Hero Teenager Gives Bully Who Punched A Blind Student Beating

Watch the incident here.

Sweet. To me this is good old fashioned justice. 

If the good guys get in trouble for this, and the bully jerk off gets one dime from the state should he decide to sue, it will be most unfortunate but may still be worth it.

Should Huntington High School determine that despite having appropriately defend a classmate, he must be punished for his own physical aggression, then he may just have to accept whatever punishment follows. It'll be worth it since few people would think he was wrong to begin with. It's just that even though people sometimes deserve a beating, a school can't tolerate it for obvious reasons.
But it should end there. No arrest should follow and I should hope, as noted above, the family of the clown kid has the moral gumption to let this go and hopefully do some disciplining of their own.
“Huntington Beach High School firmly believes that all students are afforded an opportunity to learn in a safe and secure environment. Because of this, safety is the highest priority,” it said in a statement to the News. “Huntington Beach High School has a very strong anti-bullying code of conduct and will not condone this type of behavior from any student.”
Sometimes you just have to confront a bully; face your demons. Simple as that.

I doubt this idiot will think twice before accosting a disabled person moving forward.

Syria Exposes The Aimless Nature Of American And Russian Foreign Policy

If you've had a hard time keeping up with the news in Syria and in particular how it relates to the foreign policies of the United States and Russia you're not the only one.

As far as I can tell, the USA miscalculated and Russia has moved in as the Alpha Male in Syria. Obama has simply been pushed out of the equation. However, this is not a result of brilliant diplomacy or realpolitik on Russia's part. It's simply seizing on the White House's miscues and mixed signals.

Just how have they done this? Comments like the one John Kerry made this week doesn't help:

"...Kerry said violence could end after a ceasefire “if one man would merely make it known to the world that he doesn't have to be part of the long-term future, he'll help manage Syria out of this mess, and then go off into the sunset as most people do after a period of public life.”

“If he were to do that, then you could stop the violence and quickly move to a [managed transition],” Kerry added of Assad during an interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." 

Interesting. You mean the guy who Kerry and Hillary called a decent guy and a 'reformer' but a couple of years ago?

What raises skepticism in Kerry's comment is the fact nearly half of Syrians still support Assad. What the U.S. is asking is incredibly irresponsible if not bizarre. Do they not realize an Assad exit will likely result in a massacre of Christians and Alawites?

Iran's perspective on the Americans in Syria can be read here.

As for Russia. The Moscow Times has this to say:

"We are witnessing the birth of Russia's new diplomatic strategy — namely, if Moscow cannot offer anything constructive to the international dialogue, it must create new problems in order to remain relevant.

It was clear from the start that President Vladimir Putin could not offer anything positive that would serve as the basis of negotiations with the U.S. president. As viewers learned from Putin's recent interview on U.S. television, Moscow cannot withdraw its support for the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad or the separatists in Donbass.

What's more, Putin's initiative to form an international coalition to fight the Islamic State remains an empty gesture. Instead, Russia suddenly sent warplanes to Syria. And while those aircraft clearly cannot tip the scales in the war against the Islamic State, they can create a problem for U.S. President Barack Obama."

Wednesday Night Music

Chris Matthews Continues His Teenage Infatuation Of Obama

"Chris Matthews declares that he has seen a vision of President Obama's future: "He will be a post-presidential Nelson Mandela. He is going to be a man of the world seling democracy."
"What I saw there was the post-presidential Obama. The man he wants to become when he moves to New York... Today we saw it as an away game it is soon going to be a home game for him. He will have become a presidential figure that has become a global leader."

/drops cigarettes from lips.

Fuck you Chris.


Fuck you.

And grow up. 

Not sure if you're a towel or a tool. Or both.


Protected Canadian Dairy Industry Faces Possible Entry Of American Competitors; Tears Ensues - Sky Is Falling

Ah yes. When Canadians over rate their own stuff while bashing American products. Yes, because American milk is made with GMO's and the blood of innocent cows. 

Same crap with the ridiculous 'we have better beer' claim.

That good old tiresome navel-gazing. Gotta use it to prove we're alive and exist.

Good is all I can say if competition comes here. Canada seriously doesn't have enough of it in many industries because of its monopolistic and tightly regulated approach. In the end, consumers get screwed by having less access and choice while being forced to pay prices that have less to do with market forces and more with price manipulation.

Worse, we somehow have tied this as some sort of superior economic nationalism.

Never will you ever hear me oppose more competition particularly in  and certainly not for bull shit reasons.


Not wine or beer where the process can get pretty complex if not artistic.

Farmers, like most unionized and protected industries, are good at fear-mongering and appealing to emotions. I don't believe for one second our milk is superior to any other country any more I think we have a better health care system or whatever.

The idea that Canadian milk is a better product thanks to pricing fixing and quotas is just plain retarded. 

How about this. How about producing good quality milk at reasonable prices free of heavy subsidies and political protection.

How about that?

Oh. It's worth mentioning we're not the biggest dairy consumers here and I hate milk.

Useful Idiots And Ahmed Mohammed - Updated

Knock it off.


Mohammed wasn't the first and certainly won't be the last kid to be negatively impacted by screwy zero tolerance policies that poison American schools.

The thing about Mohammed that sickens me is the usual SJW suspects go into over drive acting as if this was some sort of unique event based on race.

Bull fucking shit.

Kids - white fucking kids. Even little girls! - have been sent home, punished, suspended and arrested for far less offenses. Children are being traumatized thanks to zero tolerance for kissing classmates, making a gun out of Pop Tarts or wearing 'offensive' t-shirts. Just google it. It's all there in plain text to see.

None of this kids got a call from the White House.

But not a peep from the progressive left and their derelict band of idiots because - as usual - SJW Retards misconstrue, misappropriate and misinterpret facts to fit their dumbass, childish narrative.

That the President stuck his nose in this - once again - once and for all confirms (to me anyway) he's driven by race in his actions. So par for the course for President Vapid.

Now Mohammed is gallivanting the globe with an assortment of tyrants in various Arab countries with appalling human rights records. Which is troubling given they're Sufi - generally a moderate side of Islam.



Anyone quietly sitting down and collecting the facts of the story endowed with a sensible mind would not make a hero out of the kid and just stick to the fact he was unjustly arrested.

That being said, Ahmed Mohammed is no special victim.


This past week-end a few of the neighbors including myself were doing stuff around the house. A couple of kids, at one point, passed by each with those rifle toys that shoot pellets.


That's common sense to me. 

Phrases I Hate

'Vote against your interest' as in: I don't understand why people would vote against their interest!

It's a stupid phrase and I'll tell you why.

Well, first it's one you progressives say a lot. So there's that.

Second, it's vapid and meaningless as so many of these political jargon-phrases are.

It's usually borne out of not facts but good old fashioned presumptuousness and projection.

Not poor pundit privileged progressive will say something to the effect of: 'You're poor and vote conservative? Why would you vote against your interest?'

Maybe because they believe conservative principles and perhaps policies (sometimes they don't always flow with one another) usually focusing on empowering better serves the poor as opposed to enabling them with welfare and 'free shit'?

It's a blanket statement that assumes people think and move in one direction. Presumably in the progressive direction; which probably is why they invented the phrase.

To express surprise (rage and disappointment) at how stupid people are for not seeing things their way.


Things I See In Montreal That Make Me Vomit In My Mouth

I don't drive into Montreal much anymore.

The traffic and construction is simply too much for me. It's rare you have a nice, peaceful drive deep into the city without encountering horrific traffic or those grating 'Detour' signs.

But from time to time you have to and I have to just keep my aggravation in check.

Anyway. Stopped at a red light at Ave. du Parc (Park Ave.) and Pine Ave. I noticed a giant sign on the side of a building with a 'Palestine Libre' display. Not surprising given Quebec's historical position on the matter; particularly French-Canadian nationalists who tend to be anti-semitic.

