Mountain Derp: Do The Derp

Anyone who has read history and the history of science in particular, knows how preposterously absurd the phrase 'settled science' and '97% consensus' are.

It's not settled. Never was. It's an age old bit of anti-human propaganda this climate system change cult.

The day they started using Salem witch hunt language - Denier! - and called for the imprisonment of 'skeptics', was the day they let their eco-obsessed totalitarian masks slip.

It's worth noting that whenever a new cause emerges (plastic bans including straws - I'm noticing eggs are no longer sold in clean plastic anymore but back to the old style card board paper we used to see when I was a kid. They didn't even bother to try and offer an innovative alternative. They just went back to a material we moved away from), non-Western countries are usually the culprit and form the basis of policy here in the West.

How is this logical? How does our initiatives remotely solve anything if it won't affect the areas that commit most of the environmental damage?

How does preventing us from using plastic straws solve the issue in China or India?

It doesn't.

It's a feel good measure backed up by specious science. Nothing more, nothing less.

So much intellectual energy is being spent imprudent and inefficiently.

Now I'm seeing TedTalks from environmental idealists who have had epiphanies on how renewable aren't the answer and that nuclear energy is severely misunderstood. Basically, we had to wait for people like him to come around and realize what has been said all along. People and animals have died in the meant time.

If we're serious about the environment, then nuclear is the best option. Solar and wind turbines come with way too many unreliable complications and unintended consequences.

Soon, as the push for electric cars potentially leads to government mandating how we get around, we'll be getting 'are EV's good for the environment' articles.

I was told the technology is there but don't have the will to see it through. This is simply not true. We still don't have the technology and haven't considered at all the environmental impact of producing an EV on the front end and what to do with dead batteries on the back end.

The EU, foolishly, is forcing unrealistic emission targets on manufactures by 2030 in what can only be a way to force everyone onto EVs. Where is all this electricity going to come from?

There are more questions about EVs than answers and forcing it 'because we must do something' is not an answer.

Quick word on Tesla's unveiling of an electric truck. I must say, aside from it being a bit of a joke since it's not even on a real truck frame, the arrogance of this company is quite palpable. They've not mastered the art of producing a car but are now entering the realm of trucks which demands its own set of engineering completely different from cars?

It has also brought angst to children as one appeal to authority to an appeal to emotion further angers them. It's almost as if elevating anxiety levels in kids is by design in order to propagate an agenda.

Don't take it from us. Listen to the children!

Greta is a little more shrewd though having amended this to 'don't listen to me, I want you to listen to the science'.

In short, we're forming public policy around bad science.


Man saves woman: Should he have asked for consent?
Man saves woman: Rampant toxic masculinity.
Man saves woman: Who says she couldn't save herself?
Man saves woman: The problem with presumptuous men.
Man saves woman: Example of the patriarchy. It must end.
Man saves woman: Noble act or sexual harassment?
Man saves woman: Time to fix the 'Gender Save' gap.
Man saves woman: Inequality by other means.
Man saves woman: Quaint residue of a time long gone. Keep it that way.
Man saves woman: The 1950s called. They want their male arrogance back.
Man saves woman: Why venerate? It's payback for thousands of years of oppression.
Man saves woman: Vomit.
Man saves woman: The problem with praising men who save.
Man saves woman: Exception rather than the rule.
Man saves woman.: One man's heroic act can't eliminate decades of misogyny.
Man saves woman: Would he save a transgender?

Ok. Enough of that.


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Don't let anyone tell you that we "can't afford" to make colleges tuition-free or cancel all student debt.

We are going to make them pay their fair share.

You think they're not serious about 'abolishing billionaires'? They (communists - and that's exactly what Grandpa Gulag is) already did it when they starved the Kulaks to death in Ukraine under Stalin.

And how exactly are billionaires a class anyway?


I don't think these systems are all that compassionate. 


Face of evil: Reinert T. Ravenholt.

If you're a climate change believe, then you like think population control is needed which in turn means you think abortion is not only a 'woman's right to choose' but an effective tool in combatting population control not just in the West but in developing countries.

Congrats. You're anti-human and support men who commit real acts of genocide. 




Elizabeth 'Meme Pum' Warren is gonna fuck shit up in America real good.

Oh. And she's full of shit. Funny how her lies get glossed over by the DNC flock.

Elizabeth Warren pretending to be Native to further her career: Not cultural appropriation.
Poor sucker dresses up in a Chinese dress for prom: Totes cultural appropriation and marked for attack by the left-wing outrage mob. 


You may have noticed the 'Epstein didn't kill himself' meme going around.

And you may have heard a ABC (or was it CBS? Who cares? All the same Democrat network anyway) reporter express frustration with how his death has been handled by the press. Which, in case you haven't noticed, very tepidly. 

