In Search Of Criminals And The Erosion Of Democracy In Canada

"The state cripples itself by turning a citizen into a criminal." Karl Marx.

Criminologist and philosopher Cesare Beccaria warned that perception of corrupted justice was enough to undermine the justice and legal system.

Here we are in Canada.

What kind of society seeks to criminalize innocent and legal acts for political expediency?

One that has lost sense of itself for sure.

One that no longer regards rights is another.

One that has allowed for false virtue and fear to prevail over sense and courage.

One that has not coherent commitment to the values and principles it claims to hold as a pluralist democratic society.

One that mocks liberty and demands it submit to collectivism.

To say that the reign of absurdity under Juston Trudeau is an understatement.

At every turn he seeks to undermine all the values he claims to hold and protect. Whether it's attempts to curb freedom of speech and expression through various bills, further hammering the middle-class with taxes precluding its ability to build wealth, his sleazy alliance with the NDP, or constantly harassing citizens who do not comply with his woke ideology with hate speech to the point of willing to fine and arrest them by speciously invoking extraordinary measures like the Emergencies Act. This had nothing to do with justice and everything to do with teaching dissenters a lesson.

It's what totalitarians do.

Totalitarians enjoy seeking and stalking people to fit a crime. 

It's one thing for the government to act so beastly. 

But the people cheering on such a grotesque and blatant assault on democracy are worse.

What kind of society is Canada now?

I'd like to know.

It sure isn't one committed to democratic principles and freedom that is crystal clear by the simple actions of the Liberals but also with the support of the NDP and sometimes the Bloc Quebecois (as is the case with the unscientific, anti-scientific and unethical mandates). 

Canada is a cyrpto-quasi banana republic run by banana peddlers at the moment. 


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