I wanted to vomit.

Imagine that. Imagine if you're Jewish - a community that did so much for Montreal - going to class at McGill and you have to see that political crap? The irony is despite its aggressive posturing, Jews have done more for this city than Palestinians ever could. And for me, this is a relevant reality.

Imagine if a Jew put up a a sign 'Keep Israel Safe' somewhere how people would react.

More and more I want to keep to myself and avoid going into the hypocritical madness.


Bull Shit Starring The Dalai Lama, Gandhi And Mother Teresa

Progressives Suddenly Find Love For The Pope

Has anyone noticed a sudden increase in positive articles on the Pope on left-wing publications, newspapers and website?


Commie Pope spews all the usual, vapid left-wing nonsense on climate change and the economy they embrace.

Before this, coverage of the Catholic Church was all about rape and backwardness. We even were treated to sparkling displays of religious and historical relativist bull shit from the President about Christianity being equal to Islam when it came to violence.

They have no principles. None.

Caitlyn Jenner Is No Hero

You people who blindly and stupidly praise Jenner do realize this vapid narcissist killed someone right?

I'm sure there are more thoughtful transgendered individuals out there to praise and who deserve some recognition.

Everybody Has A Backstory: Don't Over Rate Yours

Today, everyone is losing sight of the fact they're not necessarily a unique butterfly. In fact, we're all pretty much the same. Sure, some have more remarkable stories to tell but on the grand scheme of things, most of us are on the same level.

I don't give a shit who you are - insert profession, creed, income, race, grades etc.

You're past experiences are not a reason to shut down another person's point of view.

Nor can it be leveraged to pass some sophomoric opinion on subjective matters such as humor and comedy lest you come off sounding like a jack ass or snooty. Or both.

As you can tell, I hold no reservations about calling somebody out for their bull shit and bull shit justifications for acting like a bull shit nanny.

You can't take offense to someone's comment or opinion or joke by explaining your past experience because it presumes the person making the comment doesn't have one of their own. Sure, you can express your disappointment or dismay or whatever to which a discussion could ensue but if you make it a habit you're nothing but a trouble maker who needs to deal with your own issues.

There are people out there just make a fucken issue out of everything and anything and in today's climate it only seems to be heightened. They feel empowered and embolden.

I can just imagine what happens on emails on a daily basis across the continent. It must be impossibly insufferable; corporate or personal. There must be so many SJW Retards taking offense to something it's enough to leave you depressed.

This is why you shouldn't let them get the upper hand. They play on your emotions like the SJW Retard did before. They present themselves as rational but once you don't allow yourself to be emotionally manipulated you're able to see clearer. That is, the argument presented is not rational at all.

It's just a ploy - wittingly or otherwise - to force you to fall into line.

Unfortunately, most people rather than make an issue of it just follow to shut the person up.

While understandable (who wants to contend with an emotional wreck? They can be dangerous) the problem with this is won't stop at this. The SJW Retard will literally find a problem with anyone; even the most harmless person who goes out of their way to avoid trouble.

SJW Retard excels in looking for trouble. They crave it. They're sociopaths.

They're social bullies.

And the best way to handle a bully in my experience is to fight them.

The second they make their plea you call bull shit and you stand your ground.

In my case, it started with a word. Then it was a statistic. Now it was a joke.

Thrice the SJW Retard took offense. Thrice he presented no logical reason for his offense. Just a jumbled mish mash of personal anecdotes and insults.

When you present a statistic and the person responds with a "my son is a goalie in a fancy school ergo I know talent better than you ergo your (as if I owned the statistic) stats are useless (ergo I'm useless) ergo shut up and listen to me" you know you're up against it.

They move goal posts and argue in bad faith.

Make your presence felt but don't push it. SJW Retard is arrogant enough to not consider your perspective. He'll even humor you as he rolls his eyes (this is a skill I learned to 'feel' on social media). No amount of rational replies will work because they will just engage in circular logic in order to ensnare you because in the end they feel they 'get it' and you don't.

It's just so and just because with them.

The SJW Retard doesn't care about your background; less so if you're white and male. It's a way for them to further create a cocoon of victimhood. They need to downplay other backstories to prop their own little narrative.

It's a psychological condition and I have no idea how to rid of it. I hope it will run its course and is just a generational thing but I'm not sure it is. Many of these people in College are moving into positions of power and some already have. The results have been predictable.

Just go on any website that covers such issues: Salon, The Nation, New Republic, American Thinker, Reason, The College Fix, Huffington, National Review, The Daily Beast. It's enough to make your tears turn to blood. Needless to say, the left-wing liberal sites generally support it while the conservative and libertarian ones don't. I unequivocally, unabashedly side with the latter.

Politicians and judges need to stop giving currency and power to them; it only enables their desire to wreak havoc. They can and will demand things from people backed by the coercive power of the state (bake a cake, pizza etc. as we've seen in the USA).

If not, expect things to get worse before they get better.


Emotional manipulation. How does it work?

To SJW Retard. Follow his nose! He always knows!

 "It's a sad fact, I am not proud of it, that I saw my first case of child abuse in the Children's ER about 37 years ago.

I was a student, I remember all too well that child and the whip marks up and down his body.
This wonderful staff doctor,  tried to teach me how to be neutral and "professional".
So I try, but it doesn't always work."

"I've seen so many things, things that would wrench your heart.
Or anyway they brought tears to my eyes.
Really, I honestly tell you, that on this subject I am in a completely different league than you are."

Just a reminder. This was a response to a lousy joke a poolster made. It got blown waaayyyy out of proportion because, well, see below. The above is to point out the fact the SJW Retard insists we listen to his experience as the only source as to what constitutes 'good humor'.

That he had such heart-wrenching experiences (never once considering a comedian or person making jokes could have similar experiences - only his matters as we clearly see by his own admission) it's only proper we tread carefully.

Lemme try and make a parody.

"It's a sad fact, I am not proud of it, that I saw my first case of animal abuse at Bovine University, oh, about 37 years ago when Troy McClure raped me with his thoughts. I was just a young lad no different than you (I only ended up being better than you because I am a Light Bringer to people), enjoying a burger with the guys after a game of baseball (or Yahtzee). I was a student in grade school, I remember all too well that branded cow marked for death (only he wasn't Steven Seagal. There was no martial arts god to save him) on his stupid meathead. I was so disturbed I had to name him Patty. This wonderful teacher who was by my side tried to teach me how to be 'neutral' and 'professional' and to not be a pussy. So I try, but it doesn't always work. Dammit! Don't you see? To this day, whenever I see people eat burgers I think of that cow. And you should too! Take my experience. FEEL IT!  This is why I don't think the Bovine University clip you sent was appropriate. Ask your local butcher, wife, or someone else in the community you respect. Ask the local whore for all I care. Just ask because they will agree with me. They will feel me and be sympathetic; nay, empathetic. It was unfunny and brought back difficult memories for me. Can't you see that? If not, you're just an ignorant person who has no soul."

SJW Retards Are Humorless Nannies Who Don't Know Jack Shit Except To (Coercively) Project Their Feelings Onto Others

For SJW Retard who doesn't realize he's a humorless jack ass:

From the NY Post:

"Jerry Seinfeld says college students are too uptight and hypersensitive; a college student fires back that Seinfeld’s comments are offensive. No joke.

Seinfeld got plenty of attention for noting that comedians avoid performing on campuses because today’s kids can’t take a joke. He told ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, “I don’t play colleges, but I hear a lot of people tell me, ‘Don’t go near colleges. They’re so PC.’ ”

Now the Huffington Post gives us a reply by San Diego State student Anthony Berteaux. “It isn’t so much that college students are too politically correct (whatever your definition of that concept is),” Berteaux sniffs. “It’s that comedy in our progressive society today can no longer afford to be crass, or provocative for the sake of being offensive.”

