One Step At A Time

If there's to be a 'transformative' figure in politics will likely be a libertarian type of individual.

Not an effen porgressive/liberal and its tired, cliched, stale ideas.

Look, you ain't gonna change things over night.

The Paul's represent the beginning of a process in changing a mindset. Libertarians have to build in increments. Win the battles one issue at a time. Speak to everyone and hammer the message. Start to pull the tide towards the message gaining more and more people/voters along the way.

Change the narrative. Then gain power. If Rand Paul or someone like him was to ever gain power, he would not govern libertarian but at the very least he would not expand the government nor would we be treated to more Bloombergian paternalistism or stuff like California attempting to insidiously ban foie gras.

Put it to you another way, liberalism is an old, old statue while libertarianism is a toddler in its early stages of existence. That's the wave we should be on.

Liberals claim the civil war within the GOP ranks is 'proof' it's in a downward spiral into irrelevance.

I argue it's the opposite. The libertarian faction is forcing a new political configuration that will propel the GOP in the right direction - excuse the pun.

The GOP doesn't need to go "centrist" it needs to embrace simple libertarian notions of voluntary action, free enterprise and markets free of state and corporate cronyism, respect for personal and civil liberties and free speech, respect for the Constitution, responsible and limited government including tax and health reform, and non-interventionism in places with no vital interests that threaten national security - to name a few.

Libertarians aren't 'extremists' or anti-government nor do they condone racism of any kind nor do they want to be 'assholes' so get that through your thick skulls.

These are in fact, centrist positions but more importantly sensible and rational ones. Libertarian/classical liberal principles (which can and does incorporate liberal and conservative ideas on issues) aren't extremist but they are radical in today's political environment.

We need the Americans to make it work in order for other nations to follow. I believe places like Australia and Canada can deliver and foster libertarian movements that challenges the prevailing stagnation we see.

Enough with the paternalism. Too often laws come into place based on flimsy science, emotional and false premises.

if you're young and want a strong North America consider the libertarian point of view.


Are there really 50 shades of grey?

Chevy Chase's $500 Donation To Support Bureaucratic Tyranny

I heard on the radio that a $500 donation to Ed Markey (U.S. Representative Mass.) from Chevy Chase was returned because it was unsigned.

Soooo.....Chase supports a guy who supported what the DoJ did to Gibson Guitars - run by a conservative thank you very much.

From Legal Insurrection:

"On Aug. 24, 2011, the Department of Justice sent armed agents into the Gibson Guitar factor in Memphis “confiscating half a million dollars worth of guitar making material is an alleged violation of environmental standards.”

"Ed Markey was the leading politician pushing to punish Gibson Guitar for what at worst was a paperwork error. Markey didn’t appear to understand that this was about protecting jobs overseas, not at home. Markey was all on board with the demonization of a U.S. company for no good reason other than that the government could.

In this time of IRS overreach, there is a lesson here."

All under Obama's watch.

Keep supporting this crap guys.


"You're Going To Lose"

These are the words of a brave woman in London who dared to confront to machete wielding animals who had just killed an innocent man.

This attack in broad daylight is a disturbing one. I know this may be sound alarmist and unfair but vigorous deportation or moratorium on immigrants from Muslim nations with known terrorist activities could be considered should this become a new method of murder for terrorists. 

We shouldn't have to give up our freedoms for these assholes. Ship them out; after all, if they hate us so why are they here? They should be happy to leave.

They represent a criminal element that threaten us. They are pedophiles, misogynists, homophobes, thieves and murderers. WE ALL - liberals, conservatives, libertarians, socialists, feminists, homosexuals, blacks, whites, browns etc. - HAVE A VESTED INTEREST IN TERMINATING THIS SCOURGE.

All of us. If we hold true to our hearts like we say our Western intellectual, philosophical, historical, legal and artistic heritage then we must step up the fight. Together as allies.

This is not an attack, as President Bush once said, against the Muslim religion of Islam, it is a time to "take out their garbage."

National security is the ONE legitimate function of the state and they must prepare the garbage bags. 

Words all of us in the West need to adopt in dealing with Islamic terrorists: You're going to lose.

At some point, we just need to reconnect with our inner 'badass.'

