mRNA Mayhem

 The shots are not only failing.

But they're now harming people.

They offer decent protection for a couple of months, then plummet and the after-effects (the so-called long-term effects) are damaging people's health.

They're clearly weakening immune systems and leading to heart failure blood clots, and 'rare aggressive cancers'. 

If you hear of someone dropping dead suddenly (SADS) it's not because they were gardening in the heat or giving someone a blow job.

It's the "vaccine".

I'm noticing the number of people getting cancer or heart problems inching up now. So far three 'sudden' deaths in my circle of friends, family and acquaintances. I'm starting to get worried. 

I notice the frequency of such stories is increasing. 

These shitty products are not safe or effective. Anyone - and I mean anyone - still peddling this abomination should be stripped of whatever license they have, lose their jobs (which would be karmic justice) or face legal action. That goes for politicians - I'm looking at you PHAC,  Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois. All these injuries and deaths are on YOU. 

Shove that App and masks up your asses. 

Deal with it.

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