Mexico Elected A Socialist; America Needs To Secure Its Border

What is it with Latino/South American countries and their hard-on fetish for socialism?

How much destruction do they want to endure before they get it?

How much more evidence do they need that going left is outdated and dangerous?

America better get its act together on immigration and the border....fast because if Venezuela is any indication of what's to come, watch out.

Build a wall. 


Book Burning By Other Means From The Progressive Left

The latest victim?

Laura Ingalis Wilder.

Author of Little House on the Prairie for 'stereotypical attitudes'.

The book was written in...the 19th century.

Please allow me to try and get into the head of the remedial modern progressive's head.


'I'm so tired of people giving a past to white authors just because they wrote those books a long time ago. They were ignorant by our standards and so it's justified to censor their books because what matters is how it corrodes the youths of today!'

A variation in the context of progressives applauding the Red Hen for kicking Sanders out.

'Sanders knew what she was doing going to work for literally Hitler. A literal monster. That makes her a monster. My animus passing off as virtue trumps common civility and she deserved to get her fat ass kicked out.'

Where they demanded a Christian baker in a private business setting bake a cake for a gay couple who were free to go elsewhere and later applauded their subsequent bankruptcy, they suddenly discover the idea of 'freedom of association' and the right of private companies to do as they see fit.

Always worth reminding. The DNC leadership is calling for a mob rule mentality. They're asking their supporters to go out an 'fight' by publicly confronting Trump officials. If Maxine Waters (she's some piece of work) and Bernie Sanders think this is appropriate against elected officials (I guess it never occurred to them the concept of 'what goes around, comes around'), imagine what they believe or have in store for regular people - including their own supporters. Left-wing organisms are notoriously infamous for turning on each other.

Just another example of why Americans have to fight to protect the 2A at all cost.

I have it on good authority conservative snowflakes are just as bad.

I musta missed the list of books conservatives have been banning and censoring over the past few years.

The truth?

The progressive left has been doing all the banning.


No exception.

Memory hole. Incinerators.


It's all the same.

Brave New World. 1984, Fahrenheit 451.

They add up to progressive ideals.


It gets better and weirder.

Math and SJW go hand in hand. 

It's your duty to mix the two.

You feel that 90 degree angle triggers you because 90 is the number of times you were dropped as a child on your head? Then make it 89 or 91! Engineering is a patriarchal social construct anyway.


Meet Liberal party member Mark Elyas.

Nice guy. Very tolerant liberals are famous for.

Him, De Niro, Waters, Sanders....they should all get a table at the Red Hen.

Elyas. You're just an asshole.

German Auto Makers First To Relent On Tariffs

Trump is 'crazy'.

He was going to start a nuclear war! Instead, North Korea came to the peace table.

He is starting a trade war! Instead, the EU came to its senses.


Two reasons. One, the deals in place DID benefit those countries more than the USA. Two, those were trade deals negotiated during the Cold War and had the extra dimension of American military protection built into it.

Now it's time to revisit and examine those deals.

The U.S. is absolutely correct in asking for a do over.

The Virtuous Ignorants

I was thinking about the story of the owner of the Red Hen asking "politely" Sarah Huckabee Sanders leaving her restaurant and a couple of things became apparent to me.

The first was the unfortunate loss of common civility in a pluralist society. The progressive left talks a lot about 'civil' behaviour and discourse but don't seem to want to put into actual practice.

Another is sudden support for a private business owner to do as they see fit in their establishment. I say sudden because the left weren't all that supportive of Christian bakers not wanting to bake a cake for gay customers out of religious conviction. There, they were comfortable with the destruction of a person's livelihood because they didn't bow to the ideals of the left.

Then I read about how millennials would prefer to date a convicted felon than Donald Trump or that their socialist savior Bernie Sanders is a millionaire socialist or that a university professor had the unmitigated gall to insult our intelligence with this piece of outright retarded propaganda flouting truth on Venezuela or campus segregation.

To say nothing of companies jumping on the bandwagon.


They're calling for people to attack elected officials. How can this possibly end well for the DNC?

Over immigration?!

We knew the only place from their hysterics was eventually a call to outright violence and I can't see how what Sanders is asking isn't a subtle provoking idiots into violence.


This is when it hit me.

What drives these people is an over-inflated sense of their own virtuousness.

It permits them to pass judgment on what they perceive to be injustice and, well, just go bat shit over it because they have virtue in oozes. And don't expect them to consider the facts of a story so as to keep perspective thus keeping a measured response.

So, for example, with immigration, it doesn't matter that Obama deported a record number of illegal immigration (in of itself destructive for families). It's better to focus on one part of the story - Trump hates babies - so they can show how virtuous they are.

Hence, you get from the average WaPo comment 'Sanders deserved to be kicked out because she serves a liar who lacks compassion.'

See how easy that is?

Somehow I doubt if this involved an Obama appointee, they'd look at it that way. They'd be a little more nuanced I trust.

If you don't know the story of Barabbas you should. We're seeing a modern version of it play out. The people would prefer to let a 'notorious prisoner go - people who break the law (or date felons) -  as long as they stick to Trump thus leaving Jesus imprisoned.

'Give us Barrabbas!'

The virtuous are the persecutors. They're the censurers and confiscators.

I'm not saying Trump is Jesus.

What I'm saying is the moral compass used by the progressive left is broken.



Know The Alternative Medicine Jargon

"...One of my favourite essays describes some of the tactics used by SCAM advocates to promote their services.
Treat a non-existent condition: There’s nothing better than treating a condition the patient doesn’t even have. From the chiropractor’s subluxation to the acupuncturist’s chi blockage, these diagnoses are made up by the practitioner, and have no basis in reality.
Maintenance treatment: Persuade the patient who is healthy that they need “maintenance” treatments to stay healthy, such as IV vitamin infusions or the chiropractor recommending regular adjustments for spinal alignment. To the worried well, this may sound attractive, but it isn’t based on any objective benefit.
Things must get worse before they get better: Patients may feel nothing, or even worse, after a SCAM treatment. Practitioners may describe this as a “healing crisis”, an imaginary phenomena. In the case of conditions that are chronic or wax and wane, the practitioner can attribute worsening to the “healing crisis” and claim any improvement as evidence of effectiveness.
A cure takes a long time: To continue SCAM treatments despite a lack of any improvement is hard to justify on medical grounds, but practitioners make this claim routinely.
The problem is due to conventional medicine: With a nod to the conspiracy theories that are endemic to SCAM, problems are often blamed on conventional medicine. You see this routinely in harms or circumstances attributed to therapies like vaccines.
Detox: A marketing slogan and not an actual treatmentCAM proponents claim detox will rid the bodyof non-specified “toxins” that conventional medicine fails to acknowledge or treat.
The test of time: Some SCAMs have been around for hundreds of years (or more). SCAM advocates point to this long history of use as evidence of safety and effectiveness. Ernst points to bloodletting as a treatment with a long history of use that was appropriately discarded when the human body became better understood.
Energy: Energy is one of those terms that means whatever the SCAM practitioner wants it to mean, but it’s usually a proxy for “vital force“. Energy just sounds more scientific. While vitalism has been discarded by science-based medicine, it’s at the root of many SCAMs, like naturopathy.
Stimulating the immune system: Demonstrating rather startling ignorance of immunity, SCAM“stimulation” is a placebo. Moreover, it’s probably something we wouldn’t want to do, if we could."

