Theresa Tam's Inexcusable Behavior: Part 2

We're two years into this hysteria.

Two years in and the Canadian government and its 'Chief doctor' Theresa Tam continue to ignore early treatments and natural immunity.

In doing so, many people have gotten sick and many have died.

Is this not malfeasance if not negligence?

But! There's no empirical evidence that these treatments work! No, but many have been administered for several decades to billions of people so we know they pose a low risk. It's all upside. 

Yet, they deny it.

Masks and social distancing have ZERO empirical evidence to make those up but that doesn't stop the 'experts' from pushing them as if they're the only options.

Know what else has very little evidence to support it? Boosters.

The experimental mRNA vaccines are proving to be very average at best. They're literally forcing people into medical procedures with very little data! 

She claims they work. Except the authorities are ignoring the side-effects which also seems to be very serious. You can claim the vaccines are helping to prevent hospitalizations and deaths but if they're causing massive adverse events and even deaths, we have to look at the trade-offs.

You can't look at a rise in all cause mortality or other diseases (which is being reported) and not consider the role of vaccines in that. Alas, they can't because why ruin a good scrip and narrative?

In her recent press conference, Tam focused on boosters, ventilation and masks.

No mention of Vitamin D, fluvoxamine (which prevents deaths by as much as 91%), Ivermectin (which can conservatively cut deaths and hospitalizations in half) , HCQ, or monoclonals (which reduces risk to hospitalizations by as much as 70% to 80%). Are these even available in Canada? 

These are all proven to have helped reduce hospitalizations and deaths in America - and elsewhere. Never ind what the 'fact checkers' say. There are plenty of studies supporting the use of such treatments.

Why does Tam not tell the truth that less than 1% of people are hospitalized and as much as 80% of those people are already not in good health!

Tam neglecting to inform Canadians this far out is inexcusable.

She must resign. 

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