Just A Reminder

You took kids who have a next to zero statistical chance of dying from Covid and whose immune systems deal with Covid fairly efficiently reducing severe infections and who are not vectors of the disease (children are more likely to get infected from adults and not the other way around) which all but assured outbreaks in schools would be low and deiced to mass vaccinate them with an experiment vaccine that is causing injury and deaths all to protect a vulnerable demographic that could have been easily isolated with a 'vaccine' that does NOT halt transmission and is average at preventing infection if at all.

Did I get that run-on right?

Haul them to court and have them explain. All of them. Public officials, academics, paediatricians, journalists - anyone who had a hand in this travesty of medical malpractice.

This was nothing but coward 'experts' projecting their damn anxieties onto kids inventing bull shit in their heads that they 'needed' to vaccinate all kids to 'protect' them and granny.

What a mess. 


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