Yet good comedy never provokes for the sake of being offensive: It dabbles in offending for the sake of provoking. And it’s the provoking that truly upsets the campus androids.

“They just want to use these words,” Seinfeld noted. “ ‘That’s racist. That’s sexist. That’s prejudice.’ 

They don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.”

Berteaux insists, “I can say with confidence that most college students can distinguish the boundaries of what’s considered appropriately sexist or not.” Don’t you dare question my taboos!

Such is today’s campus: a minefield of forbidden topics, where dissent is denounced as oppression. God, they need the comedy."

Which is EXACTLY what I pointed out in the post below to SJW Retard. He reasoned like Berteaux and his laughably sophomoric 'open letter' to Seinfeld.

Is this confirmation bias on my part?

Not really. I look at what comedians like Seinfeld asserts, consider the response from the PC crowd, match it to my own perspective and perception and devise my opinion.

In this case, there is NO CASE to be mounted against Seinfeld. He - and the editorial - is 100% correct and Sarah Silverman is 100% wrong.


Dealing With SJW Retards: With Update

"Robby Soave, Staff Editor at Reason.com, delves into how Title IX, dogmatic concepts of consent, and neo-Victorian behavior codes by college administrators are encouraging and empowering a culture of victimhood."


How to deal with a SJW.

Here's the thing about an SJW. Sometimes, the person acting like one isn't aware they are carrying the social justice warrior sword.

I specifically have to deal with one in my hockey pool of all places. A couple of character traits I've come to discover with such a mindset:

They are ultra-sensitive.
They willingly lie because they believe their cause to be righteous.
They spin and don't argue in good faith.
They engage in circular logic and sophistry.
They project, presume and project and then double-down.
They will shamelessly accuse you for the very indiscretions they commit.
They lack self-awareness.
They attack and claim they're defending a cause.

In my case, apparently, my steadfast defense of free speech and intolerance for self-appointed politically correct nannies is meaningless for they will allege you are the one trying to shut down free speech and promote the frightening anti-liberty hysteria on campuses.

When in fact, I'm reacting to his own misguided interpretations of a comment he chose to be offended by.

In other words, someone makes harmless comment. Somebody takes offense on the premise it may be hurtful to someone (while never presenting concrete evidence it has or whom it may have injured). If this be rejected and rebutted the person will double down and attack you personally (while accusing you of doing the same) while going off on a wild tangent. For example, because he did not find the comment humorous it naturally means it is open for an attack never once acknowledging humor is a subjective enterprise.

Title IX is borne straight from the mindset of such a person.

Let's delve into the actual controversy.  Please be forewarned. It's incredibly stupid. Here's the comment that set SJW Ninja off:

"so your 18 year old daughter instagrams a picture of her in bed with jagr.

you both a hockey nut and father you feel

a) proud
b) upset
c)angry she did not invite you to watch
d)have lots of questions
e) wondering why she is banging guys roughly your age
f) all of the above"

Now. Any sane and sensible individual with a remedial sense of humor will take this for what it is and wouldn't bother to seriously answer. It was meant in rhetorical jest.
More importantly, it doesn't cross any line of indecency. There were no names; no picture as this wasn't directed at anybody.

Not to the SJW Ninja. There are no such distinctions.

There are potential victims to protect out there! Cue Song of Roland!

SJW Retard makes his grand entrance:

"You have no daughters."

Problem with this? Neither does he. So he is dangerously entering presumptuous territory. Please tell me he won't cross this Rubicon.

(In response to person saying he misinterpreted the point of the joke): "No... I know the story. "


No he doesn' know the story. He knows his version of it. SJW Retard saw all he needed to see. 

He intensifies his SJW Crusade:

"So, you're asking (inserts my name), for eg, to take his daughter (misnames her), a grade school kid, and imagine her as 18 and naked, having just fucked a man more than 20 years older than her, and sending her post-coital face on a selfie out on the internet with the intent of blackmailing the guy  

"And tell the rest of us what he thinks?

This is what you're asking?"

No. That's not what he asked you disingenuous hack. Not even remotely close. 

No, he didn't acknowledge the name error if you're wondering. SJW Retard has no time for such details.

"Politically correct, (inserts me)?
You think?
This is the sort of thing you like to think of with your daughter?

I don't think so. 
Why don't you ask (inserts my wife's name)?

At this point, he's just plain unhinged filled with faulty notions that somehow we'd agree with his  position.  

Okay. Now I'm livid. Who does arrogant SJW Retard think he is? And why is he dragging my wife into this?

He's such a pompous ass, it doesn't occur to him A) he went out of bounds and B) she could possibly disagree with him. He explains down thread why he brought her into it. It's nonsense as it was a cynical ploy to try and strengthen his argument. Along the lines of 'if you don't agree with me ask your wife she surely will because she's not stupid!'

For the record, she disagreed with him. Completely.

She suggested I don't respond because she detected he was enraptured and settled in his sense of superiority. 

But I'm stubborn and tried to humor him.

Bad move. The SJW possesses no sense of humor. 

Read on.

"I think you should, both of you, grow the fuck up."

All because we disagree with his premise and argument. 

Again, he's purporting to speak on behalf of those who have a daughter. I don't think I can mention this enough. It points to his delusional sense of worth.

He does not conceive of the notion that perhaps we don't take offense and that his nannying is all for naught. It has no point except to cause friction.

Now, I suppose I this point I coulda made the following comment:

Had 'X' said 'for a philosophical discussion...' and proceeded with his comment, then perhaps SJW

Retard is correct to enter the fray and present his arguments.

Alas, this is not what happened. All that was presented was a humorous quip meant to be rhetorical as I pointed out. 

That being said, there were two ways to answer. 

The Commentator And Wife (since SJW Retard brought her into this) Way. That is, with an 'LOL''. 
But SJW Retard wouldn't like this because it demeans and pokes holes in his narrative. And this being the better route, he can't tolerate and will simply question your taste in humor.

Spin that circular logic SJW Retard!

In his retarded way this means we implicitly accept his view and are bad parents. Retard won't consider that we can both have a sense of humor and raise our child properly; whatever that may entail in today's hyper-sensitive climate.

In fact, we're teaching her NOT to be sensitive and not take offense easily lest she brings home SJW Retard home for dinner. The temptation to ram SJW Retard's pompous face in a hot bowl of stracciatella soup would be too great for T.C.

We will teach her to critically learn what is a joke and what is not. And to know when to tell SJW Retard to fuck off because sometimes people need a good telling off. 

I'm happy to report my daughter has a wicked healthy sense of humor.

Or, to continue, one could engage in a rational discussion by which I could have said, 'Well, one would hope by the age of 18 you instilled the proper values in your daughter. However, if she chose to go this route I can but express disappointment given she is an adult. Popper and Skinner on the other hand...' Or some shit.

Or. I could have just raised my arms and said, 'Kid's a whore. What can I say? She's on her own and outta the will.'

But that would make SJW Retard's sense of self-righteous gibberish explode. How dare I speak ill of my own child! 

In any event, we can think without SJW guidance. But I chose not to go this route because fuck SJW Retard.

I don't have to explain jack shit to him or her or it.

Onto more sparking SJW logic:

"No, my friend, YOU read it again."

Whatever! I do what I want!

The above was SJW Retard's response to the original commenter pleading hyper SJW Retard to reread his joke.
"You asked the poolsters with daughters, all of whom (except for those of inserts poolsters name) are still children, to imagine their daughters as 18 year olds sending their picture, post-fuck, out over the internet."

I hope by now you're spotting SJW Retard's thought process by now.

Here's where (I will just refer to him as Retard* from now on) he doubles down on his presumptuous and arrogant nonsense. In here, he obviously feels it appropriate to speak on my behalf. And because Retard is incapable of understanding the idea I disagree, he ignores it and plows through. Because retard.

