Eco-Terrorist Posing As Environment Minister Wants To Fight 'Environmental Racism'

No wonder parody and satire are dead.

It collided with reality. 

Stephane Guibeault, another member of the idiot parade that makes up the Liberal brigade, has this to say in response to Elizabeth May's (another lunatic) act to amend proposal:

"Across Canada, Black, Indigenous and people of colour are feeling the effects of pollution and environmental damage the hardest. Environmental racism is an issue that has gone unaddressed for far too long in this country."

Keep voting for this and believe me, you will pay a price somehow. A big one.

I've got no more words for this government. They're just plain insane and rogue. And proud of it.


Legault And Trudeau Team Up: A Corrupted Duo

 Look at these disgusting treacherous, incompetent, slimy, duplicitous pieces of shits:

Shove the vaccines up all your son of a butch asses.

You fucking criminals. 

They had this lined up for some time. Rats. All of them. 


I like when I unleash every once in a while. 


And of course who none other than McGill University to take part in this scam-sham?

Now the McGill goons will go into overdrive pushing the boosters. It all makes sense. Vinh, Labos, Oughton et al. had to know this was in the works.

Quebec Concludes Moderna Deal

Moderna is coming to Montreal.

Interesting, no?

And why not? Quebec has shown itself to be hard on vaccines.

I don't know much of the details but it's a curious one.

Moderna is partners with NIH in the United States. So the company is tied into the medical-industrial complex of the USA.

The other intriguing part of this deal is Moderna's (MRNA) stock is off over 70% from its high.

They have no products other than boosters. Unless they plan some stuff but right now the market isn't buying. It's trading at 8x P/E. The avg. is about 24 for the S&P/Dow Jones. Meaning, the stock is dirt cheap and trading at a deep discount to the overall market.

There are institutional investors who have mused the stock could go to zero.

Moreover, J&J (manufacturers of the Janssen vaccine) pulled out of the game altogether citing poor forecast for demand.

I see 'sucker' written all over this. 

Quebec. Masters of buy high, sell low.

Just another day in Corruptville. 


Saw a sign today on a billboard showing the Olympic Stadium being bombed and the Ukraine flag with the caption 'Imagine if this happened?"

The first thing that came to my mind was "It would do us all a favour".


Covid Logic

Gee, deaths still rising. Infections still rising. Transmission still rising. Let's vaccinate children!

Sounds like a plan!

Don't forget to blame the unvaccinated!

Now the plan is complete!

We're so damn smart! 

Putting An APB On Canadian Courage

Canadians have not only taken obedience for virtue...they're arrogant about it too. No nation wears apathy like a badge of honour like Canadians. 

Really showed their true colours.

Find your courage Canada.

This is embarrassing.

Tell the government to fuck off already. 

The Liberal Party Lacks Talent

Someone asked me why the Liberals are so terrible.

And this person is a Liberal voter.

I said they lack real talent - raw or refined. A party with no inner-core values or principles and talentless is bound to fail. And act like incompetent dicks.

We've come a long way since Reagan-Mulroney-Bush-Clinton-Chretien. Far from perfect - and often just as maddening - but it was reasonably sound governance compared to the lunatics in the Liberal and Democrat parties we see today.

It's also a reflection of the zeitgeist. Some people actually think they're being well served.

Hard to show these people the light.

Anyway, we get what we deserve. 

And Canada is nothing but a desolate dumping ground for immigrants who use this mediocre country for the USA. 

No immigrant will settle for sloppy seconds.

The irony is Canada increased immigration quotas from 250k to 450k. My guess we won't be able to retain most of them.

Immigrants are good at sizing up 'the situation'.

My advice is if you can't get into the USA but Canada accepts you, use your time to find a way into the U.S.. If you have the luxury of choosing, don't waste your time. Go the United States.

Trust me.

At least in the U.S. there will be a fair chance to defeat the globalists. Canada is already done.

It's no longer the country we once respected. It's a matter of time before it falls into obscure disrepute.

It has already begun. The starting date was 2015.

Masks: A Reminde. You Were Forced To Wear Them For No Reason

Quebec announced maybe they will end the masks mandates May 15.


Quebec is a pseudoscientific nightmare.

Highly disturbing they wouldn't commit to it given it's been two year. Highly unnerving no studies have been conducted. This place is the very definition of backwards.


Just a reminder. YOU HAVE WORN MASKS FOR NOTHING. They didn't protect you or others. They had NO impact on mortality or transmission.


Worse, they maliciously presented you with a false dichotomy. Lockdowns or masks - and ended up giving you both anyway. The truth is, neither of these restrictions worked. 

Here's a database of hundreds of mask studies and essays showing this.

It's been exhausting fighting this futile battle against superstition and stupidity.

Here's an in-depth recent study from Cureus.


"While no cause-effect conclusions could be inferred from this observational analysis, the lack of negative correlations between mask usage and COVID-19 cases and deaths suggest that the widespread use of masks at a time when an effective intervention was most needed, i.e., during the strong 2020-2021 autumn-winter peak, was not able to reduce COVID-19 transmission. Moreover, the moderate positive correlation between mask usage and deaths in Western Europe also suggests that the universal use of masks may have had harmful unintended consequences."

There are well over a thousand studies like this one.

Any questions?

You wore a mask for nothing.

I can't repeat this emphatically enough.

And there will be unintended consequences. 

The government failed. Epically. 

You Might Be An Idiot If.....

....You're still watching Quebec's press conferences.

Yes, Quebec is still holding press conferences. What did you expect from a laggard society shaking in its boot fried in the brain paralyzed by fear?

Only jurisdiction still doing stupid things like this. 

Stop watching those idiotic liars. 

Vaccines: The Scam That Keeps Scamming

"Moderna Asks FDA for "Emergency Use" Authorization of Its "Up to 44% Effective" COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids as Young as 6 Months"

The 44% claim doesn't even meet the 50% baseline required to make such a request. But it doesn't matter. It's not like the FDA is following its own guidelines and policies. They'll approve it anyway. Because "emergency". Even though the pandemic is over. A rational and same society puts an end to this vaccination hysteria as Denmark did.

And you can bet the RRR is less than "44%". We've been through this with the "95% effective" lie. It *may* have been effective for one month at the level but the fact waning efficacy happened (that is, the immune system weakened) so quickly all but confirmed the vaccines were really just 'boosters' from the onset. As a study in The Lancet showed last year, the ARR was around 1-3%. Meaning, the vaccines are overrated and never had a chance to remotely come close to what was promised. 

So if the ARR was 1-3% with an alleged 95% RRR, imagine how low it's with 44%! Negative territory. In fact, it's pretty the case now. Negative efficacy has been observed in places like the UK, Scotland and Australia.

But take it! And you can't travel (here in Canada) because bullshit, politicized, gibberish anti-science peddled by officials and amplified by the dimwitted dullards in media. 

More importantly,  and this is where the crime actually lies, children should not be targeted for vaccination. They're not the cohort in danger nor do they pose any threat to anyone. Vaccinating them with a non-sterilizing vaccine claiming it will protect the elderly is an outright lie. It will do no such thing.

The only option was to leave them alone, acquire natural immunity and hopefully some degree of herd immunity.

Now that we've jabbed so many people, that window has closed.

All that's left to find out is how the virus will punish us for this spectacular miscalculation borne from irrational fear - and greed.

