Quebec Does What It Does Best: Play Pseudoscience

Mask mandate extended to Mid-may. Quebec will effectively have been in masks close to two years and its sheepish population took it without a fight. 

The only jurisdiction in North America and the West with a hard mandate left.

Take a bow Quebec. I never thought I'd live in the one jurisdiction so....bah. Disappointing to say the least. Two years of blogging about the utter nonsense of Quebec.

People really need to take matters into their own hands now and at least start to show some signs of courage and rebellion. I mean there's doing something believing it to be right and then there's just plain being stupid. Quebec is being stupid.

Come mid-May expect to see Vinh, Labos and Oughton to take their TV dinner mics to 'worry' about August and into the fall.

How people are accepting all this is beyond me.

Come mid-May if these amulets don't come off we're in serious doo-doo. 

Masks have had NO impact and it wouldn't surprise me if there are now unseen health issues settling in. But don't expect doctors to ever connect it to masks. They'll just ignore those adverse events like they do the vaccines. Heart attacks and strokes are up but don't blame the vaccines!

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