Should we place a moratorium or is it alarmist?

Quote Of The Day (Again)

"People who pay attention to the words of politicians are Republicans or Democrats.
People who pay attention to the actions of politicians and follow the money are libertarians."

From comments threads in The Obamacare Nightmare Scenario:

"It wasn’t just that too few people signed up. It was that the people who did sign up were, on average, very sick. And thus, very expensive to cover. 

Which left states with very costly programs helping very few people: Last year Alaska said that its PCIP would cost $10 million in 2012—and cover just 50 people. New Hampshire enrolled just 80 people in its program, but spent twice its allotted federal funding. California had the highest enrollment of any state in the nation, but per-beneficiary costs came in three times higher than expected.

And what is the administration doing in response? Cutting payment rates to providers in order to hold costs down. 

This could be Obamacare’s future: Not a broad middle class benefit, but an expensive program with low enrollment that mainly covers the very sick and serves as a catalyst for driving doctor reimbursements down. Granted, this is far from the only possible future for the law, and far from the only way it could go wrong. But right now, I suspect, it's the disaster scenario that many liberal supporters of the health law fear the most.

Quote Of The Day

"It's not tyranny if the right people are the tyrants!" T.C.

As long as the intentions are good, amiright?

Britain Is Lost

If the beheading of a British soldier in the streets of London in broad daylight by a couple of nutjobs who admitted they'd do it again is not enough to jolt England into finding its balls and backbone, nothing will.

What a fucking disgrace this listless bunch are. Hey, give them credit, I guess, for sticking to the 'Jolly ole book of bureaucratic nonsense.'

No wonder Europe depended on North America in two wars. How can you help those who won't help themselves?

Clearly, Europe and America have a problem with mental, maniacal Islamic terrorists willing to commit acts of terror on their soil.

Folks, we have a domestic war on our hands.

Question is, do we have the stomach to face it?

IRS Director Pleads The 5th

Lois Lerner: Vigilante with a cause (like Bat-Man!) or Yes-woman taking orders from above?


What difference does it make at this point? Can't they just move forward?

Duffy: Accountability Test For Harper?

When you see the content of debate that occupies Americans, it's hard to get excited about Mike Duffy.

Here we worry about stuff that doesn't have much of an international impact and in Quebec we actually waste breath, time and energy talking and arguing fucking languages and how to suppress one on top of another.

No wonder many Canadians are found on American publications joining in on their conversations.

What's been a thorough nuisance is hearing about Duffy complain about his $132 000 salary.

Fuck me.

Anyway, if an investigation does indeed show wrong doing, Harper knows (or at least should know) what to do.


From The Star:

"The one-time Conservative cheerleader is now the poster boy for the filth which envelops the party brand."

Perhaps, but I think it's worth noting that this is really only the first 'bombshell'  under Harper's conservatives who are arguably nowhere near the filth-levels of the Liberals.

However, Harper needs to stand up and account for this. He promised accountability and now he must deliver. I agree an investigation is needed just to get some answers. He's already come up short on the fiscal side of things (despite Canada's decent economic performance) by spending more than any government in history.

Of course, the opposition parties will jump on this and make it seem bigger than it is (it's their job) while this may be the scandal liberals have been waiting for to pile on Harper.

Hey, a rational and reasonable request for an investigation?

American liberals should take a lesson from us! I've been less than impress with their incredible grasping at straws in downplaying the IRS and Benghazi scandals. It's irrational to not want to know what happened. Witness some dolt on the radio or tv who blamed the IRS scandal on the GOP because of the sequester cuts. In his mind, the IRS was severely strained thus leading to their actions. I know. No sense.

At least up here we're a little more clearminded - I think.


Greece's Solution To Economic Malaise? Over Tax Business!

Some days I get up in the morning convinced man is advanced. Other days not so much.

Reading this article about Greece slamming businesses with a pay up front 90% tax left me utterly dejected. 

It's literally the thinking of a mentally defective Orc to actually think taxing the ONE segment of an economy that CREATES WEALTH is a solution of any kind.

Once again, the productive get the shaft.

Chalk Greece up to 'forgotten and irrelevant.'

It's Not The Real Me!