France And Germany: EU Shit Disturbers Clinging To Unpopular Policies

Among the more irksome countries in the EU, France and Germany have to be on top of the list. Yeh, the UK is treacherous with its obscene crack on free speech and immoral behaviour towards citizens in matters of health and law and order, but they're doing it mostly to themselves. Hopefully, sanity will one day be restored to what was once a proud island that contributed much to world history.

But as it stands, we can but watch from afar in disappointment.

France and Germany on the other hand not only have visions of what the EU should be, but are willing to cause friction forcing other countries to see it their way.

Both countries are increasingly butting heads with a number of countries including Italy, Austria, Hungary and Poland.

The main source? Migration and immigration.

Where the latter group has decided they've taken in enough and have taken this as far as they can, the former say it's not enough and demand for more.

Austria has warned Merkel that it will not accept her incredulously holding on to her 'open borders' policy and will follow in the footsteps of Hungary and Italy.

France has even taken it a step further engaging in their usual duplicitous manner. For example, where the complain about Trump's tariff threats (going as far as to laughably call for a G6 without the United States), they push for protectionism in the EU. Or to sanction EU countries who don't bow to France's appeals on migration.

Not content with that, France decides it's a good idea to poke the new Italian government over its restrictionist policies over immigration raising the ire, understandably, of the Italians provoking PM Salvani to assert:

"If for the arrogant President Macron this is not a problem, we invite him to stop insulting and to show instead some concrete generosity by opening up France's many ports and letting children, men and women through at Ventimiglia," he said in a statement, referring to the northeastern Italian town at the border with France."

Forget The Noise There Have Been Successes Under Trump

One can quibble on some mentioned but what's impressive is he's doing it with an obscenely hostile media, DNC and little support from his own party. Never mind the constant childish rantings from celebrities and social media.

Above all, he exposed The Swamp - and the IG report all but confirmed there is one.

I especially love what Mike Pompeo is doing with the Iran file*. 

Obama's deal was worse than first thought. Imagine not asking for the release of American prisoners!

*I link to Gatestone in support of them. In addition to it being a good article, they've been the target of hit pieces from 'fake news' organizations like NBC. 

Ullman's Woke Support Group: Touche

Tracy Ullman is severely under appreciated as a comedian. If it weren't for her show back in the late 80s and early 90s, The Simpsons may never had gotten its break.

I'm just glad she's still kicking around and not bit by the PC/SJW virus that has plagued so many moronic celebrities.

Her latest 'Woke support-group' is what I'd expect from her.

It's a shame life is unfair, what, with actors like Amy Schumer hogging the fame and getting movie deals without much original or stand out content to back up such accolades.

Life isn't fair as we know.

Where muh equality of outcome!

Progressives Need To Invest In Mirrors

The side that screams 'tolerance' and 'civil discourse' strike again.

There's no side to take. Common decency is all but gone.

These same people probably suddenly believe private operators have the right to do as they please with their business (and they do)....cough bake a cake for gays!

In any event, this has less to do with principles and everything to do with principals.

'Democracy requires principled government' reads a sign in front of the Red Hen.

They didn't seem to mind the unprincipled behaviour of Barack Obama though, eh? Are these people for real? How would they have liked it if one of Obama's appointees was treated this way for, say, their role in drone killing Americans without due process? I'm guessing they'd refuse to leave, make a scene, scream racism and look to destroy the life of the owner one Ms. Wilkinson:

“I’m not a huge fan of confrontation,” Wilkinson said. “I have a business, and I want the business to thrive. This feels like the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold their morals.”

I got my point across in a polite and direct fashion,” Wilkinson said. “I explained that the restaurant has certain standards that I feel it has to uphold, such as honesty, and compassion, and cooperation…I said, ‘I’d like to ask you to leave.’ ”
I told a stranger who I don't know she's morally inferior to me and I treated her like shit because I have an inflated, faux-righteous ego. They've politicized everything. 

Any one not corroded by politics will not accept what she did. It truly does say more about them than it does about Sarah Huckabee Sanders. 

As a business owner myself, I would never treat someone in this manner regardless of politics. The idea that it's deserved because of immigration is absurd. They never cared when Obama deported record number of illegal immigrants. But separating kids from their families is a bridge too far for them? The idea too that Trump is anti-gay is also rather intriguing given he's been nothing but supportive of them for the most part. Obama wasn't....until it was safe to do so. Remember when he 'evolved' on the issue?

Perhaps Wilkinson would consider opening up her own home and foster one of the children affected?

Progressives seriously need to look up the definition of 'cognitive dissonance'. 

Ignorant beyond belief and now beyond the pale.


Have you heard or read a single, thoughtful opinion or essay as to considering  why Trump was elected?


Note To Blogger And Google

I keep getting notices from both on blog and don't understand a single thing they're saying; including the recent compliance rules with the pain in the asses who run the totalitarian European Parliament.

Those forums are more confusing than anything. And it's not like there's a 1-800 one can call.

Can you please speak in non-tech jargon for the love of God?

Daily Derp: The Long Derp Home

These derp links go back a while. Still worth a peek though. It takes over my entire site but whatever. I gotta get these out. Keep watching those #walkaway videos.


Canadian housing market is a troubling bubble.


The cocky-smug Morneau should step down.


Native Americans calling out Warren's claim of Cherokee heritage.


Richard Eskow who worked for Bernie Sanders made a strange claim on The Jimmy Dore Show not too long ago. He alleged Sanders 'raised $228 million without a single corporate donor.'

But this is simply not true. A simple look at his donors from Open Secrets shows seven major corporations gave to him including Alphabet Inc. (a conglomerate), Microsoft, Apple and Boeing.

Unless they think those are corporations, I'm at a loss to explain this strange assertion. Watch it here.



Plastic bags best for the environment:
You must reuse a regular cotton bag 7,100 times to make it better for the environment
Organic cotton bag needs 20,000 reuses
Paper needs 43 reuses

New Danish EPA analysis


Media! Faux News!

Except Newsweek.


Every time I see a retraction, funny, it always seems to be liberal publications not Fox.


That's some pension! 285k for a sanitize worker.


Planned Parenthood is that you?

"The Alder Hey organs scandal involved the unauthorised removal, retention, and disposal of human tissue, including children’s organs, during the period 1988 to 1995. During this period organs were retained in more than 2,000 pots[note 1] containing body parts from around 850 infants. These were later uncovered at Alder Hey Children's HospitalLiverpool, during a public inquiry into the organ retention scandal."

But progressives promise (cross their heart!) this never happens!


Methinks Judith Nicholson is just engaging in projection.


Yeh, she's totes about justice.



Comment from the internet. I don't know who this person is but take a bow:

“…We now have a CENTRIST government in Europe…”. This illustrates a major pet peeve of mine. I am old enough (68) to know the difference between left, right, and center. The ruling elite and the main stream media have redefined the center. They believe “We cannot possibly be extremist. Therefore, we are centrists and any one who has opposing views is far right.” They then use the term “far right” as a pejorative in order to discredit any dissenting opinions. The nationalists are in fact the centrists who are trying to return the world to sanity and who are trying to preserve their national cultures before they are destroyed. We should not allow the progressive, globalist elites get away with redefining “the center”. Words matter. Words are powerful. Down with doublespeak!”


