Canada Is Sick; And It's Not Covid

Sickening decision in Alberta by Judge Belzil.

Funny. I coulda sworn you cannot force someone to take a vaccine based on Charter (and other documents) rights. We're upending our sense of justice and ethics for a 'vaccine' that is proving to be dangerous and useless by the day.

Judge Belzil's reasoning is an abomination. He makes no sense. He basically is saying upholding the Charter would be 'medical chaos' and so signs off on a medical death panel to decide if someone lives.

For the love of God. Is there any judge in Canada with courage, morals and ethics? 

All the lies are coming from Ottawa and Washington and the judges are cementing lawlessness. 

Basically, the judge just legalized extortion and medical tyranny and 'ethicists' will claim it's all ethical.

Canada is sick.

And sick in the head.

Don't think so?

Contrast a Canadian court saying it's acceptable for a doctor (some of whom are incompetent and corrupted) to deny a human being a life-saving procedure (making this about the law is cowardice) to this story of what humanity should and ought to be.

Should he have asked for their vaccination status?

Where have we gone wrong?

For all that's decent, resign Judge Paul Belzil. 

The demand for the same with Chief Justice Richard Wagner remains.


The JCCF MUST appeal this atrocious decision. 

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