Police State Arrives In Quebec; DISGRACE

 Francois Legault.


You're son of a bitch. Just last week you said you didn't want to use police and you changed your mind in one week? 



A petty tyrant.

Same for Dube, Guilbeault and Arruda.


The CAQ are turning this province into mayhem.

My heart aches.

May you all rot in hell.

The Greatest Immoral Crime: Vaccine Utopia

 "The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind". Bob Dylan, Blowing in the wind.

I'm no conspiracy theorist as over 11 000 blog posts have shown and I may be over thinking this a little with regards to the Covid vaccine, but something isn't making sense.

In fact, chances are I may be.

Let's consider vaccines for a minute.

I'm not in the 'anti-vaxxers' camp. I think vaccines are fine. However, people don't share this view and I don't have a problem with that. If you're vaccinated why should you care if someone isn't? The odds are in your favor. And when we talk vaccines, we're mostly focused on influenza. 

Since the alleged arrival of the 'novel' Covid-19 in 2020 (it's been swirling around before this year. We may be more resistant to it than first believed), the wheels off our common sense have come off. We've abandoned established science to peddle measures that only prolonged the pain.

And fear.

This is where the tale begins.

Early in the game, the virus petrified people. Mass death was upon us. Predictions of millions of casualties were all but assured.

Experts had decided herd immunity wasn't possible. Only vaccination was the solution.

Sweden took the opposite approach. Sweden accepted the virus was out there and the only way to see through it was to let it run its course. They didn't take a 'unique' approach. They followed 150 years of science. We, on the other hand, decided we were to smart and compassionate. We tried to reinvent the wheel changing the wheel for a square. By locking down in a panic we sealed our fate and we've been stuck in this rut unable to extricate ourselves from this destructive decision. 

Rather than admit mistakes, public officials double-down with these impractical and increasingly dangerous measures. 

Since March, a lot has changed. Yes and no actually. We now know the virus pretty much isn't as lethal as first thought and acts pretty much like any virus does. Which is why lockdowns were foolish. You can hide, but the virus lies in wait. It wants its hosts. Why delay it?

It preys not just on the elderly but those with underlying health conditions.

The IFR for coronavirus has come off but still remains slightly higher than the flu.

The argument that the first round of lockdowns 'saved millions of lives' rings hollow because even then we knew over 80% of deaths were with one demographic. The Diamond Princess event showed us in the open the virus wasn't as lethal as being claimed and reported. Any study into this that doesn't consider trade-offs (specifically with regards to deaths caused by lockdowns ie suicides) is useless.

We went through an anomaly of sorts in the spring but even that has to be teated carefully within the context of excess deaths as compared to the previous year. As data comes out on that, we see that some countries were 'ripe' for a virus to wreak some havoc. They were a 'tinder-box' waiting to be lit.

Since May across the West, deaths have dropped to levels that should have pleased officials and people alike. We should have made the pivot from disengaging people from fear and into acceptance of living with a virus with a survival rate.

Instead, we ramped up the fear. By May, we were already talking of second waves. We kept people in a constant state of alert. 

But what if the 'second wave' isn't even a second wave? What if it's just the virus finishing off what it was supposed to do in the spring? We'd be in a much healthier state of mind by now.

We messed and meddled with the psyche of people.

The final clamp on this was the mandating of masks. Masks serve no scientific or practical purpose other than to remind people they must remain scared. To manage this, officials and certain medical experts began a program of propaganda claiming one is selfish for not wearing a mask and that wearing one shows a love for mankind.

It's preposterous but effective. 

Who wants to be seen as 'that guy' right? Other than me of course. 

Now people are trapped in a fog of fear and the politicians refuse to lift it.

Three months into this aesthetically displeasing and disturbing farce, has anyone thought to ask: What have been the results? Not a single reporter does so. Thus showing more evidence of their uselessness. 

This is all on public officials and academic virologists. 

But why? Why are the keeping this up?

The data has significantly evolved to the point, well, we should be back to running to normalcy.

We know the PCR tests are pumping cases up. We know deaths are being over stated. We know who this virus attacks and the survival rate. We have treatments that work. 

Despite all this, government officials remain mired in a March Mentality.  We're once again being asked to sacrifice to avoid 'overwhelming the system'. The first time around the public bought into it but now we're being asked to do so as a preventive measure. This should trouble us all now because the government can keep this going forever if it chooses. Legault keeps saying the situation is 'critical' but this is a lie. They're anticipating a tsunami and take this for the current state. In other words, deceive people into accepting the critical moment has already arrived.

It's immoral as it is maniacal.

It went from 15 days to flatten the curve, to moving goal posts around to 28 days to stop the spread and flatten the curve.

Why? Have they not learned? Why would they put the population through such constant cruelty? 

Still worse is the trope about 'saving lives'. Death rates in Canada are down to low single digits! Again here, despite the data spitting in their faces, deaths won't increase to spring levels - if at all. 

Why even bring this up? People aren't stupid and it's quite insulting to watch a masked up Premier play the boy who cries wolf.

Now it's all about the cases. What? Imagine if we did this with the flu and common cold! We'd never leave the house. They're keeping people in masks because of CASES which mean nothing onto themselves. How many of those are false positives and not even a threat?