"Obama also expresses exasperation. In private, he has talked longingly of 'going Bulworth,' a reference to a little-remembered 1998 Warren Beatty movie about a senator who risked it all to say what he really thought."

What are we to take from this?

That he's disingenuous at the moment? That Americans are not seeing the real him, him?


Note: From article in previous post.

Operation Protect Obama In Overdrive

God, what a bunch of insufferable hacks these people are.

Geez, I mean, like, come on!

Anyone who wears a t-shirt of a politician like Ezra Klein does in the picture in the linked article can't be taken seriously.


As for Obama wanting to go 'Bulworth,' there you go. More reality and myth are colliding with this guy. He can keep up appearances only for so long.

So much for his "auto-biographies." I guess there's too much fiction in them to be full Bulworth.

What a cynical man.

He's acting as if the world doesn't get him. I and many people  'get him' all too well.

No one is stopping him. In fact, we should welcome what he "really thinks."

Break out your Alinsky, Mao, Zinn books folks.

Dark Side Of The IRS Moon

More on the IRS scandal.

Something about Section 1203.

I don't know how anyone can claim this is not a major problem with a straight face and be taken seriously.

Little Miss Public Speaker

Turns out my daughter is becoming quite the public speaker not gone unnoticed by people. Seems that every time a speech has to be given be it at school or elsewhere she either volunteers or is selected as was the case last night when she was asked to deliver the the end of year speech at her Brownies ceremony last night.

Now I have two social butterflies - wife and daughter - who crave and love social gatherings and events who are fortunate enough to have me; The 'what's the point, get off my lawn, quit inviting me places, I just want to play with my dolls' Commentator; as part of their entourage.

If I could only capture on this blog the looks on their faces as they wait at the door for me as I curse and complain about having to go to a party with people I barely know.


U.S. Admits To Drone Strikes

I understand that America is at war. Quite honestly it don't bother me none when they "take out the trash" so to speak. In this light, I do sympathize with the President - as I did with Bush.

A President's first and foremost task is to protect citizens and national security.

Drone strikes (which the Obama administration admitted too), however, are problematic. While they're useful in getting rid of scumbags it should not be left to ANY man or woman to decide who gets whacked. That's what due process is all about. Cops know who the bad guys are but are prevented from going in and offing them because of our legal system in the West.

 From NYT comments thread (been a while since I read worthwhile comments over there):

"The problem is that we actually have a legal process for when one party of a legal process cannot actually be there. They are represented by an attorney who speaks on their behalf. It's even done in the case of estates where someone dies without a will and the deceased person is provided an attorney to represent the best interests of the estate.

US citizens are granted special rights to a legal process that we do not extend to others. Without due legal process, these people are still Americans who have been stripped of their right to a fair trial without even having to present evidence to a court.

It doesn't matter what someone is accused of, if we choose to let fear, bias, or retaliation weaken our belief that all Americans should be considered 'innocent until proven guilty in a court of law' then our legal system will crumble."

I kinda lean this way.

Daycare Update

Like I said, daycare in Quebec is needlessly political and as a result in a state of anarchy. There's no social and business harmony whenever the PQ and politics in general interfere.

Believe me, they don't give a shit private businesspeople invested hundreds of thousands of dollars that are constantly threatened by government intervention.  They simply are anti-business and anti-private. That much they have in common with the ideologue in power in the USA.

For them, it's all about 'la societe' as they design and interpret it.

As it stands, very little of how the government operated daycare is fair. They've succeeded however - as they're apt to do - in polarizing people.

Article in French.

Quebec: Canada's Louisiana Or Alabama Or Whatever

That Quebec does corruption well is no secret. I don't know if we're worse or better than most jurisdictions but if I had to guess based on experience I'd say we're up there.

And if we're not racketeering we politicize. It's our idea of running a just and functional society.

Quebec decided, in its infinite wisdom, that all exams needed to get a license to sell mortgages, real estate etc. should be in French only. For the 10% or 15% of us who don't use French as a first language too bad. In English universities they allow French-Canadians to write their exams in their mother tongue but Quebec society being what it is isn't interested in returning the favor.

After all, it's 'French' here.

Anyway, I know a few people who simply went to Ontario and will eventually move there.