The ACLU now opposes religious freedom.

Gee, who didn't see this coming?

Gve to the Institute for Justice.


Help find a cure for Trudeau:

It's frightening this man has control over Federal immigration policy. Never mind the social engineering the Liberals are engaging in.

I think there's some truth to them ruining this country.


Breakdown of American philanthropy.


-An interesting part is southern states giving more than North east states as well as California. Similar results among cities. 'Conservative' cities give far more than what are regarded to be liberal ones. That is the 'Bible Belt' (so chided by urban liberals) give more than wealthier liberal cities. Gee, there's a surprise. The divergence is especially telling between Dallas (more traditionally conservative) that gives more than Austin (hipster liberal).
-Democrats have many small donors and Republicans far more larger ones.
-As a percentage of GDP, the USA by far is the most giving nation. Canada is a distant second. But at least we're second. The UK and Italy lead in Europe.


The Liberal inner circle turning on Trudeau? No shit.

I have to admit, I'm starting to agree with the 'he's destroying the country' notion.


Trudeau trying to show fierce independence not working.

That he says Canada won't partake in bombing campaign in Syria was never really a possibility. He's just posturing. Badly.


Youth unemployment rises in South Korea after minimum wage hike.

Sigh....yawn....file under 'Bad ideas that don't die'.


This guy (Damon at The Root) is a very sad and small man.

Maybe I'll compile a list of 'white words black people can't say'.


List of (highly selective and allegedly) politically incorrect songs from a couple of nitwits who clearly don't know much about music or how to read into lyrics.

And how Small Faces/Face/Rod Stewart didn't get on their list only shows how ignorant they are.

Just shut up already. Like that twit who claimed Apu is a stereotype.

Just stop. It's not cool, funny or intellectual. It's just plain lame.

Get over yourself and your culture.


This story about presumably a DNC worker sought advice on how to erase emails sounds like a big deal to me but hey...these days who knows anymore, right?



The patriarchal race to colonize Mars.

From Think online.

Which, strangely, provides  little evidence of any thinking.


UNICEF's child rights campaigner caught....raping child.


A nation deeply divided on gun control.


Aunt Jemima hero.

The story from mises.org.


Oh give it a rest already Kimmel you sanctimonious twat.


Oh well. Obama gave it the ole community organizer try.

"...Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad recently rejected an Israeli demand, relayed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, to remove some 70,000 Iranian long-range missiles that Hezbollah has deployed throughout Syria and are aimed at Israel," according to recent claims made by a pro-Hezbollah outlet in Lebanon.
"Syria and Hezbollah will wage a ‘joint missile campaign' against Israel, and… Iranian experts are ready to launch missiles at Israel from every part of Lebanon and Syria," according to the pro-Hezbollah publication, a translation of which was performed by the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, which monitors radical communications."


FALL OF BRITAIN case # 4050566.

Well, you'd see it but Twitter banned the account.

Now do you get why I hate Twitter, its owners and everyone connected to it?

Go fuck yourself Dorsey and Twitter.

Last I checked, Trump hasn't banned anyone from speaking. Unlike you jerkoffs who hide behind your policy like cowards.

Gee, I wonder who the real threat and enemy of liberty is.

/puts finger to pursed lips.


FISA abuse.


Trudeau and common sense is an oxymoron. That much we know.

His hard ball play against religion is unconscionable.


How about 'mind your damn business?'

It's none of your business, that is, how many kids people choose to have, CBC girl.


Hawaii: Man forgets password, can't war about missile, left blames Trump.


2017 was the year the media retardedly declared war on Trump.

As a result of their irresponsible behaviour, I prefer Trump.


So Conan O'Brien can call a literal shithole like Haiti 'beautiful' and not have his account suspended, eh?

Given the turmoil and tragedy that country is perpetually mired in, it's kinda rich to watch a millionaire liberal say stupid shit like that.

Oh, right. Democrat. Move along. Nothing to see here.

The thing about stunts like that is it does absolutely nothing to help the people of Haiti. But it does help to score some cheap cynical points among his progressive friends.


Massachusetts is soulless. I've read some really horrible stuff about Mary Jo Kopechne. Stories like how the tragedy prevented Ted Kennedy from becoming President.

Imagine thinking and spinning the story this way. My mind can't even conceive of it. Yet, the people of that state lionized Kennedy. That piece of shit not ending up in prison is a travesty of justice.

A coward that is. A middling, weak, selfish coward.

I hope he's burning in hell.

Think of it. The left chose to piss on that poor girl's death.

Personally, I don't know how the Kopechne's didn't go 'Sicilian' on his sorry ass.


Speaking of the left lionizing cowards, corruption and violence, Winnie Mandela died. Except she didn't die. She multiplied according to NPR.

So we can expect corruption and violence to multiply?

“She didn’t die, she multiplied”

Well, progressives and subsistence cultures do 'fucking love' junk science.


South Koreans credit Trump with talks success.

More on North Korea accepting talks here.


Funny how democracy is always dead when they lose. Then they win and it's all a-otay!


Accidental experiment shows superiority of men.


Germans are angry. Protest open borders immigration.

And we don't want to upset the Germans, right?




Newsweek raided as investigation int its finances continue.


Goddammit, someone tricked Colleen into thinking Canadian coins were bitcoins and they strolled out with 4 boxes of Jujubes."

Blockbuster is one of the funnier Twitter accounts.

Let's hope they don't get banned by the assholes who run Twitter.


Yes it's a lie but it's for a good reason!

Ends justifying means and all that?

Abbott and Corbyn doesn't quite have the same comical ring.



Virtue signalling is a helluva drug.

"And what exactly are men being accused of? What is the difference between harassment and assault and “inappropriate conduct”? There is a disturbing lack of clarity about the terms being thrown around and a lack of distinction regarding what the spectrum of objectionable behavior really is. Shouldn’t sexual harassment, for instance, imply a degree of hostility? Is kissing someone in affection, however inappropriately, or showing someone a photo of a nude male torso necessarily predatory behavior?"

...These are scary times, for women as well as men. There is an inquisitorial whiff in the air, and my particular fear is that in true American fashion, all subtlety and reflection is being lost. Next we’ll be torching people for the content of their fantasies."

Yeh I suspect most women are sane regarding the issue. I know my woman is.


How bad is Wynne in Ontario?

Quebec past Ontario for the first time in bond ratings.

Think about that.


The EU is such a dysfunctional, irrational, dystopian cess pool of rules and regulations. Even on this blog I always get notifications about needing to comply with some stupid EU law because they're such a bunch of pussies when it comes to the Internet. Worse than that, I don't even know if I comply because I have no idea what they fuck they're asking.

Pain in the asses.

Germany in particular seems extra crispy retarded about the Internet.

Superior race mon oeil.


/strokes chin.

Hm. Interesting.



Think about the generation of useful idiots the progressive left have created to not only believe this is true, but to actually submit to it.


Filed under": Duh.

The more they fail, the more they're ignored, the more audacious their lies become.

Just be aware of it.


Vote for Vermin Supreme:


First the two Koreas say it's time to negotiate for peace and now the EU is coming around to Trump's trade talk.

