Who Will Stand Up To Bill Gates

When he's not peddling his shitty vaccines to the world, he's concocting all sorts of bizarre and dubious projects.

Like using mosquitoes to vaccinate against malaria.

Yet, despite this egregious assault on medical autonomy, not being investigated? Flying syringes as one psychopath scientist described it.

How about using DDT again? Problem solved. The outcry against it, turns out, was (surprise!) rooted in folly and bad science.

Now Bill is babbling about digital ID.

If Bill pushes it, question it.

He's not your friend and he doesn't care about you.

He's a neo-eugenicist.

And one bored motherfucker. 

The Real Monsters

If you're a medical practitioner who pushed the vaccine and has turned away patients harmed by it (wink), you're not only an incompetent jerk shilling for a cult and the mafia known as Big Pharma, but you're unprofessional, uncaring and inhumane.

Imagine being the sort of doctor who had a perfectly health person before the vaccine, and now ignores the damage done often ruining lives.

Imagine that, huh. 

And there's a special place in hell for those who tell people with real physical problems that it's in 'their heads'.  

That makes you worse than Donald Trump y'all scream about like a bunch of immature and deranged children wallowing in faux-righteous depravity.

As you were.


ALWAYS Follow The Money

The Covid mRNA experimental project is just that - one big experiment where they turned the world into a real-world lab with people as the rats and hamsters.

A scam to end all scams.

One of the great shyster business models ever devised.

What better financial model can you get?

Use deadly viruses (you create) to install fear into humans and sell them the antidote on a permanent basis.

I thought consumers were savvier than that.

Now that we know these injectors aren't just useless but actually quite dangerous (and may every doctor and expert who keeps peddling them rot in hell. You have more blood and pain on your hands than Donald Trump. I mention Trump because a pediatrician once messaged me saying with a false-intellectual question asking, 'Is Trump the greatest mass murderer in peacetime?' Yes. He wrote that. Paediatricians are the most hysterical and hilarious group of quacks I've witnessed throughout this disaster along with the germ-chasing epidemiologists and their obsession with ineffective masks. They form a cult. They just don't know it), it's inexcusable to go keep going along with this madness.

And folks. It is madness.

But they need the madness to keep going to keep the cash flowing in.

Let's get one thing straight. Nobody cares about you, your family and your health. Not Justin. Not Tam. Not Duclos. Not Henry. Not Ford. Not Hinshaw. Not Moore. Not Boileau. Not Legault. NOBODY.

Some in that list - and that's just a small list featuring the faces of hysteria - are very likely on the take.

Moderna coming to Quebec? Yeh. I'd love to see those envelopes.

Everyone's on the take. Universities who take funding from Bill Gates. TV Dinner Experts with conflicts of interests. Like, oh I don't know, David Fisman. I'm sure if feckless and lazy journalists and their useless editors actually did their jobs - and by that I mean real journalists like independent ones - they could find all the dirt they need. Instead, the post laughable 'fact checks' and condescending 'No, the vaccines don't cause harm' articles. 

Like I said. Useless. And they too have more blood on their hands than Donald Trump.

Canada is a nation of whores. Always was. Always will be.

It sells itself (think resources) to the highest bidder while smugly wrapping itself in the flag.

Like a shameless whore. Come to Canada. Blow jobs for all the right price!

Quebec offers 2 for 1! Or more in a blow bang.

Alas, I should go easy on Canada. We're plain old dullards. 

Plus we're not alone. Though we're at the top with others.

Take Anthony Fauci.

He was already worth around $7 million - not bad as a grunt bureaucrat serving the DoD, eh? 

Now he's worth $12 million.

But go fact-check the shit out of this.

He has book deals!

He got paid to appear on TV!

Blah, blah.

While they burned the civil and economic order to the ground, they profited.


Bad look.

Follow the money.


And always ask:

Cui bono?

Condition yourself to do so. 



Quote Of The Day

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago

Tortured Logic Of The Broken Canadian Court System

 Exhibit A.

This is the new baseline in Canada. 

It's extraordinary.