It's unfortunate. Real estate and mortgages are fucking sales jobs. There should never be a language requirement to sell. Jesus, let people freely move about for fuck sakes.

Free you say? In Quebec? Perish the thought! En francais and shut up!

Oh, about the racket. It costs $670 to take the exam here.

50 bucks in Ontario.

Makes me wonder if Quebec has come up with a magic formula or innovated new sales techniques in mortgages and real estate to justify that outrageous price.


It's not about innovation.

It's about bull shit.

Emelin Undergoes ACL Surgery

Montreal Canadiens talented, hard hitting Russian defenseman Alexei Emelin underwent MCL and ACL surgery. They are targeting a return in six months.

Six months!


For ACL rehab is traditionally one year. I kinda get 10 months but you're asking for trouble if you want to be back in just six months. The ACL comes with its own 'nervous system' which can take up to two years to come back - if at all.

I don't get these rushed comebacks. I must be missing something.


My first ACL surgery in 1991 I was kept off putting weight on the leg for three months. By my second surgery in 2003, the 'advancement' was that doctors allowed for placing weight on it, in fact, it was encouraged. Which makes sense since it doesn't affect the ACL as that ligament deals more with lateral movements.

However, my doctor - a sports doctor - said you "could" play sports in the six to eight month range but he wasn't sure if that was such a good thing. To play it safe, one year was better. Granted, I didn't have millions of dollars at stake for the athlete and organization and pressure to get back into it, but nature is nature and it would be wise to 'play it safe' because ACL recoveries are long and arduous. Why risk going through it a second time? Get it done right the first time.

The best way to do that is to let it heal.

Obama: The Disconnected Clueless Calculist

Right now, it seems Obama's line of defense is to say he didn't know about the IRS, Benghazi, and the wiretapping and hacking of investigative journalists. To say nothing of mistreatment and strong arming of whistleblowers, Fast & Furious, Libya and drone strikes. Forget the day he fucked GM bondholders to reward unions and through hundreds of millions in failed green project or that Obamacare is now being scrutinized and people aren't liking 'what's in it.'

Kinda hard to believe considering it seems to be the rule rather than the exception and it ain't driven by Fox News. This stuff should be investigated. If he's cleared, he's good to keep going, right?

Bah. If you're hard left-wing, every 'teabagger' deserves what they're getting in these 'scandals.'

Problem is, more than just conservatives are being affected by all this.

Back in high school we had a couple of liberal high school teachers constantly spoke about the ethics of presidents whenever we spoke about American power - which is where the real discussions lay. And in Canada it was always from a "Americans think their so tough" perspective. Lame. I know.

Add that it was Ronald Reagan the leader and it made for the usual, lamentable American bashing. 

Which led to questions of this sort: What is more problematic, A) a President who is disconnected from the agencies he overlooks (once in power, you own it all baby) are misbehaving (he found out about the IRS reading the paper), or B) one who knows or is aware to some degree but lets it happen?

A third I would add, C) he sets the tone and narrative through a hyper-political agenda for this behavior and let's A roll and unfold.

Which means he needs a "lotta buffas" as Ciccio said in The Godfathers. That's a lotta of swords the government needs to find.

Patsy: Mr. President, Whistleblowin' Willie is on the loose!
President: We're gonna need more swords. Cicc' a porta!


Oklahoma Tornado

The U.S. gets hit with more tornado's (about 1000) per year than any other country. Canada is second at just around 100 every year.

The devastation in Oklahoma has, naturally, prompted the usual 'is it global warming' that caused it.

I don't know but I do know the south central States are located in an area called 'Tornado Alley.'

Chances are this is as natural and common a weather occurrence which precedes the global warming movement. Basically, it's sandwiched between warm/hot air coming from the south east and cool/cold air coming from the north west.  So. It's all science and Mother Nature. Who knew?

I doubt, in this light, it's attributable to global warming. But it won't stop left-wing numbskulls like Piers Morgan from pimping that angle.

Harper Has His Own Scandal

What is this? Shark week in North America? Both President Obama and Prime Minister Harper have had to deal with scandals - although I would submit Obama's are a little more problematic and serious.

Conservative Senators have been acting badly with expense accounts with Mike Duffy being the latest figure to be outed. Duffy received a (personal) cheque from Harpers chief of staff Nigel Wright. Recall Pamela Wallin - another high profile Senator - was pinched last year I believe.