"Amongst the options you then offered  these poolsters was, as a father, whether they would be angry that their own daughter had not invited them to watch the fucking. "

I really hope he's not projecting because this is creepy as fuck. And notice he's a fucken, outright liar defaming this guy. He dangerously about to accuse him of being a sexual deviant.

I invite to scroll up. Did you think this? I bet you didn't.

This is SJW Retard reading things that aren't there projecting and losing their marbles in the process.

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Right back at you Retard.

Think about it. 

Again. Back at you...Retard.

"I like you, but this stuff is garbage of the lowest, most puerile sort. 

Please, do not Email me on this again. 
If you want to continue the thread, cut me out."

Baby Fucking Retard (lying in the snow as if clubbed by a baseball bat) then makes one more asinine comment about his opinion on humor and then wants to take his ball and go home.

Little Wittle warrior is wounded. 

He can't understand why we laugh at him.


*Why Retard? A Backstory. A couple of years back I made the mistake of saying something along the lines of 'the little retarded boy' in a stupid joke. As you can imagine, SJW Retard went off on a tirade. I don't remember the details but it was pretty traumatic in a small way. Traumatic in the sense of having to deal with a sensitive nut case. Worse, he alleged the reason why he took issue with it was because someone in the pool had a retarded child. After snooping around, I discovered there is no such boy. He flat out lied hoping I wouldn't ask questions because SJW Retard is a sociopath. He made it up. Just like Rolling Stone made up the UVA rape story. All to fit a narrative.

Even if you call SJW Retard out on it, it wouldn't make a difference because it's the symbol and metaphor that counts; the idea of the defending someone out there that matters. They accord themselves one long leash.

SJW Retard would have us send trigger warning all over the place if he could enforce it. Right then and there I realized I was dealing with a SJW.

That's the backstory.


At this point of SJW Retard's freak out show, I responded with a pic of Fry from Futurama.

And one from Calvin and Hobbes. 

The first because that's what I thought of his commentary and the second to highlight how SJW Retards always see monsters under the bed.

We're not done because SJW Retard has much to impart:

"T.C. You're a conservative guy."

I am? Shit, SJW Retard says I am so I must be. Drink!

"Are you a Catholic still - or is that all gone?"

A religious non-sequitur. Hm. He's smarter than the average SJW Retard. I may have to rethink calling him a retard. But let's see where this goes. I'm a pretty optimistic guy.

I wonder if he knows I consider the current Pope to be a commie.

"Because, if you are, why don't you take (poolsters) original Email and show it to your priest?"

Never mind. I'll stick to retard.

"Tell him it was pointed out that the "humour" amounted to asking men to imagine and sexualize their daughters - currently still children.

Tell him it was pointed out that the "humour" proposed a scenario where men would be pleased to imagine themselves as voyeurs to their daughters having sex, even more pleased that they were invited to watch by the daughter herself.

Ask him what he thinks of that "humour" and its contained sexual fantasy of fathers and daughters.

Or, if you have no priest, then why don't you discuss it with your wife, or your mom and dad?"

Know what's worse than a Retard? An insufferable one who doesn't accept his an insufferable asshole. He's such an epic retarded assholes, retarded asshole think he gives them a bad name.

As for my mother, she would just give me a blank look and ask if I want more cutlets.

"Because to me this sort of thing , with all it's implied degradation of values and family, with its degradation of respect for self and others, this is not humour."

SJW Retard should send his resume to 'Focus on the Family'. 

SJW Retard likes to pretend to be a critic on Rotten Tomatoes. SJW Retard doesn't like South Park, Louis CK and Daniel Tosh I reckon.

"You're a really nice guy, T.C., you read a lot and you've got interesting opinions.
I respect you.

So, with that opinion in mind, I say to you that your cartoon responses (below) were beneath you."

This is a faux-compliment and an appeal to emotions. SJW Retard tinks Im stoopid.

"You should know that Rino's "side", the one you are backing in such a rote fashion, is the politically correct one here.
The other side is the one that actually requires from you a little thought, and a little personal courage."

Yes. SJW Retard did just present himself as a courageous hero. Hey look. I'll give him that. He is, afterall, an asshole, er, I mean Retard. 

Yes. He did say we were the PC ones. 

Yes he did. /sad face. Soft face palm.

I don't think political correctness means what he thinks it means.

'X' he's also a very nice person; works hard, loves his kids, and all that.
But what he wrote, and meant to be funny, was actually very disrespectful on several levels and not funny at all.

I still really like him, no change of opinion there, but even so you can't let stuff like this pass unchallenged.

And anyway, isn't that supposed to be what you, yourself, set out to do, way back when?'

Swing that SJW sword retard. Swing, Corky, swing! Run, Forrest, Run!

Make sure it's made of rubber because you're liable to hurt yourself.

Yuk, yuk, yuk.

Just to show you how balanced and fair I am I did push the envelope with this:

Your fellow poolster, the Grand Master at the local busy body shop, makes wild presumptuous accusations about your parenting skills because you dared laugh at a remedial joke, scolds you for your child’s lack of Vitamin R in her diet, while recommending sensitivity training for a 'white privileged' comment you made about terrorists who just killed your fifth wife because 'terrorist lives matter'. He goes on to suggest you watch ‘Full House’ and 'Welcome Back Kotter (the ones with Beau) reruns to help deal with micro-aggressions, hands you a Latter Day Saints brochure, and a guide to trigger warnings from Berkeley, as he demands you sip tasteless gluten-free rice tea. If not, he will report you to the authorities. You:

A) look and listen on in disbelief while nodding politely while plotting your escape but an evil nurse stands by the door.
B) stuff alcohol doused cotton up his nose and in his ear and up his nose with a rubber hose.
C) feed him into a woodchopper you happen to carry around with your flame thrower.
D) ask him if he’s a dope fiend.
E) take your child, wrap her up in a gender-neutral blanket and run away.

F) smash the delightful cartoon he keeps on his will of Stalin over his head.
G) none of the above.

If the above pics didn't work this certainly wasn't going to impress SJW Retard. And he didn't disappoint again:

"Boy, all ad hominem attacks these days. 

Shows what ya got in the quiver, right?

Will you also be dying your hair orange?"

Yes. Yes he did. King of the Ad Hominen was claiming an ad hominen attack! If I was the sort of guy to keep a long memory I would post the nasty insane shit he wrote when I had the temerity to publish stats that didn't paint his little hero Carey Price in a shining light. It went something along the lines of, 'Price has a .917 save percentage, same as Jaroslav Halak'. 'You petty little twirp who lies with stats' was the gist of his response. No attempt to discuss the statistics. Just went off like a lunatic. When I tried to engage, it only seemed to anger him more. It was like dealing with an autistic kid.
Well, I for one, laughed. Especially letter 'C'.

SJW Retard made one final assault. He was not to be swayed by a lowly plebeian such as me:

"No apology necessary for me, I truly believe that you can't help yourself. 

Some might call it passion, some might call it a problem with impulse control. 
I'm not sure what to call it. 

I know what to call it. Because you're a projecting retard.
....the only reason I mentioned (wife) was because you always speak of her with such respect. 
And because I remember that she's a teacher. 

Another thing SJW Retard lacks: Self-awareness. Impulse control would have meant he sat down, read carefully the joke, taken a deep breath and let it go.

"I really do think you're a good person, but I also think you have a certain "tone-deafness" in these things."

Yes. Yes he did.

It's worth mentioning I'm not the only to take issue with SJW Retard. Over the years he's had problems with numerous poolsters. He, by the way, I might add has said far worse things as others have pointed out but didn't make a Federal case out of it because they're not SJW Retards.

