Tam's Pickle: Part One

Two things are apparent when it comes to public health officials, they're clearly not keeping up with events like the Pfizer dumps and they're just as clearly not reading studies.

They're just mired in their closed loop logic. That is, it's always March 2020.

"Dr." Theresa Tam - who has not seen patients and isn't a public health policy expert exhibits the traits of such a person.

Just like "Dr." Tony Fauci - who also hasn't seen patients and isn't a public health policy expert.

Both should be fired or resign.

Yesterday, I did the mistake of listening to Tam speak. I haven't listened to public officials since the late spring of 2020. 

I don't accept or follow their 'advice' or orders. In fact, as has been made clear here for two years now, I did the opposite and encouraged all to do the same.

It's an axiom in life: Do the opposite of what the state commands.

She was in fine form yesterday flapping her gums focused like a rabid true believe in masks and boosters.

Mask, mask, mask, mask, mask, mask, mask, MASK! Booster, booster, booster, booster, booster, booster, booster, BOOSTER!

That was her message.

It's stale as it is depressing.

Mask studies continue to roll in that do NOT support a single claim she makes. Of course, she never cites her evidence.

Masks are ineffective. Period. Quebec still has a mask mandate Ontario does not. Once again, Quebec continues to see more cases and hospitalizations just like the beginning. Explain this since we still have measures in place? By the way, we're the only province in the West with mandates still in place while Canada is the only major country that maintains Federal policy along with the United States. Though the USA has no discriminatory travel bans except for those coming in. 

The science and data - as been known for decades - simply does not back Tam's crazy obsession with masks. She still peddles the same 'wear it for the vulnerable'. nonsense. 

Add The Great Barrington Declaration (which really is just a conventional declaration known to science for 100 if not thousands of years) to the list of evolving information she hasn't read or cares a whittle for.

This makes her incompetent for not being able to adjust.

Another thing she said that left me with a raised eyebrow was her talk about 'social cohesion'. She was pleading for Canadians to be civil to one another. She doesn't see the role she and her political colleagues have played in wrecking the ciivl order. Likely permanently. The cognitive dissonance of not correlating mandates to social incoherence and friction is astonishing and unacceptable. Forcing people into a medical procedure with mandates all but assures the opposite of what she is asking for. Interestingly, she pointed out that people who wear masks have received verbal attacks from those who don't while ignoring the same is true for those who wear masks scolding those who don't. It's been but a source of power for one group over another. And she helped create this unhealthy atmosphere of animosity.

It's Tam who helped to create this two-tiered society based on faulty medical assessments. 

Listening to her blather about this without recognizing the state made this mess was nauseating. 

Again, she should resign. 

As for the boosters. Here's what we know. Not much. And what we do know is confusing. Even the FDA has admitted there isn't enough data on boosters as have various experts in the field of vaccinology and immunology. We do see some waning modest effectiveness but this also seems to be a 'hit or miss' scenario as the vaccines are not well matched to the new variants. This is a first generation vaccine and there are no plans to adjust the recipe as per the recent FDA meeting (more like shit show of cluelessness) revealed.  She also pushed the boosters even if you were infected and recovered. Several studies show natural immunity is long lasting (way past the government's arbitrary three month timeline) and the recent Pfizer dump show their own data showed natural immunity is superior to their vaccines. Which should surprise exactly no one. NACI is recommending boosters for certain age groups but is 'monitoring' the situation where waning effectiveness is concerned. But we all know where this is going by simply observing countries ahead of us. We're a lagging indicator. And where it's going is not a good place.

Triple vaccinated people are catching infection to the point we may have 'Chronic Covid' on our hands and are being hospitalized and dying at a far higher rate than the unvaccinated. UK raw data showed this. Of course now their government has decided to not disclose information thus ending transparency. I wonder why?

So. The Canadian government is doing the following. 

Take a booster despite a dearth of information and regardless of natural immunity. Moreover, we see a lot conflicting reports regarding its effectiveness. On the one hand, they say the variants evade the vaccines yet on the other they push the boosters? Have they considered at all what this could do to the natural immune system? Oh right, man-made synthetic vaccines are superior to the natural immunity God gave us.  It continues to fracture the civil order through mandates but at the same time expects 'social cohesion'.

Here's Tam's pickle.

If the government 'redefines' what it means to be 'fully vaccinated' to mean the first two doses are no longer sufficient, then will they mandate it? If not, what happens to he travel bans since millions of people will no longer be considered vaccinated (which by the way if they were vaccinated more than eight months are they no longer are). 

The mandates are 'under review'. It all ties to how they define what is vaccinated now. 

Since these are non-sterilizing vaccines, this game can go on infinitely. As the old joke goes: What do the unvaccinated and boosted have in common? They're not vaccinated. 


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