They won't tell you that. They just say it's 'critical'. 

You take that?

If we're acting like this for a few hundred cases what they heck will we do during a REAL DEADLY pandemic? This is frightening to ponder. Already people treat each other as if they're a threat. Will he put people in camps? Worse?

This is to highlight the poor quality of leadership. Legault and others like him shouldn't be doing this. No matter how grandfatherly his tone, his message is rooted in fear. He needs to stop.

The biggest problem facing us is to get people to accept not being scared.

Governments have peddled the vaccine as a panacea.

We've been hearing people like Dr. Fauci, Justin Trudeau and Bill Gates speak along the lines of 'no new normal until a vaccine is available'. The Quebec government has bought into this as well.

Gates has a plan to vaccinate everyone and even has a 'trust stamp' or dot program.

This is where things get a little darker.

What if this is indeed just a massive investment scheme for big pharma? They and governments gambled billions in dollars and staked their reputations on a vaccine. They're gonna want a ROI. Even Trump has pushed hard for one. 

This promise of a vaccine is what makes people tolerate masks and all these measures. The hope of vaccine bridging them too utopia. 

This is a brutal way to manage a population and will likely end up in a potentially acrimonious situation.

Governments need to ween people off this notion. They need to LEAD.

Alas, the politicians seem invested in this vaccine that may not come for a long time.

Are people willing to live like this until then? This is not a life.

I'm pleading people to drop the mask. Take back and seize your personal sovereignty. You're being (mis) led and you don't realize it.

The virus is such that a vaccine is increasingly becoming irrelevant. We've been working on mRNA vaccines since the early 90s and the truth is, developing coronavirus vaccines are notoriously problematic. The FDA said it would approve a vaccine with 50% efficacy. Yet, our immune system can beat this virus 99.8% of the time! Our own bodies are more effective! 

Not only is this one of the great heath scares in modern medical history, we've also created a massive false hope that could very well end up being a dud! The good news is the virus isn't a threat to our existence. 

Is this why governments keep pushing 'stop the spread'? Is this a race against the virus reaching a point the whole project collapses under facts and truths that can no longer be denied?

The answer my friends are staring at us in the face.

It's been blowing in the wind the whole time.

And now we're torn and frayed.

Only WE can mend it.



Coronavirus Isn't A Reason To End Life, Liberty And Happiness

Stop being manipulated by media and government. They're psychologically terrorizing you. They're disproportionately exaggerating the threat of this virus. 

The best way for you to fight back is to live your life and keep informed. Don't wait for media to feed you their propaganda. Search it out yourself. It's okay. The 'vast right-wing extremist' conspiracy is greatly exaggerated. 

Independence and knowledge are powerful. And it's entirely within your grasp.

They've conditioned us to think Covid-19 is an on-going direct lethal threat.

It isn't.

They keep insisting it's our responsibility to sacrifice to protect a demographic than can easily be isolated. 

They never say the virus is circulating and we need to accept this. No. They say, cases go up because 'people don't listen'.

Either they're liars and are up to something or just plain incompetent ignoramuses.

Next time some virologist du jour on the local news cheers on lockdowns or says be scared it's good to keep some context. We humans have been there done that for a long time. We've learned to cope and adapt with many diseases and will continue to do so. We're more resistant to this virus than we think.

Covid won't change that. Our response to it though. That's a huge concern with the precedence it may set.

Life, liberty and happiness. Even for six months, to have this taken away is an assault on our civilization. Don't let politicians steal it. 

Here's a list of diseases we live with. Some have vaccines, others don't. Either way, we've never locked down.

1.          Bacterial Infections. (Cocci) Pneumonia, Staphylococcal, Streptococcal, Enterococcal, Toxic Shock; (Gram Positive Bacilli) Diphtheria, Anthrax, Listeriosis; (Gram Negative Bacilli) Cholera, Trench Fever, E. Coli, Plague, Salmonella

2.          Spirochetes Infections. Lyme disease, Yaws, Leptospirosis

3.          Anaerobic Bacterial Infections. Botulism, Tetanus, Clostridium

4.          Rickettsiae Infections. Murine Typhus, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

5.          Mycobacteria. Tuberculosis, Leprosy

6.          Fungal Diseases. Aspergillosis, Candidiasis, Histoplasmosis

7.          Parasitic Infections. Nematodes (roundworms), Trematodes (flukes), Cestodes (tapeworms)

8.          Protozoan Infections. Amebiasis, Giardiasis, Malaria, Encephalitis, Toxoplasmosis

9.          Respiratory Viruses. Influenza/Parainfluenza, Adenovirus, Rhinovirus, Coronavirus

10.       Herpes Viruses. Chickenpox, Mononucleosis, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes Zoster

11.       Enteroviruses. Polio, Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (not the same as the politician’s “foot-in-mouth” disease)

12.       Various Viradae Viruses. Dengue, Hanta, Lassa, Ebola, Marburg, Yellow Fever

13.       Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV

14.       Misc. Viruses. Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Smallpox

15.       Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Syphilis, Gonorrhea

16.       Mycoplasma

Masks Don't Work: Never Have, Never Will: A Look At States And Provinces Who Mandated Them

Updated Oct. 7. 2020.

