The Charter Has Not Aged Well

Politicians are celebrating the Charter's 40th b-day.

Justin Trudeau was praising the very Charter he explicitly and purposely trampled on for two years particularly in 2021 and into 2022.

Two things have occurred that showed the Charter isn't what it's cracked up to be. Or at least being abused.

One, is the fact Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act unleashing all the predictable evils that would come of it including the arrest of people engaging in legal and peaceful (but noisy! Horror!) protests and the subsequent freezing of the accounts of not just the organizers but people who gave to the convoy.

This was an obvious trampling of the right to protest protected in the Charter. Or so we thought?

And the people who applauded and supported this egregious assault on basic rights are no friends of the Charter. 

Two, the fact the Canadian government, without scientific fact, continues unethically to ban unvaccinated people from travelling in direct violation of the Charter or Bill of Rights.

But if there's one thing I learned about Canada during the pandemic is it's one gigantic fraud.

So shocking a fraud, it's traumatizing. 

The image of 'peace, order and good government' is just that - an image. A myth.

These two acts alone should have been enough to have any court over turn it but it didn't.

We need to challenge the evidence but will a judge listen?

Which only confirmed to me my suspicion about our Charter. It was a frail document that ultimately gives the power to the state and not the people. 

Brian Peckford, God bless him, is about to find out the work he and his colleagues - including one Pierre Trudeau - didn't write the document right. Two key errors they made: Reasonable limits and the notwithstanding clause. I've been listening to him explain the Charter and it's been illuminating but my worry is the courts won't listen. 

But that's Canada for you. No courage. Instead they view such 'compromises' as sophisticated accommodations. Now we're seeing just how sophisticated it is. It's perfectly worded to be abused by a government who couldn't care less about the 'spirit' of the Charter. 

His lawsuit may not prevail. I hope I'm wrong but given how every single challenge on the grounds of constitutional violations has been tossed for two yers, I don't see how a judge will buck the trend.

Our judges are acting the part of appointed hacks where the pandemic is concerned and we're committing the #1 axiom any philosopher will tell you we should avoid: Giving up your rights for security. And what about our big shot Constitutional lawyers? They're too bust pointing out all the boo-boos in the Charter that allow for idiot politicians to abuse our rights with.

There are no heroes in Canada. 

Canada under Justin Trudeau is a lawless, rogue state run by arrogant ignorant ideologues. 

The Charter is 40.

Big shit.


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