Vaccines: The Scam That Keeps Scamming

"Moderna Asks FDA for "Emergency Use" Authorization of Its "Up to 44% Effective" COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids as Young as 6 Months"

The 44% claim doesn't even meet the 50% baseline required to make such a request. But it doesn't matter. It's not like the FDA is following its own guidelines and policies. They'll approve it anyway. Because "emergency". Even though the pandemic is over. A rational and same society puts an end to this vaccination hysteria as Denmark did.

And you can bet the RRR is less than "44%". We've been through this with the "95% effective" lie. It *may* have been effective for one month at the level but the fact waning efficacy happened (that is, the immune system weakened) so quickly all but confirmed the vaccines were really just 'boosters' from the onset. As a study in The Lancet showed last year, the ARR was around 1-3%. Meaning, the vaccines are overrated and never had a chance to remotely come close to what was promised. 

So if the ARR was 1-3% with an alleged 95% RRR, imagine how low it's with 44%! Negative territory. In fact, it's pretty the case now. Negative efficacy has been observed in places like the UK, Scotland and Australia.

But take it! And you can't travel (here in Canada) because bullshit, politicized, gibberish anti-science peddled by officials and amplified by the dimwitted dullards in media. 

More importantly,  and this is where the crime actually lies, children should not be targeted for vaccination. They're not the cohort in danger nor do they pose any threat to anyone. Vaccinating them with a non-sterilizing vaccine claiming it will protect the elderly is an outright lie. It will do no such thing.

The only option was to leave them alone, acquire natural immunity and hopefully some degree of herd immunity.

Now that we've jabbed so many people, that window has closed.

All that's left to find out is how the virus will punish us for this spectacular miscalculation borne from irrational fear - and greed.

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. 

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