When Did I Become 'Anti-Vaxx'?

Not that the term has any meaning.

It's just a wedge term used by the medical establishment in order to quash debate.

What better way to shut down debate than to tag someone as 'anti-whatever'?

Jonathan Jarry of McGill Bill Gates University is a big fan of such terms despite his column described as a place for critical thinking.

Jarry is a one-man wrecking machine disaster of logical fallacies.

But CTV just loooooves him.

McGill you know.

It's got electrolyte power. Like Hah-vahd and Yake and other vastly over rated institutions living off the fumes of past glory.

Like the gang at U of T. Also friends of Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical industry.

To say The Experts (TM) turned me off these past two years is an understatement.

These captured mainstays of media yap on about 'proper messaging' but have no clue how to communicate properly. All they relied on was divisive and sloppy and specious reasoning to get their authoritarian messages through. 

Trust us. We're the scientists was their main shtick.

Well, I didn't. Everything was off with the way they spoke. From the get-go.

And when the rhetoric was cranked up to passports and suspending civil liberties, that's when I became a 'recalcitrant'.

But what really pushed me away was the steadfast refusal of acknowledging natural immunity. A biological fact and global gold standard accepted for decades.

All of a sudden natural immunity didn't count.

Gee. I wonder why?

Makes you wonder how we've survived for so long until the 20th century when the vaccines came along and now the mRNA injections.

In case you haven't been paying attention.

The mRNA shots are a complete and utter failure.

Natural immunity ripped it to shreds and didn't bother to bury the flesh strewn across Pfizer's and Moderna's lawns. 

Of all the most absurd and dangerous things that has come out in the last two years (from masks to passports) denying natural immunity was the most outrageous and illogical.

I will stick by my body and Mother Nature.

The Experts are just making fools of themselves at this point while decimating trust in vaccines and credibility in whatever has become of 'science'.

Justin Is The Real Enemy Of The State

I read an article recently where a pundit wondered if Canada's recent turn for the totalitarian worse is as bad as we think and compared to past eras for perspective.

I'm all for digging into history for perspective.

Except here, we don't need to go as far back as Rome (there really isn't much of a connection where Canada is concerned. The United States I understand but not Canada). 

All we need to do is observe it in actual time and compare it to Russia and Germany in the early 20th century. 

I'm seeing some troubling similarities.

I'm worried our institutions may not be as strong and resilient as we think.

Recent comments from Chief Justices point to a concerning trend where the country is falling in lockstep with the collectivist posture. 

If the courts are treating the weakly constructed Charter as if it's a suggestion, if not outright hostility, that doesn't bode well for individual rights.

If our inalienable, God-given negative rights aren't going to be protected,, then we may as well go full communist. You can't be a 'hybrid' society where you have no property and medical rights and claim to be free.

You're fully at the mercy of the state.

Worse, a miscreant like Justin Trudeau.

Justin has shut down Parliament and our worthless gutless MPs are letting it happen.

Every action he takes - the most recent was an attack on the farmers - is treacherous and treasonous. Notice the pattern: He wants to outlaw our lives basically. First, they hit the energy industry, then the truckers and now the farmers.

Kulaks be gone.

The Arrive Can app and Emergencies Act have sweet f-all to do with public health and safety. There are means to a totalitarian end. It's exactly how Hitler accomplished it.

Remember, Germans 'voted' too.

On top of that, he makes it hard to save money and create wealth (as his wealth tax indicates) while spending our nation into oblivion. 

He's obliterating the middle class.

Make no mistake about it. 

Furthermore, I don't think it's a stretch to think or believe he's fully captured by the WEF. He's serving globalist interests. None of what he does advances the interests of Canada. None of it will help climate change or stop the virus. He has ulterior motives. Freeland, for her part, is a board member of the WEF. How can a string MP serve both at the same time? They can't.

One must prevail. Guess which one?

We have some sort of remedial Manchurian Candidate in power. 

And he has a MINORITY government with NO SUPPORT!

Justin must fall.

Roman emperor style.

How's that for an analogy to Rome?


Canada Creating Its Own Holodomor

Justin, at the behest of the WEF he serves, has declared war on:




This is by design. 

Wake up.

You're still sleepy about Covid and now they've moved on to the next phase of the scam.


Canada Will Be Left In The Dust

Unless the country is rid of Justin Trudeau.

Think his father's NEP was disastrous for Western Canada?

Justin has applied destructive economic policies that will damage the entire country.

I don't think Canadians fully realized how tarnished our reputation is. So much so that Justin is basically a lame duck leader. Eastern European leaders aren't impressed. The American political class is appalled by his comments about U.S. politics. In fact, Democrats have expressed shock about how he claimed Republicans somehow funded the 'insurrection' in Canada.

In every possible way you can conceive, Justin is a poison to this country.

The Americans will turn their ship around in November. There will be an American economic rebound if not renaissance.

Justin's antics are so short sighted, he failed to consider the political shift coming because if the GOP takes over, that will make relations with the U.S. all the more difficult. As they prosper, we will whiter. One statistic I came across that unless we pivot, we will be half as wealth as Americans in 10 years.

Things are very dark in Canada.

The actions of this government in the last seven months have been astonishing in its stupidity.

We will ALL pay a price for it.

Get out of your parochial cubby holes Canada.

Time to truly stand and fight for a return to a sound, stable and democratic Canada.

If this keeps up, we will be poorer and less free.

Kick Justin Trudeau and his incompetent, bozo cabinet tot the curb. 

Never Forget

They locked society down.


They segregated it along medical status lines.

Isolation, masks and apartheid.


The damage is done. There was a window to allow for healing to begin. The authorities - psychopaths - chose to decline. 