World War III. With these two developments you should see by now how poisoned the mainstream press is with their divisive anti-Trumpism.

If there ever was a civil war, the left will have to take most of the blame.


Just an interesting blog take on the fabricated Russier (Russian Dossier).




Yeesh. That's some hubris.


Humboldt Broncos.



The SPLC goes around pushing its weight with lies and media follows like well-trained donkeys.


Get a new shtick already.


It's complicated.

I couldn't care less about people's diets. What grates is them explaining their decision speciously claiming (and lecturing) about how humans weren't meant to eat meat. It's this unsubstantiated 'originalist' pseudo-science rubbish that makes me want to rub a Taradatyl egg in their face.

If you want to argue from the perspective of what we're doing to food, fine. But spare me the history lesson.



Democrat says climate controlled by the Rothchilds. {{{They}}} control everything!

Party of science folks.

Party of science.

Speaking of climate....

Worst case scenarios are bull shit.

Bull shit.


And once again they have eggs on their faces.

"Her story captured national attention, and drew public condemnation from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Toronto Mayor John Tory. In a new statement issued Monday afternoon, Tory said "it is good to know" that no attack actually took place."

Why they open their stupid mouths before an investigation is complete is beyond me. Idiots.

And to believe right off the bat such things is extraordinary to me. It's the same nonsense we just saw with the story at a Starbucks in Philadelphia. Progressives in particular irresponsibly jump to conclusions before any facts are in because they have a faux-outrage narrative to maintain. 

'"We have seen an unfortunate pattern of increased hate crimes in past months directed towards religious minorities, particularly towards women," [Trudeau] said, calling such violence "a warning sign of increased intolerance."'

"[Police spokesman Pugash] stressed it's 'quite rare' for someone to make false allegations of this type, and said he hopes it will not discourage others from coming forward."

Quite rare, my ass. False accusations should be punished much more harshly than they are for the simple reason that not doing so encourages more of them. This is fraud, and the only wonderful thing is that an innocent man's life wasn't flipped upside down because of an eleven year old's lie. Now this girl won't learn any lesson because she didn't even get a figurative slap on the wrist. 


The Seahawks offer a life line and an olive branch to Kaepernick and still he declines.

Yet, he keeps complaining claiming he's blackballed. If he really wanted to play, he would have answered their query. Maybe Colin should just get into activism full time.

Football fans are just not into him or his protests.



Obama is just a progressive who knows damn well once you puncture the 2A, it will lead to the eventual full ban of gun and possible end of the 2A.

The lessons of history are clear.

Fight for the Second Amendment at all cost.


Trump is sooo racist. /derpy prog.


The man who played his own role in making Libya a 'shitshow' says Cameron made it a shitshow.

In other news, cowardly progressive comedians didn't care Obama called Libya a shitshow that he helped to create.


More regulations means more abuse by authorities. Do you really want Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer and Justin Trudeau regulating the internet?



Man, that's awesome humour I miss.


I read a few pages. Interesting.


From 2013. Just because. Since Obama insists on keeping his face in the public eye....remember when he was accused of lying about Syria by a Pulitzer winning journalist?

That was for Friedman and Krugman.






Destroy 'white democracy' and break the law says this sparkling professor.

Albert Ponce....you're an idiot.

And a dangerous at that.

Go clean your room.


"If you're a reader exclusively of the New York Times or the Washington Post or HuffPost or a viewer of the networks, MSNBC or CNN, you would assume not a whole lot was going on in Iran -- some relatively minor disturbances surely, but nothing substantial.  This, although protests have erupted in over 80 Iranian cities.  (Wikipedia only lists 98 in the entire country.)

Exceptions exist, of course, but basically it's almost as if a code of silence were engulfing left-wing media outlets that you would think would be excited by a citizenry liberating -- or even attempting to liberate -- itself from one of the most oppressive, misogynist and homophobic regimes on Earth, one that spreads terror across the globe in the name of its bizarre religious-fascist ideology.
You would think the MSM -- writers, editors and personalities -- would be enthusiastic about such an uprising, opening up their pages and screens to its supporters and even cheering them on.  That's what liberals used to do -- applaud democracy and freedom.

That's what happened before and after the Berlin Wall fell, but it's not happening now.  Now you have the feeling that many in the MSM, conflicted though they may be, deep in their heart of hearts and barely able to admit it to themselves, are rooting for the mullahs to win.  So they are silent.
The reason for this omertà -- or near omertà, to be accurate -- is obvious. The rebellion reflects poorly, to say the least, on Barack Obama."

Never make Obama look bad. Always have his back. He's one of them: Splendidly mediocre.



I like The Daily Beast. Good liberal journalism not afraid of digging for the truth. Here's a story about Seth Abramson:

"...That Abramson has kept playing his “metamodernist” games from his early academic career through his current role as a Trump-Russia  shouldn’t surprise anyone.
As long as Trump is in the White House, people who play with words and stories for position and profit will hold sway over the dreams of those liberals willing to accept about any excuse for the Trump presidency and any claim that it’s about to end that doesn’t involve introspection and an honest accounting of the factors that put him there."




Work requirement for medicaid in the U.S. back on. Trump over turns Obama era restriction.

Anytime any of Obama's policies are erased is a good day for the economy.




New York city sues oil companies.

More environmental irrational madness.
"...Boulderites want the courts to force ExxonMobil and Suncor to pay treble damages for causing too much snow and thus floods in some years, too little snow and thus droughts and poor ski conditions in other years; multiple heat waves in some years, bitter cold in others. They seek unspecified cash for climate adaptation, repair and reparation expenses – and restoration of idyllic conditions of selected past years. 
Their 106-page, 478-paragraph complaint (with scores of sub-paragraphs) alleges that oil companies have committed public and private nuisance, trespass, continued sales of “huge amounts of fossil fuels,” and willful concealment of known harm from those sales – all to the great detriment of Boulder citizens. 
These are the same fuels that saved whales from imminent extinction and gave Boulder and humanity prosperity, technology, health and longevity no one could even imagine when Colorado became a state in 1876. But now they’re suing the companies that have provided reliable, affordable fuels and raw materials that have brought them lights, heat, livelihoods, living standards, and countless products from paints, plastics, pharmaceuticals and fertilizers to skis, ski parkas, and vehicle fuel and asphalt roads to ski areas..."
"...Those assertions now have the unwavering support of an entire industry – the $1.5-trillion-per-year Climate Industrial Complex: politicians, regulators, researchers, industrialists and activists, who protect and advance alarmist claims, promote allegedly “renewable” energy, resist examination and reform, and denounce anyone who questions climate chaos orthodoxy as “planet-threatening climate change deniers....”
"...In fact, a 2016 “Lawyers for Better Business” report said climate lawsuits will soon “dwarf all other litigation in terms of the number of plaintiffs and the timeframe in which it can happen.” It’s likely to become a global industry, “with much bigger damages than seen with tobacco and asbestos.” 
How else will profligate progressive politicians pay for all the welfare programs that keep them in power?"


I have a HUGE problem with politicians calling citizens 'white supremacists' for having a different opinion. It's idiotic and without merit on any grounds.


James Damore lawsuit.

Good luck to him.


It's been so long I don't even remember the name of the person who claimed Trump was 'mentally impaired.'

