Faces Of Journalistic Cry Bullies

 If cry bullying had a face it would be Taylor Lornez of the over rated New York Times.

Her recent emotional blackmail antics crying about being a victim of 'online violence' is an example of the pot calling the kettle black. Lorenz has a career in character assassination posing as journalism when in the end it's just low hanging fruit muckraking.

Lorenz is the sort of person who accuse someone of being a 'white supremacist' without proof and is appalled when people push back.

If you can't hack the criticism - however 'toxic' - then J-school journalism isn't for you honey. What we have here is another privileged J-school snowflake that can't believe the proles have opinions and challenge her. 

'What? I called you a racist and you disagree? RAPE!'

All that crying claiming she has PTSD. Really, go learn to code.

She's just the latest and lamest instalment of a new generation of hack journalists who arrogantly use the power of media to take down enemies. It's not journalism. It's weaponized and legalized bullying.

Words matter. Except when the other person directs mean ones at her. If it bothers you, then don't go on social media and read that stuff. 

Think of the Freedom Convoy and how the media led by the clowns at CTV News treated that. They went out of their way to DOX innocent people who legally gave to the convoy as well as the truckers themselves. They went out and deliberately did this not for truth or 'public health' but to destroy their lives and make an example of them. They acted just like the loyal comrades who faithfully fulfilled their duties to the organs of the gulags. 

But apparently we can't call them out for these actions that could lead to injuries or worse against people.

They're reprehensible people. Cowards of the worst kind. Oh they have names. Graham Richardson for example.  You can bet your bottom dollar if people doxxed him or his family, he'd be on Twitter talking about the injustice of it all. But seeing he's part of the journo-class he has a right to do it himself.

Like I said Bullies. Not journalists.

It would be easy to roll your eyes and ignore another narcissistic twit polluting media but she points to a troubling trend in Western societies where her ilk are actually influencing 'online hate speech' policy. It goes beyond Lorenz. While this privileged wealthy girl from Connecticut goes around in search of trouble gossiping and ruining conferring attention on her demeans the work of TRUE journalists who actually face true danger and sometimes pay for it with their lives. 

By now we should know how this works. It goes something like this.

Journalist makes specious claim or lies.

People challenge - sometimes harshly.

NGO's and think tanks step in and side with journalist pretending they've 'quantified' the 'toxicity' of online hate speech.

Together with door knob politicians they petition government to 'regulate' speech even though it doesn't necessarily represent society as a whole. 

It all ends up in loss of freedom of speech and expression for all except the chosen classes.

This is what we call....anyone?.....communism.

And it's a winning formula. They've managed to scare the little crap out of people and bully a weak-minded social tech industry into becoming purveyors of censorship. It's brilliant. On their own, social media would never have gone down this path, but with pressure from media and politicians, they have. Now they're just arms and tools of corporate media and the Democrat party.

Media was slowly and thankfully dying a merciful death in the age of the Internet. Independent and alt-media were ushering in a golden age of journalism and they were displacing MSM as trusted news sources. This remains of course because all the best journalism is 'off MSM' but MSM found a way to strike back. They invented 'fake news'. Accuse those of that which you're guilty of.

And that worked too.

Know the game.

Know who the bullies are.

They're right in your face.


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