Now an actual communist who wants lockdowns and masks 'forever' will chair behavioural insights for the WHO. Susan Michie claims she follows science and her ideological bent won't interfere. Perhaps. But, the 'nudge theory' has proven to be an unethical encroachment on the civil order and civil rights. 

They have no intentions of letting up. Tedros is upping the fear-mongering and threats. He wants more vaccinations, global lockdowns and for social media to shut down 'misinformation'.

What we need to do is shut Tedros up and the WHO down. 

Never forget.

Of (Fake) Changed Worlds And Ukraine

The WEF - who are fast-tracking 'The Agenda' - often reminds us that 'Covid changed the world'.


Covid didn't change the world.

WE did.

We and we alone chose to overreact and destroy and dismantle our civil order.

Like fearful crazed lunatics.

We've forfeited the right to ever mock witch hunts, Nazis and the Middle Ages ever again.

We acted in the very same way.

Superstitiously, cynically, viciously and stupidly. 

Time for all these people to literally shut the fuck up.


1/3 of Americans feel the time is fast approaching when they will have to take up arms against the government. The crimes are flat out in the faces of the public now. For example, Congress openly engages in insider trading and nothing happens as we've seen with the Pelosi outfit. Clinton Inc. has been at it for years. Politicians are openly threatening people with assassination as we've seen through leaked audio of Biden threatening Poroshenko and Schemer doing the same for Trump.

It's not the people who are rogue.

It's the government.

We have nothing close to what is a democracy in North America.

Canada is even worse. We found out our Charter is a piece of garbage so Canadians are literally twisting in the wind where the protection of our CIVIL LIBERTIES is concerned.

But Canadians are so arrogant, and clueless that they don't feel we need to enshrine them in an icky Constitution anyway. That's for those bad Americans. 


Ukraine. As I've said. Zelensky is a criminal operating in a vassal state called Ukraine.

For years, Western media always portrayed Ukraine as the most corrupt country in Europe and possibly in the world if memory serves me right. 

Ukraine is a mafia outfit to put it simply. This is why the excuse we went in there to 'fight for democracy' was laughably cynical and hilariously hideous. 

Yet, we saw fit to send billions and billions to these criminals and a bunch of literal Nazis for what? To stick to Putin. That's all this crap is. A proxy war to get at Putin.

And it's failed spectacularly. It failed because Putin and the Russians knew the moves and planned for it.

We didn't. 

Now we're left stuck holding an empty bag full of shit like idiots. Good move Western nations. Sharp.

But Western elites LOVE Ukraine. All that racketeering. They set up shop in Ukraine and profited handsomely. 

Meanwhile, where' Waldo Zelensky? 

On the cover of Vogue with his wife.

His country is allegedly under existential threat from the raving and roving mad Russians but he finds time to pose for Vogue of all publications?

Are you thinking yet?

You should be right about now feel like Truman when he realized he was living in a fabricated world. 

The first step to renewal is to be aware.

Be aware.

Don't be afraid.

Stand up and be counted.

Don't live in fear. 



Suck At Your Job? Write A Book

Everyone connected to the COVID response catastrophe is wiring a book.

Andrew Cuomo was the first after killing a bunch of people. But then he got disappeared for grabbing one too many asses. 

Then Resident Evil who lurks in the halls of NIAID/NIH Tony Fauci - who has not seen a patient in 40 years - tried to write one but then revelations he tortured animals and was a fraud started to appear and that got shelved.

Just in time for RFK Jr.'s scathing takedown of Fauci in 'The Real Anthony Fauci'.

Recently, two people are trying to capitalize on their criminal lies. Deborah Birx and Jacinda Ardern.

In the case of Birx, Substack is filled with excellent reviews of her book. Birx is a bonafide lunatic and liar. She wanted to lock down the entire United States based on what she saw in China. Not normal and not science-based. What's remarkable is she's still being interviewed as if she has any credibility whatsoever. 

However, I want to take dead aim at Ardern.

Among the noxious world leaders - with Justin and Joe at the top - Ardern holds her place firmly in that group.

Where Andrew cynically and despicably bum-tapped himself for a job poorly done, Ardern attempts to position herself as if she leads with empathy.

Which is an odd thing to claim given she imposed some of the most draconian restrictions in the world. Those lockdowns have come at a high cost and extremely net negative trade-offs.

Where was the empathy for people's mental health? 

Empathy for who exactly? That a leader irrationally and unscientifically shuts down a country doesn't get to claim it's an empathetic measure hiding behind the curtain of 'public health'.

The path to hell was paved with good intentions. In the Covid era, we can replace good with 'bad'. 

Public officials are delusional, maniacal and act out of pure ignorance to the point of malice. "Follow the science" or "lead by science" are notions the Nazis and eugenicists used.

2020 they could have been forgiven. 2021 less so.

In 2022, there's no excuse.

This isn't empathy.

It's psychopathy. 


Canadian Science And Conscience

Justin - who represents interests outside Canada - has attacked truckers and farmers.

The economy is in downward trend.

If he be the 'conscience' of Canada, be concerned for our soul.

Fentanyl is going to be legalized.

But early treatment therapeutics like Ivermectin and HCQ remain banned.

Let that sink in.

If this be our 'science, be wary of this path. 


Preventative Existence Is A Joyless One

Until The Experts (TM) stop peddling the bull shit that the 'vaccines' somehow magically prevent hospitalization and 'severe disease' while pimping the need for preventative action, this permanent pandemic hysteria will go on indefinitely. 

Unless people wise up and tune out.

We are NOT in any kind of existential threat.

Not from Covid, not from this stupid monkeypox not from climate change.

These are manufactured hysterics designed to keep you living in a state of fear in order to control you.

The vaccines, in case you haven't noticed, have failed. 

Spectacularly so.

