Preventative Existence Is A Joyless One

Until The Experts (TM) stop peddling the bull shit that the 'vaccines' somehow magically prevent hospitalization and 'severe disease' while pimping the need for preventative action, this permanent pandemic hysteria will go on indefinitely. 

Unless people wise up and tune out.

We are NOT in any kind of existential threat.

Not from Covid, not from this stupid monkeypox not from climate change.

These are manufactured hysterics designed to keep you living in a state of fear in order to control you.

The vaccines, in case you haven't noticed, have failed. 

Spectacularly so.

All they got are these shitty boosters that last 15 minutes which is about as long as the infamy of epidemiologists and infections disease quacks. Lord gives us the strength to put up with more of Isaac Boguch, Colin Furness, Don Vinh, the Ontario Science Table and other hysterical alchemists.

This is all exaggerated hype and hysteria.

We can be scared of many things on earth.

Are we to be terrified of them all?

Don't let Mother Kar-Hens dictate our lives. PHAC is using powers they do NOT have including issuing tickets and tracking people on their apps. If you haven't downloaded the app, DO NOT do so. If you have, for the love of God delete it. Better yet, get a new phone since it probably is embedded in your phone. It is NOT the law to have it. It's a stupid app and should be VOLUNTARY. Not mandatory. Ask yourself why they lie about wanting people on this app so badly? Clearly, PHAC is using it to monitor Canadians and isn't being truthful about it. We have a rogue agency on our hands. Here's some advice on how to handle lawless officials upon your return from a peaceful vacation from saner places.

In other words, tell PHAC and Tam to FUCK OFF. 

Go on with your lives. I know the government will make it very difficult for some (mostly free and critical thinkers) but march on we must. But keep in mind this is NOT a life you're living right now. It's joyless having to be worried about what the government plans to do with you and your body. This psychological situation must and will be reversed. But first, the normies have to join this side and understand that they do have more power than they think.

And hope they all one day are brought to justice for these outrageous, unscientific, unethical crimes.

They made people go crazy. That's psychological abuse and they must stand trial for it.


If you're a man, and you voted and keep supporting Justin, then you're not a man.

You're a gutless, totalitarian jerk-off.

Never have I judged anyone's political decisions but I draw the line at the support of a clown like Justin.

Leaving aside all the scandals these past seven years, do you know what it takes to take a world-class airport and pretty much destroy it in a matter of months?

That takes spectacular levels of incompetence and malice. 

Do you know what it takes to ruin one of the most seamless and important agencies in the bureaucracy? Passports are the single most important and legitimate job of the state to ensure citizens have access to them. It's our identity (though I fall in line with libertarians that they're most unnecessary).

Yet, Justin and the fools in the Liberal party managed to mess that up too. Have you ever heard of the passport office being gutted like this? Not me.

Either this is by design or they really are this stupid.

It may be a false dichotomy but with this bunch in power, it may fit.

How can Canadians keep tolerating this? Our reputation IS tarnished and it may take a long time to get this sorted out.

But first.

We must get rid of the poison that is Justin Trudeau. 


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