It's a sexual protection racket as PJ Media puts it.

"In their telling of the story, they are brave souls, the lone purveyors of truth, and the only things standing between ORANGE MAN BAD and the utter demise of the Republic.
In reality, it turns out that they're just a bunch of depraved sexual predator and pervert protectors."

They are the enemy of the people. I haven't been impressed at all since 2016.


I also noticed whenever Project Veritas gets people to admit in their owns words whatever it's investigating (ie Planned Parenthood moving baby parts like moonshine on Copperhead Road), the left screams 'out of context!' and 'not real journalism!' 

It's quite a claim since, you know, the entire inquisitions on Trump and Kavanaugh are but a gigantic clusterfuck of hearsay, lies and facts pulled completely out of context. Their whole shtick is 'out of context'.


Ah the left. Always showing their true colors. Always take a lefty at face value. 


'Sure honey. Read up on Oberlin's President Twillie Anbar."


"Daddy, I'm doing a project on how people should shut the fuck up after they lose a case lest they beclown themselves leaving the impression they're deceptive racial hustling cynics with a bad case of cognitive dissonance."

"Sure honey. Read up on...."

"...Olberlin's President Twillie Anbar." 


Two reasons to hate the NBA.

1) The insufferable wokeness and hypocrisy. Duh.
2) Players taking ''me' days off.


Those fundamentalist Americans killed in Mexico had it coming.


People. They use a child to help market their agenda.



Jesus, this TDS is bad.

Could you imagine this happening to Michelle Obama? People would scream leave her alone! What does she have to do with Barry's policies! No guilt by association!

But totes ok with Melania that whore.


But Trump is soooo unpresidential and says mean things.

Truth is, the only difference between leaders is those who hide it better and those who couldn't care less.


Watch for: A) How the media manipulates, misrepresents and lies outright. Enemies of the people and B) What kind of a low character, manipulative, liar Debbie Wasserman Schultz is. She makes my skin crawl she's such a liar. And she knows it.

How anyone can accept Democrats engaging in defamatory rhetoric calling people 'white supremacists' with no evidence is beyond me. 


Played on a loop.


Democrat women are good at making skin crawl.

AOC, Ilhan, Rashida, Wasserman-Schultz, Hilary, Warren, Harris. 

Here in Canada it's Freeland, McKenna and the MP who tabled Motion 103 who take the cake.


Sure thing Sherlock.

Isn't it cute who these cunts engage in racist rhetoric and then when called out on it always cower like cowards?

It's always worth pushing back on: Left-wing parties house and harbour racists better than anyone. And in order to deflect from this, they just project onto conservatives about their alleged racism.

It's really not that hard to see the game here.

Let's play another variant of it. 

'Bernie Sanders is not a communist!" 
Bernie Sanders literally praised communism and literally was a member of communist parties. 
'Yeh but he's a Democratic Socialist. Nyeh, nyeh! Shows you!"
Bernie Sanders literally calls for collectivizing of the U.S. economy and society. 




Another year, another bad rendition of 'Baby it's cold outside'. 

It's kinda interesting that in the entire catalogue of classic standards this is the one the woke-left have a bone to pick with.

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr....be afraid. Be very afraid the woke-warriors may be coming for your songs.

Why they feel the need to rework beloved and cherished songs that have stood the test of time is strange. It reveals more about their own narcissism than it does any 'bad' messages sent from any one song.

If someone has a problem with the Sistine Chapel (and I'm sure that's coming at this point), do they get to repaint it?

If they don't like a particular piece of pop art, they can just write their response to it. 

When the political High Noon was made, John Wayne wanted to rebut the film's message and responded not by reworking the script but making his own movie outright called Rio Bravo.

In comics, SJW have attempted to insert identity politics into the genre by aiming to appropriate iconic superheroes demanding they be (insert victim group of choice here). If their message is so important, why not invent their own characters? That way they can weave their narrative into the story lines. I know it's been done and the results have been flat out flops, which I suppose, is why they need to not make Bruce Wayne a male billionaire or to try and turn Peter Parker gay.

This year John Legend and Kelly Clarkson decided to leave their mark on the song. And it's, well, a forgettable and charmless one.

Dare I say, I prefer the version sung by Buddy and Jovie in Elf. 

In this version, as with any version 'updating for social norms' (could you imagine these people rewriting the First Amendment?), removes all sense of romanticism and places it squarely on a contractual deal of concrete consent. It takes the an un-literal song and makes it literal. Literally boring.

To wit: 

'Baby, it's cold outside'. 'Oh, ok. I''ll call you an Uber.'

Way to go there Rudolph Valentino.


Marked for SJW reworking!