All they got are these shitty boosters that last 15 minutes which is about as long as the infamy of epidemiologists and infections disease quacks. Lord gives us the strength to put up with more of Isaac Boguch, Colin Furness, Don Vinh, the Ontario Science Table and other hysterical alchemists.

This is all exaggerated hype and hysteria.

We can be scared of many things on earth.

Are we to be terrified of them all?

Don't let Mother Kar-Hens dictate our lives. PHAC is using powers they do NOT have including issuing tickets and tracking people on their apps. If you haven't downloaded the app, DO NOT do so. If you have, for the love of God delete it. Better yet, get a new phone since it probably is embedded in your phone. It is NOT the law to have it. It's a stupid app and should be VOLUNTARY. Not mandatory. Ask yourself why they lie about wanting people on this app so badly? Clearly, PHAC is using it to monitor Canadians and isn't being truthful about it. We have a rogue agency on our hands. Here's some advice on how to handle lawless officials upon your return from a peaceful vacation from saner places.

In other words, tell PHAC and Tam to FUCK OFF. 

Go on with your lives. I know the government will make it very difficult for some (mostly free and critical thinkers) but march on we must. But keep in mind this is NOT a life you're living right now. It's joyless having to be worried about what the government plans to do with you and your body. This psychological situation must and will be reversed. But first, the normies have to join this side and understand that they do have more power than they think.

And hope they all one day are brought to justice for these outrageous, unscientific, unethical crimes.

They made people go crazy. That's psychological abuse and they must stand trial for it.


If you're a man, and you voted and keep supporting Justin, then you're not a man.

You're a gutless, totalitarian jerk-off.

Never have I judged anyone's political decisions but I draw the line at the support of a clown like Justin.

Leaving aside all the scandals these past seven years, do you know what it takes to take a world-class airport and pretty much destroy it in a matter of months?

That takes spectacular levels of incompetence and malice. 

Do you know what it takes to ruin one of the most seamless and important agencies in the bureaucracy? Passports are the single most important and legitimate job of the state to ensure citizens have access to them. It's our identity (though I fall in line with libertarians that they're most unnecessary).

Yet, Justin and the fools in the Liberal party managed to mess that up too. Have you ever heard of the passport office being gutted like this? Not me.

Either this is by design or they really are this stupid.

It may be a false dichotomy but with this bunch in power, it may fit.

How can Canadians keep tolerating this? Our reputation IS tarnished and it may take a long time to get this sorted out.

But first.

We must get rid of the poison that is Justin Trudeau. 


It's Official: They Are All Criminals

Everything's an emergency now.

The World Health Organization and its stupid corrupted sister agencies like Health Canada and FDA/CDC are medical criminal enterprises. 

They could have quelled this monkey pox problem by telling gays to stop fucking up the ass for two weeks. Now we have to put up once again with the clown experts from McGill, U of T and this dumbass Ontario Science Table made up of shills and fear mongers. Isaac Boguch got himself a nice gig. 

And there's infectious disease doctor Don Vinh peddling all kinds of stuff that seems to be reminiscent of Covid. 

In an article in NPR, where there was not one mention of gays being the prime target, Vinh was describing monkeypox's unique symptoms not described in medical books. Oh, how novel, eh?

He called it "'atypical' MonkeyPox cases". Sounds like 'asymptomatic spread' to me. Two straight 'novel' diseases.....how conveeeeeeenient.

Seeing we live in a world of politically correct woke irrationalism they didn't stop the disease on purpose. And they allowed it to spread into the general pop. so as to not offend.

Like when they refused to close travel from China in 2020. Remember that Tam when you said it was 'racist' to do so you useless lout? 

Now they declared monkeypox (which probably is an adverse event from the shots anyway) a public emergency of international concern. How many people are we really talking about here given it's mostly restricted to the gay community?

And Canada, Germany, the UK and the USA once again bought millions of small pox vaccines! The same circle of criminal countries at the centre of the Covid response catastrophe. 

The crazies part in this Tedros (how anyone takes this guy seriously is beyond me. Other than of course being a puppet of Gates and the CCP) is he overruled a panel that voted 8-6 against declaring it an emergency. But the WHO needs to keep the pandemic fear going.

"I have decided". Three scary words. And this crazy ass motherfucker was re-elected unopposed!

People. THEY'RE PLAYING WITH YOUR HEALTH to control you. Don't take the bait. Don't fall for the lies AGAIN. 

They are incompetent as they are criminals. This is all scripted. And they gaslight you when you follow your instincts about it being a scam. 

What a nightmare this medical tyranny. 

We must disengage from the WHO - and all these globalist entities.

For they will be the ruin of us all.


A Vaccine Card Scandal

Why is this being ignored?

This is as big and critical a story as they come is it not?

Hospitals were offering VACCINE CARDS to doctors and their families while millions of Canadians suffered under this tyranny??!

And the feckless and useless media doesn't think this is an important story given the fact doctors have lost their licenses daring to offer REAL care?

Canada truly is lost.

A cruel and despicable;e country we've become.

Everyone played their part in this shameless fiasco. 


It's Not A 7th Covid Wave

So, the flunkies, shills, criminals, fools, buffoons and mendacious incompetent liars that make up The Expert ((TM) class  are telling us a '7th wave is under way'.

In the middle of the summer.

This is what they expect us to believe.

That's how little they think of you and your intelligence.

These people should be strewn up by their feet by now. They not only DESTROYED the civil order but our sense of perspective and common sense. They've uprooted all reasonable and rational thought babbling the gibberish they've grown addicted to. You know, the same cycle of stale bull shit demands to wear masks and all that nonsense.

This isn't a natural Covid 7th wave in the middle of a HEAT WAVE.

This is a vaccine gone wrong wave.

This is a human catastrophe wave.

This is an explosion of injuries and soon death.