The mask movement was never rooted in science. That we're three months into this nonsense is perplexing as media and certain medical professionals continue to peddle this least effective, but more pernicious measure in the non-pharma arsenal.

Pernicious because it promotes a false sense of security, hope and unleashes a coercive state of affairs that only elevates angst and anxiety. Ontario and Quebec are the few places in the West to mandate them in classes. 

Plus it's just plain ugly and psychologically traumatizing.

One of the most unfortunate fall out of this now well-tired, worn and over played pandemic, is the shameful manner in which media and public officials kept the fog of fear going.

Even as we speak as the virus is clearly not lethal and is indeed acting very much in line with flu and other coronaviruses, politicians continue to keep their populations in a deep psychosis rooted in fear.

It's, well, psychological terror to be frank at this point. This is the time government begin to allow for people to regain their morale and confidence. They've been beaten to a pulp and the masks only further enslave them to virus we've let become our masters.

A complete breakdown in leadership and abandonment of common sense and science. 


The main country and state that have had mask mandates are Spain and California. 

I'll keep Spain simple and straightforward. They've been wearing masks since May inside and outside and every other which way. Yet, the rates still shot up. Of course part of it is how they report cases (and have since changed the criteria to a much more appropriate one which explains the sudden drop in cases) as for other countries as well. But masks were sold as 'stopping the spread'.

Since I wrote this, Italy has experienced a rise in cases. 2800 on October 6. They've been wearing masks.

In both Italy and Spain, over 75% of the population say they wear it.

Sweden? Well, you know.

Masks have no MEASURABLE IMPACT ON STOPPING THE SPREAD let alone saving lives.

The only way masks have a chance - and a minimal one at that, is if a bunch of impractical factors all fall into place.

I've discussed this in other posts and will let that go here.

The two main assumptions (and they were always assumptions with unclear data to back them up) was the theory of droplet and asymptomatic transmission. 

If the premise is weak, the measure will be futile.

With that intro have a look-see at states and provinces with stupid mask mandates. I'll designate an 'Up' to signify cases went up. 'Down' when then went down and 'Neutral' for....well, you know. Link to graphs on day of mandate cases. Masks either work or they don't. There's no reliable way to claim 'cases would go higher if not for them'. If you look at the cases prior to mandates and examine after, that becomes somewhat obvious.

Alabama: UP. Mandate effective July 16 with 640 cases on that day. Cases went up. There are a couple of days in August when it dipped below 640 but rates went up as high as 4 times the number. 

Arkansas: UP. Mandate July 16.and 830 cases. Masks did not result in lower cases fluctuating and reaching as high as 1100 cases.

California: UP. Mandate June 18 and 3803 cases. California has had masks for three months with no real measurable effect. It reached as many as 12 000 cases and has only begun to see cases drop below the mandate day in September. 

Colorado: Down. July 17 and 618 cases. It's down but not a significant reduction. It did go over that figure once in September.

Connecticut: Down. April 17 and 937 cases. CT has one of the longest mask mandates still running. Prior to mandates, rates were above and hit around 2000 afterwards but since late May on a downward trend. 

Delaware: Neutral. April 25 and 134 cases. Cases down to 71 in September but overall no real impact.

Hawaii: UP. April 17 and 12 cases. Mandates did not work as cases have been well above the original case. Hawaii's population is 1.4 million. 12 cases = .0009% of the population. It has some of the strictest measures in the country. Is it because of the lockdowns and masks? Again, data suggest probably not.

"Although there is no current data to demonstrate that homemade, cloth masks are effective for individual protection, it is reasonable to assume that wearing a fabric mask can help prevent the spread of infection to others. The CDC now recommends wearing a cloth face covering in public settings particularly where other physical distancing measures are difficult to maintain such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and takeout food establishments."

But keep the charade going anyway. Cross fingers!

Illinois: Down. May 1 and 3157 cases. Most recent cases at around 2400. Roughly 30% down from the mandate day. Interesting most studies in support of masks say it can help reduce the spread by 30% but it's  hard to know if the figure is down uniquely due to masks. Not likely. But let's assume only masks are a factor.

Indiana: Up. July 27 and 535 cases. Cases have doubled and never slowed down. 

Kansas: Up. July 2 and 62 cases. Cases shot up to as high as into the 1000 range.

Kentucky: UP. July 9 and 326 cases. Cases shot up with as many as 1152.

Louisiana. Down. July 11 and 2213 cases. Cases began to drop one month after. Date of mandates coincides with highs. Likely a coincidental drop.

Maine: Up. April 29 and 16 cases. Have gone up ever since. 50th in the country in total cases.

Maryland. Down. July 31 and 1169 cases. In June and July there was a drop prior to a mask mandate. Instituted at a peak and drops off. Likely coincidental.

Massachusetts. Neutral. July 31 and 309 cases. Instituted well after its highs. 

Michigan. UP. July 10 and 184 cases. Cases went up.

Minnesota. UP. July 25 and 803 cases. Cases have gone up. 

Mississippi. Down. August 4 and 1074 cases. Cases were low in spring. Mandates in place at peak. Coincidental.

