Quebec Concludes Moderna Deal

Moderna is coming to Montreal.

Interesting, no?

And why not? Quebec has shown itself to be hard on vaccines.

I don't know much of the details but it's a curious one.

Moderna is partners with NIH in the United States. So the company is tied into the medical-industrial complex of the USA.

The other intriguing part of this deal is Moderna's (MRNA) stock is off over 70% from its high.

They have no products other than boosters. Unless they plan some stuff but right now the market isn't buying. It's trading at 8x P/E. The avg. is about 24 for the S&P/Dow Jones. Meaning, the stock is dirt cheap and trading at a deep discount to the overall market.

There are institutional investors who have mused the stock could go to zero.

Moreover, J&J (manufacturers of the Janssen vaccine) pulled out of the game altogether citing poor forecast for demand.

I see 'sucker' written all over this. 

Quebec. Masters of buy high, sell low.

Just another day in Corruptville. 


Saw a sign today on a billboard showing the Olympic Stadium being bombed and the Ukraine flag with the caption 'Imagine if this happened?"

The first thing that came to my mind was "It would do us all a favour".


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