Because he's a jaw-dropping, ball-busting, trouble maker. He hides his vapid crap behind a tick flatulence of pseudo-intellectual assertions.


"You are aware, I'm sure, that one of the basic characteristics of a
personality disorder is that the affected is absolutely, 100% certain that
the problem is with the other person.

This. This was awesome. Worthy of a frame.

As for the PD. He's projecting in my humble opinion.

I concede I too can be a jerk and have my own demons (Germaphobe here), but that's not one of them.

"*And then there are  the PC, themselves. *
* I think you'd do fine on today's campuses, shouting out the insults. *
*It's all ya got. *

I'm exhausted.

"Also, you seem to unfailingly take the side of what seems edgy, the modern day PC side for sure. 
The other side is the "Calvinists", etc., as per your insults to me. 
You'd fit well on a modern campus. 
To tilt at the windmills of the PC these days, you have to align yourself in the other direction. 

I do urge you to bring this whole thing  to someone you respect (which is obviously not me) for perhaps another point of view. "

Yes. Yes he did. He did say, I, The Commentator who diligently logs stories of civil liberties aggression for you all, would fit well on a modern campus.

That's exactly what he is. A Calvinist. 

His mendacious lack of awareness is exactly the sort of asshole we're vigilantly fighting against. He's the sort of moralistic jack ass, all cozy in his cocoon of self-righteous arrogance who would set up gulags galore the second he found out where the guns are because 'greater good'.

There is nothing more dangerous than an educated SJW (in this case doctor) who takes up the mantle of social justice.

"No man is so tall as when he stoops to help a child". 
Lincoln (?)

What a hero. What a guy.

What a retard.


Update. SJW Retard makes another appearance. SJW doesn't like being challenged.

Here's how he tries to justify he's retarded antics:

Sorry I got wrapped up in my Yahoo draft.

We're off to an (irrelevant) start.

"So yes, it's true, maybe I am over-sensitive about jokes featuring child/adult incest and the sexualization of children - if that's possible.
Because I don't think they're funny."

Aaaand? This is our problem because...? Notice SJW Retard expects to just wants us to shut up just because. He will add his own personal experience as to why we should somehow try and think about every possible reactions to what we write. SJW Retard wants his trigger warning. Probably because he's surrounded by ingrates and reprobates.

See, I'm not "modern". I'm not some cliche libertarian with today's PC ideas.

Libertarians stand diametrically opposed to Affirmative Action and Political Correctness (two concepts that fall exclusively in the progressive left camp) you idiot. They don't accept state coercion restricting speech based on the non-aggression principle, idiot. They are intolerant to the actions of censorship, idiot.

Therefore and not surprisingly, you have it backwards.

 "It's a sad fact, I am not proud of it, that I saw my first case of child abuse in the Children's ER about 37 years ago.

I was a student, I remember all too well that child and the whip marks up and down his body.
This wonderful staff doctor,  tried to teach me how to be neutral and "professional".
So I try, but it doesn't always work."

Once he realized I wasn't bending to his appeal to authority he shifted tactic and went emotional in hopes of us 'accepting' why he's a SJW Retard. Emotional blackmail and emotional rescue!

Oh. And irrelevant. What he just wrote doesn't justify the stupidity he wrote up above.

He's an arrogant ass. He presumes no one has seen such cases. We have seen heart-wrenching stories at our day care too. But SJW Retard is a sociopath; possibly a narcissist with God-complex issues.

I'm guessing.

Another angle to this is :

"I see bad things ergo you must not write that because not funny and
you're an idiot for not seeing it my way."

What SJW Retard demands we do is the very definition of being PC - to try and write without offending; which is impossible. It degrades free speech and expression. I can't account for how people will react and quite frankly won't try and guess because it's insane and unproductive.
You have a right to free speech; not the right to not be offended.

And the years go by.

Yes. Yes they do. Especially to waste time on a SJW Retard.

 "I've seen so many things, things that would wrench your heart.
Or anyway they brought tears to my eyes.
Really, I honestly tell you, that on this subject I am in a completely different league than you are."

/Pagannini plays softly in the background.

Lemmonwinks speaks.

Only SJW Retard sees pain. Not you, you lowly trivial plebeians do not. /kicks dirt on plebeians feet.

Seriously. He just let that conceit mask slip. That line sums up perfectly the perspective he came from.

'My past and present experiences trump yours so shut up and just bend to my authority and feelings."

"So don't presume that you have the right to tell me what I can or cannot say on any subject, or in any circumstances.
But particularly on stuff such as this.
I don't have to have a daughter to speak out."

I ask you dear reader. Did I presume anything in this entire mess of sparking SJW Retardation?

I think it's best you scroll back up and re-read what initiated this madness to remind you.

That being said, SJW Retard is conflating two things. He is absolutely correct he has a right. What he doesn't have a right to is A) speak for me as he did without permission and B) have a right to not have his premise challenged.

Argue the facts; not the emotion.
HUGE difference SJW Retard would rather not understand.

 In the end, it was you who originally intruded yourself into the issue.

No. No I didn't. You brought me in the second you professed to speak on my behalf asshole. Hence, I was correct to challenge you not only on this but the premise you laid out to spew your SJW Retardation.

"I suggested that you take the "joke" (and my response) to someone else, whose opinion you respect, and ask them what they thought. Your replies have been gratuitous personal insults and spluttered bluster.
Actually quite disappointing - but I don't suppose you care."

No. I don't care. I responded as I did because that's precisely what SJW Retard deserves. You can eloquently write a sane, lucid, logical argument and assholes like this will not care. Because, you know, he's in a different league. That's why. I know, I did exactly that and it went right over his retarded head.

So. Yeah. Fuck you.

After I had had enough of SJW Retard I broke down every single one of his assertions in a decently enough civil manner filled with examples and valid points and counter-arguments. 

SJW Retard responded by saying he will not read my long email (suddenly word count mattered to SJW Retard) and:

"I did read this one, though - so my answer is that you can go fuck yourself. 

Actually, imo, you're a loudmouth know-nothing, a pretentious little twit poseur with delusions of intellectuality. 

You, a writer?

Don't make me laugh. 

The proverbial rolling of the eyes and personal attack.

I win.


North American Politics: Slim Pickings

Man oh man are there characters littering the political landscape in North American. In Canada, we have two people gunning for Harper's job who, quite frankly, don't impress me one bit. Mulcair bats for a left-wing loony bin while Trudeau uses drama laced with vapidity to push whatever the Liberals stand for these days.

Canada would be worse off with either them in control.

Reagan once said 'I didn't leave the Democrat party, it left me." Well same here. I didn't leave the Liberals, it left me.

As for the the United States, Sanders, Hillary, Trump, Carson, and Fiorina all make for quite the salad.

I know everyone is fixated on Trump. Trump is a special type of narcissist. He made billions, sure, but mostly knowing how to leverage tax dollars to his advantage. He's a crony. A truly substantial individual doesn't talk this way.

However, best to recall, Sanders is a socialist with whacked out economic notions that are dangerous, Hillary carries baggage and none of it good. She was a sub-par Secretary of State and administered a self-inflicted misdeed such with the email scandal. I thought good judgment was a prerequisite to be, you know, a leader. Or Americans who support these two that delusional?

Fiorina, despite all her faults, seems downright normal next to those mentioned above.

Plus she's a pretty effective speaker.

Deflategate: It Never Happened

Amazing. Truly amazing how the Goodell and the NFL tried to take down a dominant team.

It's the classic case of trying to take down the best on a big stage.

The New England Patriots are an incredibly well-coached and well-run operation churning out talent after talent while beating everyone in the league - well, except the New York Giants for some reason.

All these lies and deception and attempts to destroy an organization points to human nature doesn't it? Humans, rather than admit their own failures or faults thus preventing them from making meaningful changes to improve, will always point the finger or pit the blame at something else.