Our 'experts' have likely made the virus more dangerous through their thoughtless, cynical and corrupted actions.

The best we can do is ignore, stay strong, and don't comply. 

Everything you see on the news is a LIE.

Don't fall for it.


Australia Didn't Follow Science

They were swindled into following 'The Science' (TM).

Just like Canada.

From the onset, Sweden followed real science and they're looking much better than any nation in the West. 

As you know, I've said since 2020 given time Sweden will emerge looking sensible and successful - to the extent a country can be regarding a health crisis.

Sweden didn't lockdown like maniacs, did shut down schools like maniacs and didn't wear masks like maniacs.

And for that, their civil liberties remain more intact than ours in Canada or Australia or New Zealand - so-called 'free' and 'democratic' nations.

More like authoritarian mother hens.

For two years, the usual derelicts hoisted Australia as the model to follow. Those of us following the proceedings carefully knew this was absurd. 

Here in Montreal, there's a Montreal Gazette writer and resident Corona astrologer who did everything to prop up useless restrictions while cherry-picking data about Sweden to dismiss their sensible approach. 

Adam something is his name. 

Our behaviour was psychotic. Hysterical. Irrational. Full stop.

Australia - along with Canada, New Zealand, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium and Germany - have proven to be false idols with their junk science. Each of these countries is infested with idiotic public health officials cackling pseudoscience and lies. This includes the nutcases running the FDA, CDC and White House in the USA.

Anyone and everyone who peddled UNSCIENTIFIC measures were either incompetent or a liar. Or both.

They're fools.

Guess who is calling for more masks and other measures.

The same delinquents who made a mess of our lives and the civil order.

We know who they are. We kept names.

Those 'vaccines' sure are working, eh? So 'safe and effective' they want you in masks again.

Even the banjo player in Deliverance would have woken up by now to this deceit and nonsense. 

Ge this through your heads:

Lockdowns and masks NEVER were scientific and NEVER will be.

The 'vaccines' failed.

Deal with it. 

The Governor-General Must Dissolve Parliament

There's no other choice unless the Liberals remove Justin Trudeau.

The country cannot afford his antics until 2025.

Look at the angst and chaos he has caused in just a few months and with a minority government propped up by an even more irresponsible NDP party. And the Bloc Quebecois for doing their part in supporting the mandates which are at the source of eroding our rights.

Time for the people to seize control of the situation.

The Govenor-General must protect the sanctity, dignity and integrity of Canada.

Dissolve Parliament.

Remove Justin Trudeau. 

Alas, Mary Simon is a member of the WEF.

Her allegiance isn't with Canada. 

Judicial Mayhem

The Justin Blackface government is making sure to make the lives of the trucker convoy organizers a living hell. 

And the judiciary is playing along with this farce.

One thing this Covid hysteria and fiasco has revealed is just how compromised our judiciary is. There are one too many judges willing to ignore the sanctity of the sovereign individual suppressing them to the collective and the iron fist of the state.

Canada is nominally free. Canadians are only free until the point the judges interpret the weakly worded Charter to mean 'submit'.

That's Canada. Rules are rules Canada. 

And so Tamara Lich is harassed by the government for breaching the (preposterous) conditions of her bail and is thrown in jail repeatedly.

Pat King, who wasn't an original organizer but just a general shit disturber who co-opted the convoy NTTAWWT - was granted bail under equally noxious conditions.

Thank our benevolent and benign judicial tyrants in black robes for being so compassionate.

The cold hard fact is the judiciary is no ally of the people. None of this is surprising given Chief Justice Richard Wagner let us all know what he thinks about truckers. I wonder if Richie would say the same for true criminals. He tipped his - and the judiciary's - hand. Now we know where they stand. In a way, he did us all a service. He showed us justice isn't blind in Canada. Now, he must resign. 

If he had integrity. But that is short supply in Canada it appears. 

The courts - with the provincial courts being even more parochial and insular - are a creature of the state. Canada has no checks and balances like in the United States.

We don't have eloquent judges writing brilliant tomes about their rulings like we see with SCOTUS.

Why bother? They just sic off the tit of the state.

No legal genius is required.

The legal system has not distinguished itself at all these past two years. It ruled in favour of the government for travel restrictions. Mobility rights are a basic human right enshrined in the Bill of Rights of many nations in the West. Canada simply bypassed it because the government said 'emergency'. The cabinet passed Orders-In-Councils rubber-stamped by the Governor-General (who is a WEF stooge) without proper legislative process to ram through their Covid tyranny and the courts watched and allowed it to happen.

Useless. Why have a Charter? This country is gone. If you can, leave. You have no rights in Canada. 

The country is reeling under the weight of an overbearing, irrational and unscientific Liberal government and the courts' response is to delay the biggest lawsuit challenging its mandates to the end of October.

That's more months of civil disorder and pain for Canadians.

There was no need to grant the government's request for an extension.

In the U.S., judges are getting in the face of the government (and big pharma) to produce evidence and explain themselves.

Not in Canada do they.

We don't even treat terrorists in this manner. In fact, we give them $10 million. We let sex offenders off with no conditions to their bail. We treat real criminals far better than Tamara Lich whose only crime was to organize a protest that had some elements out of her control go somewhat rogue. If you believe they were there to 'overthrow' the government then you must be a January 6 believer.

That is, you swallow fake news whole.

Oh. It is fake news. You're in your own Truman Show and don't even know it. They created a world of lies you believe. 

The country has been cut adrift into the open seas. 

I don't see how we can reign it back in.


mRNA Mayhem

 The shots are not only failing.

But they're now harming people.

They offer decent protection for a couple of months, then plummet and the after-effects (the so-called long-term effects) are damaging people's health.