Both Duffy and Wallin were television personalities.

Anyway, the ethics commission is now investigating and the Harper government is cooperating.

In a rare move, the PM allowed for cameras to be part of conservative caucus meeting usually held behind closed doors.

The question being asked is whether Harper knew of this deal. He insists he didn't.

But as someone pointed out, for a leader that micro-manages his party and controls everything, it's sort of hard to believe he didn't know.

When In Doubt Obfuscate

Now it's just juvenile.


Stretching aren't we?

Carter Honored

A portion of Faillon street around Jarry Park will be renamed for Gary Carter.

All I can say: High five.

Go Expos!

Obama A Threat To Freedom Of The Press?

Department of Justice monitoring award-winning investigative journalists? 

More here.



This ain't China, Iran, North Korea or Cuba. Or is it?

He's more dictator than President.

Will he go up and say he 'won't stand for it' as he's been doing lately?

Quote Of The Day

About Obama's commencement speech at Ohio St. "Citizen. Obey!"

One week later the shit hit the fan as noted.

Will they?

That speech was priceless, right up there with 'you didn't build that' speech. Context noted.


Talk of impeachment has begun.

"In this regard, the Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf makes a key point: "The biggest Obama scandals are proven and ignored." Among other offenses, Friedersdorf writes, the president has "violated the War Powers Resolution ... when committing U.S. troops to Libya without Congressional approval" and "ordered the assassination of ... American citizens in secret without due process," while "refus[ing] to reveal even the legal reasoning he used."


If the President were to be impeached that would leave...Joe Biden to take over.

At least he'd bring comic relief.

Painting Of The Day: Rubens

Massacre of the Innocents - originally painted 1611-12 by Peter Paul Rubens.

Haunting. Disturbing.

Open Letter To Parti Quebecois Brass

Just because you speak Spanish, love Italian food, salsa and line dance, or listen to world music or participate at the tam-tams or side with the Palestinians or whatever else it doesn't automatically make you 'open and tolerant.'

You can love Fellini and still be a close minded asshole. Racists still loved listening to Michael Jackson, no?

What makes you open and tolerant is the rhetoric and its correlation to laws and how it in turn correlates to individual civil liberties.

There. On this front, you're an epic fail. All of you.

Now bugger off and stop writing to us in cynical, meaningless, pseudo-Machiavallian tongue through the newspapers.

French Youth Flee

In a previous post about France I wondered why more people weren't leaving. In truth, I kinda knew (I have French clients and family who keep me in the loop from time to time and according to them people are exiting) they were but had no real recent article to link to.

From Time World:

"Charles-Marie Jottras, president of Paris's biggest luxury-real-estate company Daniel Feau, estimates that during the past year his company has sold hundreds of homes of wealthy families leaving France, driven out by what he calls "a very bad atmosphere." Jottras says the departure of wealthy clients is reminiscent of the early 1980s, when the previous Socialist President François Mitterrand was in power. The difference this time, he says, is that "it used to be just rich people who left, not business people." [...]

Nice. Brav'.

Question: When will Hollande blame Bush?

I suppose he can blame Sarkozy but Bush has more, how shall we say, panache?

The Folly Of Planned Economic Activity

I'll put this article about "key officials" trying to set up a market for medicinal marijuana in the 'what can go wrong?' department.

If there's one thing I've learned is that you can rest assured that interventionism simply skews the market.

You can't 'plan' an economy. That would suggest it's a top-bottom organism. It's not. An economy is an organic, self-regulating and enterprising entity that grows from the bottom (ie free people).

But there they, progressives (or whatever you want to call them, I prefer the term regressives) pounding their heads against the walls and fists on their desks sticking to a failed game plan.

"Key officials helping to create Washington state's potentially lucrative recreational pot market say its success may hinge on preventing consumers from choosing to get high on readily available medical cannabis because of low and sometimes nonexistent taxes on it."

Ouch. Yeesh. Yikes. Whatda. 

Know what this is? It's called inflating a market, creating possibly superficial monopolies, making it vulnerable to cronyism and disrupting the free-market system. 

