You Might Be An Idiot If.....Among Other Things Listen To David Fisman

....you say stupid things like 'go get vaxxed and maybe you can avoid death'. Or 'I got Covid bad. Imagine how bad it would have been if I wasn't vaccinated!' Orrrrr.....you still actually believe the unvaccinated are causing 'rampant cases' and threaten you. Doesn't say much about the efficacy of the vaccine, no?

Stop being daft. These are NON-STERILIZING vaccines. Meaning, you can vaccinate 100% of the population and it will still circulate. No serious scientist thinks mass vaccination is necessary anymore and that chorus is growing. 

Which brings me to yet another piece of junk garbage 'study' this time published in the ever so tedious CMAJ.

A 'peer reviewed' mathematical model simulation conducted by the loathsome egoist David Fisman et al.

Some of the worst studies are now coming out of Canada and CTV and Global run with it of course.

Marvel at the state of Canadian science.

Shorter Fisman: The vaccines don't work. 

Let's further isolate and alienate unvaccinated people who - despite the nonsense in this study - pose no threat to anyone. His conclusions do not reflect real world data at all. It's just garbage in, garbage our. 

And Fisman is garbage. 

Fisman recall, is the epidemiologist who called for school closures on behalf of the Ontario Teacher's Union. And if you look at the disclosing in the rag-report he posted, he's in knee-deep with pharma. 

In other words, Fisman is a shill and a hack. Possibly a quack too.

Worse than all this, and it's bad, this is the little snivelling coward who doxxed Dr. Bryam Bridle's parents. 

Sadly, he got away with it. I'd pay good money to watch Bridle wipe the floor with Fisman's ass in a debate. One has to hope karmic forces are unleashed upon him one day.

A real piece of work.


Notice the game.

Mandates have ended all over the West. Canada, for some reason, does not want to join the world. Somehow we're biologically different and 'smarter'. They then all collude: Government, media and corrupted science to create propaganda to continue keeping people in fear. 

Canada is in serious, serious trouble. 


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