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. 


Two Documents Explaining The Vaccine Situation

This is what informed consent looks like.

There are some serious questions to be asked and answered about the experimental vaccines and how they've been forced into people.

A moratorium must be announced according to Dr. Bridle. 

And Policeforfreedoms request a criminal investigation. The document is excellent. 


Now both the FDA and CDC expressing caution regarding boosters.

Meanwhile, here in Canada, it remains mired in this vaccine delusion. 

In the beginning, the fear was, thanks to the frauds at Imperial College and fake virologist Christian Drosten and his bogus PCR Fischer-Price toy, we had a 'novel' virus about to kill millions upon millions within months. They braced for a 10% or higher death rate.

Then it was fairly obvious by April of 2020 that this was going to eventually settle down into the bad flu with a general .15% mortality rate. Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford was right from the start. 

But by that point, panic had settled and people wanted to remain afraid. So avoiding mass death became 'one death is too many. Gotta keep up the appearances. And then even that became impossible in its impractical application and evolved into trying to prevent people from catching it. Which is even more radically irrational. But try they did.

And this is where we remain. Suspended in total incoherence being controlled by a virus rather than the other way around.

We had a playbook. It had all been set up and settled by actual science and sound minds. Yet, somehow the 2020 crop of 'experts' decided they knew better and completely ignored it.

In doing so, they plunged this country into the depths of disaster so deep we won't recover any time soon. 

I hereby declare - as I've done since 2020 - that a full investigation must begin concerning all involved. This goes for the 10 premiers, 10 public health officers, Science boards and tables, Dr. Tam, Dr. Njoo and ultimately Justin Trudeau.

They messed up.


And now they must account for it.


Canada had a well-document and prepared pandemic response from 2006. 


If Tam Truly Cared About Social Cohesion She'd Publicly Denounce Fisman

Theresa Tam made  claims to worry about social cohesion - the fractured civil order she helped rupture.

If PHAC truly cared about Canadian health and science they'd publicly denounce David Fisman for his hate-science.

The guy is nothing but a nasty Nazi. 

And then she and Njoo should RESIGN. 

No country is talking like Canada anymore.

No one is peddling vaccines at a feverish pitch still pimping out 'safe and effective' lies. No one is obsessing over it in the news. No one is imprisoning citizens. All mandates are done. 

Only in Canada does this stupid idiocy continues.

It's over Theresa.

Now have the decency to allow Canadians to unite and heal.

Here's a real scientist's rebuttal. Dr. Bridle rakes Fisman.

What I'd give to watch the two of them in a debate. Bridle would wipe Fisman clean off the floor. 

Fisman is a grifter, and hysterical, propagandists and failed epidemiologist.

Dr. Bridle is a real vaccinologist and immunologist. 

Will Musk Deliver?

Strange things are happening at Twitter. It's like releasing prisoners. 

If he ushers in a relaunch of freedom of speech, this comes at a crucial time given the outright lies media and health 'experts' (you know,  people like Theresa Tam, Howard Njoo, David Fisman, CTV, CBC etc.) have been telling people about the vaccines and Covid in general. LIES. All of it.

Now balance will be restored.

And the evil little assholes posing as 'leaders' won't like it one bit.

Hey Justin, you won't win this fight against freedom you totalitarian twit.

Same for you Obama. Call for censorship all you want but we all know the true liars and spreaders of misinformation are people like you and our little shit there Justin.

Let freedom reign.

End the fucking mandates Canada. 


You Might Be An Idiot If.....

You believe the phrase 'masks offer an extra layer of protection'.

No it doesn't.

If you believe it....you're an idiot. 


A cursory glance at the 'cases' in Ontario (no mask mandate) and Quebec (mask mandate for 21 months!) should once and for all dispel masks make a difference (an observation as well as backed by solid evidence). 

Ontario, for example, saw c. 1830 cases today. Quebec c. 1670. Adjusted for population, you can see Quebec is actually a worse performer. As it has been throughout this pandemic despite the harshest restrictions in North America - and among the most draconian in the West.

Quebec is a failed Covid state. 

Canada's Rotten Covid Stance

As a flurry of studies are coming in revealing some startling realities about the vaccines, Canada is doubling down on the vaccine propaganda and ignoring the mounting evidence against its use.

Denmark has suspended its entire vaccine program.

Something isn't rotten in Denmark.

It's rotten in Canada. 


Obama And Justin In A Nutshell

Any person (s) or leader (s) calling for censorship of any kind under any justification is a totalitarian.

One can also assert a communist.

Obama and Justin make the false and opaque claim censorship (which is the suppression of free speech by other means) is necessary to fight 'misinformation' or 'disinformation' is misleading you. All they're saying is silence those who disagree with us. 

There's really nothing more to it.

So whenever you see a CBC personality give your a stupid perplexed look whenever you point out censorship is bad, remember this simple fact.

It's a power elite move to silence YOU.

Obama is and always was a fabrication; a myth. There is no substance to the man uttering the fancy words.

Justin even less so. The ultimate grotesque irony is Justin has repeatedly been caught spreading misinformation. This history books will make clear of this. There is no better and stark example than the lies he spread during the truckers convoy. Complete lies.

Obama and Justin are projecting their views onto YOU.

These are not friends of liberty or YOU.

They're totalitarians too gutless to admit they're communists. 

You Might Be An Idiot If.....Among Other Things Listen To David Fisman

....you say stupid things like 'go get vaxxed and maybe you can avoid death'. Or 'I got Covid bad. Imagine how bad it would have been if I wasn't vaccinated!' Orrrrr.....you still actually believe the unvaccinated are causing 'rampant cases' and threaten you. Doesn't say much about the efficacy of the vaccine, no?

Stop being daft. These are NON-STERILIZING vaccines. Meaning, you can vaccinate 100% of the population and it will still circulate. No serious scientist thinks mass vaccination is necessary anymore and that chorus is growing. 

Which brings me to yet another piece of junk garbage 'study' this time published in the ever so tedious CMAJ.

A 'peer reviewed' mathematical model simulation conducted by the loathsome egoist David Fisman et al.

Some of the worst studies are now coming out of Canada and CTV and Global run with it of course.

Marvel at the state of Canadian science.

Shorter Fisman: The vaccines don't work. 

Let's further isolate and alienate unvaccinated people who - despite the nonsense in this study - pose no threat to anyone. His conclusions do not reflect real world data at all. It's just garbage in, garbage our. 

And Fisman is garbage. 

Fisman recall, is the epidemiologist who called for school closures on behalf of the Ontario Teacher's Union. And if you look at the disclosing in the rag-report he posted, he's in knee-deep with pharma. 

In other words, Fisman is a shill and a hack. Possibly a quack too.

Worse than all this, and it's bad, this is the little snivelling coward who doxxed Dr. Bryam Bridle's parents. 

Sadly, he got away with it. I'd pay good money to watch Bridle wipe the floor with Fisman's ass in a debate. One has to hope karmic forces are unleashed upon him one day.

A real piece of work.


Notice the game.

Mandates have ended all over the West. Canada, for some reason, does not want to join the world. Somehow we're biologically different and 'smarter'. They then all collude: Government, media and corrupted science to create propaganda to continue keeping people in fear. 

Canada is in serious, serious trouble. 