Regulating medicinal marijuana, subsidized daycare - whatever - they usually end up in a state of anarchy. Ironic given the state's fear of anarchy but that's what we have on our hands: Financial anarchy.


Phrases I Hate

"Free market capitalism has failed."

Usually meant to include 'deregulation.' 

What the fuck does that even mean considering we don't have a free-market system! How would we know?

Depends where we sit doesn't it? It's not really deregulation if the system prior to it was over burdened with excessive regulation? On the flip side, they will argue the system was too open and unregulated to be open to deregulation. The result being the 2008 meltdown.

There are kernels of truth in both and not the subject here.  

We have a freeish system. After all, the market needs a leash. But who gets to control the leash? Cronies and flunkies which is what we have at the moment.

Across this continent economic policies are created based on votes. Right there we lose the plot.

Obama Administration: This Is Nowhere

"The President's budget numbers don't add up."

Get used to that phrase because they never did.

Well, the CBO are just a bunch of racist, crackerheads who watch Fox anyway.

Look, Obama doesn't do math, ok? He has bigger things to fry with his ultra-violet visionary ideas.

In a way Obama was right. He is transparent. In a very amateurish way.

He knows damn well he ain't cutting the deficit.

Remember, dude uses the slogan 'Lean Forward.'

Code for 'Bend Over.'


Is the Obama administration falling apart?

All I know is that wiretapping of journalist stuff is outrageous. Tin-pot outrageous.

He managed to even have MSNBC begin to criticize him. If he keeps this up he'll only have Matt 'Sad Beard' Yglesias and Eleonore Clift defending him.

Cripes, my articulate liberal friend from Massachusetts is also showing cracks and coming to terms with Obama's dismal performance. 'There is not 'there, there' as he put it.

No end game. No strategy. No thinking.

Ray Manzarek Dead: But The Doors Will Live On

The man who added the haunting keyboards to Jim Morrison's dreary and macabre lyrics has passed at the age of 74.

Together, along with John Densmore and Robbie Krieger, formed The Doors.

Much like The Beatles their lifespan was quite short but their influence and impact runs deep. That's what happens when you come up with a unique sound with a good looking but troubled front man.

You get one of the all-time American rock bands with a fanatical (almost cult-like) fan base.

Land Ho!

Love me two times/Texas Radio and the big beat (from Alive! She Cried one of my all-time favorite albums)

Or as a mathematically inclined buddy once called it in one of his less sober moments: Love me 112.2 times.

L.A. Woman holds a special place for me because of it brings back a time when we drove back to Montreal after a long night partying in Quebec City. Actually we headed for the small town of Lorraine 30 minutes north of Montreal for a 10am soccer match. After the game we were exhausted and running on nothing but adrenalin. Did we surround ourselves with lavender in the car? Did we sip some tisane to calm us down? Did play soft 'sounds of the oceans or forests' music?


We played L.A. Woman  - and sang it all the way back home. The last pit stop we made was at a gas station. The car by that point was bouncing as we sang. I could barely gas up as I laughed uncontrollably.

His sister later on ran into the house telling him about the psychos she had just seen at the gas station. "You won't believe what I just saw! People were wondering if they should call the police!"

"Oh" he replied.

"Must have been Pat."

"Know what? Come to think of it, one of the guys did look like Pat! Wait a second...what car does T.C. drive?"

Rock on.


Often we have the discussion of why the British have so many legendary rock bands. Howard Stern asked Rod Stewart why that was so and his answer was simple- and one I've observed and mentioned in the past: "We're just playing back your music."

As any rock enthusiast knows, the British were influenced by American rhythm and blues (Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and an endless stream of both legendary and forgotten bluesmen). 1950s rock from Elvis to Diddley to Little Richard (to name a precious few) and even Motown in the late 1960s. The base root of British rock is American.

France Is Run By Thieves

Households taxed 100% of their income.

"The Constitutional Council has judged such a high rate of taxation to be unfair, leaving the government to rehash it to hit companies rather than individuals."

"Since then, a top administrative court has determined that a marginal tax rate higher than 66.66 percent on a single household risked being considered as confiscatory by the council."

You fucking think?

So remember folks, while Obama's leftist ideas on wealth and economics scares you,  it ain't French.