That was a good listen, no? Anyway. Back the nonsense.

All they did was take the composition and added their own incoherent lyrics completely destroying the entire premise. That is, a couple who are in love but constrained by social norms of their time. The charge it's cold outside is really just a timeless and playful flirtatious and coy game of cat and mouse. The woman clearly wants to stay and is hoping the man convinces her to stay; to comfort her no matter what others think.

It's complex and simple at the same time and one millions of people can instantly connect to. 

This reworked version completely removes romantic nuance and transfers into sexualized singing.

They have to sing it this way because they erased any hint of subtle romance in the lyrics. It's like in the movies. Where once sex was left to the imagination of the viewer. There was no need to see Barbara Stanwyck in the sack naked doing a soft porn scene. Her nuanced movements and mannerisms were all what was needed. The rest was left to the viewer to contemplate.

I won't even bother getting into the mixing of a nice gesture with really amounts to an emasculated man letting a woman down. 'I'm not sure I should stay'. 'OK! I'll call your mother and tell her you're on your way!'

Dude doesn't even offer to drive her home?!?

I remember when I used to watch American Idol - where Clarkson was discovered to a grateful musical industry since she really is a splendid singer - and coaches or invited guests would tell contestants 'you have to make the original better; you have to make it your own'.

Legend and Clarkson broke this axiom when covering landmark; let alone popular songs. They didn't make it better and they didn't make it their own because they let the zeitgeist dictate its spirit. 

Just my take.


How socialism works in real time.

Someone in the comments pointed out the rise of socialist Bolivia. Yeah well, when you so poor and GDP is that low, there's only one way to go and that's up. Wait until it reaches a point where there's actual wealth and get back to us. Only then will the rapaciousness of socialism rear its ugly head.


And now for some jaw dropping lack of self-awareness courtesy of The Washington Post.

The last three years have been nothing but a Democrat temper tantrum of NOT ACCEPTING A RESULT.


The media establishment is hypocritical and corrupt. We are watching that play out in real time as they rush to circle the wagons and run stories about spell-checking Trump’s tweets. They are not only the enemy of journalism, they are doing great damage to this Republic while hiding behind the First Amendment when it is convenient.
And they wonder why no one trusts them anymore?

What do I mean when I keep saying "Communism by other means"?

Well, what's going on in education in New York is a great example. Nothing short of breathtaking in its stupidity.  These folks operate from a single premise. White people and capitalism are the source of all that's wrong. Math is, for some reason, seen as 'white' and so they design an entire curriculum from that conclusion.

 This is the ideals of Rousseau mixed in with Marx and Lenin.

You must believe.

Like I say many times are on this blog: We're in a dark age.

It's not only bound to fail; but fail spectacularly.

And no one will care one shit about the kids who will be harmed by this gross miseducation of students.


NY education goes full blown communist gibberish. In short: Bull shit.

My God what they're gonna do to the children.


San Francisco. Shit hole run by shitty people.


Must be sad and miserable living in Frank Reich's envious world.

Or Lauren Duca.

I'd take these people at face value. If they know where the guns are.

Watch out.

Mastercard: Inclusion through exclusion. Got it.

30%? Yeh. Hm. Sounds like a lot....until  "oindividuals whose name on their...cards doesn’t correspond to their true gender identity. "

This is a good example of how numbers and percentages are manipulated to form a narrative. That's 30% of the transgender population which already stands around half a percent to begin with.

And then factor in how many own a Mastercard. So what we're confronted with here is not '30%' of the population (c. 330 million) of the United States - which the way they framed it makes it sound like 10 million people - is actually thousands of people if you're lucky and even less than that because not everyone has a MC. So maybe we have, what, 100 or so people?

Bah. Maybe MC is simply cynically scoring cheap woke points here. No security or financial risk with so few people perhaps?

Problem is, the can of words they may open is much larger. The number of 'Jessica Yaniv' types ready to pounce and exploit this is larger than transgenders allegedly discriminated against.




If it happened before 2016 it didn't happen. Obama had 100k kids in cages? Memory hole it if it can't be connected to Trump.



No wonder 'Epstein didn't kill himself' is a popular thing now.


2020: Warning. The Democrats Are Just Getting Started With Their Nefarious, Undemocratic And Cynical Schemes

The Democrats have engaged in perhaps the most unproductive three years in the last half century - or more.

They've dropped all sense of fairness and objective reasoning since 2016. In short, Trump not only broke their brains but their sense of justice.

Still shorter, they've acted like a bunch of crazed, sore-losing lunatics.

So much so the party has pulled so far left it'll be vey hard to jolt it back towards the centre.