Dr. Njoo: RESIGN

Dr. Howard Njoo admitted the travel ban is to force people to get vaccinated.

Boggles the mind this is what's driving public health policy.

And they say it with a straight face as if it's perfectly acceptable. 

Unethical and despicable.



How The Expert Class Harasses You

It's spring.

Spring is the time of year for rejuvenation. For the Covid weary, it's a chance to put things behind them and enjoy the summer.

But not if the TV dinner experts have their way.

Don Vinh, Isaac Boguch, Colin Furness, Matthew Oughton, Peter Juni et al, will be sure to warn you ominously Covid will attack in the fall and that we must be ready with the usual stale futile measures.

Masks. boosters and maybe even more lockdowns. They want to cake and bake in this miserable existence into how 'we learn to live' with Covid.

If by now you haven't learned that masks have done just about nothing, then you deserve to be mistreated by the state and science propagandists doing the bidding for their paymasters.

The rest of us see.

We've barely entered spring and the quack scientists are already talking about the fall. See what they're doing? This is called 'nudging' and it's designed to control your life.

Any self-respecting and fearless person looks at a Peter Juni and his ilk and tells him to fuck off.

Canadians need to find their inner strength and smarten up.


Here are some of the ways they mislead data thus allowing them to harass you. Which, to me, has reached levels of criminality. It's psychological harassment.

On air travel:

We've known since 2020 outbreaks and transmissions are low in airports. McMaster University conducted one of the largest studies in the world about outbreaks and air travel and concluded it was low and that basic measures without infringing on rights were sufficient responses.

Instead, Canada impose the most restrictive and unethical travel bans on the unvaccinated claiming to keep airports safe.

In the process, they signalled to the wider Canadian population millions of Canadians are 'unclean'. Dehumanizing fellow Canadians to give 'perks' to those who obeyed the state is not a way to govern a civil society or enhance 'social cohesion' to borrow a new term being used by public officials. My fear is they're trying to normalize a two-tiered society along medical lines. 

Canada is a prime example of a country that is taking futile Covid measures to its logical extreme. It will end up in a permanent fracturing of the civil order.

Given that airports have always had low outbreaks, they will nonetheless turn around and claim airports see no Covid transmissions because of the travel bans.

They were already negligible to begin with.

They did and do the same thing witch schools. Outbreaks specific to school settings were always a non-starter. We've known this since April of 2020. Nordic countries never closed their schools or masked their kids and nothing happened. Why? Because Covid doesn't hurt or kill kids nor are they vectors of the disease. That there are school outbreaks is attributed to the factoids contract it from adults outside the school settings. 

But they will claim 'see? Our lockdowns worked! We saved the kids!'

Except they never needed saving. This was done to placate the coward teachers.

Same with the Covid vaccine.

There are no documented deaths attributed to Covid in healthy kids prior to mass vaccinations. Yet, we wanted to vaccinate this demographic to protect a vulnerable cohort that could easily be isolated and protected. 

Vaccinations have led to adverse events including deaths in kids.

My personal favourite is people who are vaccinated taking to Twitter to 'Thank God' they took the magic potion after contracting the disease (remember when it was supposed to prevent infection? The majority of people took it for that and also for thinking it would 'end the pandemic'. Well, did it? Does it sound like it did? That the vaccines are a resounding success? You're still in masks, no? You think by keeping millions of Canadians imprisoned banned from travel protects you? Do you feel like you were swindled? You should) they got a mild form of it. Or if it they were hit hard they'd take to Twitter and say, 'Thank God for the magic poison or else it would be worse!'

Except, if you're under 60 (hack even 69) are healthy and have no underlying issues, the chances were already minuscule that your life was in danger. Chances are whatever form of the disease you got was going to be that form regardless of the vaccine. 

The vaccines, in short, are low grade bunk. 

And the more you listen to these idiot public officials and epidemiologists from McGill screaming for them. the more you're likely doing damage to your immune system and doing your part to prolong this Covid nightmare-madness. You keep feeding the cult. You're in Scientology-Covid land now.

How this is seen as a success story is unconscionable.

A monumental miscalculation. 

Truth is, none of these people know what the fuck they're talking about. They're not mask experts or immunologists. 

All they do is take Pfizer at their word and relay it to the public with holding informed consent.

There will be a price to pay and they will be forced to explain themselves and account for their actions.

We must not relent on this. 


Just A Reminder

You took kids who have a next to zero statistical chance of dying from Covid and whose immune systems deal with Covid fairly efficiently reducing severe infections and who are not vectors of the disease (children are more likely to get infected from adults and not the other way around) which all but assured outbreaks in schools would be low and deiced to mass vaccinate them with an experiment vaccine that is causing injury and deaths all to protect a vulnerable demographic that could have been easily isolated with a 'vaccine' that does NOT halt transmission and is average at preventing infection if at all.

Did I get that run-on right?

Haul them to court and have them explain. All of them. Public officials, academics, paediatricians, journalists - anyone who had a hand in this travesty of medical malpractice.

This was nothing but coward 'experts' projecting their damn anxieties onto kids inventing bull shit in their heads that they 'needed' to vaccinate all kids to 'protect' them and granny.

What a mess. 

Ukraine: It's Got Nothing To Do With 'Democracy'

Western powers within NATO like the war in Ukraine because it serves as a pawn or proxy to fight and hurt Russia. It's not about 'defending' Ukraine. 

The United States (or Canada for that matter), couldn't care less about Ukraine.

Big difference.

The second the West gets their pound of flesh or feel they've been satisfied, they will abandon Ukraine in seconds flat.

As for Canada mixing itself up in this nonsense (a little gift for the neo-con Nazette Chrystia Freeland), we know it has nothing to do with democracy given Trudeau is acting like a tin pot dictator mistreating Canadians in their own country.

Hypocrisy and stupidity abounds with this government. 

Quebec: A Unique Achievement

With Israel and Spain lifting their indoor mask policies, Quebec is officially an outlier in the West maintaining the not just a mask mandate but keeping emergency measures in place. 

Quebec is uniquely the only jurisdiction in North America maintaining a state of emergency. 

You wanted a 'distinct society' you got it!

Are Quebecers that sheepish?

Sorry. Australia has kept some measures in place but Australia is out of its mind and Italy. But Italy plans to drop mandates by May 1. 

Three countries. Two of which are part of the Atlantic West. 

The world is getting on with it without Canada.

The Federal mandates will damage Canada for the foreseeable future. Countries are put off by it including the USA and UK. Yes, they had mandates but not to the extreme and duration Canada has imposed.

It will negatively impact emigration and business investment.

No one will want to do business with Justin Trudeau's Canada. 

A special thanks to all the TV dinner experts who helped make this achievement happen. They include Matthew Oughton, Don Vinh, Christopher Labos, Mylene Drouin and others.

You each deserve an award. 


Note To Luc Boileau And Francois Legault

Take your masks and shove it up your asses.

Preferably up each other's ass.

And then take both and shove it up Christian Dube's ass.

Quebec Does What It Does Best: Play Pseudoscience

Mask mandate extended to Mid-may. Quebec will effectively have been in masks close to two years and its sheepish population took it without a fight. 

The only jurisdiction in North America and the West with a hard mandate left.

Take a bow Quebec. I never thought I'd live in the one jurisdiction so....bah. Disappointing to say the least. Two years of blogging about the utter nonsense of Quebec.