Montana: Up. July 15 and 135 cases.  Cases increased. 

Nevada. Up. June 24 and 365 cases. Cases went up.

New Jersey. Up. July 8 and 243 cases. Mandates went into effect well after cases had come down. Nonetheless, rates still went up.

New Mexico. Up. May 16 and 185 cases. Cases went up.

New York. Down. April 17 and 7753 cases. Cases came down. But graph suggests it would have likely done so without mandates.

North Carolina. .Up. June 24 and 1667 cases.  Cases have gone up.

Ohio. Neutral. July 23 and 1446  cases. Cases increased and have come down slightly. 

Oregon. Up. July 1 and 275 cases.  Cases increased.

Pennsylvania. UP. July 1 and 636 cases.   Cases went up.

Rhode Island. Neutral. May 8 and 249 cases. Cases have remained neutral. 

Texas. Down. July 3 and 8482 cases. Cases began dropping in late August.

Vermont. Neutral. August 1 and 7 cases. Vermont wins the pointless virtue signalling award. And still it went up.

Quebec. Up. July 18 and 128 cases. Cases went up. 

Ontario doesn't have a province wide mandate but its largest cities Toronto and Ottawa do. Cases have gone up in the province despite widespread mask rules.

32 total: In 19 states and provinces cases went up. In eight states they declined and five states were neutral.

Conclusion. It varies from region but the data seems to indicate mask mandates have a mixed but mostly inclusive to ineffective impact.

Now let's take a look at the balance of 28 states and provinces without mandates.

Florida. Between June and August Florida experienced a spike with its highest total being 15 394 in July. As of October 7 there are 2251 cases. Florida is open. 

Georgia. The state experience a similar pattern to Florida between June and July with a high of 4813 in July. Currently there are 936 cases.

Arizona. Similar to both Florida and Georgia. Except it had a peak of 4877 at the end of June. Currently, 864 cases.

Tennessee. Hit a high of 3314 in June. Currently at 1676.

South Carolina. Hit a high of 2407 in July. Currently at 811.

Virginia. High of 2015 in August. As of today, 625 cases.

Missouri. Bucks the trend. Cases have gone up since the summer. To a high of 3009 as of today.

Wisconsin. Same pattern as Missouri. 2892 as of today.

Iowa. High of 2574 in August Currently 574.

Oklahoma. High of 1714 in July. Currently sits at 1364. 

Washington. Peak of 1336 in July. 484 as of October 6.

Utah. High of 1393 in October. 

Nebraska. Cases have been steady since the summer.

Idaho. High of 727 in July. Currently at 660.

South Dakota. Hit a high of 748 on Oct. 1 and dropped down to its average since August of 248 on Oct. 6. 

North Dakota. Cases are up. Similar to Utah. 

West Virginia. Cases have remained steady since the summer.

Alaska. Cases have remained steady with a slight uptick since the summer. 

Wyoming. Cases have increased since the summer.

New Hampshire. Steady since the summer. 


British Columbia. Increases since summer. 118 as of October 6.

Alberta. Increases since summer. 169 cases latest figure.

Saskatchewan. Down from summer.

Manitoba. Up. 40 cases.

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland all down and low. 

In 20 of 28 places, having no mask mandates resulted in LOWER cases.

It is clear by this data there is no correlation to be made between masks and cases. 

The virus is going to make its path regardless of masks. This seems to indicate that studies conducted concluding masks are ineffective are correct.

Inching Towards Martial Law

“Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Francois Legault is going to get his dictatorial fantasies come hell or high water.

And with it, he will have allowed for the triumph of fear over the very disease he set out to 'defeat'.

This will have consequences for some time to come. This is why the CAQ must no be re-elected. A new government will be more willing to face those consequences as they will not have been part of the process that created it.

Unfortunately, the Liberals are pretty much on board the CAQ's policy of hysteria. 

It's clear the CAQ have no intentions of wanting to put an end to this pandemic scam any time soon. Slowly but surely he brings Quebec closer to an Australia type situation. Australia is a defacto police state now.

The question, a very big mighty important question is, what will do from now on? Are we always going to lockdown even with a mild disease like the one? We've put ourselves in a corner we can't pull out of. Not even the government knows as it just plays whack-a-mole now. Come October 28, we're entering high flu seasons. Cases will be up. It's obvious. Or maybe we may have a low flu season at which point the government will declare 'victory' and fool itself into thinking their idiotic measures worked.

The virus will always circulate. Cases won't go to zero forever. A complete misfire by Quebec. 

And with lockdowns once you lift them guess what? CASES GO UP and probably deaths with it.


Social angst combined with his ruthlessly unwise threats of cracking down on people who don't follow his illegal decrees, could lead to some serious confrontations with police.

Protests are planned for tonight and beyond including October 11.

Fight Quebec. Let's push back.

And for the rest of you, LIVE YOUR LIFE. Don't let Legault steal it on baseless claims.

