How The Expert Class Harasses You

It's spring.

Spring is the time of year for rejuvenation. For the Covid weary, it's a chance to put things behind them and enjoy the summer.

But not if the TV dinner experts have their way.

Don Vinh, Isaac Boguch, Colin Furness, Matthew Oughton, Peter Juni et al, will be sure to warn you ominously Covid will attack in the fall and that we must be ready with the usual stale futile measures.

Masks. boosters and maybe even more lockdowns. They want to cake and bake in this miserable existence into how 'we learn to live' with Covid.

If by now you haven't learned that masks have done just about nothing, then you deserve to be mistreated by the state and science propagandists doing the bidding for their paymasters.

The rest of us see.

We've barely entered spring and the quack scientists are already talking about the fall. See what they're doing? This is called 'nudging' and it's designed to control your life.

Any self-respecting and fearless person looks at a Peter Juni and his ilk and tells him to fuck off.

Canadians need to find their inner strength and smarten up.


Here are some of the ways they mislead data thus allowing them to harass you. Which, to me, has reached levels of criminality. It's psychological harassment.

On air travel:

We've known since 2020 outbreaks and transmissions are low in airports. McMaster University conducted one of the largest studies in the world about outbreaks and air travel and concluded it was low and that basic measures without infringing on rights were sufficient responses.

Instead, Canada impose the most restrictive and unethical travel bans on the unvaccinated claiming to keep airports safe.

In the process, they signalled to the wider Canadian population millions of Canadians are 'unclean'. Dehumanizing fellow Canadians to give 'perks' to those who obeyed the state is not a way to govern a civil society or enhance 'social cohesion' to borrow a new term being used by public officials. My fear is they're trying to normalize a two-tiered society along medical lines. 

Canada is a prime example of a country that is taking futile Covid measures to its logical extreme. It will end up in a permanent fracturing of the civil order.

Given that airports have always had low outbreaks, they will nonetheless turn around and claim airports see no Covid transmissions because of the travel bans.

They were already negligible to begin with.

They did and do the same thing witch schools. Outbreaks specific to school settings were always a non-starter. We've known this since April of 2020. Nordic countries never closed their schools or masked their kids and nothing happened. Why? Because Covid doesn't hurt or kill kids nor are they vectors of the disease. That there are school outbreaks is attributed to the factoids contract it from adults outside the school settings. 

But they will claim 'see? Our lockdowns worked! We saved the kids!'

Except they never needed saving. This was done to placate the coward teachers.

Same with the Covid vaccine.

There are no documented deaths attributed to Covid in healthy kids prior to mass vaccinations. Yet, we wanted to vaccinate this demographic to protect a vulnerable cohort that could easily be isolated and protected. 

Vaccinations have led to adverse events including deaths in kids.

My personal favourite is people who are vaccinated taking to Twitter to 'Thank God' they took the magic potion after contracting the disease (remember when it was supposed to prevent infection? The majority of people took it for that and also for thinking it would 'end the pandemic'. Well, did it? Does it sound like it did? That the vaccines are a resounding success? You're still in masks, no? You think by keeping millions of Canadians imprisoned banned from travel protects you? Do you feel like you were swindled? You should) they got a mild form of it. Or if it they were hit hard they'd take to Twitter and say, 'Thank God for the magic poison or else it would be worse!'

Except, if you're under 60 (hack even 69) are healthy and have no underlying issues, the chances were already minuscule that your life was in danger. Chances are whatever form of the disease you got was going to be that form regardless of the vaccine. 

The vaccines, in short, are low grade bunk. 

And the more you listen to these idiot public officials and epidemiologists from McGill screaming for them. the more you're likely doing damage to your immune system and doing your part to prolong this Covid nightmare-madness. You keep feeding the cult. You're in Scientology-Covid land now.

How this is seen as a success story is unconscionable.

A monumental miscalculation. 

Truth is, none of these people know what the fuck they're talking about. They're not mask experts or immunologists. 

All they do is take Pfizer at their word and relay it to the public with holding informed consent.

There will be a price to pay and they will be forced to explain themselves and account for their actions.

We must not relent on this. 


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