Guilbeault Loves Lockdowns

Eco-terrorist Guilbeault says Canada is headed in the right direction after lockdowns lower emissions.

Emissions down.

Overall damage to public health up.

Can you image how much of a callous and cruel individual you have to be to say such a stupid thing?

Millions have been hurt or even died during the lockdowns and this waste thinks this is a good trade-off because of his stupid green policies.

The inhumane character of the Liberal party has been exposed for all to see during this crisis.

There is no question Justin is using Covid to push his green agenda. 

Guilbeault's inhumane blathering is just a snippet of what's to come. Namely. climate lockdowns of some variety. With the NDP all but prostituting its principles by playing the part of bitches to their Liberal torturers, this forms a climate change tyranny. One can only hope they do so much damage to the middle-class come 2025, the Liberls get blown out of the water during the election. One can hope and dream. 

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