People really need to take matters into their own hands now and at least start to show some signs of courage and rebellion. I mean there's doing something believing it to be right and then there's just plain being stupid. Quebec is being stupid.

Come mid-May expect to see Vinh, Labos and Oughton to take their TV dinner mics to 'worry' about August and into the fall.

How people are accepting all this is beyond me.

Come mid-May if these amulets don't come off we're in serious doo-doo. 

Masks have had NO impact and it wouldn't surprise me if there are now unseen health issues settling in. But don't expect doctors to ever connect it to masks. They'll just ignore those adverse events like they do the vaccines. Heart attacks and strokes are up but don't blame the vaccines!

Canada's Charter At 40 Part 2

Looking not a day over 80, the Charter has aged about as well as Hitler's reputation.

Here's what the Charter is allowing:

"There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it." 

Aldous Huxley

Listening to Canadian politicians brag about this document is nauseating.

To recap, it's simple. Constitutional experts and lawyers here spend their time trying to justify why the state has the right to take your rights whereas in the States the opposite takes place. In America, the people have final say, in Canada it's the government.

This is why we now have a quasi-totalitarian state. A country with no objective belief in what constitutes liberty and freedom is one that is vulnerable to the subjective whims of ideologues.

And this is exactly what we have in Canada at the moment under one Justin Trudeau.

The Charter Has Not Aged Well

Politicians are celebrating the Charter's 40th b-day.

Justin Trudeau was praising the very Charter he explicitly and purposely trampled on for two years particularly in 2021 and into 2022.

Two things have occurred that showed the Charter isn't what it's cracked up to be. Or at least being abused.

One, is the fact Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act unleashing all the predictable evils that would come of it including the arrest of people engaging in legal and peaceful (but noisy! Horror!) protests and the subsequent freezing of the accounts of not just the organizers but people who gave to the convoy.

This was an obvious trampling of the right to protest protected in the Charter. Or so we thought?

And the people who applauded and supported this egregious assault on basic rights are no friends of the Charter. 

Two, the fact the Canadian government, without scientific fact, continues unethically to ban unvaccinated people from travelling in direct violation of the Charter or Bill of Rights.

But if there's one thing I learned about Canada during the pandemic is it's one gigantic fraud.

So shocking a fraud, it's traumatizing. 

The image of 'peace, order and good government' is just that - an image. A myth.

These two acts alone should have been enough to have any court over turn it but it didn't.

We need to challenge the evidence but will a judge listen?

Which only confirmed to me my suspicion about our Charter. It was a frail document that ultimately gives the power to the state and not the people. 

Brian Peckford, God bless him, is about to find out the work he and his colleagues - including one Pierre Trudeau - didn't write the document right. Two key errors they made: Reasonable limits and the notwithstanding clause. I've been listening to him explain the Charter and it's been illuminating but my worry is the courts won't listen. 

But that's Canada for you. No courage. Instead they view such 'compromises' as sophisticated accommodations. Now we're seeing just how sophisticated it is. It's perfectly worded to be abused by a government who couldn't care less about the 'spirit' of the Charter. 

His lawsuit may not prevail. I hope I'm wrong but given how every single challenge on the grounds of constitutional violations has been tossed for two yers, I don't see how a judge will buck the trend.

Our judges are acting the part of appointed hacks where the pandemic is concerned and we're committing the #1 axiom any philosopher will tell you we should avoid: Giving up your rights for security. And what about our big shot Constitutional lawyers? They're too bust pointing out all the boo-boos in the Charter that allow for idiot politicians to abuse our rights with.

There are no heroes in Canada. 

Canada under Justin Trudeau is a lawless, rogue state run by arrogant ignorant ideologues. 

The Charter is 40.

Big shit.

You Are Being Treated Like Sheep; Not Humans

And when this fact becomes apparent to people who give their heads a shake, that's when the media goes out and finds idiots who write articles about how it's actually honourable to act like sheep.

They not only patronize you but they insult you.

Rethinking Everything

All those fancy science and medical degrees and Bill Gates money and all they've got to 'fight' a virus they scarce understand is: Masks and boosters!

And 'wash your hands'.

I'd ask for refund.

Notice how it's the same old, same old 'advice' repackaged. 

Hey, but they get to look cool and authoritative 'saving lives'. Some even win awards from McGill like Matthew Oughton for his service to humanity. Well, technically for telling everyone they should be scared, wear a mask and see each on Zoom during Christmas.

I hope Colin Furness, Brian Day, Christopher Labos, Isaac Boguch, Peter Juni and Mylene Drouin all win their fair share of awards. 

Juni is taking his clown show to Oxford though. Hey, maybe he'll bunk with Neil Ferguson and share bedtime stories.

Between them all, where would we be? 


I never liked our Charter. It always struck me as naive and immature; tepid and non-commital. 

To get a sense of our Charter and how it stacks up, just read the Constitutions of other nations and you'll see what I mean. Especially,, obviously, the U.S. Constitution - the king of all such documents.

Of course, Quebec helped play a role in watering down the Charter with the opt-out clause. And as we move forward, the province is becoming more and more bold in threatening to use it.

Quebec drags Canada down because it's a place that doesn't respect individual sovereignty. The collective prevails here. It came from a parochial 'what does it do for us?' perspective. Rather than see the universal principles and values of liberty applies to all humans, it just chose to reduce it to a mechanical document ensuring it can veto something it didn't like because of 'distinct society'.

As we've seen these past two years, we're distinct alright. Again, the other provinces have been abject failures as well but Quebec was especially over-zealous in its application of the Covid tyranny. So much so, it languishes as an outlier in the Western world at the moment. Canada is an outlier among nations but Quebec is an outlier within Canada and the West. Impressive achievement. 

I'm realizing that perhaps Canada was better off without Quebec.

It may add to the cultural flavor but it offers nothing by way of enhancing constitutional freedoms as a nation. Maybe it's better for Quebec to be cut adrift and Canada rewrite its Constitution - once the Liberals are gone of course. 

Not that the rest of the country is any better but Quebec isn't helping.

We're not making each other stronger. 

Justin Trudeau Is Indeed A Globalist.

Pay close attention to whenever Justin talks about populists and nationalists. Also observe how his musings about them align with the media.

In the early 20th century, the fight was between different ideological factions and forces like communists and socialists (both internationalists), fascists, Nazis and classical liberalism.

Despite winning the war, it never settled these battles. It just got repackaged.

The international order was revised as one focused on international cooperation under the leadership of the United States as well as the unifying of Europe as a common block to fight off U.S. hegemony within that construct which includes international bodies like the United Nations and World Health Organization.

As time went on and U.S. might weakened relatively speaking, the far left progressive wings nestled in a new formed 'liberalism' (a hodge podge that included new progressive, socialists and even communists depending on the country). Conservatism and classical libertarianism were increasingly made irrelevant as the former slowly swallowed up all the key entities that form culture and public opinion from education to Hollywood to Wall St. to academia. Its tentacles reached into the family, law, and business. 

The internationalists never went away. The regrouped and reformed themselves. The became NGOs and the World Economic Forum. 

What Justin doesn't say when he's dehumanizing populists and nationalists lying and calling them 'white supremacists', is that he's an internationalist. In today's parlance, a globalist. 

None of this is conspiratorial or controversial. 

