The Profound Anti-Science, Anti-Human Problem With Masks

The problem with masks is not that people could eventually revert to state of normalcy and stop wearing them. Rather it's the issue that they believe masks are effective despite a spectacular dearth of evidence. 

And because they believe this leaves people vulnerable to a closed loop logic forever stalked by the prospect of 'the return of mask mandates'.

For example, the city of Philadelphia (They're one better than us. Montreal never lifted it! To its credit Ontario has resisted reimposing masks during the 'Sixth wave') reintroduced masks for indoors. The official who made the announcement spewed something along the lines of 'if we don't do something and get ahead of it things will spiral out of control'. Again, this statement defies logic and science that has repeatedly shown that for two years masks have had a negligible and marginal impact on transmission. 

'Oh, cases are rising! Take out those amulets herp, derp, herp!' 

Instead of ending this charade and alleviating people from stress as well as anxiety, officials should be focused on getting people to learn to cope and live with the virus sans mesures. Alas, that would be asking too much from these purveyors of pseudo-science. The other day another 'expert' (from McGill of course) was on the air doing his sleaze ball sells pitch for N-95 masks for community settings. These people are out of their minds. It must be said. There is no practical or reasonable thought in their heads. Just a myopic, one-dimensional 'Beat Covid' posture. It's pathetic and we should ignore them outright. 

They refuse to accept this fact and reality.

It's as open and shut as it comes.

This is the problem. 

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