Aside from projection (and I believe there was a letter written by an American organization representing psychiatrists or psychologists - again, my memory fails me - that basically said, 'cut this shit out you're damaging the profession'), she didn't have a license.

But boy did the media love it.


"...We might be observing the birth of Iranian democracy in the protests of the past few weeks, but it is more likely that we are watching the slow-motion train wreck of a once-great nation in all its gory detail. As I noted in an Asia Times analysis this morning, the most violent protests, e.g. the burning of a police station near Isfahan captured on this video, happened in the boondocks where water has run out. The river that runs through Isfahan, a legendary city of gardens in the desert, literally has run dry. Some Iranian officials warn that tens of millions of Iranians will have to leave their homes for lack of water. The country has used up 70% of its groundwater and its literally drying up major rivers to maintain consumption. It's the worst ecological disaster in modern history...."

We're gonna need a bigger social safety net.

And....forget it. /plays violin



"...Undoubtedly, DT has several overlapping cluster B personality disorders: Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD- which is becoming Malignant) , Anti Social PD (ASPD) & Paranoid PD (he has every hallmark of NPD & meets the criteria) . The behaviors that we see in DT are chronic & extremely deep rooted, cognitive behavioral therapy is form of treatment – because it retrains the mind, perception & cognitive behaviors linked to that. DT’s true self is very fragile & insecure. He had created a “false self “ & a world where anything he says-is true & real because he is so much greater & above everyone- if he thinks it , so it shall be . Everyone is just an extension of him & he can only look at things as they relate to him/his agenda. Possibly he may have a bit of dementia as well….he is unraveling….he fears Mueller investigation will expose him….which most likely he will do anything to prevent….a necrophile….attracted towards death & destruction…a Willingness to kill …….circular thinking is keeping this investigation going round & round in his thoughts…

This sparkling assessment by way of Charles Pierce. In a few years will either look back at this and applaud it for its insightful wit or.....well

Yale psychiatrist who briefed Hill Dems wants to physically restrain President Trump, force him to submit to evaluation, declare him unfit for office. But she worries: 'This really will look like a coup.' You think? From Vox: ow.ly/fdlG30hCyqa

Sounds about right. There's a little Nurse Ratchet in some scholars who let politics cloud their humanity. ****
Party of science:
NEW: Source says expected to issue a statewide ban on plastic bags.




What's this nonsense of progressives calling people 'snowflakes'? The word is meant for SJW millennials and their safe spaces.

Just to show the lack of self-awareness and how their ability to misrepresent reality knows no bounds, they've taken to calling conservatives under attack on campuses and social media as 'snowflakes'.

Apparently we have to take their shit.


"Following swift action from Maine House Democrats on the last day of the legislative session, there will be no Female Genital Mutilation ban in the Pine Tree State.After months of pretending they wanted to stop the barbaric ritual child abuse of FGM, the Democrat caucus showed their true colors on the issue late Wednesday night."
It was worth a second link.

I think she got it right. Montreal has major problems.

Reported in Journal de Montreal 45 000 tickets; 20 00 given away; 5 0000 sold.

That and a two-day $1.5 million party.

Good riddance.


She's all projection that power hungry wench.


Clowns. And by clown, I mean the opportunist Al Gore.



'Mapping the Swamp'. It's worse than you think.


California dreaming becomes a nightmare under Democrat rule.


You think that Fresno professor is an exception?

I don't think so.

Check this San Fran exec out.

Lotsa mediocre people are in positions of power I tell ya.



NYT doesn't engage in 'fake news' to suit their narratives.




What's happening to Canada's defense spending? With a response from the Defence Minister Sajjan.


Path to becoming a CEO.


Ostensibly grown man needs to grow up.


Do undocumented workers (ie illegal immigrants) abuse welfare? Well, first you need to be eligible - of which they're not. But their offspring are.


War on women. More Democrat projection.


Party of science continues to impress us all with their 'fucken love of science':

“The prospect is 3 billion people on this planet will be subject to fatal lethal heat events – 3 billion – and 1 billion will be subjected to vector diseases that they’re not now subject to now,” he said. “This is a horror.

California and Jerry Brown doing God's science work.


Forget Trump's wall. Hillary erected some herself too.


Swedish women tries to make a point about refugees. Gets raped for her troubles.

File under: Useful Idiots.

Advice: Don't be a useful idiot.


Honest liberals:

Democratic Party will implode politically once Russia story backfires. Democrats are one giant Rachel Maddow tax segment.

Yet, Maddow's ratings are up. Go figure.


Trump at the time of this article repealed 11 legacy items by Obama.


The left is losing it about Trump calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas at a Native American.

Good. She deserves to be called out.


California continues its descent into progressive madness. Wants to ban books written by ex-gays.


Why isn't this a bigger story?

"Mysterious radioactive spikes are being found across Europe – and nobody quite knows why.
Iodine-131, a man-made radioactive material, is being found in small amounts across the continent. It was found in northern Norway early in January, according to officials, but has been gradually moving across the rest of Europe ever since."

The Democrats are treasonous and lawless:

Incredibly thankful for the determination of Leandra English, the rightful Acting Director of @CFPB

Best response:

For someone who grew up steeped in the fractious history of England—especially the Civil War, the Act of Settlement, the Jacobites, the Glorious Revolution—there is no sentence more funny and more sad than “the rightful Acting Director of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.”

Time for the Ole Yeller treatment.


Roger Waters. Truth to power.

Johnny Rotten has more sense.

"I really resent the presumption that I'm going there to play to right-wing Nazi jews," he tells me. "If Elvis-fucking-Costello wants to pull out of a gig in Israel because he's suddenly got this compassion for Palestinians, then good on him. But I have absolutely one rule, right? Until I see an Arab country, a Muslim country, with a democracy, I won't understand how anyone can have a problem with how they're treated."


'Little Pink House' is the story of the heroes of New London, Connecticut who had their houses destroyed by government officials and developers.

Just awful.


Guess who!


Hope for migraine sufferers.

I'm one of them.


Is black political power over rated? To the extent communities can achieve economic power without it, it seems likely that it is.

“Between 1940 and 1950, black poverty rates fell by as much as 40 percent. Between 1940 and 1970, the number of blacks in middle-class professions quadrupled. Keep in mind that was before affirmative action programs.”
Dr. Williams was largely reacting to a video posted by Manhattan Institute scholar Jason Riley on PragerU. “The fact that political success is not a requirement for socio-economic success — and indeed may have an opposite effect — doesn’t apply only to blacks,” Dr. Williams notes. “American Jews, Italians, Germans, Japanese and Chinese attained economic power long before they had political power.”
“By almost any measure of socio-economic success, Japanese and Chinese are at or near the top. Riley asks, ‘How many prominent Asian politicians can you name?’ By contrast, Irish-Americans have long held significant political power yet were the slowest-rising of all immigrant groups.”
Do you have Republican friends?

Tolerant, huh? I especially like the girl who admits she's not politically informed but still goes ahead and says she doesn't have any.

Q – “Do you have any Republican friends”
A – *crinkle nose look of disgust* Noooooo! 
Q – “Why not?”
A – “Because I am open minded.”
That's what I call an Insular urbanite bubble.

I'm almost positive it's just not the same type of thinking among conservatives. 