Witness the horrific, irrational and unreadable excuse provided by the court:

"Finally, I accept that it is extraordinary for an employer to enact a workplace policy that impacts an employee’s bodily integrity, but in the context of the extraordinary health challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, such policies are reasonable.  They do not force an employee to be vaccinated.  What they do force is a choice between getting vaccinated, and continuing to earn an income, or remaining unvaccinated and losing their income."

No one is forcing you. You just will have to give up your income.

Even if you supported these failed experimental mRNA products, you may not support another medical procedure in the future. But you have no right to that opinion AND be able to work. 

This is how bad the situation here is. 'No jab, no job' is now baked in. Better pray you don't work for a company that enforces and coerces mandates. 

Which means your career.

And the ability to provide for your family.

In essence, Canada condones the assault on bodily autonomy 'because emergency' moving forward.

Too bad, too sad.

My comment?

Either we fix this somehow - and fast.

Or leave Canada.

You have no rights in Canada.

The Charter may as well be removed from Parliament Hill.

Destroy Humanity And The Environment To Save It

In case you haven't noticed, the globe is being destroyed, in my view, on purpose.

The climate change lie is one of the scams they use to hasten this fall.

Sorry, Jacinda Ardern and your pack of WEF misdisinfromation bull shit. The problem with the Arderns and Trudeaus of this world is they're wrong Spectacularly wrong. 

These so-called leaders possess frighteningly mundane mediocre minds. It wouldn't be so bad if they spewed their nonsense and left it at that. 

However, this is not the case. They're pushing very dangerous policies that will wreck prosperity and achieve NOTHING

Either they know it's a scam and is cynically profiting off it via financial incentives and power or they're that stupid and drunk on their own junk science beliefs.

And it IS a belief system not based on rational thought or science.

It's amazing how this persists.

They're looking to silence freedom of speech and expression. They're for it so long as it keeps in line with the narratives set by corrupted and talentless scientists operating under a cheap facade of 'consensus' and financial grants and dumbass politicians who buy into the bull shit.

We're not in danger.

Yes, the earth is acting a little screwy. Guess what? It always has.

Even before our sorry idiotic asses roamed this earth acting like a virus pretending and deceiving we can 'control' Mother Nature.

How big of a fool do you have to be that you can say policies will be able to keep temperatures at an arbitrary number set by humans?

Think a little. 

They can't.

And any scientist or politician who says they can (hello Al Gore!) is full of shit. 

Just a couple of logical points here:

1) Despite our concern for the environment, we allowed masks to pollute it. Billions litter our streets and waters now. How does one explain this contradiction? 

2) We destroy the environment to put up wind turbines and solar panels that provide little energy needed to power a modern economy. Maybe we don't need such prosperity, right?

3) They will cut down trees to put up bike lines.

4) The inputs into manufacturing an EV are such that it challenges the notion they're a net benefit for the environment.

These are just some issues off the top of my head. 

Like the mRNA catastrophe, the 'fight' against climate change is condemned to fail.

The price of this failure will come at an extraordinary price.

These people in power? They're arsonists.

The fusing of the  Peter principle and Dunning-Kruger resulted in poor decisions lacking any common sense or wisdom.

Message to Jacinda and Justin. You will go down in history as a pair of tools who ruined civilizations.

Are You Awake Yet

They're really, really, really, really obsessed with gene therapies.

It's all but clear now that Covid-19 is not from nature and is one gigantic DoD scam and plot.

A bunch of crazy spooks and psycho scientists are fucking with the human race with their junk science.

And they just turned the world into a lab.

Enough with pretending Bill Gates just wants 'to save lives'. No, he doesn't;t. He wants money, power and control. Period and full stop.

They're now using mosquitoes to vaccinate people against malaria. What can possibly go wrong?

These mental diseases and broken people in all levels of our institutions that condone and take part in this are the ultimate criminals. Murderers in the name of science.

We're living in a comic book now.

“We use the mosquitoes like they’re 1,000 small flying syringes,” said researcher Dr. Sean Murphy, as reported by NPR.

You go around and plunge a syringe into someone and see what happens. What our psychotic (and do not be mistaken into believing they're not psychopaths) quack here is engaging in is ASSAULT.

