Canada Will Be Left In The Dust

Unless the country is rid of Justin Trudeau.

Think his father's NEP was disastrous for Western Canada?

Justin has applied destructive economic policies that will damage the entire country.

I don't think Canadians fully realized how tarnished our reputation is. So much so that Justin is basically a lame duck leader. Eastern European leaders aren't impressed. The American political class is appalled by his comments about U.S. politics. In fact, Democrats have expressed shock about how he claimed Republicans somehow funded the 'insurrection' in Canada.

In every possible way you can conceive, Justin is a poison to this country.

The Americans will turn their ship around in November. There will be an American economic rebound if not renaissance.

Justin's antics are so short sighted, he failed to consider the political shift coming because if the GOP takes over, that will make relations with the U.S. all the more difficult. As they prosper, we will whiter. One statistic I came across that unless we pivot, we will be half as wealth as Americans in 10 years.

Things are very dark in Canada.

The actions of this government in the last seven months have been astonishing in its stupidity.

We will ALL pay a price for it.

Get out of your parochial cubby holes Canada.

Time to truly stand and fight for a return to a sound, stable and democratic Canada.

If this keeps up, we will be poorer and less free.

Kick Justin Trudeau and his incompetent, bozo cabinet tot the curb. 


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