They're clearly weakening immune systems and leading to heart failure blood clots, and 'rare aggressive cancers'. 

If you hear of someone dropping dead suddenly (SADS) it's not because they were gardening in the heat or giving someone a blow job.

It's the "vaccine".

I'm noticing the number of people getting cancer or heart problems inching up now. So far three 'sudden' deaths in my circle of friends, family and acquaintances. I'm starting to get worried. 

I notice the frequency of such stories is increasing. 

These shitty products are not safe or effective. Anyone - and I mean anyone - still peddling this abomination should be stripped of whatever license they have, lose their jobs (which would be karmic justice) or face legal action. That goes for politicians - I'm looking at you PHAC,  Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois. All these injuries and deaths are on YOU. 

Shove that App and masks up your asses. 

Deal with it.

App Mayhem


If you come into Canada it's not enough to show you're vaccinated. They want to see the ArriveCan app. 


What's the point of the App if you can show proof?

Clearly, there's an ulterior motive here and don't expect any transparency from a crooked party like the Liberals under this criminal. 

The RCMP, CBSA, PHAC - all are complicit on this unprecedented attacks on Canadian civil liberties.

Of course, there are dim-witted Canadians who will find a way to defend these incoherent and illegal acts but we need to push them aside and set this country straight.

Know the law. Inform yourselves. Don't blindly download the app because they're bullying and lying to you.

When conspiracy theorists warned about this EXACT same scenario in 2020, I never thought it would be Canada as the ONLY nation to be doing this.

I'm actually feeling a form of PTSD at this point it's so shocking and outrageous. Worse, Canadians STILL don't get it.

The APP is a Trojan Horse. A shock collar. DELETE THE APP you fools!

Europe will be there but your freedom will be gone. 

This is chaos. 

Immoral chaos. 

Canada Abuses The Elderly

This is what's become of Canada under this piece of shit.

They are abusing and committing violent psychological acts and increasingly physical harm through the 'vaccines'.

That guy in the video is a son of a bitch. What the frick is he talking about? No, you do NOT need the app to get into the damn country. 

For the love of God, Canada.....


To Furness et al.

To The Experts (TM) still astonishingly peddling this piece of crap 'vaccine' that's doing jack shit 

Shut the fuck up already.

The mRNA shots are a FAILURE. Deal with it.

Don't forget your masks you shysters and shills. 

Canada Border Agents Are Asses

My frustration has led to more direct language these past couple of years.

But if the shoe fits.

This one is directed at Canadian border officials. CBSA.

Even in the best of times they can be testy, arrogant, rude and unpleasant. As if they're doing you a favour to go back into your own country to go work to generate taxes to pay their salaries.

Everyone forgets they're CIVIL SERVANTS and serve the public. The public need not be deferent to them. It's the government that must be deferent to a free people. Right now, they don't fear sovereign citizens because citizens have abdicated their sends of freedom, dignity and self-worth.

Throughout this Covid abomination which has nothing to do with public health or safety but to install a bio-security state (of which Canada is the leader because it has the right mix of authoritarian and dimwitted politicians in power), Canadians took obedience for virtue.

As it stands, both the United States and Canada require visitors to be vaccinated. Canada, as it's apt to do, took it a step further and has random testing (with a useless PCR test) for the vaccinated while bullying unvaccinated people into an unscientific 14-day quarantine. The general time frame used by most countries is 5 days. Canadian science is different you see?

Well, our politics are.

And this is what it's all about politics. The Liberal government has created mayhem and uprooted the civil order with their measures. As we burn, Justin plays the fiddle. Equally culpable are the NDP and Bloc Quebecois for supporting this because of 'muh crappy vaccines'.

They will hopefully pay a price. Politically, legally....or through karma.

Now that people are travelling (there are thousands of Canadians who have not seen family members since 2020. I want you to think about that. Think how cruel we are as a people to be indifferent to this because 'rules are rules'. Some values this country has) the Federal agents tasked to 'enforce' these disgusting rules are grabbing the spotlight more and more.

And it's not pretty.

One agent at the airport was seen in a mass crazily screaming 'that's a ticket!" to citizens who were not complying or had the ArriveCan app (since when are apps mandatory? Think about it. Ask yourself why does the government want this thing so badly in every Canadian? What are they going to do about the fact millions of Canadians don't use a phone? Just freeze them out of society? The assault on civil liberties is endless here).

We've been hearing anecdotal stories about how American customs and border agents have not been enforcing Biden's requirements and using discretion about vaccine status. From what I've heard, read and seen, generally, they don't ask American border agents are far more polite, courteous and pleasant (in general) than their Canadian counterparts. I have friends from the U.S. who have to come in for work in Canada, they hate the whole ordeal and if they could they'd ask their employers to not do so. It's just unpleasant and annoying. 

Some Canada border agents are relishing their new powers. They're bullying Canadians saying it's the 'law' to submit their rights for public health. You will not see a Canadian border use intelligence and discretion.

One experience according to a Montreal lawyer, for example, was the story of his 12-year-old daughter who despite testing negative and had Covid in the last 180 days was still ordered to quarantine.

Meanwhile, thousands upon thousands of vaccinated Canadians who don't have natural immunity, and test positive don't have to because they're vaccinated. A 'vaccine' it must be repeated that doesn't stop infection (or doesn't work 'overly well' as the criminal Fauci recently said) or halt transmission.

That kid should have been left alone.

But Canada.

A Covid gulag and a farce of a country.

More strangely, I'm hearing PHAC officials are sometimes present at the border. So when someone stands their ground and says 'you're full of shit I know my rights' CBSA brings in the cavalry: PHAC. The main source of all this madness is because they're the medical tyrants trailing on our rights. In case you haven't noticed, Tam is PHAC. All the more reason to them to fuck off. They're literally usurping the civil rights of citizens. They, along with the Minister of Health (or whatever the heck Duclos is) and Transport Canada are firing off and issuing edicts indiscriminately oblivious to the stress and disorder their causing in people's lives. 