He's made that clear. The day he said Canada is a 'post-national' country was the day alarm bells should have went off among the Canadian electorate.

But a valueless and apathetic country without a strong sense of itself cannot see.

The Liberals enact what can only be described as globalist laws. Every bill proposed and passed usually entail subverting Canadian interested to international agendas. Every Bill I read coming out of Canada is about curbing free speech, more taxes that wallop the middle-class and other measures that reduce fundamental freedoms.

For example, climate change really isn't about the environment. It's a euphemism for globalism. Climate change is all about the individual being forced into a new social habit for 'climate'. We have no time to spare. It must be done by 2030! Meanwhile. you can bet your bottom dollar the 'beautiful people' will not be adjusting their lifestyles.

It's no secret Justin, Jagmeet and Chrystia are students of the WEF and that this entity holds considerable influence over them. When Justin and Chrystia speaks, you can see Klaus moving their lips.

They 'say' it's what Canadians want but it's not like they've been honest with them have they now?

And they act accordingly. When Justin said the pandemic was a chance for a 'global reset' he flat our told us to our faces what was in store. Canada was no longer going to be a sovereign and independent country charting its own destiny. It was going to be tied to the WEF and other bodies. 

Don't think for one second the Liberals and NDP put Canada or the middle-class first. Or else they wouldn't be holding the country hostage like they are with unscientific and unethical mandates. The longer they can keep the 'emergency' charade going, the longer anger festers the more they can demonize Canadians who protest, the more they use it as a wedge to exert control, ultimately cornering Canadian freedoms. 

They want to goad people into rebelling. It's the oldest trick in the Saul Alinsky-communist play book.

It's amusing to listen to Justin talk about populism while the media denies Justin supports globalism.

But this is the reality.

The fight is between populists and globalists.

Trump was right all along.

Pick a side.

It's as simple as that.


Guilbeault Loves Lockdowns

Eco-terrorist Guilbeault says Canada is headed in the right direction after lockdowns lower emissions.

Emissions down.

Overall damage to public health up.

Can you image how much of a callous and cruel individual you have to be to say such a stupid thing?

Millions have been hurt or even died during the lockdowns and this waste thinks this is a good trade-off because of his stupid green policies.

The inhumane character of the Liberal party has been exposed for all to see during this crisis.

There is no question Justin is using Covid to push his green agenda. 

Guilbeault's inhumane blathering is just a snippet of what's to come. Namely. climate lockdowns of some variety. With the NDP all but prostituting its principles by playing the part of bitches to their Liberal torturers, this forms a climate change tyranny. One can only hope they do so much damage to the middle-class come 2025, the Liberls get blown out of the water during the election. One can hope and dream. 

An Insufferable Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau: “With a few strokes of a pen 40 years ago today, Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms was adopted. Built around our shared values of equality, justice, and freedom, it protects the rights and freedoms that define who we are as Canadians — and brings us closer as a country.” ...

Insufferably sickening.

The Charter, clearly, isn't what it's all cracked up to be. Justin gave us a full demonstration with his Covid antics. Why bother having a Charter if it's so easy to ignore? Just rewrite it saying, 'You're free. Until you're not" and be done with it. Spare us all the rest of the bull shit.

Oh. And....

Go. Fuck. Yourself Justin. 

Go. Fuck. Yourself. 

So fed up of this hypocritical totalitarian. 


Canada's Failed Leadership

We have a transport Minister who looks like he's from Middle-Earth and doesn't own a comb, a ditzy Foreign Minister who talks like Malibu Stacey, a Finance Minister with severe ticks any psychiatrist would want to follow up on, a public safety Minister who looks like a chooch, and an environment Minister who is a convicted felon who looks like a villain at the end of a Scooby-Doo cartoon. All topped off by that drama-clown.

They all needed security because they were traumatizes by some honking.

This is Canada.

Never been more ridiculous.

As the mandates persist, the country gets dumber by the day. 

Hopefully you can expand this. It's excellent:

And you're an idiot for having voted for this.

You heard me.

Canada Now A Laughable Outlier

With Scotland lifting measures and the U.S. pretty much on its way out of Covid mandates, most of the West is now free of Covid mandates. 

Except Canada. We're now the most restrictive country in all of the West. 

The Transport Minister today reiterated they will continue to imprison Canadians with no justification preventing them from leaving the country (I can't believe I just typed that) as well as other measures saying 'it is what it is'.

That's Liberal party science for you right there.

More like tyranny.

This party is a shameless danger to Canadian liberty. 

I've no more words. 


Misleading People During Covid-19

The truth about the experimental vack-scenes aka gene therapy. 

-They've never been approved and remain under an EUA.

-And they've never been through 'rigorous' safety tests. Clinical trial remain on-going. And we all know pharma don't commit fraud during clinical trials, right?


They have neither been proven safe and have shown to have limited effectiveness.


China's Idiotic Sealing Of Shanghai Should Put To Rest Lockdowns Work

China is showing the world once and for all the failure of lockdown when taken to its extreme end. This is important because 'experts' here and people in general tend to believe 'if we could just lockdown a little harder we can lick this virus'. This never was and never will be true. 

People are living in sheer terror trapped inside their homes yet the virus still swirls.

Virus gonna virus dummies. 

It's what all level headed scientists were saying was going to happen since 2020.

But nooooo. In all are arrogant hubris, we thought we could beat it by 'flattening curves' and lockdowns and vaccines.

China, Australia and New Zealand are examples of NOT what to do. 

Canada too.

Know who handled this right?

That's right.


And Africa it turns out.

You would think by now the rhetoric around our strategies would shift but nope.

The tendency for incompetent people trapped by their failures is to double down and that's exactly what our geniuses are doing.


One other thing.

If sealing off Shanghai didn't stop the virus, how the frick will.....masks?


Daily Derp: Derpital ID

Long but very good piece on the how the progressive left abandoned its own principles and lost its mind.

"All of this unmasks the Lockdown Left’s blue-city provincialism. Its adherents drink high-quality coffee and enjoy bike lanes, but have revealed themselves to be as narrow-minded, clannish, mean-spirited and faith-based as any group of small-town “deplorables” might be. If you don’t agree with the consensus in Cambridge, Brooklyn, Bethesda, or Berkeley, then you are very obviously insane. End of story.  For this set, Covid vaccines have become a fetish, a talisman to wave against the specter of “contagion”; while lockdowns and censorship are treated as purely technical, apolitical interventions. Prominent left intellectuals have embraced the weaponization of solidarity and made it into a lifestyle via their obsessive masking, scolding, and hiding. They pretend to care for society while actually applauding deeply anti-social and scientifically ungrounded policies like the indefinite shuttering of schools."


The FDA is clueless and useless. END THE  MANDATES. 

Actually, I'm starting to worry it's much more than just about public health.


And it's not good.

Been following Dr. Arids since 2020. Let's just say add this blog to the list that if he does meet with some unfortunate accident, I will conclude it was murder.

As for fact checkers, they're fact hackers. Their job is to do a pick and roll for media. That is, keep people on the narrative. 


Short video on aluminum and vaccines by James Weiler-Lyons.


Remember when we used to hear aspirin is one of the all-time miracle drugs? Apparently, it helps with Covid too. Corporate media attack it in 3....2....


Outrageous hypocrisy in Washington D.C. 

