App Mayhem


If you come into Canada it's not enough to show you're vaccinated. They want to see the ArriveCan app. 


What's the point of the App if you can show proof?

Clearly, there's an ulterior motive here and don't expect any transparency from a crooked party like the Liberals under this criminal. 

The RCMP, CBSA, PHAC - all are complicit on this unprecedented attacks on Canadian civil liberties.

Of course, there are dim-witted Canadians who will find a way to defend these incoherent and illegal acts but we need to push them aside and set this country straight.

Know the law. Inform yourselves. Don't blindly download the app because they're bullying and lying to you.

When conspiracy theorists warned about this EXACT same scenario in 2020, I never thought it would be Canada as the ONLY nation to be doing this.

I'm actually feeling a form of PTSD at this point it's so shocking and outrageous. Worse, Canadians STILL don't get it.

The APP is a Trojan Horse. A shock collar. DELETE THE APP you fools!

Europe will be there but your freedom will be gone. 

This is chaos. 

Immoral chaos. 


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