But because they say it's for 'public health' and they're using 'vaccines' (the greatest most bestest and safest and effective medicine EVER!) they get to put that shit on everything and in everyone. 

People like Sean here need a nice reminder.....but I'll leave it at that.

They fooled and lied to you on levels you can't imagine.

I have no idea how to undo all this.

It's looking like a fight in the streets us the only way out of this madness.


Did The U.S. Sabotage The Nord Stream Pipelines?

Because if they did....wow.

How could they be so foolish and reckless?

Heck, even evil given what this will do to millions of Europeans.

Why would they treat their allies this way? To stick it to Russia? Over Ukraine?

It's increasingly clear this was sabotage. And fingers are starting to point in the direction of Washington. In fact,t just recently Biden - as he's apt to do - warned retaliation is coming.

I can't wrap my head around this one.

But Donald Trump is bad, right?

The Democrat party is the party of racists, war mongers and psychopaths. 


The Orange Man Bad Virus Has Spread Like A Blob Breaking Brains

I'm not going to give more time than necessary with this post because I've grown tired and impatient with the partisan flatulence of the intelligentsia. A rule rather than the exception where this behaviour is concerned I might add. Not a very flattering batting average they've had the past 100 years.

My daughter and I were doing some research on populism and looking to supplement the several books on the matter we have in our private library I took a look at online libraries like Brittanica. 

In its entry for populism by professor Andre Munro (with added edits from other editors) I found this little nugget:

"....In the United States, according to some historians and political scholars, the administration of Republican Pres. Donald Trump(2017–21) also displayed some aspects of authoritarian populism. Among them were conspiracy mongering, racism toward African Americans and nonwhite immigrants, distrust of democratic institutions among Trump’s core supporters, and the subservient position of the national Republican Party. Perhaps the most powerful indicator of the existence of authoritarian populism under Trump was his incitement of a mob of his supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election (see United States Capitol attack of 2021)."

Donald trump broke the minds of the intellectuals.

Quick bullet points:

- "Some historian". Who? Democrat historians I'm sure.

-What part of the constitution did Trump violate? 

-Conspiracy mongering? Does the great Russia collusion hoax qualify? Or the fact 2020 had large parts of its election rigged? Or that Hilary claimed 2016 was rigged and never shut up about it?

-What are examples of him being 'racist toward African Americans?'? Blacks thrived under Trump and his popularity among them rose. This is intellectuals not accepting reality and looking to retrofit it to fit their preconceived notions about Trump being a 'racist'. Right. Because Democrats don't engage in dubious and sometimes violent racist rhetoric. Whatever you say, Mutumbo.

-"Distrust of democratic institutions" is not necessarily a bad thing. Especially if those institutions are corrupt - which they incorrigibly are. It's actually healthy in order to elicit REFORMS.

-January 6 is overblown partisan nonsense. 

Now do Obama and Biden. Would they ever characterize these two as 'authoritarians'? The funny thing is Trump never removed rights from anyone. He didn't seek to limit the Constitution.

But Obama and Biden certainly try and have. Remind me who is censoring people again?

I'll stop here because this is just plain tiresome. The intelligentsia are boring and without original thought. 

And while scholars are using the laser pointer with their partisan Orange Man Bad interpretations, this is what's happening:

My Imagined Responses To The Psychopath Ignoramuses

You've seen them. The Stephane Felon Guilbeaults and retarded The Squad congress losers of this world making impossibly ignorant and arrogant proclamations about climate. 

They'll say things like: Our actions will result in keeping the earth at X degrees and with these deals and programs will will reduce it by 1.5 degrees and with more policies and agreements will keep it at X degrees.

How stupid do you have to think and believe humans can control the earth's climate?


Think of it.

Idiots like AOC and Guibeault vs. Mother Nature.

This is a no-contest.

Heck, AOC and her Squad goons can't even outsmart a hamster. No offence to hamsters.

My response to them, if I were in front of them listening to their vacuous blathering, would be: Are you mental?