How this doesn't upset and enrage everyone I don't know.

I wish bad omens upon these evil people.


Gee, you think?

Tony Fauci is a bureaucrat grunt. He and Francis Collins are the faces of failure and corruption.

Oh, Tony. I NEVER listened to a single thing you fuckheads commanded. And that goes for Tam, Legault and Justin here. If I could shove a mask up all their asses I would.


A good sub stack from Chris Bray and how pathetic journalism is.

Ties into this piece in Unherd and how philosophy gave up on the truth.


Just a reminder, people all over the world DID speak out.

No one who ever supported the Covid lie and its measures and mandates won't be able to escape it.

Tomas Pueyo included. 


Worrying signs of 'Chronic Covid'.

And Covid becoming 'vaccine enabled'.


No. It's not normal. Aaron Kheriaty at Brownstone. 


In doing some reading about vaccines, it became apparent the medical-expert-technocratic-science class was in full swing by the 1920s. Once they got the naturopaths and midwifes out of the way, it was open season for allopathic medicine and the mafia they formed. My conspiratorial take is the vaccines never were 'safe and effective' and they knew it caused immune imbalances that led to all sorts of diseases. With more diseases, more medicines were needed. More medicine more money and profits. If you take out vaccines, you take down the entire medical industry where its financial structure is concerned. It's all warped. NIH scientists can patent whatever they come up with. Tell me there aren't conflicts of interest there. NIH-PHAC-NHS and its academic hospital partners (where behaviorial scientists finally have a chance to implement their quackery) are the scientific-technocrats. Ike knows.


If the vaccines are causing injuries and deaths to mullions this but can damage trust in vaccine in the future.

But vaccines are a combination of politics and religion and COVID and the vaccines are a quasi-religion (or cult), with its own tenets and sacraments. The media's role has been to evangelize and to spread the gospel. 'The good news' as we would say.


Ivermectin does work. Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise. 


Your 'masters'.


No idea if these vaccines are 'self-assembling micro bubble transporters' but don't dismiss it as 'conspiracy'. I simply searched for it and sure enough there's literature on it in scientific journals including at NIH.


We gave them too many ideas.

Now they have tools to rule over us.

Tried to tell y'all. DON'T CONSENT.


BMJ's Dr. Peter Doshi crashes the FDA.

Doshi is a one man truth seeking wrecking ball.


Beyond parody. China trolls Justin.

He's probably proud about it.


It's likely vaccines leading to bad health outcomes.


Pfizer data dump. Natural immunity better than man-made vaccines. Very duh. Chalk that up to more lies.


Less than 10% go Covid. As we've been saying since the CDC announced only 6% of Americans died OF Covid back in September of 2020. I've used 10% ever since and lo and behold....


Deaths among vaccinated now surpasses unvaccinated. 


Ontario is the control group, Quebec is not. Long story short: Masks don't work.

Tam continues to lie about masks.


"This would ultimately result in a tsunami of hospitalizations and deaths in highly vaccinated populations whereas the unvaccinated would be better and better protected against the Newco variants thanks to their ‘enhanced’ (i.e., trained) innate immunity and because of reduced infectiousness and trans infectiousness of the virus in the upper and lower respiratory tract, respectively. "



Canadian military trained Nazis.

Canada is a clown country. This is what happens when you're given a country without fighting for it. Completely without values or courage. Fucken dumbasses the military. Their soldiers died in WWII fighting Nazis and here they act like they have no obligation to find out who they're training. What a fucking scumbag disgrace this country.


The FDA is a failed agency and should be shut down.


Health authorities are in the way of solving the Covid issue. It's clear they won't deviate from their strategy of mass vaccinations, masks, lockdowns and fear mongering.

We need fresh faces and ideas.

Fauci will step down and so should Tam. Not that we're guaranteed better people will replace them but they simply gotta go.


As I've said, the courts, media and police have failed us miserably.

Ottawa Police Chief Steve Bell is talking like a patsy. 

It's not right what they did to the truckers. 


It's all corrupted and broken. The people charged with over seeing the vaccines are filled with conflict of interests. So much so, it's basically a crime.


The incoherent inconsistent fake science of the Canadian government.

The more you vaccinate the more disease outcomes for the vaccinated.

This has always been observed about vaccines. It's just that you can't dare speak ill of them for some reason.


The stunning and astonishing hypocrisy of the medical classes. Imagine if they were to get more power! 


More on Trudeau being snubbed and scolded by European parliamentarians.

The CBC lied about him getting a standing ovation (just the idea the CBC tries to fool Canadians into believing Justin is respected internationally is laughable. Justin and Canada are a joke and so is the CBC) and when shown proof that wasn't the case they edited it to a 'sustain applause'. Polite applause maybe. Polite applause with the caption 'Is this hypocritical jerk off done yet?'

Less than half the Parliament stuck around to watch 'New' Justin feigning statesmanship babble on with his usual empty platitudes and bull shit.


Question: How many deaths due to incompetence and policy in hospitals?


It sounds like a cover up.


“People have been held by the hands for two years, but they haven’t been educated about how to act once it would be their turn to take care of it themselves”. 

I forget if this was from behavioural scientist Kim Lavoie or McGill's Dr. Veillette. Sounds like something anyone from McGill would say.

Anyway, that's the money quote for how the scientific elites view people. A more paternalistic statement you can't pull. Mind you, people deserve it for letting themselvesbe manipulated into infantilism.

Behavioral science is quackery.


Don Vinh of the McGill University Health Centre (who else but McGill?)  is the new face of restrictions peddling. Honestly, these people are beyond the pale at this point.

There is no science backing any of these quack measures and mandates they pimp before 2020 or in the two years during this nightmare they keep alive. 

And he flat out lies about masks.

And he's not a ventilation expert so he and Tam should stop babbling about it. Open the damn windows. 

Tired of these guys talking out of their asses simply because they have a stethoscope. 


You'll forget. But you shouldn't. That's what they bank on. Apathy. 


No. It's not normal kids are getting heart disease or dropping dead with heart attacks.

Don't allow them to normalize or trivialize it.


Flawed data has made us do all the wrong things. Particularly when it comes to the unvaccinated. 

I don'r see how we can recover from this absolute catastrophe. 

It's videos and presentations like this with experts that will be important when officials will claim they "didn't know".  They didn't know because they chose to ignore and not see. 

The information has been out there since 2020.

I want Canadians to understand something: You've been in masks for TWO years of NO SCIENTIFIC REASON.

Anyway, reinfections seems to be reoccurring more in the vaccinated and this is not a good sign.


Is Chronic Covid real?


A sound way to look at how to view vaccinating kids.


As predicted, a healthy exodus from Canada. Anyone paying attention would conclude the same thing. Get out of Canada. I can't but hope to within the next few years. I know I don't want my daughter here once she completes law school. 

Never thought I'd type these words. But here we are.


Old serf refrain: 'You may have to eat less but at least you won't have to break your back working'.

You will own nothing and be happy.

Welcome to he New Liberal Party of Canada.


Vaccine data in Canada.


Fauci doesn't do science. He do politics.


Covid Medical open letter to the Australian government to withdraw the vaccines.


Digital ID will become Digital gulags.

You've been forewarned. 

Don't give away your life and privacy for 'convenience'.