"The psalmist tries to understand reality in contrast to the progressive who decides what virtue is to be and re-evaluates the past accordingly. They are two points of view and ways of thinking, with Marxism winning the argument  -- at least in the academy, the media and entertainment -- through most of the 20th century. But in the 21st century, first slowly but with gathering speed the Internet has collapsed the Narrative and laid bare the corruption of Hollywood, politics and the media. For the first time in a century, the assumption progressives are a uniquely moral people pursuing a virtuous enterprise is impossible to sustain."

"...With George Washington declared a racist, along with Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, and Teddy Roosevelt, there is no refuge from absurdity. Marx's heirs, having freed themselves from moral restraints, have ridiculously proceeded to construct an elaborate system of mores governing every aspect of life. There are now PC formulas for bathrooms, transgender forms of address, Halloween costumes, sexual behavior, speech, food choices, energy consumption, transportation and even mathematics, just to name a few. Among the innumerable rules of virtue there's even a sacrament of penance, to which Harvey Weinstein has subscribed, declaring his intention to atone for his reported sexual assaults by fighting the NRA."

Exactly. They are indeed losing the plot. Which is why they're lashing out kicking and screaming. They can't seem to rise to the challenge of debate. Probably because their world view is no longer resonating and relies on too much government force and other agents of tyranny to succeed. It can't appeal to a free and open reasoned mind. 

I would add we now have enough data to examine progressive policies after 100 years.

And the results, it can be argued in many areas like education, are under whelming.


As a whole? In my view? I disagree.

You don't need the public sector to fund you or your ideas.

Not sure why he's so high on tax dollars funding private interest.


TDS is infecting journalism but sometimes the truth and objectivity has its way of acting as a cure.

CBC ombudsman agrees there was unprofessional bias at play here.

Good for them.


More projection from Democrats. Turns out Obama never paid the girl (the face of the failed Obamacare website) for her services. Worse, she's Colombian!

Isn't exploitation of workers and immigrants the exclusive property of monocled libertarians and Republicans?


No one benefits when standards are lowered for identity politics.


A couple of infuriating anti-Semitic and unhinged political correctness articles.

Yes, Israel - a democracy - is totes like Iran. Idiot.

"German judge Wolfram Sauer, who ruled last week in Frankfurt that Kuwait Airways can bar an Israeli passenger from flying on the Gulf country’s airline because of his nationality, juxtaposed the Jewish state with the US classified state-sponsors of terrorism, Iran and North Korea, to justify his legal decision."

Quite the little racist prick Woflie is, eh?

Nice girl:

"You can’t ask me questions though," said the Palestinian student. "I’m not going to have a conversation with you. Those are my guiding principles."

I don't think she understands what 'principles' mean.

She's filled with hate and intolerance.

The ArchBishop of Canterbury is woke.

And by woke, I mean lost.

Love the comments pasting his puerile take on why Christians support Trump.

Maybe because the progressive movement has set the country (heck, the continent) off track and are acting completely unhinged?


The Huffington Post takes down article by award winning journalist Joe Lauria on Russigate. I found it here via Zero Hedge.

Someone at Huffington took it for granted the DNC wasn't the culprit. And when it was revealed they were indeed behind this scam, they yanked it like the good DNC lap dogs they are.


White Devils at Florida Gulf Coast.

What is it with sociology departments and their broken woke thinking?

I love how they think they're being "provocative" to the extent in the assumption they're right.

Instead what you get is:

"Some San Diego State University students are undergoing what organizers acknowledge is a “disturbing” series of “sensory experiences” in an attempt to drive out students’ prejudicial tendencies and help make them less oppressive."

Progressives are pure evil. Example 49596977/


Fordham's finest thinks 'White Christianity' = racism.

Like it doesn't exist anywhere else.

Here's the truth: Western Christianity is nothing in comparison to other religions and societies when it comes to hate, bigotry and racism.



One of the negative impacts of Obama and Hilary's destabilization of Libya was to cause a mass migration in the Europe putting sever stress on Mediterranean countries like Italy, Greece and Spain.

Another is equally tragic. Africans being sold as slaves.

But Obama was 'dignified' they say.


Some students can think critically.


The dis and miseducation of millennials.


Poppers Paradox.

"...Of course the silent majority of university students, professors, and taxpayers who fund these courses are not as ideologically invested as their radical colleagues. But the silent majority are also usually irrelevant, as the history of humanity illustrates. In the Soviet Union, the majority of the Russian civilians were not Stalinists nor were most of the Chinese civilians hardcore Maoist Red guards. Today in the West, intersectional departments are acting as commissars who are attempting to set the terms of the debate. They are increasingly framing opposition to their ideas as violence against their personhood. In select institutions, gullible administrators are adding fuel to the fire by actually paying students to monitor each other for micro-aggressions and other markers of ideological impurity."


Source of the Russian Dossier all fabricated.

The Washington Examiner reported that “FBI and Justice Department officials have told congressional investigators in recent days that they have not been able to verify or corroborate the substantive allegations of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign outlined in the Trump dossier.”


Those plastic bans? The pollution comes from just 10 rivers.

Banning them is a little like a jurisdiction enact a law based on what happens elsewhere even though it has nothing to do with the jurisdiction. Hence, it's condemned to fail.


I think it, if you read between the lines, it was pretty obvious it was an unprovoked malicious attack on Rand Paul by a nut job.


UBI and the threat of tyranny.

Finland just abandoned it.

It won't work if you don't reform or get rid of the welfare system.

You can't have both.

In any event, here's a more thoughtful view of it.


A bioethicist's job is to justify murder. Specifically, they come up with philosophical frameworks to make palpable to people about why killing certain humans is needed in the interest of human progress and science.

"It’s beyond the pale and goes to show we can rationalize anything (in this case human suicide and probably murder because what this mentality leads to is…camps. For example, a Hitler for the environment backed by ‘science’.)"
“I am certainly not arguing that we should shame parents, or even that we’re obligated to have a certain number of children. As I’ve said elsewhere, I don’t think there is a tidy answer to the challenging questions of procreative ethics. But that does not mean we’re off the moral hook. As we face the very real prospect of catastrophic climate change, difficult — even uncomfortable — conversations are important. Yes, we should discuss the ethics of making babies with care and respect; but we should discuss it.”
But we should shame them and kill the kids. To be sure….and safe.
“Travis Rieder, Ph.D, is the Assistant Director for Education Initiatives, Director of the Master of Bioethics degree program and Research Scholar at the Berman Institute of Bioethics.”
To add to what I said above:

Bioethics. The art of finding ways by psychopaths or sociopaths to murder in the interest of science and faux-morality. See England and NHS.

Hey man, stop having kids for the environment. If not, sorry, we'll just have to stop you - or worse.

Hey man, we tried to reason with the 'alt-right' and 'racists'. They just won't listen and Facebook and Twitter aren't taking censorship seriously (we believe in free speech! but come on there are limits as we define them!) and we need to...punch them. Or kill them. Or assassinate Presidents we *think* have 'emboldened' misgoynsys.

Hello. Do you even social justice for humans and the environment?

So goes their irrational illiberalism.


Marx was antisemitic. And modern progressives only follow the cue.


I don't remember what this Tweet was but I had scribbled 'the rebellious spirit is still alive'.