While I'm on it, when this Covid-'vaccine' crime ends, if I had one question to pose to all the criminals involved it would be: What the fuck did you do?

To Protect Your Health Ignore Public Health And The Government

Ignore them.

Pretend they're invisible.

They're out of their minds spreading misinformation.

Justin is still issuing thinly veiled threats in the face of stunning and mounting evidence that the 'vaccines' do not work and are in fact dangerous. We know this government bases its decisions on politics and not science.

Tread carefully with this guy. 

I don't know what's going on but the authorities are not interested in protecting your health. And if they are, they're doing a piss poor job of it.

Protect yourself.

Profiles In Criminals: They Lie

The language is coarsening.

The more they deny and lie.

The more the accusations become more direct.

They're not content with being accused of lying and deciding the public about the mRNA shots being 'safe and effective' (they're not).

They're not just unsafe and ineffective, they're downright and outright useless and dangerous.

And they're doing something to the immune system. We just don't know the extent and duration.

So let's take this up a notch.

153 babies have already died because of this useless crap.

How many babies and children have died again due to Covid?

The only thing they have left is to say, 'yeah but long Covid is worse' which is impossible to know. In any event, the show isn't very good at reducing or preventing 'severe disease' or even infection. Hello Bourla!

This makes them guilty of either first or second-degree murder.


Lies, deceit and murder aren't enough. Let's throw in some gaslighting for good measure.

We know the mRNA shots thicken the blood and cause clots and heart inflammation. We know people are dying suddenly usually from blood clots and heart attacks. We know cancers are exploding. All coincide with the rollout of the vaccines.

But the criminals - and this is what they are - are now saying those conditions are due to 'long Covid'.

Not true. At all.

And this is where you're gonna use your little noggin and apply critical thinking. Plus your good, old-fashioned human instincts; called a hunch in the streets.

I'd ask them to politely stop. But they won't. Because they're sociopaths and psychopaths incapable of humility and honesty.

They will tolerate murder to protect their reputations and money. 

They are criminals.

We will have to treat them as such.

We must not relent in our pursuit of justice.


At the moment, we're getting battered in the Canadian "courts". I don't know where this is going or if it's going to establish precedence. I'm worried this creates a new baseline baked into rulings where we accept long-accepted ethical standards. 

What this means is we've removed informed consent and medical autonomy from protection in the courts. Meaning, next time out, the baseline is you have no rights. This is where the real medical tyranny takes it up a notch and gulags (isolation camps) are introduced. 

The courts have consistently ruled against (with some exceptions) the people's rights in the face of an overblown public emergency. 

Are you awake yet?

Let me remind you:


A Different Kind Of New Normal

For over two years, the West has overplayed its hands in more ways than one.

From the day the phrase 'flatten the curve' was uttered with a 'don't do it' warning from sober minds, the West has engaged in one mishap, miscalculation and misapplication of policy after another. It's been a stupendous bad Vaudevillian act on a loop.

Let's break the key tipping points about what happened to not only put the West on the defensive but actually put it on a trajectory to failure on the economic and social fronts.

I identify four of them

1) Covid: With it comes the Wuhan lab leak theory (which is highly probable is the case), the false narratives that included it was novel and there were no treatments. This, in turn, allowed for EUAs to be issued. Hospitals were given incentives to essentially kill patients through a cocktail of midazolam, Remdisivr and ventilators. There were 'Do not resuscitate orders. Autopsies were not permitted. This allowed for Covid 'cases' and deaths to be overstated. This opened the door to a psychological fear campaign never seen before.

All along they knew a) it was possibly not from nature, b) may have been around since 2019 and perhaps 2018 thus ending the 'novel' claim, c) there was no asymptomatic spread d) there were treatments like HCQ and later Ivermectin e) that it would eventually act like the flu and f) that mRNA injections were not going to stop transmission and by March 2021 knew it would not prevent infection. Hence, the pivot to 'it prevents severe disease' and reduced hospitalizations.

This was accompanied by the greatest manipulation of data in medical history. All statistical trickery was used to make it look like the 'vaccines' were working and that the unvaccinated posed a threat to society. We now know the vaccines not only were mediocre in their efficacy but in fact, probably did little to nothing on any of the metrics that claimed they helped from hospitalizations and deaths. 