The Need For Common Sense And Perspective

The origins of the virus matters but never forget that the bottom line is that whatever this disease is and who ever created it has a very high survival rate and very low hospitalization rate overall. But because officials and society at large panicked they wanted a quick fix and settled for a mediocre vaccine with unknown profile and tolerated fraud in the clinical trials while forcing people to take it under duress. 

We obliterated all ethical standards, ignored our sacred constitutions and charters leaving common sense at curb.

Whatever positive effects the rushed experimental vaccines may have had will proof to be short lived and not sustainable while pushing for endless boosters each time 'cases' go up is untenable and unrealistic as, again, we just don't know what the implications on immunity these vaccines represent. 

The new shiny toy among expert are the obsessions with testing. This only keeps society in a paralyzed state of fear.

My fear is in our haste, we may face a severe back lash down the road.

Take the peddle off the metal or else we're going to crash.



Triple And Double Make Up Majority of Cases And Hospitalizations In Quebec

We're gonna tax them right? Pandemic of the vaccinated right?

But let's keep pretending it's the unvaccinated who pose a risk and threat to themselves and others.

Let's rob them of their rights. 


In fact. what's happening now is the unvaccinated are training their immune systems to deal with variants now. 

You know.

Like we've always done as a species. 

The vaccinated have a vaccine that is not well matched to new variants and so the variants are escaping leaving them vulnerable to what's been characterized as 'Chronic Covid'.

Don't under estimate this was done on purpose.

If not, it's the sunk cost fallacy on full display. So much money and reputations were stupidly staked in the vaccines from DAY ONE that they can't admit errors or reverse course. 

Damn the torpedoes and pray.

Pray. Like a lot. 

Biggest miscalculation in history. 


What A Covid Vaccine Cult Looks Like

"The family of a third person whose death is "officially" considered "linked" to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine doesn't want the teenager's case to be used to undermine COVID-19 vaccination efforts in New Zealand in any way.

After director-general of health Ashley Bloomfield said an independent board had reached the conclusion it was likely the teen's death was COVID-19 vaccine-related, the family made sure to let it be known that it didn't want the teenager's death to influence others not to get vaccinated.

"The board considers that the development of myocarditis was possibly due to vaccination with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine."

Any questions?

Doom And Gloom Dube Strikes With His Dumbest Take Yet

Christian Dube strikes again.

In the annals of Covidiots, Dube will take his place comfortably:

En mêlée de presse jeudi matin, le ministre de la Santé Christian Dubé a répondu qu’il laisse le soin au directeur national de poursuivre sa réflexion. C’est sûr qu’en ce moment, la meilleure protection, c’est le masque, affirme-t-il.

First, no you buffoon, the masks aren't the best protection. Never were and never will be. Ignorant liar.

Second. wait. I thought the vaccines were the best protection?

But boy have the criminals in charge been pushing masks. The last few days it's been a fury from the gang at McGill, Tam, epidemiologists, politicians and others pushing for masks. TWO years of mask wearing. 

And what do they have to show for it? We continuously have the worst numbers in Canada.

Do Quebecers understand we're now the ONLY jurisdiction in the West with a mask mandate? How incredible is that? 

Welcome to Quebec. Where we do everything worse. 

This is completely out of control in Canada and particularly in Quebec. Nowhere in Canada have this persisted but somehow Quebec has a special spin on the science of masks and are biologically distinct from the rest of the majority of the West that have LIFTED mask mandates.

They have no intentions of ending anything. Thank like an asshole. They believe if you remove the masks it will be hard to reinstate them so they're pushing this as far and hard as they can.

As long as the population continues rolling over, the government will simply pummel them.


The people making up most of the cases and vaccinations? Double and triple vaccinated. The promised oasis of death for the unvaccinated has not happened. And by all accounts according to some experts the unvaccinated are training their immune systems to be able to handle all these variants being created by a highly vaccinated population who may have weakened immune system and run the risk of 'Chronic Covid;.

All these sudden deaths attributed to 'natural causes' or 'long illnesses' all likely have one thing in common. Guess what that is? NO. It's not normal three body builders have died this year. NO. It's not normal over 765 soccer players have died. NO. It's not normal tennis players and cyclists are experience pain and death. NO. It's not normal kids died of heart attacks, get myocarditis or strokes.

May every single 'expert' burn in hell for normalizing these all for these stupid, ineffective vaccines that are causing a lot of harm.

It's time for Dube to resign. He's another one stuck in his stale closed loop logic and refuses to emerge from it. 

Faces Of Mental Illness


Meet Kim Zarzour. She's a journalist from J-school. She has a lot of sources. She follows science. See? She just spoke to an infectious disease doctor who expects a flood of lepers soon. Models show....

Kim is an example of how closed loop logic works. She's also mentally ill as are ALL people who continue to live like this are.

Canada is literally one of the few countries left on earth continuing to act like it's March 2020.

This country is emotionally stunted, cruel and without reason.

But science!

Keep listening to Tam and Justin. They're acting more politically than anything.

They will run you aground.

Take control of YOUR health.

Start by dropping the mask. Ignore all 'health' advice with not basis in science like mandates, passports and masks.

It's the only way to reverse this bad path this country is on.


Out Of Africa

Has 'herd immunity' hit Africa? 

Maybe. But one thing is clear, Covid poses no threat on the continent with a very low vaccination rate.

But the WHO and the West still wants to vaccinate 70% of Africa. Not content with ruining the civil order in the West, these psychopaths want to drag Africa into their quackery. 

Who are the bad guys ask yourself?

Know what will happen if you force the vaccines on them for no damn reason?

Yeh, the 'cases' and infections will shoot up.

We only see this in highly vaccinated countries including here in Canada - and Quebec.

The more you vaccinate, the more you anger Mother Nature and the virus.

This is simple observation. 

These vaccines are so spectacular we're seeing record numbers in Quebec. Why so-called expert Theresa Tam wants to boost this country straight into space.

The vaccines aren't safe and they are not effective. Public officials are lying.

This is a failure and miscalculation on a scale never seen in history.

In Australia, a Queensland health official couldn't explain a 40% jump in heart attacks. Its't truly sickening how irrational we've become over stupid vaccines. 

No, the 'benefits do not outweigh the risks' as Walensky brazenly claimed with specious data today. Outrageous.

A third body builder died this year. Over 760 athletes have collapsed. Celebrities are dying. We simply can't rule the vaccines played a role in these deaths. 

From the NPR article linked:

"Similarly, when the next variant comes along, Mahdi says, it will be important not to immediately panic over the mere rise in infections. This rise will be inevitable, and any policy that's intended to stop it with economically disruptive restrictions, such as harsh COVID-19 lockdowns, isn't just unnecessarily damaging — "it's fanciful thinking." Instead, officials should keep an eye out for the far more unlikely scenario of a rise in severe illness and death."

Said no official or expert on the media payroll in Canada - ever.

What a disgraceful, shameful and shameless shambolic mess.

Pharma Irony; Democracy Ontario Style

'Safe and effective' is nothing but an advertising slogan. It's been around for decades as propaganda for pharma sales. Vaccines were never 'safe and effective'. 

How do we know? One way is to look at when pharma threatened the Reagan administration to give them immunity from law suits or they'd stop manufacturing vaccines. They told Reagan "no vaccine can be 100% safe".

Reagan bought the bit, gave them immunity and the rest is history.


