Never Forget

They locked society down.


They segregated it along medical status lines.

Isolation, masks and apartheid.


The damage is done. There was a window to allow for healing to begin. The authorities - psychopaths - chose to decline. 

Now an actual communist who wants lockdowns and masks 'forever' will chair behavioural insights for the WHO. Susan Michie claims she follows science and her ideological bent won't interfere. Perhaps. But, the 'nudge theory' has proven to be an unethical encroachment on the civil order and civil rights. 

They have no intentions of letting up. Tedros is upping the fear-mongering and threats. He wants more vaccinations, global lockdowns and for social media to shut down 'misinformation'.

What we need to do is shut Tedros up and the WHO down. 

Never forget.


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