They've engaged in so much hysterical hyperbole (calling Trump every possible pejorative in the book - so much for going high when they go low, eh?) while engaging in sham, tin pot, banana republic investigations (Mueller and Kavanaugh) and impeachments, one has to wonder what in the fuck are they going to do for an encore in 2020?

Given the lengths they have gone to ruining lives, flipping every established legal mores and concepts going back 2000 years, and turning sound rhetoric and logic into a macabre theater of stupidity just to try and over turn a legal election (through a cynically orchestrated soft coup), one has to wonder what these shady characters (one may even say treasonous) have up their sleeves for 2020.

Social media and mainstream media are already in the bag for them ready to bow to their demands.

But what other lies and deceit do they have in store for the American public?

Stay tuned.

Thought Police Not Just In A Book Or A Movie; Witnessing The Fall Of A Godless Scourge And The Millennial Embrace Of Illiberal Thought; Murder; Populism Arrives In Canada

Think again. The UK's slow descent into tyranny is unfolding right before our eyes in real time.

'Recording non-hate crime incidents'.

If this doesn't send shivers down the spines of people....people need to understand that 'hate speech' can mean something as simple as having a different opinion that is perceived to be hateful.

Rather unsettling.

This is happening in a so-called 'free and democratic' society with the rule of law.

And they didn't need Trump to do it! How about that, eh?

Sadly, I wish I could say Canada would be above this but we just aren't.

This could very well happen here.


Rostropovich playing the cello at the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. Feel the emotion of the moment. The day people became free from the evil grips of communism.

With the troubling rise in popularity of socialism among millennials, this (mostly) illiterate generation has fallen prey to illiberal forces as a result.

They may be well-traveled but remain woefully ignorant of classical liberal Western history and achievement.


Fun gif contrasting the electoral map and the distribution of murder. Hint: Blue areas are murdery.


People are angry. And this thing of just waving the hand and dismissing them as 'extremists' is foolish  and lazy arrogance.


How Far Left Have The Democrats Pulled?

The other day The Washington Post published an article stating 'Barack Obama, conservative'.

/Llllllooooong pause.

Yes, they can and yes they did. They changed and moved those goal posts. 


The idea of taking a position claiming Barry is conservative is quite astonishing onto itself. 

For starters, if one recalls way back when he was still a candidate, it was well know he was the most liberal (ie progressive) politician in the United States based on his voting record.

Then comes the way WaPo framed their specious argument. Namely, the DNC has pulled so far left (Pew, The Economist and NYT have all come to the same conclusion), this somehow makes Obama a conservative. I suppose relative to the Democrat party, sure, he's 'conservative'.

He's just 'right' of the current crop of leftists but he's still a progressive. Nothing he has ever said or done suggests to me he is a conservative; or classical liberal or anything along those lines.

It's often claimed Hitler and Mussolini and the parties and ideologies they founded were 'right-wing'. 

But upon closer examination, the fact is Mussolini was a socialist throughout his life and editor of the socialist magazine Avanti! while Hitler and his minions often said they were socialists.

Both were collectivist, at the end of the day, in their o outlook but were to the right of Marxism, communism and socialism. 

See the games people play?

None of these leaders are liberal in the classical sense.

Obama in particular held NO conservative thoughts or values. He constantly railed against Fox and Rush Limbaugh. He held non-conservative views and interpretations of history (eg. his comments on The Crusade were just typical (and lazy) progressive talking points). He rarely - if ever - spoke of the individual as their own agents to prosperity and liberty choosing instead the state can provide happiness as he did with Obamacare when he claimed, among other things, 

He also made a false-moral claim that at some point make enough money and then turned around earned himself multi-million dollar book and TV deals. He spoke of rising sea levels and the need to do something about climate change (committing America to the Paris Accords without Congressional backing) only to purchase a $15 million estate on Martha's Vineyard.

He took Catholic nuns to court for not bowing to his demands their organization (s) give out contraceptions which goes against Catholic religious orthodoxy.

His own appointees made clear where they stood on the issue:

"The phrases 'religious liberty' and 'religious freedom' will stand for nothing except hypocrisy so long as they remain code words for discrimination, intolerance, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, Christian supremacy or any form of intolerance," Castro, a Democrat appointed by President Obama, said. 
He added: "Religious liberty was never intended to give one religion dominion over other religions, or a veto power over the civil rights and civil liberties of others."
Catholics are bigots and that's that.

That's a progressive world. Not a conservative one.

I've spent the last 20 years of my life basting in classical liberal, conservative and libertarian thought.

I don't know what Obama is. Clearly, he doesn't know who he is philosophically because he never possessed any real principles. 

Economically, he was nothing more than a spendthrift Keynesian. There was no ground breaking 'Obama doctrine' anymore there was one in foreign policy.