The shame in all this is Brady will forever be branded a "cheater" by dumbasses. His reputation was damaged as was the Patriots organization. Now other organizations will just pile on the Pats. The Colts started this despite (and should always be reminded) having been decimated in the playoffs by the Patriots. One game into this season the Pittsburgh Steelers shamelessly and cynically attempted to mask their failures in a loss to New England by blaming head set failures and on an obscure defensive line movement. The Steelers! One of the top organizations in pro football!

One notch they lost on my list.

All for, and I mentioned this when this stupid story broke out, a completely meaningless offense that should never have been blown out of proportion like it has. 

With the Eagles poised for a sub-par if not disastrous season, I think I may very well pull for the Patriots this year.

The injustice perpetuated on them compels me to.


More On Idiot Professors Pushing RICO

Here's more on those dopes who want to bring skeptics on RICO charges (I swear my blood boils each time I write that). Jagadish Shukla, makes 750 grand a year off TAXPAYER dollars.

Cui bono?

Know what's worse than a climate zealot? One who profits off the scare-mongering and sucks off taxpayer dollars only to make the evil decision to sign a petition arguing to put in prison; people who pay their salaries.

Think of this. Shukla would put me (or you) in prison - a father (or mother) who provides for his family - for the crime of disagreeing with him. All for climate change? All because I take the stance I don't believe man's arrogance can change jack shit except to expropriate more money from me that will end up in the hands of cronies?
They're evil in their souls. 

Why are scientists letting themselves be politicized like this? It's insane and will destroy the integrity of science.

By the way. Historically, this is how the golden age of Islamic science ended. You people who support creeps like this know this, right? Right.

As someone specifically pointed out, through the Qalawun complex.

Acadenics On Climate Change: Despots, Dirtbags And Douchebags

Here's a list of academics seeking the government imprison skeptics of climate change:

David Straus, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
EdwardSarachik, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Michael Wallace, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Alan Robock, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Eugenia Kalnay, University of Maryland, College Park,MD
William Lau, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
Kevin Trenberth, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO
TN Krishnamurti, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
Vasu Misra, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
Ben Kirtman,University of Miami, Miami, FL
Robert Dickinson, University of Texas, Austin, TX
Michela Biasutti, Earth Institute, Columbia University, New York, NY
Mark Cane, Columbia University, New York, NY
Lisa Goddard, Earth Institute, Columbia University, NewYork, NY
Alan Betts, Atmospheric Research, Pittsford, VT

Assholes. Dangerous fucking assholes. Every single one of them.

Do you understand why I rail against this? They want to put people in prison for an opinion.

Think of where where this can lead to.  


Think for once in your worthless, petty progressive mindset. Think of what kind of mind that seeks to make a criminal of citizens.


They're the true extremists and enemies of science and history; as well as economics.


To the left,  the ideals of liberty enumerated in the Constitution is a nuisance to their narrative. Hence, they call for its "reconstitution" because "things change". They mock the parts that don't fit their contemporary world view and reject those they don't agree with (ie the Second Amendment).

This is why you only see articles and essays about "scrapping" it come from progressive or liberal publications.

Same with the Magna Carta.

Our entire Western heritage on liberty came by way of Roman codes, the Magna Carta, the Enlightenment and the Constitution.

Guess which side refutes it?

That's the irony I find in all this. In the end, the left sides with Marxist and Communist; authoritarian and totalitarian thinking. They come bearing gifts as "democrats" but they're not.

Do you see libertarian or conservative professors writing letters like this?

No. Because they possess an intangible the left doesn't have: Respect and tolerance.

From The New Criterion:

"...The danger in all too many cultures is that popular mandates over social welfare are employed in order not only to overthrow liberties but also to redefine freedom. The guarantees offered to freedom and liberty by a proper understanding of the two great bases of Western civilization, law and history (both secular and religious), are under threat from the combination of statism and liberalism, a combination that makes for illiberalism. An understanding of the foundation of Western liberty is important in confronting this challenge."



Uber Threatenting The Stagnant Protection Racket Of Traditional Taxis

And cabbies are starting to feel the pinch.

Get a load of this asshole in Ottawa.

Uber just smashed their fucken monopoly propped up by the government. The little protection racket is OVER.


There's no stopping them.

And that's a good thing.

More here at Reason.

"Union President Amrit Singh told reporters that his members "believe in peace," but that the city must crack down on the rapidly expanding e-hail service."

Go. Fuck. Yourself Amrit. Seriously. You're toast. Is there a more reprehensible, violent and parasitical class than unions in the modern economy?

And gotta love the 'I believe in peace but' bit. Like the idiots who argue 'I believe in free speech but'

There are no 'buts' to freedom and peace assholes.

Time for you to either join Uber or get a new job.


Here's the thing.

Cabbies had more than their chance to go with the different demands of clients and chose to live off the monopoly.

Now it's biting them right in the ass.

And I seriously don't understand people who are against Uber. There's no rational reason for it. Uber offers a convenient service AND creates jobs.

The fact that governments and unions are fighting them is all you need to know about this story.


NDP Has Early Support For October

It baffles me how people would consider the NDP - a left-wing party that should not be anywhere near Federal power lest they wreck this country with more expensive, unnecessary one-size fits all rooted in vapid notions of compassion - in the October election.

Concerning even.

NDP policies and ideas all add up to one thing: Parasitical politics.

Have people not noticed how socialist parties destroy?

The left squawks about Harper not having a mandate (which is ridiculous) but watch them use whatever mandate they get (even if smaller than Harper) and ram their crap right on through based on the fact they have said mandate.

Stay away in my view.

Alberta. Let's watch and see what happens there.


Political Communism/Socialism = Death

Oh look. Notice the drop in human deaths when communism/socialism is not around.

But T.C.! Capitalism kills far more people given its subtle exploitation of people through white privilege!

Someone should do a stat for that!

Don't laugh. People believe this.


Daily Derp: Daily Dope

What does tryanny looks like?

It comes in different forms.

The word tyranny conjures up the image of pitch forks and mob lynchings for people hence they reject the notion outright. After all, we're civilized, right?

Not really.

A civilized society doesn't do this:

"...Now, the business is at the center of a heated debate after owner John Interval was fined $750 for refusing to cut a woman’s hair.

She filed an action with the state’s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs.
That agency imposed the fine for gender discrimination after a state investigator visited the business and interviewed Interval.

“I didn’t really consider it so much a discrimination thing as – it’s a barbershop… for guys,” Interval said. "

Practically, a barber shop is not equipped to cut women's hair nor are barbers specialized in cutting women's hair.

I can just picture A) someone tabling legislation forcing barbers to ensure they're *properly* equipped and B) a woman like this idiot taking a barber to court for messing their hair up good.

People have lost their fricken minds.

This is not about "justice" or "fairness" or "rights". If you think it is, I reckon you need to readjust your take on things.

This is just a trouble maker looking to make a needless point. It will not benefit humanity.


One of the NBA's greatest all-time centers has died. Moses Malone died in his sleep at the age of 60.

As a Sixers fan who remembers those great 76ers teams of the early 80s, I must say this was sad. A team that's very under rated often lost in the Celtics-Lakers shuffle. 

Fo, fo, fo!


The irrational attacks on Uber continue.

CNN Money takes it's ignorant shot.

"After all, on-demand workers are a sizable piece of the U.S. workforce. A recent study found that 34% of U.S. workers are freelancers. Meanwhile, 40% of those surveyed said they worked for two or more companies -- and half said they struggled to find enough work.
According to NELP senior staff attorney Sarah Leberstein, who co-authored NELP's study, the workforce looks "a lot more like turn of the century sweatshops."

Yes, those awful 'free-lance' sweat shops of yesteryear! It takes a certain kind of fear-mongering asshole to make such an analogy. Those Uber workers really are in dire straits.