Which means the censorious jerk offs at Twitter suspended the account.


I hope Twitter fails and its owners become squeegee representatives.

Twevil. That's what I'm gonna call them from now own.



The Washington Post had to put one of their own in leave for getting too liberal-chummy. Janelle Ross is the latest progressive to show us all what objectivity means.


How the Chinese view Trump:


Every once in a while TNR reawakens.

Whaaa? Stalin starved the Ukraine? The dude that killed tends of thousands of people per month?

Come. On!


I see. Now, Canada wants the USA to be stricter on immigration? I thought Trudeau feels it should be all lovey-dovey? 


Why Amazon isn't a monopoly and shouldn't be broken up.


White supremacists are out at Twitter. What about the progressive left-wing racist?

I want to believe their censorious behaviour will in fact come with consequences.


Once the veil was removed; the mask taken off this is the face of the NYT.

The Times have a most grotesque history of praising the worst man had to offer.


Non-citizens most likely did vote in 2016.

Here's a nice break down.

And here:

"We find that some non-citizens participate in U.S. elections, and that this participation has been large enough to change meaningful election outcomes including Electoral College votes, and Congressional elections. Non-citizen votes likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress."

Heritage lists voter fraud cases here.


And now for something really funny....

Daisey Love Los Angeles November 13, 2017
This radical, brave essay should be required reading for our president, our joint chief’s of staff, all cabinet members and everyone in congress. Maybe we’ll surprise ourselves and a few brave souls from the above list, will take these words to heart.
Esposito Rome November 13, 2017
It is a message worth delivering to Kim Jong-un. The value or futility of it will be decided not here in the comments section. Kim Jong-un’s response, or lack of one, will be the only indicator. We’ll see. 
In the meantime, change the title to An Open Letter of Love to Donald Trump and deliver it to the White House. He needs to hear the same message. Maybe more so, given the power he wields especially over the vulnerable.”


The two Koreas are looking to end hostilities. And the South Korean leader is on record as saying Trump should get the Nobel Peace Prize for it.

Don't hold your breath.


Google is a mess. Had they just stayed clear of this social engineering 'diversity is our strength' nonsense they would have been fine. They would have been any other corporation properly run and managed. Instead they opened a Pandora's Box and unleashed forces they can't put back in unless they completely reverse course and knock it off. They created a monster and have to hope it doesn't rip their head off. Work is not a club house. It's work and professional etiquette dictates you think as one for the company; not act as though you're all unique islands entitled to special treatment.

James Damore has done a great service for people but above all, perhaps in the long-run even for Google.

Google's arrogance was such that they believed to be smart enough to be able to manage the vast intricate system we call the human mind and spirt. Much like how people think they can 'fight' Mother Nature over climate change.

 Kirsten Grind and Douglas MacMillan of the WSJ:

"Google has long promoted a work culture that is more like a college campus—where loud debates and doctrinaire stances are commonplace—and today its parent, Alphabet...is increasingly struggling to keep things under control.
"Activists at Google" helped organize a rally critical of President Donald Trump's policies. "Militia at Google" members discussed their desire to overturn a prohibition on guns in the office. "Conservatives at Google" allege discrimination against right-leaning job candidates. "Sex Positive at Google" group members are concerned that explicit content is being unfairly removed from Google Drive file-sharing software."
"Googlers For Animals" invited the PETA president, only to be undercut by members of the "Black Googler Network."
I fully expect Google to double down because they're not very bright on matters of science and human nature.
In the specious claims department, you can always rely on The New Republic. Hubbard and Heinlein influenced a murderous cult.

And Newsweek. Except, the original article drew comparisons between Trump and Manson and how they used language to trick people. That has been, um, revised.



Death panels was Politifacts 'lie of the year' in 2009.

Of course, they do exist and come in different forms in command health systems.

And we just saw an example of it in Britain. Yes, Alfie was terminal but the way the state treated him and his family was basically how death panels function.


Estate taxes are immoral.


The tower amid the ruins.

Although Karl Marx, not Adolf Hiter, was arguably the most destructive German ever born, Bret Stephens writes in the New York Times that Western intellectuals will go to extreme lengths to deny it.
Why is Marxism still taken seriously on college campuses and in the progressive press? ... These aren’t original questions. But they’re worth asking because so many of today’s progressives remain in a permanent and dangerous state of semi-denial ...
They will insist that there is an essential difference between Nazism and Communism ... balance acknowledgment of the repression and mass murder of Communism with references to its “real advances and achievements.”

Climate change? Da Jews.

More examples of bigotry from the projectionist Democrat party.


Developments in NY and CO on banning gun sales by pressuring companies is a bad omen and Americans need to keep an eye on this.

The government knows it can't force Americans to give their guns or that introducing a confiscation policy is highly risky if not practically impossible as well as the 2A is clear in its message. But that won't stop them from being weasels in trying other ways to get their way.

This is one of them.


A new leftists (ie destructive) narrative is needed because Trump.

-Unemployment at 3.9%.
-Korean peace a reality.
-The economy is expanding.
-Tax cuts are kicking in.
-Obama era policies strangling businesses are being overturned.
-EPA being scaled back.
-Black unemployment at historic lows.

Among other things.

Good luck.

'Open democracy'. Yes, because democracy and socialism are a natural fit. Lol.


Poppers Paradox.


I guess I did my part in destroying democracy waiting in line at a McDonald's drive-thru, eh?

Monbiot's dictum: McDonald's = no democracy.

And this is where they live the left. In a very sad, mysterious place filled with arcane and foolish thoughts.

McDonald's meanwhile, reported better than expected earnings last quarter. Everywhere I go the place is bustling. The market loves McDonald's. But it's not the left's preferred kind of democracy of course.

'Well put, George'. 

"...I think he hits the mail on the head, especially with this ... 'the global backlash against mainstream politicians is at heart an attempt to reassert national sovereignty against the forces of undemocratic globalisation.' 


I think I'm gonna go and get a an apple pie at McDonald's later....on principle.....to piss George off.


The original unemployed lefty, Karl Marx: Anti-semite.


Hollywood's horrible sex stories predate Weinstein.

You think?


More left-wing lunacy.

At least these people admit feminism is about destroying the family and replace it with the government.


Kelloggs caves. 

Never apologize!


A judge resigned Wednesday and the city of Pearl voted to close its youth court after city leaders learned the judge had kept a mother from seeing her child for over a year, due to unpaid court fees.

He should call the judge that sentenced Tommy Robinson and have a cum fest on each other.


From the Military Times. Legendary soldier offers his take on the NFL kneeling protests.


Fair wage pizza shop in Massachusetts closes.

Economics and reality is a bitch.


Hollywood hypocrites are gonna Hollywood hypocrite. 

Substance is not their thang.

That's why they love Barry so much.


Hate to say I told you so but I told you so.

What are we up to now?

Statues being defaced that is.


The sad, miserable life of Elizabeth Warren. It takes a special kind of sociopath to try and capitalize on the Weinstein scandal.

All she knows is how engage in hypocrisy.


Meet the Kneelers: Bruce Maxwell.


Obama allegedly threatened an informant's career. Should anyone be surprised?


How NBC killed Ronan Farrow's expose on Weinstein. I believe Oprah even used her influence to reconsider it.