In the mean time here's some data:

In Canada, here's how death by illness (2018) shapes up:

Cancer: 83 400

Malignant neoplasms: 79 536

Disease of heart: 53 134

Cerebrovascular diseases: 13 480

Accidents (unintentional injuries): 13 290

Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 12 998

SARS Cov-2: 9200 (2020)

Influenze and pneumonia: 8511

Diabetes: 6794

Alzheimer's: 6429

Intentional self-harm (suicide): 3811

Legault, Arruda, Dube. Meet Larry, Curly, Moe

What a mess.

A clown show for all ages.

A Cirque du Soleil tragedy.

The Three Stooges have made their play.

And it's about as idiotic as it comes.

It literally makes no sense.

A lockdown is an extreme measure that could only be used in a severe pandemic with high death rates. Say, like the plague. It is NOT to be used during a mild epidemic as the one we're seeing now nor is it a viable strategy to avoid 'overwhelming hospitals' because the trade-offs are stacked against it working.

The only way a lockdown works is if you impose it heavily and with the full force of the police like they do, you know, in communist regimes or Australia. I also don't like their constant thinly veiled threats about 'consulting with police' to enforce their irrational measures. All they've done is scapegoat restaurants and attempt to further the common health of our families and communities. 

Either you lockdown fully, at which point we no longer are in a democracy, or you don't. The 'balance' approach is a lie. And The Three Stooges know it. 

Quebec, as laggard a place as they come, decides it's going to 'balance' and pretend they can micro-manage a virus that is in full circulation. Already in March it was too late. On what planet are these people to even think this is a second wave that can be 'managed'? Again, too late. All this does is foster anxiety and social mayhem.

This is what the Three Stooges have brought: Confusion.

They rely on dated data and misrepresent current data. I don't even think they know what they're doing.

The Three Stooges are playing politics with our lives and it's time for civil disobedience. 

A photo opt with Larry, Curly and Moe:

Quebec's Cruel Anti-Humanist And Anti-Science Measures.

The basic premise of the next round of lockdowns is to prevent overwhelming hospitals using tired and irrational slogans we've heard including 'saving lives' (Canada is averaging six deaths per day) to 'help protect the vulnerable'. Legault, as he's apt to do, babbled about striking a 'balance' but the balance is NOT considering trade-offs again. 

It's unbalanced and foolish.

The data and literature on lockdowns are clear. They come with drastic and tragic consequence. I find it hard to believe the government isn't aware of this. Which means they're acting with malice now in my view.

Legault said it was 'hard' and went on to talk like the grandfather who has outstayed his welcome about sacrifices. 

It's hard not because of not being going out to dine but rather there's no justification for it and once again rooted in questionable assumptions and data. 

Above all, it sets a terrible precedence.

A real leader would have stepped up to the mic and spoken like Dr. Tegnell and humbly but firmly lead a people without crushing morale and civil rights. Instead, Legault shows his petty tyrant instincts playing petty politics.

And boy do the media eat this shit up.

I listened to the questions after and wondered if they were plants or if they're that clueless and lazy. I don't know what to make of the Anglo media they're so paralyzed with irrational fear and stupidity. 

There was but ONE play left and that's to follow Sweden. Enough of this 'stop the spread' theatre. Let this virus burn through already. Legault is fuelling fear and hysteria under the guise of pseudoscience and faux-logic.

The major concern here is it looks like Quebec has accepted lockdowns as a legitimate measure at a time most civilized nations have turned their backs on it.

It was rooted in bad date from the onset and it is junk science. 

Quebec under this government are continuing to insist on a discredited measure that even the World Health Organizations does not recommend.


It's FAR TOO LATE anyway. It's asinine and idiotic to think otherwise. If the game is to string this along until a vaccine comes, then Legault is gambling with the lives of people. The net loss from trade-offs will be enormous. This is an easy call. History will be unkind to Legault. And deservedly so.

It won't do anything: 

Depiction of Legault after one month of thinking:


Sweden 1 Quebec 0: A Statistic

QUEBEC 694 deaths per million. 8649 cases per million.

SWEDEN 581 deaths and 8989 cases.

One locked down TWICE. 

April 21 : 5363 tests and 806 cases (or 15%) and 116 deaths.

September 21: 24 322 tests and 450 cases (or 1.8%) and 0 deaths.*

This falls in line with Canada where close to six million have been tested with a positive rate of around 2%. To the extent you can trust the tests.

The Accountant Dube says testing doesn't lead to more cases. No comment except he's a Health Minister.

Any questions?

*Source - INSPQ.

Francois Legault Reimposes Criminal, Pseudoscience Lockdowns

I have no words.


This is crazy. 

They're running the morale of this place to the ground.

Not a single justification for this.

The cases can be managed. Living in constant prevention mode is irrational.

I have serious concerns now moving forward. Quebec is definitely going the route of Australia. They're clearly looking into stepping up measures.Not a single piece of data or science supports a lockdown. We have ample evidence of the destruction it brings. 

At this point I can but conclude this is incompetent malice rooted in hysteria.

The coronavirus is indeed acting in line with the flu. This is a clear fact no matter what that clown Dube says. He's going against the data. 

Cases going up was to be expected because we LOCKED DOWN the first time. Telling people to stay in again is preposterous. We know the virus has to run its course.

Anyway. I have to form my thoughts here. In addition to my blood boiling level reaching levels I never thought possible, the complete useless media sucking up Legault's puerile garbage and propaganda added to the disgust. Not a single relevant question.