Which leads me to wonder, why do wealthy families stay in France? I know many are indeed leaving but what are others waiting for? Socialists drain you.


Top 10 countries for tax evasion:

True, high tax rates doesn't equate to tax evasion as the American example shows.

Quotes from the link:

From Washington, D.C., and Brasilia to Moscow and Madrid, the taxman is on a mission to squeeze more revenue from people, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet amid the worst economic slowdown since the Great Depression. 

Naturally, go after the small guy? Don't focus on the bigger fish. No sirreeeee. What a disturbing sentence. 

"Countries made the list because they either lack the will or the resources to collect all the monies that they are owed. The U.S. ranks first based on absolute dollars partly because its economy is so big. After all, it’s the world’s largest. Americans, though, are more willing to pay their taxes than people in other countries are, which is known as “tax morale.” A 2005 study published by Yale University found that the U.S. had a higher rate of tax morale than other counties surveyed."

There you go. Tax reform. Try it.

"In third-place Italy, the media is full of reports about people with no legitimate income driving expensive sports cars."

Hi-larious. According to the article Italy's black marker is 27% of GDP. I read it could be as high as 36%. When I was in Italy for the first time in 1990 it was interesting to see all these kids riding in Aprilia motorcycles. I could barely afford to buy a bicycle.

Quote from the comments thread:

"...Then there would be no tax cheating and no punishing people for their NATURAL BEHAVIOUR - tax dodging. It's like punishing a tiger for killing a human being. But tigers, wolves etc. are wild animals and they need to eat!
Unless! The governments get FREE SLAVES by placing the tax evaders in prisons and confiscating their money and property. Then such governments are criminals themselves.

TAPOS = Tax At Point Of Sale."

Non-Sequitur: Ordering Pizza

INT. Room. Late day. Hairy figure much like Chewbacca on the phone ordering a pizza.

Chewbacca: It's Chew-Bacco! Chew...aw forget it.

Happy Victoria Day

Quebec nationalists decided to make this day 'Patriot's Day' in this province but no one outside the parochial chambers of hardliners really cares.

I'm not much of a monarchist but Victoria had a global impact so I'll stick with her. 


Lost Classics

Phantom Creeps is a serial from 1939. In addition to Bela Lugosi playing the part of Dr. Zorka, it also starred Dorothy Arnold who was married to Joe DiMaggio for a time.

Can Detroit Ever Comeback?

Take note - and heart - Detroit. By the late 16th century Rome's population had fallen to a mere 25 000 from a high of about 1 million during its Imperial glory. The chaotic city had been over run by criminals and tumbled into disrepute.

But all that changed with the arrival of Sixtus V who ushered in a Roman renaissance - ironic given his cultural ignorance - giving way to the Baroque period. Rome had revived itself and rebounded by the 17th century.

Although I'm not sure Detroit needs a tyrannical character quite like Sixtus V who was all too happy to execute people to set Rome on a proper course.

Pandora's Box Is Open

Something tells me this IRS thing goes deep.

What a rat and a weasel Harry Reid is.

I bet that he has more shady business deals in his closet than Romney ever had.


Are the scandals hanging over the Obama administration worse than Watergate?

Watergate became what it did because, I think, it was a first where one party broke into an office of its opponent. It was a double victory for the left because the Democrats were the victims. The story was broken by the Washington Post and made into a movie (naturally, Robert Redford playing a part) in which 'Deep throat' was made famous for other than sucking.

The rest is history.

Watergate is tattooed into the mindset of the American (and international) public.

Lots of scandals have broken since then and I wonder, is Watergate still as big a deal as some of the ones we've seen?

For our sake here, it seems to me Obama's administration has been wracked by serious problems - worse than Bush even - as I've highlighted in previous posts (I forgot to mention his totalitarian behavior towards privacy issues including with the press and whistleblowers).

Ok, let's say Fast and Furious is like Iran-Contra. Even. Let's say his continuation of the war machine (including the opening of Guantanamo - remember that?)  and attack of Libya without Congressional approval and drone strikes killing innocents. Perhaps not quite even with Bush's invasion of Iraq but really, not that far since he was not supposed to be a "violent" President. Katrina? By all accounts, Sandy wasn't handled any better and the same bureaucratic wrinkles that were present in 2005 were still around in 2012.