Where Trump is lampooned for taking a wise non-interventionist posture in foreign affairs, Obama spent his entire tenure at war even smashed up a country like Libya alongside his war-mongering sidekick Hilary for no apparent reason. 

And he got a Nobel Peace prize for this? Not to mention his drone killing of American citizens without due process.

He recently spoke out against 'cancel culture' which I found to be a bit rich since his rhetoric did very little to deal with the rise of the intolerant left (from OWS to BLM to Holder's perjurious acts) during his tenure. He even enforced Title IX rules on campuses. He was only for gay marriages when it was safe to do so and pop culture rewarded him as if he was some sort of advanced thinker as his appearance on Ellen showed. 

Obama went with the tide to keep him in power, to build his brand and to cash in.

I do know one thing.

He's no conservative. 

He's yours Democrats and progressives.

Keep him.

The Silence Is Deafening

It's quite appalling how few in media defended Don Cherry on the grounds of free speech. Or how few of his colleagues have come to his defence in general.

Appalling and amazing. Says a lot about these people in my view.

I'm sure some even smiled privately. Not surprising considering how sports writers wrote about him over the years.

It's the same with academics who lowered their heads and let Jordan Peterson be attacked mercilessly by his detractors.

Like Trump, people like Cherry and Peterson are useful in forcing others to drop their masks.


China Crackdown Violently On Hong Kong Protestors; A Reminder Of Why The NBA Is Cynically Woke

***Updated. Epoch Times printing press attacked. See video below.

China is doing what all of us who understand its authoritarian behaviour was going to do all along and that's begin systemically killing protestors in Hong Kong calling them 'suicides.'

Let us reflect and remind each of other of this is a county Trudeau (still can't believe Canadians voted this dishonourable individual back into power even if in minority status) 'admires' and the NBA saw fit to do business with.

Sadly, the West won't be going in to save Hong Kong. Its fate was sealed when Britain handed it back to China. Thinking it was going to continue on as it always had was naive and foolish. As I told a friend at the time when it happened, 'Oh well. I never got a chance to visit it. It will change forever.'

No way I visit now.

Reading the article only further cements my disgust with the NBA and people like Kerr, Harden, Popovich and Lebron.

While young people are murdered, the NBA quietly and cowardly continues to do business with the NBA. They all get to flap their gutless gums about Trump, bounce their balls and make millions.


I can't be the only person in North America who doesn't see the blatant hypocrisy of people like Kaepernick and some NBA star athletes who have various endorsements and apparel deals.

On one side you have them squawking on about how owners 'act like slave owners' - all the while they make obscene amounts of money the average person can never attain I might add - then on the other they act precisely like slave owners as their 'shoes' are made in Asian sweatshops. Sounds like a classic case of projection.

Are these people for real?

End of the line for woke.


The NBA on China:


Come on NBA. Make a funny.



The French chemist Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier - regarded as the greatest in history - was beheaded in the French Revolution during the period of the Reign of Terror led by the likes of murderous men like Marat and Robespierre.

Two thoughts occur to me writing this.

One, is a socialist magazine called Jacobin (at its roots the Jacobins were reactionaries in France were responsible for the execution of around 10 000 individuals) of which Robespierre was the most infamous.

Overt time, the term has 'softened' (think of the coy usage of 'Democratic socialist'. In the end, the coercion in socialism eventually overcomes the 'democracy' part leading to authoritarianism. It's an inevitable embrace of authoritarianism that leads to a death spiral be it in the form of death camps or, well, reigns of terrors of whatever kind) come to mean your run of the mill belief in big government.

To my mind, it's not a stretch the violent underpinnings and under current of its essence lurks not too far off.

Every time we read of socialism we are confronted with murder and mayhem.

It resembles a death cult. Socialism (and its derivatives including communism, Marxism, progressivism etc. Though these ideologies tend to fight one another they all in the end fall under the collectivism umbrella) embraces every possible anti-human position you can think of from population control to eugenics.

If there's a perceived social or economic ill, you can bet socialists will be extremely eloquent in their rhetorical elegance to single out a group and mark them for death or 'abolishment'.

Which brings me to my second point. It's rather preposterous people still make the claim politicians like AOC or Sanders aren't socialists despite they describing themselves as such. And one need only listen to what they say to know that's what they are.

It's funny how one can smell, talk and act like a socialist but still claim to not be one. No wonder Venezuela isn't a socialist failure. There are no socialists!

Yet, the ideas persist and poll after poll seem to indicate it's popular among the bearded-tattoo ones: Millennials. The 'connected but detached' generation who gave us safe spaces and censorship on campuses.

And it's on the campuses we see the forming of socialism and Marxism reaching new heights.

We should be concerned - and appalled.

