Put Down Your Phones For Good

If there's anything good and positive that's come of the nationwide Rogers blackout it's the realization you really don't need your phones to the extent you think or believe.

And by the way, this is all by design. The WEF and its army of globalist shills have been 'predicting' internet and web outages for months now. Cyber-security experts are part of the Hegelian-Dialectic complex pummelling humanity at the moment. Make no mistake, this was no mystery. It's all a dry run, like the Agenda 21 and Event 201 exercises. All to install neo-feudalism for the digital age. They want to condition us to live like peasants. 

Feel vulnerable naked at the moment?

It'll pass. 

All you need your phone for is basic communication. In and out texts and calls. Period.

You don't need your entire life on it.

All that means is it gives temptation to bad faith people and actors to control you. To put you in a digital gulag and put handcuffs on you.

They will cage you.

What the heck do you think the Dutch and Canadian governments are trying to do?

Don't and can't you se these leaders are traitors to their nations?

Put down your phones.

Send a message.

Don't play.

Your trips will come back. Why would consent to losing parts of your rights for a vacation? 

Only when they get it can we resume and place trust that our privacy and freedoms will remain in tact and protected.

Until then, they want you.

Wake up normies.

The 'conspiracy theorists' were more right than wrong all along.

They were spoiler alerts the whole time. 

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