When he brought up the need to prevent deaths, someone had to challenge him as the province has been averaging a couple a day! What is the end game here? Why isn't he being honest? 28 days does what? He's just going to roll it over another 30 days after that.

The moronic stupidity of public officials in Quebec has permanently fracture my trust in them. 

Will he forego his pay? Will he take responsibility for any excess deaths that happen? He already has to answer for the nursing homes. 

Why are we talking like it's March? Viruses do NOT come back in a more vicious form. It wants to LIVE in healthy hosts. But if you make it difficult for it to do so by taking extreme measures, it only defers this reality.

Above all, it is unacceptable and outrageous Legault is still peddling bull shit about 'needing to protect the vulnerable' by LOCKING DOWN PEOPLE who are healthy. He has learned nothing and is being given terrible advice. You ISOLATE the vulnerable and LEAVE society to function. No where is this remotely recommended. It was a huge ERROR in March.

It's mind boggling what's going on. 

Another absurd line was 'we need to save lives'. There's an average of two deaths or so in Quebec. We're not in an over flow situation in the hospitals. The problem with preventative measures is that they're INDEFINITE. 

What bothers me about that is you can't really get much lower than one death. So when the death rate stays where it is (and it will) this politician is going to claim it was because of his stupid dubious measures when it was clear that trend was already there.

And this government is foolish and anti-science enough to play that idiotic game.

I'm sorry.

But this is buffoonery at its finest. They can't even explain their position without sounding insulting.

Legault. Arruda. Dube. Guilbeault. 


What does tyranny look like? Here:

Legault is doing damage to the psyche of this place. It's especially pernicious what he has done to the elderly and young.

He introduced that piece of pseudoscience as Voici ma déclaration.

Here's my declaration: Shove this and the mask up your ass.


Legault is Mr. Carlson. As God as his witness, he thought the virus was 'dangerous!' 

Sweden Wins

Meanwhile, NYC cancelled New Years Eve in Times Square.

Sweden wins.

Any questions? 

Denial of HCQ Leads To Unnecessary Deaths

 It can no longer be denied.

HCQ works and it saves lives. 

Yet, it remains highly politicized and in the process tens of thousands of people are being denied access to it by the FDA while Dr. Fauci refuses to acknowledge its benefits.

Both know it works. Why they deny it is something that should be investigated.

As if this isn't bad enough, media and the social media complex censors any doctors speaking on behalf of its benefits.

Which begs the question: Is social media, the FDA and Fauci guilty of adding to deaths of people who could have been saved? 


Time For Teachers To Stand Up For Students

I've not been impressed with teachers.

From the onset, they've been the biggest proponents of keep schools closed while advocating remote learning. This was lest out of concern for the well-being of children (if it were they'd consider the negative impact on their development to which they play a role) and more out of personal concern. Which is understandable.

But of all the group of people who should assert some critical thinking it would be teachers.

For years we've been hearing about the hard work they do and that their work never stops. Teacher's unions have made sure the public is hammered with this as they demand to be viewed as professionals while striking for better wages.

Education is just politics by other means now and we see this clearly in North America during this pandemic. 

The claim officials and education are 'following science' is laughable. They're following the bad science that confirms their fears.

And children are paying the ultimate price. They're the ones being disproportionately harmed by all this. 

Not once have I heard people ask about the children. Not one Helen Lovejoy.

It's about me, myself and I.

There was a chance for teachers to really stand out and be leaders. Their usual complaints had fallen on deaf ears with the public in recent years. In the United States, public education is so poor I think it's another form of child abuse. We fare barely better up here.

On 9/11 the men and women serving police and fire departments selflessly ran into danger to certain death. 

Here was a chance for teachers to speak out for children. Instead they protested claiming the government was using them as 'guineas'.

Had they followed the literature from Europe they'd see there's low transmission from children to teachers. That schools are safe to operate without the useless, mind-numbingly terrorizing measures. They had a real chance to show the public their mettle when it counted most and failed.

Courage. Now please. 

Coronavirus Over Reaction: The Die Is Cast?

It's time to talk about precedence. 

The real battle has only begun and that's the fight to untangle all the disinformation and bad science that drove governments and people to panic and enact draconian measures some of which have never been tested or tried in history.

New strains of viruses surface every 10 or 20 years (think Hong Kong and Russian flu) yet we've never shut down economies or quarantined healthy people. The odd part about the lockdown - among many irrational reasons - is that we forced people to stay in. Where viruses do their most damage. We told people not to go outside. Which is what we should have done.

Then we jumped on this ridiculous mask parade to 'stop the spread'. I've discussed this ad nausem here and will just reiterated that can't be proven and masks don't work based on randomized, controlled studies. New studies have not been able to refute the large body of evidence that concludes this fact.

On two fronts the public was misled through endless propaganda, ads and medical practitioners who pimp out pseudoscience. 

Not sure how? Don't have the interest or time to read the studies? It's ok. one way to know there's no science to back up their claims is just observe how they talk. They always rely on emotional lingo as opposed to hard scientific facts and data. The other useful thing to remember is to look for words like 'may' or 'can' or 'could' or 'suggest' in media article. As in , 'masks may lead to herd immunity'. 