I may be hard on CBSA at this point so I wouldn't mind if anyone could set me straight here since I'm mostly writing based on anecdotes, past experiences and hearsay. 

In any event, this is all a reflection of a people who consent or are unaware of this nonsense. We should not have reached this point in the first place. 

The Canadian government reworked aspects of the Quarantine Act just enough to give bite to enforcers and thugs to bully Canadians. They can and will fine people. It's not an actual 'law-law' since it didn't go through Royal Assent but the perception is there and agents will interpret it as such.

In other words, the law is an ass and the people enforcing it are asses. I wouldn't mind hearing stories of Canadian officials showing some discretion and not enforcing these highly dubious and specious measures. 

Anne Frank was breaking the law.

The people who turned her in were following it.

That's all I've got to say to end this.

What a dismal disaster Canada has become.

A crisis of ethics and morals.

And science. 


Quote Of The Day

 "The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of your own ignorance." 

Benjamin Franklin


Think Canada. THINK.

You may have noticed the fear-factor porn is revving up. Get your masks out The Experts (TM) are beginning to cackle.

And other stupid shit they've been howling and screeching about like the irresponsible superstitious banshees they are. 

For those of us on top of this medical hysteria and crime from day one, we're noticing some troubling patterns and discrepancies with the latest 'wave'.

Viruses aren't supposed to get deadlier as time goes. This we know. Yet, not only are we getting that, we're getting off-season spikes and no reverting to the baseline.

Is anyone thinking in Canada? It's the 'vaccines' driving this as several prominent experts have warned. The nightmare scenario is unfolding and it's about to get a whole lot worse now that the kids are going to get mauled.

Alas, don't bother coming armed with facts and evidence in the middle of a hysteria. For example, the evidence masks and lockdowns not only didn't work but were catastrophic is indisputable and non-controversial. Yet, officials will try and push for them despite the reality and facts of their failures. The Science (TM) and The Experts (TM) who cackle about such nonsense are ideologues. Reason and logic are absent and there's not much we can do about it but keep speaking the truth and reaching those who are not clueless asses easily manipulated by fear and superstition.

The behavioural scientists and epidemiologists are in full control. Nudge theory of the former is aligning with the precautionary principle of the latter with full applause from the corporate media and the consent of a beaten down populace. The judiciary and political classes are too gutless and deeply entrenched in corruption to end it.

Here. Have a look at what's happening in Canada. Pure belligerence and stupidity. That man bullying citizens should be ashamed of himself. 

Doing his job my ass. He knows it's wrong - or at least he should know. It's OUTRAGEOUS Federal workers keep playing this embarrassing game.

I can't express my anger in words any longer. It's just plain....sad.

The Evolution Of Justin Trudeau

Just no longer needs to play and feel the part of a degenerate Roman emperor. Now he must look like Commodus. Or Nero.

As Foghorn Leghorn once said, 'that boy ain't right'.

Justin went from Trudeau-mania 2 to Trudeau-maniac in seconds flat.

He's a bore and a boar.

The regressive evolution of 'Y'beau' to 'Y'fou' is complete.

More troubling, that's the look of a gay man who likes his prey young. 

Will someone please put this man out of his misery and remove him from office?


Sombre Day In Canada; Do Not Give The mRNA Shots To Your Children

Unsurprisingly, Canada approved mRNA injections for children. It's unconscionable as it is criminal.

I repeat Tam, Njoo, Trudeau, Duclos, Dube, Legault et al. are all acting irresponsibly if not criminally at this point knowing what we know about the shots.

Canada and the United States are outliers in the world. Don't go tell me we're not corrupted to the core. 

Health Canada and the FDA and CDC have failed public health and the people they're supposed to protect.

For politics and money.

Hope it's all worth it you degenerates. 

To give it to kids is without sound science and without justification.


Don't do it. Research. The data pouring in about the shots is NOT good.

Here are two articles you should read and a Dark Horse clip.

Alex Berenson.

Dr. Marty Makary.

Canada Blinds Us With Its Stupid Science

Let's face it.

Canada is a farcical place run by court jesters serving fools and knaves.

And morality and ethics is absent now.

All hail emergency powers and the state! We shall obey!

Two things to point out just how preposterously stupid we've become.

1) I'm hearing many stories (and I mean a lot) of people coming back from vacation and getting sick. Most of them testing positive (whatever that means anymore) and 'vaccinated'. The majority of those are 'two dosers' who no longer are vaccinated. As per the words of the wise shamans Tam and Duclos. No offence to shamans. But they don't have to quarantine thus they go out and....spread the virus. BUT, healthy unvaccinated Canadians with natural immunity (and even those without) have to quarantine for 14 days (which is no longer necessary as 5 days is more than sufficient as we've known since 2021). A pointless and punitive measure that can only come from a stupid government and a clueless population. 

2) Shamans Tam and Duclos say a shot will be 'required' every nine months. Let's examine this for a second. Even if you stab 100% of the population the 'vaccine' wanes after a matter of weeks (if it works at all. Which I think is the case. The shots aren't working. In fact, they're hurting people and prolonging the crisis). So what's the point exactly? To reduce 'severe disease' every few months? Again, where is the evidence that it does? We have a spectacular dearth of information and evidence for every thing they claim from masks to the shots. They're refusing to, still, provide people with proper informed consent. We're now seeing a flood of studies coming showing repeated 'boosters' might not be a good idea for the immune system and that there's raising concerns that the gene therapy does in fact interacts with DNA. This vaccine madness and campaign must end. 

