2020: Warning. The Democrats Are Just Getting Started With Their Nefarious, Undemocratic And Cynical Schemes

The Democrats have engaged in perhaps the most unproductive three years in the last half century - or more.

They've dropped all sense of fairness and objective reasoning since 2016. In short, Trump not only broke their brains but their sense of justice.

Still shorter, they've acted like a bunch of crazed, sore-losing lunatics.

So much so the party has pulled so far left it'll be vey hard to jolt it back towards the centre.

They've engaged in so much hysterical hyperbole (calling Trump every possible pejorative in the book - so much for going high when they go low, eh?) while engaging in sham, tin pot, banana republic investigations (Mueller and Kavanaugh) and impeachments, one has to wonder what in the fuck are they going to do for an encore in 2020?

Given the lengths they have gone to ruining lives, flipping every established legal mores and concepts going back 2000 years, and turning sound rhetoric and logic into a macabre theater of stupidity just to try and over turn a legal election (through a cynically orchestrated soft coup), one has to wonder what these shady characters (one may even say treasonous) have up their sleeves for 2020.

Social media and mainstream media are already in the bag for them ready to bow to their demands.

But what other lies and deceit do they have in store for the American public?

Stay tuned.

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