The main bad precedences we've set - both rooted in bad science - are the lockdowns, masks and contact tracing. The trifecta of a civil liberties abuse. Even the WHO didn't recommend these measures citing they're not necessary and impractical.  Why they switched deserves and demands an explanation. We know the WHO is a complete mess now influenced by China. The question is how do we deal with this relationship moving forward?

And now we know they don't work.

We've never gone this far  before. We've never outright ignored established like we have.

This is troubling onto itself but we continue to double down. All we're set to accomplish is to psychologically traumatize and anger people. 

Is this the 'new science' where every single season we mask up, social distance, divide our world with plexiglass and shut down?

It's irrational superstition. It's embracing the fog of fear.

We've misread the data and misapplied measures every step of the way and still officials project with failed models. It was nothing but a panic. What happens if we have a mild flu fall? They begin to scare people for the winter? They should not be letting people live like this. It's not a life waiting around in masks for a vaccine.

The virus is simply not as lethal was first thought. It's indeed racing towards behaving like the flu and other coronaviruses. I don't even know if it met Koch's Postulates. Has it been isolated and determined it causes Covid-19?

A virus doesn't care about policies. We've scapegoated and destroyed industries only to now shift towards homes (which always was and always be the mains source of transmission as we know from the common cold and flu). Do officials back off? Nope. They threaten to come door to door. The choose to shadow box with a virus that's likely been swirling since August of 2019 and we've probably have more resistance to it than we think. It's just putting the finishing touches in the living room where it plans to hang out for good. So we'd better learn to accept and live with it - sans vaccine.

The pure nonsensical behavior of Australia, the UK, the United States and Canada (led by Quebec and Ontario) is going to be studied for years to come. 

They stole people's right to a living. Ontario now has curfews. Even the way masks are used in a community setting if one cares to observe carefully condemns it to failure as all randomized, controlled studies have always warned. It's a challenge in medical settings imagine in society at large. In other words, it has no impact at all because in order for it to work you need to NEVER touch it, dispose of it properly in a biohazard built unit, be in constant use, and with over 80% compliance.

On what planet are all this public officials to think this is remotely feasible? 

How does any of this make sense? 

Once this settles, the true work begins. Disentangling the mess the media and public officials have made. We will have to work hard to ensure we avoid such dramatic responses. We need to be wiser next time around.

Nor should they be able to get away with any kind of 'what we didn't know!' excuses. We can give them March and maybe April. But once the data came in they refused to evolve with it and insisted on doubling down acting like it was still March. By that point, it was sheer fear and incompetence driving their irresponsible decrees. 

History must drop the hammer on them for it.

We're at the Rubicon. Let's not cross it.

*Depicted. Dr. Vera Etches Medical Officer of Health for Ottawa. An image of hysterical pseudoscience personified. If she behaves this way, then it's no secret why we're mired in this rut. 


Depiction of public officials at work:


Teachers/ pidddy


The Pandemic Is Over; A New Crisis Has Emerged: The Rise of the Police State

Highly distressing scene from Germany. A doctor protesting the country's restrictions was arrested prior to addressing the crowd.

The government is now out to threaten people.

From the comments:

It's just to flatten the curve.

It's just 6 feet. It's just a mask. It's just non-essential businesses. It's just 2 weeks. It's just to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed. It's just restaurants and bars. It's just until the numbers of cases are reduced. It's just a few months. It's just a little inflation. It's just until we get a vaccine. It's just to let others know you're safe to be around. It's just a blood test. It's just a few job losses. It's just a little microchip. It's just an app for your phone. It's just so you can leave your home. It's just so you can travel. It's just so you can vote. It's just groups larger than 6. It's just so you can enter a grocery store. It's just after 10pm. It's just another 6 months. It's just our liberty, being taken away, piece by piece, and it's just according to plan. If you think these "lockdowns" and restrictions are about a virus, you haven't been paying attention."


I'm pleading to people: WAKE UP. The cases are driven by a lot of false positives. The virus is not as lethal as perceived.

Of course youtube removed the video. Sign of the times indeed.


Canada's Approach Is Wrongheaded And Doomed To Fail; UK Tries Unreliable Mass Testing Based On Bad Science. What can go wrong?

All it will accomplish is to continue to install fear and angst in people.

This virus is not lethal and restrictive measures will NOT work.

An Open Letter from Belgian doctors and citizens that worked. 

Canada needs to mobilize. Trudeau, Ford and Legault are running Canada into the ground based on BAD SCIENCE.

Their thinking is backwards. They claim excessive measures will stop the spread and therefor avoid lockdowns to keep the economy going.

Lockdowns should not even be considered a viable strategy at this point.

What they're on the path to doing is to continue the slaughter of civil liberties and economic activities. In other words, their thoughtless actions will have the opposite effect.

People. If you haven't seen enough from the first round of lockdown madness and its horrible impacts you need to pay closer attention.


And what worries me is the precedence being set here. We need to reign this national psychosis in. The coronavirus is simply not dangerous enough for us to lose everything we've built in terms of our freedoms and our economic health. Equally troubling is the negative consequences to our overall intellectual and mental health.