Their plan will fail. In spectacular fashion. They will blame the unvaccinated. But I say look in the mirror. 

Take the vaccine! It's got electrolytes.


Blind and stupid. 


Question For The Full Of Shit WHO

If the vaccines are effective, assholes, then why are ginning up fear, demanding masks and a global lockdown you damn well know to KILL?

Can it be because these useless 'vaccines' are ineffective and offer no protection while harming millions?

Know what you are World Health Organization? A pseudoscience, genocidal eugenics experiment gone wrong.

You are fucking serial killers.

Which fits since you have a terrorist accused of genocide in his home country in this non-doctor piece of shit Tedros.

Now fuck off.

Canada Is Sick; And It's Not Covid

Sickening decision in Alberta by Judge Belzil.

Funny. I coulda sworn you cannot force someone to take a vaccine based on Charter (and other documents) rights. We're upending our sense of justice and ethics for a 'vaccine' that is proving to be dangerous and useless by the day.

Judge Belzil's reasoning is an abomination. He makes no sense. He basically is saying upholding the Charter would be 'medical chaos' and so signs off on a medical death panel to decide if someone lives.

For the love of God. Is there any judge in Canada with courage, morals and ethics? 

All the lies are coming from Ottawa and Washington and the judges are cementing lawlessness. 

Basically, the judge just legalized extortion and medical tyranny and 'ethicists' will claim it's all ethical.

Canada is sick.

And sick in the head.

Don't think so?

Contrast a Canadian court saying it's acceptable for a doctor (some of whom are incompetent and corrupted) to deny a human being a life-saving procedure (making this about the law is cowardice) to this story of what humanity should and ought to be.

Should he have asked for their vaccination status?

Where have we gone wrong?

For all that's decent, resign Judge Paul Belzil. 

The demand for the same with Chief Justice Richard Wagner remains.


The JCCF MUST appeal this atrocious decision. 


The Devil Swirls

It's pure hysteria. It's over two years I've been writing about this. I don't know what to say anymore.

They're now abusing children with this useless piece of junk and animals too.

Quebec, naturally, has started vaccinating cows. Is it a way to render them inedible? 

"Our cows have no antibiotics! But they're vaccinated!" doesn't strike me as healthy eating. 

We also know through preliminary studies mothers are passing the vaccines onto their new borns through breastfeeding. It's not unreasonable to worry if you eat Charlie Angus AAA the vaccine passes into you. 

It can't be to prevent infection or transmission because the vaccine doesn't do that. And animals can't overwhelm the system.

So why are they filling animals with that garbage? I don't even view it as a 'vaccine'. It's liquid junk.

It's heartbreaking seeing kids and animals react in fear. They instinctively know harm has come to them via the hands of people who claim to care.

Everything they say is a lie.

A cancerous and treacherous lie.


Where are you?


First They Came For The Truckers

For those keeping score at home and paying any attention (which is not enough of you), the governments of the West including this sad country called Canada have declared war on farmers.

The attack on the truckers was well played. They forced mandates on them and then turned the protest against them. It's one of the most cynical political acts in history.

Now the farmers around the world are under attack. 

Truckers and farmers.

Who feed us.

Think about what's happening. 

Blackouts, outages, collapsing economies, mRNA coercion....

People none of this is organic.

It's all orchestrated.

And it starts with the global elites from the United Nations to the WHO to the WEF to Soros to Gates to Rockefeller to Vanguard to Blackrock and everyone and everything connected to them in between.

All you need to do is be aware. 

None of this is about a virus.

It's a complete hostile global take over. 


Just how much do they hate you?

Chrystia Freeland Tweeted how much she loves truckers. This is the bitch who froze bank accounts and threw truckers in jail lying they were a threat to national security.

These people are not only dangerous but are treacherous.

She's gaslighting the people now.

Don't fall for it.

Quebec 'Science' Continues To Fail

Quebec officials continue to show how backward it is.

Being all-in on the boosters, Quebec cannot acknowledge the superiority of natural immunity. This is why they make the unsupported claim that if you are infected after three months go get boosted.

Pure stupidity and defies logic.

More and more studies are pouring in that that natural immunity not only lasts months but years.

That puts a little crinkle and dent into the specious narrative peddled by Legault, Dube, Boileau, Duclos, Trudeau and Tam. 

These people either know this or are lying and are incompetent.

I stand by my assertion these are incompetents and criminals. 

Put Down Your Phones For Good

If there's anything good and positive that's come of the nationwide Rogers blackout it's the realization you really don't need your phones to the extent you think or believe.

And by the way, this is all by design. The WEF and its army of globalist shills have been 'predicting' internet and web outages for months now. Cyber-security experts are part of the Hegelian-Dialectic complex pummelling humanity at the moment. Make no mistake, this was no mystery. It's all a dry run, like the Agenda 21 and Event 201 exercises. All to install neo-feudalism for the digital age. They want to condition us to live like peasants. 

Feel vulnerable naked at the moment?

It'll pass. 

All you need your phone for is basic communication. In and out texts and calls. Period.

You don't need your entire life on it.

All that means is it gives temptation to bad faith people and actors to control you. To put you in a digital gulag and put handcuffs on you.

They will cage you.

What the heck do you think the Dutch and Canadian governments are trying to do?

Don't and can't you se these leaders are traitors to their nations?

Put down your phones.

Send a message.

Don't play.

Your trips will come back. Why would consent to losing parts of your rights for a vacation? 

Only when they get it can we resume and place trust that our privacy and freedoms will remain in tact and protected.

Until then, they want you.

Wake up normies.

The 'conspiracy theorists' were more right than wrong all along.

They were spoiler alerts the whole time. 


ArriveCan't; 7th Wave Hysterics, When You Lose Offitl; mRNA Reverse Transcripts Into DNA; Calls For Unvaccinated Blood

You're watching the greatest crime in world history unfold before your eyes.