Benghazi? Plenty of embassy attacks took place under Bush - 13 I think. The problem is that, to our knowledge, none of those were blamed on a video to which a man was put in jail and stand down orders were given perhaps resulting in the deaths of American citizens. Benghazi is precisely disturbing for the attempted and original narrative, its apparent incompetence and subsequent refusal to set the record straight.

Pretty serious given America's standing is at stake.

Contrary to Hilary, it matters a whole lot. It should give pause to those who believe she's Presidential material given her "what difference does it make?" quip when the administration still hadn't come clean.

There are a bunch of little issues and then came the IRS.

This is a biggie. A major one. A scandal that points directly to the "tone" set by the president himself.

This was an assault on free citizens.

To the left, both are case closed. But they're choosing to be naive here.

Investigators are still interviewing employees of the Cincinnati branch so how can it be closed?

Yes, it's all political stone throwing on the part of the GOP. Believe that, and you've abandoned your duty as a private citizen to seek the truth from your own government.

Apathy drawn along political lines is a sad thing.

I know. Canada does that well.


Quotes Of The Day

"I think it's because liberals (especially the very liberal) don't understand conservatives, and as a result attribute evil motives to them (given the incomplete and often wrong vision in their heads, this is the only reason that makes sense to them).

And when you're fighting against evil, it's better to have a corrupt Democrat in office than an evil Republican. So lying and cheating are OK with liberals in their fight against "evil". The ends are more important than the means when fighting evil."

Who's irrational now?

"Barack Obama's "intelligence" is a similar phenomenon to George W. Bush's "stupidity."

Pretty much. 

If you're an astute student of history it's Obama's mundane mediocrity is abundantly clear.

A leopard can't change his spots. His from the Chicago political machine and that's how he rolls.

Black Confederate Soldiers

"It has been estimated that over 65,000 Southern blacks were in the Confederate ranks. Over 13,000 of these, "saw the elephant" also known as meeting the enemy in combat. These Black Confederates included both slave and free. The Confederate Congress did not approve blacks to be officially enlisted as soldiers (except as musicians), until late in the war. But in the ranks it was a different story. Many Confederate officers did not obey the mandates of politicians, they frequently enlisted blacks with the simple criteria, "Will you fight?" Historian Ervin Jordan, explains that "biracial units" were frequently organized "by local Confederate and State militia Commanders in response to immediate threats in the form of Union raids". Dr. Leonard Haynes, an African-American professor at Southern University, stated, "When you eliminate the black Confederate soldier, you've eliminated the a part of the history of the South."

You know. We really do rob people of history.

Taxes And Civilization

A popular claim by progressives these days is the quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes 'taxes is the price we pay fir civilization.'  Yes, they do. Until they become oppressive and inefficient. Then they tend to destroy civilizations.

For leftists, taxes are a means to an end. They've convinced themselves there would be no civilization without a powerful (and intrusive) state and the taxes it collects coerces from people.

They speak about how past documents like the Constitution, as an example, must be updated (to meet their ideals of course) but have little qualms about clinging on to progressive programs increasingly under duress.

Progressives, in this way, become reactionary protecting the ideal and not the results or the practicality of that ideal.

But being a guy wracked with self-doubt, I wondered if there's some truth to what they say. Possibly. But can we honestly say we wouldn't have roads or education without taxes? What they mean is public stuff. Taxes are just moneys taken confiscated from private individuals who create it.

Creation of wealth is something progressives simply can't seem to grasp. They think it's one guy raping another.

So I decided it's time to get into the story of taxes. To me, taxes are the most important, under appreciated aspect of civil society. To me, it's taxes that threaten us more than climate change or gun control.

I started with 'For good and evil: The impact of taxes on the course of civilization' by Charles Adams.

I'm sure I'll be quoting from it soon enough.

Quote Of The Day

About Obama's week: "We owe Nixon and Bush an apology."

One for the road:

"I don't recall GWB's admin being corrupt. One could say they were mistaken, but not mired in scandals. More than half of Obama's first choices to fill major cabinet positions could not do so because they were under investigation. He didn't even start clean."

He found out about the IRS scandal by reading the newspaper?