They've already staked their position and have taken dead aim at Western civilization as a whole. The entire cannon of our achievement is under direct attack. Western culture has been marked for death and a New Revising of history must be written.

It's something well under way in academia. If you don't see it, then you're not looking hard enough.

A quick word on what's going on campus across North America. We know about left-wing groups constantly attacking conservative people (sometimes physically and violently) as well as censoring or shutting down speakers. But what about the process of indoctrinating students while quietly introducing horse shit courses?

It's one thing to introduce new courses that examine or theorize about something along side established and classic courses. It's one thing to say 'hey, we feel this course on 'X' addresses topics not covered in subject 'Y' so we will introduce it to be taught along side other courses'. Quite another to say 'This is the course replacing the other one' and not meet the same intellectual rigour that's come to be expected.

Indeed, to actively replace all those courses so as to monopolize the educational market with their propaganda. Which one must ask: If these courses are being replaced, are the new ones better?

The answer, as far as I can tell, is no.

What's happening on campuses very much should concern us. It's a mess.

Very angry reactionaries studying gender studies are wreaking absolutely havoc on the civil order as they take a machete to our intellectual heritage, moral and legal codes while emasculating men.


Connecting dots. It's no coincidence that the Boy Scouts were attacked. Now the Salvation Army. And soon the YMCA.

Notice what these organizations have in common? They're all Christian (Protestant) at their roots.

It matters not how many millions of people they helped and saved. If they don't submit to the narcissist social justice movement it will be targeted.

See. In order for socialism to prevail, it must destroy that which is in its way. Being secular and atheistic, Christianity stands in its way.

Nothing new really. The Enlightenment certainly robustly attacked the Church but the reactionaries took it to a whole new level I don't think the philosophes ever could imagine.

These attacks aren't about principles and justice.

It's about equality and diversity - and by this we mean the totalitarian versions of these vague terms.

Another major obstacle and irritant is The Constitution.

The 1A and 2A in particular. They need to curb speech and they need the guns.

So. To recap: The deliberate and designed calculus seems to be: Undermine Christianity. Eliminate free speech. Confiscate guns.

All ideals and rights connected to the free sovereign man under laws of human nature and God.

They will couch this through soft and being language claiming it's to 'defend democracy from the rise of the alt-right' and 'diversity and equality' and other imprecise terms and words.

Lavoisier was a member of the hated Ferme Generale.

AOC and Sanders use phrases like 'abolish billionaires' and the loathsome anti-semitic Labour party in the UK asserts 'no needs billionaires.'

The two examples are connected.

Take them at face value.

Vote accordingly and don't be useful idiots.

They will go after a selected group to achieve power.

And then they'll come for you to keep power.

At which point you're done.

History makes this clear.


Canada (Or The EU): Not A Beacon For The Free World

I'm really, really, really not liking Canada at the moment.

Let's leave aside the antics and policies of the Liberal party and the fact Canadians inexplicably saw fit to give this incompetent and ideologically driven party another mandate; where among other things they seek to foolishly curb gun rights and free speech.

Now a court (citing a British precedent. Which is ludicrous considering a) we're not Britain and b) the slow descent into authoritarianism Britain has embarked upon. We should NOT be copying Britain on any level) has ordered that 'website blocking' is okay.

That is, internet providers will be allowed to block websites. The lawsuit were brought forth by three monopolistic companies: Bell, Rogers and Quebec's TVA.

Score one for the monopolies and next time you wonder 'why come we be 1984?' look no further than this story.

It doesn't take a genius where this can potentially lead.

Let me help you along. Nowhere good.

Long of it? Online censorship has arrived in Canada. 

European style.

Canadians have no one but themselves to blame here. They elected a government that finds wisdom in anti-free speech policies in Germany, France and the UK.

Canada in the last five years has been a model on what not to do in building a true free and just society.

We're good at monopolies, faux-democracy and suppression of free speech.

Canada: Wake up already. They're building a 1984 world right in front of you and your response was to vote the bastards back in.


Canadians make me laugh sometimes.

As mentioned above, the same bunch who cry about Cherry (including the people at Sportsnet/CBC/Rogers) probably voted for Trudeau. A guy who admitted to groping a woman (and probably others), dressed up like Blackface (and other costumes of buffoonery), gave a terrorist killer $10.5 million in our tax dollars, committed four ethics violations and above all, obstructed the rule of law.

I don't think people appreciate just how serious the last part is.

As far as I'm concerned, if you voted Trudeau you lost the plot.

Always waving the Maple Leaf and over exaggerating their pride over things like Tim Hortons, health care and hockey but yet they live in a country where they're slaves to the monopolies and government limiting their freedom and liberty.

Trudeau has only further emasculated this country.