Fuck off.

Look pal, with moronic quotes like that you're on the wrong side of history. And that goes for this article's merry band of dumbass commenters.

"NCNick 5 days ago
The .00001% have won and the 99.99999% are too simple to understand that they lost the economic war.  What can you expect when one side holds most of the weapons and the other side is too simple to use the only weapon (shear numbers of people) they have.

In my humble opinion, the .00001% should win the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for the more than effective propaganda campaign that has some (mostly on the far Right) convinced that they have a chance to be "In the club".

Who needs Slavery when you have the Uber Economy.  The poor are enslaving themselves. 


/Donkey paw face palm.

Congrats to CNN. They know how to peer into the souls of the ign'rant.


Arab press reacts to Syrian refugee crisis.

Maybe there's hope. A few more like these and they'll stop blaming 'Da Joooos!' and America for all their problems.

"...We should feel some sense of shame for being victims of an education [based on] curses, which has been adopted by all the circles, schools, speeches and platforms—from the pan-Arabists and the Nasserites to the Ba'thists and the Islamic extremists. After all these curses and inculcation of hatred, we discover that the [norms of] tolerance and acceptance [that characterize] European society have become a goal worth risking our lives for[.] Europe is now home to 11 million Arab immigrants... who have attained rights and have a prospect of receiving citizenship, equality and justice under the law—all the things whose absence drove them to flee their Arab countries of origin..."

"Stop talking about the hypocrisy of [Western] morals and values, because reality exposes nothing but our own ugly countenance."

It's about time. Sheesh. 


Speaking of which, I just hope we don't let emotions drive our policies. Flashing the picture of that poor child washed up on the beach is not a way to set an agenda.

As for Hungary. They claim that they're shutting their border down to protect itself and Europe.

This may sound arrogant if not downright weird but clearly they're thinking of history.

Throughout European history, Central and Eastern Europe have had to bear the brunt (and do the fighting as well as Italy. These countries are connected to Asia and were the first to face invasions and incursions from the East and even Africa. 

Hungary and Austria have had to fight many a wars fighting off the The Golden Horde, the Ottomans and Muslims. It was an Islamic Jihad on Hungary as they see it.

Venice too contributed to the Ottoman wars and then there was the Battle of Vienna.


I submit my hipster-douche of the year.

“He believes in himself and his causes, and he’ll get through this one way or another,” Randi Hespelt said. “He has support behind him if he needs it.”

Ian Hespelt, who has a distinctive handlebar mustache, was arrested Saturday night outside AT&T Park, where Billy Joel was performing. Officers on bicycle patrol spotted him by his unmistakable facial hair and also noted his bike matched one seen in the video of the attack, police said.

Idiot terrorist (let's call him Idiot Al-Sumting) had idiotic life and was killed by the CIA like the hypocritical idiot he was.


Carly Fiorina is clearly the most stable and sensible candidate from both parties.


What is a wound collector?

From Psychology Today:

"In essence these are individuals who go out of their way to collect social slights, historical grievances, injustices, unfair or disparate treatment, or wrongs—whether real or imagined (Dangerous Personalities (link is external)2014 Rodale Publishing).
They don’t forgive or forget and they don’t move on. They wallow in the actual or often perceived transgressions of others and they allow sentiments of animosity and vengeance to percolate and froth at the surface by their constant and attentive nurturing of those perceived wounds. As you can imagine, in an imperfect world where there are real injustices, where people make mistakes, and stupid things are said and done, the wound collector never has to go far to feel victimized.

Quite conversely, the wound collector not only hangs on to the wounds he perceives, he goes out and collects more wounds by selectively looking for those things that support his entrenched beliefs. Through flawed observations, logic, or reasoning, the wound collector is hobbled by a “confirmation bias” that systematically reinforces a pre-existing belief or position.  Convinced of their beliefs, even in the face of contrary evidence, they become saturated and hobbled by their self-created toxic brew of irrational biases. This irrationality in turn breeds hate and contempt for others—two key features abundantly present with wound collectors.

Beyond a mere injustice, something we have all experienced, psychological wounding drives deep into the psyche of the individual. This causes them to develop maladaptive patterns of behavior, thinking, or interacting that are inflexible, antagonistic, interfere with interpersonal relationships or that are significantly distressing to the individual.

For these folks there is never a fix or a cure. Nothing is ever good enough and apologies mean nothing. For them, there is always yet another event they perceive as a slight or a grievance. For them the world holds nothing but nastiness and it affects how they see the world and how they react to the world—suspiciously and with contempt. When irrationality, antagonism, and rigidity combine with unyielding overconfidence in their own sentiments and beliefs go unchecked or are not attenuated, these individual become metastable—ready to ignite and explode

By now I hope you realize that this will not be the last we will hear of wound collectors. And while it is true, as I said in the beginning, that humans are complex and there are many reasons why they do things—here is one more phenomenon to look at. It is also recognized that many times the narcissistic personality, the paranoid personality, as well as the anti-social and the borderline personality disordered quite often themselves have traits of the wound collector. "

A real healthy bunch. They can be found at Daily Kos, Jezebel, Salon and other self-proclaimed victims of something and the perpetually outraged.

Loud mouth'd shnooks is what I call them.


Former tennis star James Blake mistakenly tackled by NYPD.

Whatever happened to discreetly asking 'Police. Can we have a word with you?'

Lord me.


50 spies (and one dentist) agree: The Obama administration is hurting national security.

This is no good.

"More than 50 intelligence analysts working out of the U.S. military’s Central Command have formally complained that their reports on ISIS and al Qaeda’s branch in Syria were being inappropriately altered by senior officials, The Daily Beast has learned.

The complaints spurred the Pentagon’s inspector general to open an investigation into the alleged manipulation of intelligence. The fact that so many people complained suggests there are deep-rooted, systemic problems in how the U.S. military command charged with the war against the self-proclaimed Islamic State assesses intelligence.

“The cancer was within the senior level of the intelligence command,” one defense official said."

At all.

If accurate - and it probably is - the Obama administration is changing intelligence to fit their narrative. Under Bush, you could fault faulty intelligence or misinterpreting them. Under Obama, they're deliberately fabricating stuff.

Sounds like treason to me.

But hey.

I'm old school.

Let's leave it at cancerous.

All under this administration.

Great stuff from the best liberal site around: The Daily Beast.


'Made in' branding key to success.

The top five countries with the best 'Made in' reputation are the United States, France, Germany, Japan and Italy.

Canada did not make the cut.

Did you know the pretzel was invented in Italy?


Posting Format Change Impacts T.C.

It says here I've posted 287 times this year with a whopping four posts in August.

It's the lowest showing since 2006 for this blog.

Of course, this is a direct result of my changing the posting format. I've compacted links and articles into one posting (often with over 20 links and issues of the day) called 'Daily Derp'. I didn't plan for it to happen this year. It just sorta created itself.

 I didn't have time to read articles so I saved them and would binge read and post.

If I posted as I read each article my number of posts would be more in line with the last few years.

Alright. Now you know.

The more you know.

Daily Derp: More Plastic Please!

For those of you into B-flicks Irwin Keyes passed away in July.


Research shows plastics are not dangerous...at all.

You can breathe now.

"...High-density polyethylene is a miracle of materials science. Despite weighing less than 5 grams, one bag can hold 17 pounds, well over 1,000 times its own weight. At about a penny apiece, the bags are cheap enough for stores to give away and sturdy enough to carry home two gallons of milk in the evening and still be up to the task of scooping Cujo's poop the next morning.