They have lit a match and set our civilization ablaze.


Case in point is the UK's mad plan to test 1 million people a day even while acknowledging the test will produce massive false positives. 

"All tests generate some false positives and . The consequence of high false negative rates are most serious in symptomatic people who can transmit disease while  become a problem when individuals and their contacts have to self-isolate unnecessarily. Even with a specificity of 99%, government proposals to do ten million tests a day, will generate tens of thousands of false positive results, causing unnecessary but legally enforced isolation of both cases and contacts with potentially damaging consequences for the UK economy and for civil liberties."

It's a national tragedy waiting to happen as per BMJ and other sources. They're experimenting on people and we should all be concerned for what's about to likely happen in the UK.

A nation with a proud scientific legacy has now fallen to superstition and panic.

Canada would be wise to whistle past the grave. Ignore any policy ideas from the UK. It's human poison. A majority of Britons support the lockdowns. They can't be helped at this point. 


Lack of transparency is a feature here in Canada. The difference between American and Canadian transparency is at least in the USA it's all in the open for the most part. You just have to search it out or ask for it. Not perfect but you can get a lot of information. Even during the Coronavirus it's much easier to gain access to readily available information.

It's much more of a challenge in Canada. It runs like a private old boys network and you ain't in it. 

Both countries have obscene corruption levels and it has been allowed to go on unchecked. Perhaps it's time for a reset. But it only starts when people become aware and care.

And so it is with the vaccines. We just don't have enough information to make an informed decision. There's not only a lack of communication between state and citizens but a lack of trust as well.

This is bound to foster skepticism and cynicism.

They've bungled every step of the way for the pandemic with measures that had little impact on the spread but a massive one on the society at large that had nothing to do with the virus.

They continue to be blinded as they pour extraordinary energy and resources into a virus that is simply not lethal. 

A survival rate well north of 99% does NOT demand these continued draconian 'concepts'.

And my guess (and hope really) is for the virus to weaken to a point where the vaccines may not even be necessary. 

Our governments have conditioned people to believe in the vaccine. This is foolish.

But foolish people make decisions.

We can but hope the damage is limited. 

Or Roy Rogers comes in and saves us all.

Yipee ki-yay motherfuckers! 


Quebec Foolishly Edges Back To Failed Strategies; Legault Pummels Quebec With Hysterics

All I asked for Christmas is to live in a place where it was governed by people who wouldn't hang out with the wrong crowd emulating their habits.

What do we get?

A government that copies the wrong places. 

We have no been able to extricate ourselves from the idea this virus is like March. 

It isn't.

Since March the virus has changed its character and course.

But what do you expect from a public Health Minister who attacked with lies an expert like Dr. Rosenberg?

Everything they said to discredit Dr. Rosenberg was political bull shit.

Legault, Dube, Arruda.

The faux-calme cavalier manner to which Legault speaks is troubling. His social engineering machinations is an exercise in futility and one on which could seriously damage the psyche of a people.

Masks are the ultimate symbol of submission. One rooted in a foul merger of false virtue and bad science.

These three people are irresponsible public servants laying the tracks for more draconian measures. Trade-offs that WE KNOW have had drastic and tragic consequences.

Legault is treading a very fine line at the moment as the science doesn't back up his micro-managing of life. Th bottom line is this virus is not a lethal virus and really doesn't justify the continued state of hysterical fear the government keeps playing and preying on. 

Legault should perhaps lay off the cavalier manner in which he casually inserts words like 'CONCEPTS' not NPI measures. That latest 'concept' being 'bubbles' to public officials.

I can't stress enough how foolish it is to threaten the well-being of a society based on junk science and 'what if' scenarios.

This is quackery. Cases onto themselves DO NOT justify the latest demands we stay home if not necessary. This is how we got into this mess in the first place! 

The idea we're just going to continue this imbecilic charade indefinitely hoping the vaccine comes is just about the most irresponsible and unwise thing you can do! Is the government giving pause to the possibility the vaccines may not work or come any time soon? Are we not better off to just keep going and  not conditioning people to think the vaccine will 'save' the day?

Now they have resurrected the 'flatten the curve' line. Remember that? 15 days to flatten the curve? California still hasn't opened PLAYGROUNDS.

They didn't give us back our lives which shouldn't be theirs to take to begin with. They stole our liberties. DON'T FALL FOR IT AGAIN.

I have lost confidence. 

Folks. It's time for peaceful civil disobedience. They won't stop. They've invested too much into this strategy. They're too arrogant to pivot or think with any courageousness. All they know is to compel and dictate. And they do that because they are clueless. Enough of this.

JUST LOOK AT THIS GRAPH and try and tell me they're justified. This looks suspiciously like, well, flu season. I could be wrong:

We're on a Zero-Covid path. Which means loss of civil liberties.

I hold out the birth and science will eventually prevail but in the meantime I get the feeling it will be a fight and more stress and angst is on the table.


This is wisdom: Who in Quebec speaks this way other than doctors who are silenced by Les Ordres des Medecins? Dr. Rosenbeerg has and look what happened. Dr. Weiss is another. We need more. And quick.