A Colossal Miscalculation

There's still hope.

Slow down the mass vaccination campaign. 

Right now, experts are trapped in a closed loop logic where policy has created a monster and the only response to its increasing power to elude vaccines is to....vaccinate more.

This seems like a more sensible approach.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche has been warning this would happen since 2020 and so far he's proven prescient. 

Time to pivot and put all focus on early anti-viral treatments, go with the Great Barrington Declaration recommendations, and bring in the experts who have been doing exactly this for their patience.

Kick out all officials that have chosen this route as well as freezing out academics who keep pushing for the same stale and failed measures.

A new line of approach and defence is desperately needed.

One in which that also focuses on the individual to guard for themselves without further government interventionism. Government needs to lead with guidelines and that's it. Not vaccine mandates which are counter-productive and exacerbating the situation.


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