In fact, if he could (and I'm almost certain he's trying), he would shut down this blog for its less than kind words for his government.

You know. It's ironic when you ponder things a little deeper. Canadians love to jump on that 'Trump is Hitler' band wagon. Yet, he has not passed a single piece of legislation (mostly because the President is weak in the USA as proper. Unlike here where the PM has way too much power) that comes remotely close to what the Liberals have done when it comes to civil liberties.


I'm a customer of Bell and Rogers. I just want to write here I can't stand these companies for what they did. But I'm stuck. There isn't much else by way of competition and they know it.

I would love to see these CEO's compete in a real market.

It seems all they're good to do is leverage government power against citizens.


That felt good.


Democrat Picture Horror Show

Democrats aren't convinced their Kubaki Theater production is going to pay off. That's a good thing.
Problem is....how much damage will they have caused? They've set a precedent here and it's not necessarily a good thing. 
“Abuse of power is not necessarily a concept that most Americans run around thinking about,” said Rep. Jim Himes, a Connecticut Democrat who sits on the House Intelligence Committee. “The point is we are all working to try to make a fairly unusual concept to most Americans — abuse of power — understandable.”
“I think the American public needs to be reminded that countless people have been convicted on hearsay,” the Illinois Democrat said. “Because the courts have routinely allowed and created needed exceptions to hearsay. Hearsay can be much better evidence than direct as we have learned in painful instances, and it’s certainly valid in this instance.”

Ladies and Gentlemen....your Democrats. /slow clap.

And don't think for one second the left-wing Liberal party of Canada with the ideological direction it has taken wouldn't for one minute turn thousands of years of Western legal tradition on its head like these Democrat idiots in the USA have. 

Take a bow Quigley. Take. A. Bow.

Beccaria nods in solemn disapproval. 


Canada Is Faux Woke

A PM  dresses in Blackface and breaks ethics laws and Canadians go full 'meh' and vote him back in. His supporters even went as far as to claim they weren't offended by his Blackface and groping of women. It's all 'normal' and 'society is going too far' in his case.

But Don Cherry says two little words 'you people' and all hell breaks loose. All of a sudden it's 'he doesn't reflect our values!'


Real nice perspective on things we have here.

'Why I never!' and all that pearl clutching really is nauseating.


Sportsnet Overreacts And Drops The Ball

Sportsnet: We fired Don Cherry.
Reporter: Now what?

Honk, honk!


So what's the hoopla all about? Cherry said:

You people… you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey, at least you can pay a couple bucks for a poppy or something like that,” he said. “These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada, these guys paid the biggest price.”

Did anyone bother to ask what he meant by 'you people'? I use that all the time and it's not directed at snowflake minorities who offend easily. I just use it as a generic phrase.

I gotta plead ignorance on this. Any woke progressives out there to set my language straight and be awoke? 

As for his over all point? I think he's right. People should honour our dead soldiers. I don't think it should be mandatory and people have all sorts of reasons not to - and this should be respected - but the ones who don't have an excuse except to be lazy and should know better, you should rethink your position.

The more we're disconnected from our past, the worse our dark age gets. 


Never apologize. And Cherry stands by his comments.

Good on him.


Ron MacLean, for his part, folded like a cheap hockey net.



So Sportsnet over reacts AND they fire him on November 11.

Nice classy move guys.

Now get to replacing Cherry with some lame ass who will follow your shitty 'woke' scripts.

Chop, chop.


Friday Night (Jazz) Music

I hadn't realized French pianist Michel LeGrand had passed away earlier this year.

My wife and I have a fond memory of LeGrand as he performed on the night we went to Birdland in NYC, gosh, roughly 15 years ago.


Thursday Night Music....Story

This clip was really poignant. Quite powerful I find. Life can be unfair as we all know.

My wife and I really enjoyed the first song Herbie Howell sang. Strange how 50 years on we learn of his music through the work of Mr. Hoffman. I wonder if he left behind a catalog of music. Maybe he can find an audience with all this technology.

It's funny. We're conditioned to think if a person doesn't 'make it' then maybe they're no good or just didn't have the talent to become successful. I myself over the years fell into this trap. As I mature, I realized this is not necessarily true. Sometimes, things just don't go your way. Maybe you may not be the 'cream of the crop' but you can carve yourself a niche. Especially today.

Though it would have been nice to know why he couldn't at least be a studio musician of some kind.

Open Public Musings

Differences between the United States and Canada:

Canada: Poor long-term demographics: Aging population; low births rates. Moving to not be energy independent.
USA: Healthy long-term demographics; energy independent.