But...NEVER AGAIN....starting....NOW!


California is (fill in the blank)

California health care workers who “willfully and repeatedly” decline to use a senior transgender patient’s “preferred name or pronouns” could face punishments ranging from a fine to jail time under a newly signed law.
California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the legislation last week. The sponsor, Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener, has argued adamantly that nobody is going to be criminally prosecuted for using the wrong pronoun.
“It’s just more scare tactics by people who oppose all LGBT civil rights and protections,” he said in a statement last month.
But the language seemingly allows for the possibility, however remote.

But you see....no one is actually going to be prosecuted. We're just putting in there as a warning. Sorta like how the Mafia sends out *messages* to witnesses. Which begs the question: If no one will be prosecuted, why have a law?

They use the same insulting, bull shit language here with Bill C-16. Apparently, it's 'remote' anyone would get prosecuted (I guess they're admitting trans represent under 1% of the population. That's what they mean by 'remote'. Boy I wouldn't want to be the sucker who is prosecuted) and so it's all good and we're being paranoid.

What utter rubbish. 

Did you fill in the blank? Lemme help you some more:

Knowingly exposing others to HIV will no longer be a felony in California


Hillary is just....sad....

And still a loser.


When science isn't enough to push for environmental policy.

Use ideology.



Well, in the old days, the bourgeoisie expected bourgeois values throughout society. The wealthy and powerful disdained them, but discreetly. Now they disdain them openly. Indeed, they wage war on them, relentlessly. Instead, they enforce "progressive" values. Institutions fundamental to the nation-state, such as citizenship, have to be rendered meaningless - so that what matters in any immigration debate is not the citizens but the invaders, to the point where Nancy Pelosi thanks the parents of "Dreamers" for breaking American law and bringing them here, as a precious gift to a nation crying out for even more low-skilled immigrants. As for institutions that pre-date the nation-state - institutions almost as old as humanity - they're as easy to redefine, so that marriage can no longer be confined to those of opposite sexes. Speaking of the sexes, human biology can be vaporized, so that two sexes become 57 genders, and grade-school boys more interested in Barbie than GI Joe get to be pumped full of puberty blockers and directed to the girls' bathroom. And after all that, religion has to be put on the back foot, so that any recalcitrant mom'n'pop bakery for whom two men atop a wedding cake is an abomination, must be hunted down, dragged into court and financially ruined pour encourager les autres. And in a revolutionary present it is necessary ultimately to throttle the past - eliminating Robert E Lee, Christopher Columbus, Dr Seuss, Stephen Foster, the national anthem, to dam up the stream of history, the flow of past to present to future, and thus sever the citizenry from their entire inheritance, so that we are mere flotsam and jetsam on the frothing surface of the moment - a world where, in a certain sense, Harvey Weinstein is God.

What's left? The military? Sports? The boy scouts? Traditionally masculine institutions are now among the most cowed and craven and politically correct - far more so than, say, a Weinstein junket to the Cannes Film Festival. Country music? Hey, if that's your bag, don't come crying to CBS vice-presidents when your yee-haw hoedown gets shot up - because "country music fans often are Republican gun toters".

Since Steyn wrote this article, the left have added to it. They defend MS-13, don't like Trump's pardons, suddenly don't like celebrities in the White House even though they were fine with it for eight years under Obama and root against peace in North Korea.

Because 'resistance.'


I can't even imagine of the sleaze that must go on behind the scenes in Hollywood.


The continuing fall of the UK.


I wanna say Gov. Brown and California are on their way back to normal and rational thinking but that would be too great. For now we just have to take whatever he giveth and hope for the best.


Musk should just focus on getting Tesla on track. 

We haven't mastered electric car technology, so I would think rocket travel on earth is a little out of reach at the moment.


Cultural appropriation madness and ignorance persists.

It's astonishing really.

Earrings go back centuries and have become a fashion accessory for all humanity regardless of origin. Hoop earrings aren't cultural appropriation.

What a sad, bigoted, bunch of buffoons these people are.


Harvard's bogus Exxon Mobil study.

Didn't they just hand Hillary a medal recently?

Are they handing those out like we do Junior Mints on Halloween?


“Not too long ago, the American Federation for Teachers tweeted at me. The union wrote, “Betsy DeVos says public should invest in individual students. NO, we should invest in a system of great public schools for all kids. The union bosses made it clear: they care more about a system—one that was created in the 1800s—than they do about students.”


Liberals like to act like there's no 'liberal bias' mostly because they genuinely seem to think their opinions are moderate centrist and speak for everyone. They're so confident in what they view as truth they mistake it for being self-evident; meanwhile liberalism's retarded little brother progressivism thinks only an idiot could possibly disagree.


I might have linked to this above but here goes: The Rise of the Christian Left.


Harvard students call DeVos a Nazi.

Now that's Ivynism you can bank on!

Are they letting anyone in these days?



The Intercept: Is skepticism permitted yet in the fabricated Russia story?

Not from what I can see.

Go read the comments section at NYT and WaPo and get back to me. I'll wait. I don't have much to do.

Not pretty, eh?


Facebook will end up on some level a branch of the government; a monopoly.

And all its users de facto useful idiots.


We have grants to spend: 

"Diet failures are often attributed to an increase in cravings for attractive foods. However, accumulating evidence shows that food cravings actually decrease during energy-restricting weight-loss interventions. The current study aimed at elucidating possible mechanisms that may explain how and under which circumstances food cravings in- or decrease during dieting. Specifically, decreases in food cravings during weight-loss diets may be due to effects of energy restriction (homeostatic changes) and to effects of avoiding specific foods (hedonic changes). Thus, we used a selective, hedonic deprivation (i.e., restricting intake of a specific food in the absence of an energy deficit) that precludes homeostatic changes due to energy restriction. Furthermore, interindividual differences in food craving experiences might affect why some individuals are more prone to experience cravings during dieting than others. Thus, we investigated whether a selective deprivation of chocolate would in- or decrease craving and implicit preference for chocolate as a function of trait-level differences in chocolate craving..."


Bogus food science from Cornell.


It'll all blow over.

So disappointed in the Philadelphia Eagles.


Interpol brings Palestine in as member.

File under: Whaaaa?


Montreal Protocol on the ozone hit 30. They actually celebrated it.

Because environmental catastrophes have an excellent tack record of predictions.


Among the many gaffes the left make is the assumption people in the past didn't live in an ever changing environment believing it to be stagnant and backward.


Paper of record. Quite the operation they run over there.


Yawn. Another day another progressive professor bashing freedom of speech and the 1A.



Bigger than Watergate.

And largely ignored by the left.


Houston, Franklin and Jefferson are not safe.


The Swiss don't mess around.


Immediate threat of climate change.....get this....is exaggerated!


The 'Truth about Cancer' series is untruthful.


Fusion GPS sleaze.


Man with ISIS flag rams into Canadian pedestrians.


Quote derp of the day:

"EU tax crackdown on tech giants will damage growth" 
What a bizarre thing to say. 
So should no companies, or individuals pay tax because it would be good for growth? And lets say there was lots of 'Growth' but no taxation, how exactly is that in a countries best interests? 
This issue, at its heart is about how countries choose to fund the essential services for their populations. The notion that companies get a say in the amount they pay is absurd. They pay, or they don't play."

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