And YOU'RE the victim. Well, we all are in some form or another.

I've been way too busy to keep up with posting the deluge of information  I've been following these past couple of weeks.

It's incredible. Just unbelievable the shameless and insufferable arrogance on display about this overblown threat. It's astonishing that we're going to enter 2023 still buying into the lies. 

I don't know where to begin so I'll just blast away here. 

The Canadian government, an obsessed and corrupted vaccine cult, is going to push boosters very hard despite ZERO evidence to back it up. It will soon 'approve' this useless (I don't know what to call this junk anymore) medicine into children who absolutely, unequivocally do not need it. 

I repeat. There is NO justification for boosters or administering this to children. ZERO. Doesn't matter what the 'experts' who peddle it are saying. They're wrong. Period.

Since the facts and evidence have always backed us up, what did the Quebec government do? Just remove vital statistical data comparing the vaccinated and unvaccinated because it was clearly showing it was the better move NOT to get 'vaccinated'. The social and health catastrophe we're observing in other countries is happening here.

Quebec is rotten to the core. It's a place that is enjoying expanding state power and removing sovereign rights. It recently took the proud step of silencing university professors questioning their lies. Quebec always a leader - in authoritarianism. Thinking of moving to Canada? Don't. Keep your ass going to the United States and especially stay away from Quebec.  Quebec absolutely will abuse the power it gave itself until December 31, 2022. No government that maintains emergency powers doesn't intend to use it. And what we know from two criminal incompetents like Legault and Dube is that they're nothing more than a tinpot dictator duo with Boileau acting as their clueless jester.

Alberta, for its part, at least is more honest and discloses the facts. And it doesn't look good. At all.

7th wave hysterics folks. Be prepared. Oh. It's the vaccines 100% driving the variants now. The vast majority of the Western world has been pinched. The minority of holdouts aren't threatening anything. One simple reason (and I'm getting tired of pointing this out as have so many others) these are NON-STERILIZING and ineffective 'leaky' injections. By pushing this in the middle of a circulating virus all it's doing is creating the potential for more virulent variants. In short, it's Darwinism in action where the virus is looking to survive - and it will because it's smarter than humans. Until we stop, this continues. Sadly, and this is where it gets bleak, dark and disturbing, we're about to ruin the immune systems of children. If there was one group who could lead us out of all this it's them. Now we're about to close the door on that. Once it shuts, we're going to be in a burning house with no way out. Basically, it won't save granny. It will kill her.  

It's now reached alarming heights to the point Dr. Paul Offit has spoken out about what happened at the FDA. Offit voted against the use of vaccines for kids and has a problem with how the panel conducted itself. He alluded that this is political saying 'it felt like the fix was in' and having nothing to do with science and evidence. When you lose Dr. Paul Offit, I think it's time to listen. 

For all of this, I invite people to join Substack. It's a world you never thought existed. It's where all the turn and facts are discussed. 

It will take you out of this crazy and manipulated bubble the media and TV dinner experts have carefully crafted to keep you in submission.

Speaking of submission, it's rather discomforting people don't realize they're being coerced illegally. They're blinded by their selfish and self-entitled need to travel. 

I hope that trip to Europe was worth it because it's coming at a massive cost. One, the vaccines are coming with all sorts of questionable side-effects that could be long-lasting and a recent study from Sweden is showing the mRNA does enter the DNA makes it permanent. This explains why governments are psychotically trying to force this into everyone. There's something in this scam they're not telling us and b) loss of individual liberty and medical autonomy. 

One example of government overreach is the ArriveCan app. In principle, the idea of putting everything into an app for travel is a good idea. I support it. However, the way the government is rolling this out and making it mandatory - reworking sections of the Quarantine Act -  should give pause. I believe this to be a tracking device and is being used under the guise of public health. Also, since when are apps mandatory? If an app is useful, people talk. This builds natural trust and everyone gets on board. Instead, what we have is two of the most mendacious politicians in Justin and Mendocino forcing it. We should be treating these two like sleazy used car salesmen. 

Unfortunately, it hasn't been challenged and the one group that did - the JCCF - messed it up. For now, mass civil disobedience is the only option and I'm not going to hold my breath with that one. But we need to force a return to a pre-pandemic life. Because what they have in store for the post-pandemic is not good. 

This is still not 'official' law. The tickets they're issuing aren't worth more than toilet paper. Challenge every ticket. Flood the courts and send a message. That's a form of civil disobedience.

Stop being afraid and regain your sovereign rights and dignity. 

Last, I've seen reports here and there where blood banks are alleging asking for unvaccinated blood donors.

If this is true, then what more proof do we need to ask, 'What have we done?'

This is a frightening situation.

There aren't enough 'pure bloods' to service humanity anymore if that Swedish study is accurate.

And I have a bad feeling that's the case.

Just remember who did this to us.


More On That Idiotic Vaccine Ideologue Duclos

The Liberal party has a few very dangerous people in its ranks. Trudeau and Freeland of course.

Health Minister Mr. Jean Yves 'Caillou' Duclos has emerged as another.

As mentioned in a previous post about his lies, another thing he said that deserves to be discussed is how officials are now conflating Covid with the flu. Which are two different families of viruses.

The Canadian government, in its infinitely blindingly stupid obsession with vaccines are planning to administer the booster during flu season.

An mRNA injection that was originally designed for the original strand now long extinct is going to be used for influenza?


Wake up.

I beg you.

This madness will only stop when you realize the complete and utter incoherence of what they're doing.

And now we're starting to see the adverse events accelerate.

If you have two shots. Don't take anymore.

No matter how hard they push and threaten. 

These vaccines are not only ineffective but increasingly dangerous.