There's a lot of doom and gloom about America. There are even some who look forward to its impending collapse. 'All empires collapse' is one popular assertion. Another, among the left, is the premise America is a colonialist nation built on genocide and slavery and so ergo it must fall in order for the meek and proletariat to inherit and make things 'right'. Something like that anyway. The big book of Howard Zinn spinning a cynical revisionist  'Sins of America' tale.

I've also heard people make the claim that one need just look at America's global power as a percentage of GDP to see it's power is diminishing. After WWII America represented 50% of world GDP. Today it's down to 27%-30% or thereabouts. Still a significant figure.

Meanwhile, America's newest rival - China - represents about 17% of world GDP. or roughly $14 trillion. In 1945, it was $30 billion.

That's a massive growth spurt. Since 1990, on average, it grew at about a 10% rate.

Now keep in mind, the growth came from total poverty in a relatively short period of time.

But here's the thing. Poverty rates in China remain extremely high. An even bigger problem is demographics. The one-child policy has had an irreversible negative impact on China while its human rights record remains abysmal and its environmental record practically a non-issue. Innovation isn't on the level of the United States, Japan or the EU.

America is the opposite.

It remains the centre of major innovation and and cutting edge R&D and there's no reason to believe this will lose its advantage. America doesn't have a human rights abuse problem and actually is committed to environmental policy contrary to popular belief.

However, there are two (aside from complete and utter military dominance) MAJOR factors America has an indisputable advantage on the world. One, are demographics. America has a healthy distribution of youth, immigration and aging populations.

These trends remain in tact. Most nations in the West (including Canada - more on us later) have an aging population and low birth rates. Which explains why, in part, they seem to be very open to mass migration. We're not having kids and we need more people to pay for things.

The other factor and a more recent development, America is now pretty much energy independent now. They're now net exporters of clean oil and natural gas - shale  in particular. This reality has a direct impact on Canada (again, will get into this in a sec).

My friends. I submit the impending demise of America will have to wait. China will eventually have to face their negatives just like America does and has done in the past. This will put an end to their challenge.

If anything, we're about to enter a second golden age of American prosperity. New Rome and Renaissance Italy revived....in America.

And this is great news for the rest of the world and Canada in particular. We can take this and make it work in our favor, or we can be fools and fight it for short-sighted political (mis)calculations.

Our choice. They've already made theirs.


What of Canada?

We have a couple of things going against us and are also the opposite of America.

One are demographics and the other our steadfast refusal to properly and without reservation develop our energy sector. If anything, we're astonishingly looking to subvert it.

The shame about Canada it has some competitive advantages (of which being a neighbour to American is one) but we're probably one of the most inefficient managers of human capital in the West. 

We have an aging population but among the lowest birth rates in the world. So much so, immigration can't make up the difference. As if this is bad enough, the one major thing we have to retain prosperity and stability is our natural resources. 

The sector provides reliable cash flow to help pay for our two unfunded liabilities: pension and health care. 

Health care is especially going to be a major challenge as Canada's population continues to age. Because of the nature of how we pay for the system (pay as you go), it goes toward paying towards those who are the heaviest burden. This is why you may start to see some really uncomfortably cost-cutting measures in the future - both financially and medically (rationing of some sort). It's inevitable.

One industry that can help to ensure some fiscal feasibility to the UL's is the energy sector. But this has become a target of Canada's 'climate change' initiatives.  

That is, oil is bad.

As a result, Canada is foolishly not building pipelines to get our oil to market and be a major player to ensure our sovereignty is secure and our social net in tact.  

We act as if we have a choice but we really don't. The United States already made he decision for us by becoming energy independent. What are we going to do? Import our oil from Saudi Arabia and the USA? How is this forward thinking and intelligent policy?

Our economy, while advanced, is tiny and not as diversified as the United States. We can't afford to get political with energy because there is no other sector to pick the slack. Banking is the next best thing here and this isn't a growth or innovative industry. 

At the moment, we don't have good leadership steering the country at this critical juncture. If we don't build these pipelines within the next couple of years, we may pay a permanent price in the form of less prosperity. 

Or worse.

This part reminds me of an essay I read (or I may have heard it on the radio. I forget) where an American military scholar was asked what Canada should do about its military. He soberly replied nothing can be done. We sat so long on not maintaining our military or forcing on just peacekeeping (essentially we became a UN force), we fell too far behind the United States even on just basic technological advances in communications. Even if Canada increased the budget it wouldn't make much sense. He basically concluded 'let us doing the heavy lifting (ie protect you) and Canada can perhaps focus on special forces training - something we remain very good at.

Canadians need to become more realistic and understand their place in this new world order being reconfigured by the United States. It's unfolding before our eyes and we shouldn't tolerate a government that's hostile to the USA. Now is not the time to play pretend nationalism.

I recognize this is just a skeleton of thought but it's how I'm seeing things.