ArriveCan't; 7th Wave Hysterics, When You Lose Offitl; mRNA Reverse Transcripts Into DNA; Calls For Unvaccinated Blood

You're watching the greatest crime in world history unfold before your eyes.

And YOU'RE the victim. Well, we all are in some form or another.

I've been way too busy to keep up with posting the deluge of information  I've been following these past couple of weeks.

It's incredible. Just unbelievable the shameless and insufferable arrogance on display about this overblown threat. It's astonishing that we're going to enter 2023 still buying into the lies. 

I don't know where to begin so I'll just blast away here. 

The Canadian government, an obsessed and corrupted vaccine cult, is going to push boosters very hard despite ZERO evidence to back it up. It will soon 'approve' this useless (I don't know what to call this junk anymore) medicine into children who absolutely, unequivocally do not need it. 

I repeat. There is NO justification for boosters or administering this to children. ZERO. Doesn't matter what the 'experts' who peddle it are saying. They're wrong. Period.

Since the facts and evidence have always backed us up, what did the Quebec government do? Just remove vital statistical data comparing the vaccinated and unvaccinated because it was clearly showing it was the better move NOT to get 'vaccinated'. The social and health catastrophe we're observing in other countries is happening here.

Quebec is rotten to the core. It's a place that is enjoying expanding state power and removing sovereign rights. It recently took the proud step of silencing university professors questioning their lies. Quebec always a leader - in authoritarianism. Thinking of moving to Canada? Don't. Keep your ass going to the United States and especially stay away from Quebec.  Quebec absolutely will abuse the power it gave itself until December 31, 2022. No government that maintains emergency powers doesn't intend to use it. And what we know from two criminal incompetents like Legault and Dube is that they're nothing more than a tinpot dictator duo with Boileau acting as their clueless jester.

Alberta, for its part, at least is more honest and discloses the facts. And it doesn't look good. At all.

7th wave hysterics folks. Be prepared. Oh. It's the vaccines 100% driving the variants now. The vast majority of the Western world has been pinched. The minority of holdouts aren't threatening anything. One simple reason (and I'm getting tired of pointing this out as have so many others) these are NON-STERILIZING and ineffective 'leaky' injections. By pushing this in the middle of a circulating virus all it's doing is creating the potential for more virulent variants. In short, it's Darwinism in action where the virus is looking to survive - and it will because it's smarter than humans. Until we stop, this continues. Sadly, and this is where it gets bleak, dark and disturbing, we're about to ruin the immune systems of children. If there was one group who could lead us out of all this it's them. Now we're about to close the door on that. Once it shuts, we're going to be in a burning house with no way out. Basically, it won't save granny. It will kill her.  

It's now reached alarming heights to the point Dr. Paul Offit has spoken out about what happened at the FDA. Offit voted against the use of vaccines for kids and has a problem with how the panel conducted itself. He alluded that this is political saying 'it felt like the fix was in' and having nothing to do with science and evidence. When you lose Dr. Paul Offit, I think it's time to listen. 

For all of this, I invite people to join Substack. It's a world you never thought existed. It's where all the turn and facts are discussed. 

It will take you out of this crazy and manipulated bubble the media and TV dinner experts have carefully crafted to keep you in submission.

Speaking of submission, it's rather discomforting people don't realize they're being coerced illegally. They're blinded by their selfish and self-entitled need to travel. 

I hope that trip to Europe was worth it because it's coming at a massive cost. One, the vaccines are coming with all sorts of questionable side-effects that could be long-lasting and a recent study from Sweden is showing the mRNA does enter the DNA makes it permanent. This explains why governments are psychotically trying to force this into everyone. There's something in this scam they're not telling us and b) loss of individual liberty and medical autonomy. 

One example of government overreach is the ArriveCan app. In principle, the idea of putting everything into an app for travel is a good idea. I support it. However, the way the government is rolling this out and making it mandatory - reworking sections of the Quarantine Act -  should give pause. I believe this to be a tracking device and is being used under the guise of public health. Also, since when are apps mandatory? If an app is useful, people talk. This builds natural trust and everyone gets on board. Instead, what we have is two of the most mendacious politicians in Justin and Mendocino forcing it. We should be treating these two like sleazy used car salesmen. 

Unfortunately, it hasn't been challenged and the one group that did - the JCCF - messed it up. For now, mass civil disobedience is the only option and I'm not going to hold my breath with that one. But we need to force a return to a pre-pandemic life. Because what they have in store for the post-pandemic is not good. 

This is still not 'official' law. The tickets they're issuing aren't worth more than toilet paper. Challenge every ticket. Flood the courts and send a message. That's a form of civil disobedience.

Stop being afraid and regain your sovereign rights and dignity. 

Last, I've seen reports here and there where blood banks are alleging asking for unvaccinated blood donors.

If this is true, then what more proof do we need to ask, 'What have we done?'

This is a frightening situation.

There aren't enough 'pure bloods' to service humanity anymore if that Swedish study is accurate.

And I have a bad feeling that's the case.

Just remember who did this to us.

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