Yet almost as soon as grocers started offering their customers the choice of "paper or plastic?" these modern marvels became a whipping boy for environmentalists, politicians, and other well-intentioned, ill-informed busybodies. Plastic bags for retail purchases are banned or taxed in more than 200 municipalities and a dozen countries, from San Francisco to South Africa, Bellingham to Bangladesh. Each region serves up its own custom blend of alarmist rhetoric; coastal areas blame the wispy totes for everything from asphyxiated sea turtles to melting glaciers, while inland banners decry the bags' role in urban landscape pollution and thoughtless consumerism...."

"...But the definitive American litter study—yep, such a thing exists—reports much lower figures. The 2009 Keep America Beautiful Survey, run by Steven Stein of Environmental Resources Planning, shows that all plastic bags, of which plastic retail bags are only a subset, are just 0.6 percent of visible litter nationwide....Stein's study did find plastic bags in storm drains, but again, they made up only about 1 percent of the total litter.

"...As David Santillo, a senior biologist with Greenpeace, told The Times of London, "It's very unlikely that many animals are killed by plastic bags. The evidence shows just the opposite. We are not going to solve the problem of waste by focusing on plastic bags. With larger mammals it's fishing gear that's the big problem. On a global basis plastic bags aren't an issue..."

"...In 2010, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans threw away 690,000 tons of HDPE bags. Of those, approximately 30,000 tons were recycled. That means a total of 660,000 tons were discarded, mostly into landfills (approximately 82 percent of non-recovered municipal solid waste goes to landfill; 18 percent is incinerated). That same year, Americans also chucked almost exactly the same amount of "reusable" polypropylene bags (680,000 tons), of which zero were recovered. In other words, those polypropylene reusable bags actually constituted a slightly higher proportion of all bags going to landfills."

I pay the nickel with much pride to get a plastic bag to carry my groceries in. Outright bans are just a product of the typical irrational behavior that characterizes environmentalists all too much these days.

Like, say, the city of Seattle - arguably the front runner in economic illiteracy in the USA?

"...In 2008, officials in the deep blue city of Seattle voted to impose a 20-cent fee on both plastic and paper single- use bags. "There's a competitive side to seeing who can come up with the most progressive legislation," city councilman and former local Sierra Club leader Mike O'Brien told The New York Times. But industry rallied before the implementation date, spending $1.4 million on a citywide ballot measure to repeal the fee. The referendum campaign was a success; Seattle voters rejected the surcharge, which would have been the most punitive in the nation, in 2009. Still, three years later, Seattle became the fourth city in Washington State to approve an outright plastic- bag ban, along with a 5-cent fee on paper bags.

"...A 2011 survey published in the journal Food Protection Trends found coliform bacteria in fully half of the reusable shopping bags tested in a random survey of shoppers in Arizona and California. The same 2014 Edelman Berland study that found consumers frequently forgot their bags also unearthed the fact that only 18 percent of shoppers reported cleaning their bags "once a week or more." An article in the Journal of Infectious Diseases traced a 2010 outbreak of norovirus to nine members of an Oregon soccer team who had touched or eaten food stored in a contaminated reusable bag.

More plastic please!


Conservative ads about Trudeau are right. He isn't ready.

He responded with his own video saying he wasn't ready either for a bunch of stuff.

As far as ad wars go, they're not bad and fall far from the attack ads theme we've seen in the past. The Cons made a fair assertion and the Libs responded in kind. End of story.

One thing Justin said that, naturally, caught my eye was on taxes:

He said he, 'will be ready to tax wealthy Canadians so our middle-class can pay less'.

This is a deliberate vague tactic so common among politicians it's become nauseating.

There is no clear and concise definition of what constitutes 'high income' for statistical purposes because it's not a zero-sum game.

Instead of increasing taxes for anyone (basically it's about 55% Fed and provincial in Quebec for high income earners and 50% for the 'middle-class'), seems to me the best way to help Canadians is to lower tax rates period.

Can we please knock it off with the Marxian mumbo jumbo blither-blather? 


 NDP slogan: Tax me, take me!


Mount McKinley gets a name change. Back to its original name of Mount Denali.

As an aside, a President has the power to do this?


Graeme Leggat was one of the first soccer voices I was introduced to with Soccer Saturday (1986-2000).  He was the voice of the memorable World Cups in Mexico on the CBC.

He died at the age of 81.

Fulham paid their respects.


Five million people left California over the last decade. Where did they go?

Yeah but, did progressives stay behind? The last thing other states need is to deal with California democrats (arguably!) who sent then state into a derpy tailspin.


Scott Walker lost the plot. Trying to remain relevant he bit at the 'we need walls' meme Trump is pumping on illegal immigration. A topic GOP candidates were trying to avoid.

Walker, in response to a question about Canada, said the issues raises about the border and that a discussion about putting up a wall was valid.

On what level could it possibly be valid? The world's largest unprotected border remains as peaceful as it's ever been. Are conservatives that paranoid about illegal immigration and terrorism to even ponder the thought?

I understand this was probably nothing and as one American friend told me, 'I wouldn't be surprised that was just a 'on the spot' question and Walker took the bite like a fool'. And I further grasp America has the right to defend its borders any way they see fit. But this Canada, man. 

Remember Allen Iverson's 'practice' clip?

Just replace 'practice' with 'Canada'. That's how I see it.

Still. Is this the topic that galvanizes American conservatives?

Then again, I seem to recall when U.S. pundits and politicians actually blamed a 'porous' border on the Canadian side that could have led to the 9/11 attacks.

It was asinine as it was absurd to suggest it.

This babbling about walls really makes America look weak and whiny. World history's mightiest nation cackles on like a bunch of scaredy-cats on such issues. Man up and stop blaming other countries for your own mess.

I don't get the need to antagonize Canada. WE'RE ON YOUR SIDE.

It's all the more irritating given few American politicians make any official visit up here anymore. Maybe they should get up from their asses - starting with Obama - and actually engage Canada rather than taking the country for granted and saying stupid things.


Americans should recall - Between Friends.

And what will become of the Peace Garden if the Les Nessman wall ever goes up?!


Seinfeld and Son get lemonade stand shut down by cops.

It truly takes a special kind of piece of shit asshole to snitch on lemonade stands.


Check these tweets out from journalist Michael Grunwald asserting Katrina was a failure made by the Army Corps of Engineers.

A comment I pulled from Reason magazine (I lost the link to the article):

"One of the great lies of this century is that New Orleans flooded because the levies were overtopped by Katrina. That is not what happened. The brunt of Katrina missed New Orleans and hit Mississippi. In New Orleans, Katrina was no worse than a Cat 1 hurricane. And the levies held through the storm. The city looked to be okay when the storm ended. Then, the levies failed and flooded the city. New Orleans flooded because the levies were defective. It wasn't FEMA's fault. It was the Corps of Engineers and the crooked Louisiana politicians who put pork over safety and built defect levies that flooded New Orleans. In one sense, Katrina may have saved lives by having the levies fail when the city was largely evacuated. They were going to fail at some point and it would have killed a lot more people if they had failed when the city had not been evacuated."


The War on Coal is a favor for Soros?

Conservatives think so. Personally, it wouldn't surprise me.


The human price Europe paid for both World Wars truly is immeasurable. The continent lost a lot of good men. To the point it simply destroyed its civilization.

Sometimes I wonder if the gaping hole it created gave rise to all this SJW nonsense we see among men today. Once long ago, they were brave. Now? They wear beards and tattoos, are vegan and rail against BBQ's and are encouraged to be stay at home dads in all their emasculated glory while wearing A&F t-shirts.


Speaking of which...

"Columbia Univ. students offended by 'Consent is bae' posters"

All they do is bitch and moan and act with faux moral outrage about too many insipid things. 

They offend too easily because they're not tough mentally and Colleges across the continent give in because they don't want to lose Fed money because the Feds are the ones telling them to jump on this obscene SJW narrative. So, in this way, the Federal government is creating, or at least encouraging, a generation of sensitive idiots. Surprise, surprise.

Simple as that.