Bill 100 rammed through the Ontario legislature today. Democracy dies in darkness.

We no longer like in an actual democracy. We live in a shadow democracy.

Covid-19 kileld Canada.

No one stood on guard for thee.

You're Being Ridiculous Canada

They will never stop.

Do you understand they want to normalize these social habits for 'future' pandemics?

The choice is yours Canada.

Stop being manipulated.

Now the news is once again ramping up the fear mongering for somethings that even health officials 'resemble;s a cold'.

Do your get it now?

They plan to change our lives for a COMMON COLD or FLU.

Start adjusting your tin foil hats and regain your damn senses Canada. These 'experts' won't do it for you.

Be more courageous and less obedient. 

Ask Yourself

Why endless boosters?

Think about it.

If You're Still Listening To Public Officials


Theresa Tam's Inexcusable Behavior: Part 2

We're two years into this hysteria.

Two years in and the Canadian government and its 'Chief doctor' Theresa Tam continue to ignore early treatments and natural immunity.

In doing so, many people have gotten sick and many have died.

Is this not malfeasance if not negligence?

But! There's no empirical evidence that these treatments work! No, but many have been administered for several decades to billions of people so we know they pose a low risk. It's all upside. 

Yet, they deny it.

Masks and social distancing have ZERO empirical evidence to make those up but that doesn't stop the 'experts' from pushing them as if they're the only options.

Know what else has very little evidence to support it? Boosters.

The experimental mRNA vaccines are proving to be very average at best. They're literally forcing people into medical procedures with very little data! 

She claims they work. Except the authorities are ignoring the side-effects which also seems to be very serious. You can claim the vaccines are helping to prevent hospitalizations and deaths but if they're causing massive adverse events and even deaths, we have to look at the trade-offs.

You can't look at a rise in all cause mortality or other diseases (which is being reported) and not consider the role of vaccines in that. Alas, they can't because why ruin a good scrip and narrative?

In her recent press conference, Tam focused on boosters, ventilation and masks.

No mention of Vitamin D, fluvoxamine (which prevents deaths by as much as 91%), Ivermectin (which can conservatively cut deaths and hospitalizations in half) , HCQ, or monoclonals (which reduces risk to hospitalizations by as much as 70% to 80%). Are these even available in Canada? 

These are all proven to have helped reduce hospitalizations and deaths in America - and elsewhere. Never ind what the 'fact checkers' say. There are plenty of studies supporting the use of such treatments.

Why does Tam not tell the truth that less than 1% of people are hospitalized and as much as 80% of those people are already not in good health!

Tam neglecting to inform Canadians this far out is inexcusable.

She must resign. 

Tam's Pickle: Part One

Two things are apparent when it comes to public health officials, they're clearly not keeping up with events like the Pfizer dumps and they're just as clearly not reading studies.

They're just mired in their closed loop logic. That is, it's always March 2020.

"Dr." Theresa Tam - who has not seen patients and isn't a public health policy expert exhibits the traits of such a person.

Just like "Dr." Tony Fauci - who also hasn't seen patients and isn't a public health policy expert.

Both should be fired or resign.

Yesterday, I did the mistake of listening to Tam speak. I haven't listened to public officials since the late spring of 2020. 

I don't accept or follow their 'advice' or orders. In fact, as has been made clear here for two years now, I did the opposite and encouraged all to do the same.

It's an axiom in life: Do the opposite of what the state commands.

She was in fine form yesterday flapping her gums focused like a rabid true believe in masks and boosters.

Mask, mask, mask, mask, mask, mask, mask, MASK! Booster, booster, booster, booster, booster, booster, booster, BOOSTER!

That was her message.

It's stale as it is depressing.

Mask studies continue to roll in that do NOT support a single claim she makes. Of course, she never cites her evidence.

Masks are ineffective. Period. Quebec still has a mask mandate Ontario does not. Once again, Quebec continues to see more cases and hospitalizations just like the beginning. Explain this since we still have measures in place? By the way, we're the only province in the West with mandates still in place while Canada is the only major country that maintains Federal policy along with the United States. Though the USA has no discriminatory travel bans except for those coming in. 

The science and data - as been known for decades - simply does not back Tam's crazy obsession with masks. She still peddles the same 'wear it for the vulnerable'. nonsense. 

Add The Great Barrington Declaration (which really is just a conventional declaration known to science for 100 if not thousands of years) to the list of evolving information she hasn't read or cares a whittle for.

This makes her incompetent for not being able to adjust.

Another thing she said that left me with a raised eyebrow was her talk about 'social cohesion'. She was pleading for Canadians to be civil to one another. She doesn't see the role she and her political colleagues have played in wrecking the ciivl order. Likely permanently. The cognitive dissonance of not correlating mandates to social incoherence and friction is astonishing and unacceptable. Forcing people into a medical procedure with mandates all but assures the opposite of what she is asking for. Interestingly, she pointed out that people who wear masks have received verbal attacks from those who don't while ignoring the same is true for those who wear masks scolding those who don't. It's been but a source of power for one group over another. And she helped create this unhealthy atmosphere of animosity.

It's Tam who helped to create this two-tiered society based on faulty medical assessments. 

Listening to her blather about this without recognizing the state made this mess was nauseating. 

Again, she should resign. 

As for the boosters. Here's what we know. Not much. And what we do know is confusing. Even the FDA has admitted there isn't enough data on boosters as have various experts in the field of vaccinology and immunology. We do see some waning modest effectiveness but this also seems to be a 'hit or miss' scenario as the vaccines are not well matched to the new variants. This is a first generation vaccine and there are no plans to adjust the recipe as per the recent FDA meeting (more like shit show of cluelessness) revealed.  She also pushed the boosters even if you were infected and recovered. Several studies show natural immunity is long lasting (way past the government's arbitrary three month timeline) and the recent Pfizer dump show their own data showed natural immunity is superior to their vaccines. Which should surprise exactly no one. NACI is recommending boosters for certain age groups but is 'monitoring' the situation where waning effectiveness is concerned. But we all know where this is going by simply observing countries ahead of us. We're a lagging indicator. And where it's going is not a good place.

Triple vaccinated people are catching infection to the point we may have 'Chronic Covid' on our hands and are being hospitalized and dying at a far higher rate than the unvaccinated. UK raw data showed this. Of course now their government has decided to not disclose information thus ending transparency. I wonder why?

So. The Canadian government is doing the following. 

Take a booster despite a dearth of information and regardless of natural immunity. Moreover, we see a lot conflicting reports regarding its effectiveness. On the one hand, they say the variants evade the vaccines yet on the other they push the boosters? Have they considered at all what this could do to the natural immune system? Oh right, man-made synthetic vaccines are superior to the natural immunity God gave us.  It continues to fracture the civil order through mandates but at the same time expects 'social cohesion'.

Here's Tam's pickle.

If the government 'redefines' what it means to be 'fully vaccinated' to mean the first two doses are no longer sufficient, then will they mandate it? If not, what happens to he travel bans since millions of people will no longer be considered vaccinated (which by the way if they were vaccinated more than eight months are they no longer are). 

The mandates are 'under review'. It all ties to how they define what is vaccinated now. 

Since these are non-sterilizing vaccines, this game can go on infinitely. As the old joke goes: What do the unvaccinated and boosted have in common? They're not vaccinated.