In other words, a complete obscene dud. But the authorities created themselves a problem. They coerced and mandated billions into taking a leaky, non-sterilizing vaccine with a growing list of dangerous and potentially permanent adverse events. They destroyed businesses that to this day continue to close. Children's education and developmental targets are ruined. This is stuff societies don't recover from quickly. 

You can't lockdown down a delicate ecosystem known as human nature and the economy (I still remember the sophomorically ignorant claims the economy is 'just money'. I've written about how this is wrong on so many levels. The economy is not 'just money' it's US  - THE PEOPLE interacting in voluntary economic activity. It's the aggregation of the human spirit) and expect it all to 'revert' magically. 

Notice how businesses can't find work anymore. Ask yourself why?

The labour force doesn't just evaporate. And no, it's not because of Covid. Covid is NOT debilitating on a mass scale. But I'll let you know what is for the vast majority of HEALTHY people. Winkccine.

No one knows what these things are doing to immune systems and but a flurry of studies in recent months are posting to a very troubling if not bleak situation. The sheer arrogance of 'experts' speaking in absolute certainty should be enough for people to question the claims. Now they're attempting to normalize the lack of evidence is actually normal because we're in a 'pandemic' while citing fraudulent and laughable poor studies to peddle 'boosters for life'.

Boosters, I repeat, will be mostly damage and no benefit.

Too many people have been hurt and died from these products. It's the greatest mystery in history as to how this is permitted to continue given the boosters will NOT do anything. 


It's ALL risk and no benefit.

I'll stop here. There's much much more to tackle about this crime but the case has been made Covid was severely overestimated to simply sell mRNA injections. The question now becomes why did they want a needle in every arm? If the shots don't work then why? Is there something more to this story?

There absolutely is but not the point of this post. The realm of bioweapons and depopulation can't be ignored or ruled out.

The point of this post is to argue we've arrived at a tipping point. No/ You are NOT an 'extremist' that poses a threat to the stability of our civil order.

The authorities want you to believe this because they do have an agenda and need to put doubt in you. If you dare question them, you're a danger that needs to be censored.

Don't fall for it. None of this is for our benefit.

None of this is about public health or the climate.

Our health and earth are FINE.

Break out of your Truman Show slumber.

Let me jump into what I think the tipping point may have been reached. New York Presbyterian took out an ad showing a young girl 'bravely' confronting her myocarditis and being cared for by the 'brave' people at NYP.

The very people that caused the myocarditis by supporting the 'vaccine' campaign.

Follow what I'm saying? They're attempting to normalize a dangerous condition that is NOT normal in children and was induced by mRNA shots. They're gaslighting you.

And they know it. Just like intellectuals and journalists fawned over the Soviet Union. They later pretended to not know of the atrocities committed by Stalin but that was after the truth was impossible to ignore. They knew all along Stalin was killing people.

Just like they know the 'vaccines' are hurting and killing people. 

If you don't take the shot, your kids are OK. Healthy. 

I charge the entire system with negligence and malfeasance. At some point, murder will have to be on the table.

They know we know about this scandalous behaviour. They're trying to get ahead of it with insulting ads like this. Moreover, it is NYP (and the media and feckless fact-checking groups) who are engaging in misinformation. 1) No, it's not normal. Don't accept this and 2) most young people afflicted by this condition are young makes not little girls. They didn't even bother to get that right choosing instead to play gender politics.

There's no end to how they will want to spin this to plot their escape. 

A complete breakdown of medical ethics and an indictment of modern allopathic medicine.

Shifting gears. This is where, Covid that is, the Great Reset came into play. Years of careful planning from Event 2030 and Agenda 21 and SPARS were put into full motion. This is where it was time to expedite the climate change agenda with the ultimate goal of limiting population and restricting mobility. What better tool to achieve this than Digital ID tied to medical status and electric cars?

Sound crazy. It's what they flat-out said is the plan. There is no commitment to liberty. They have to cut our personal will and agency from the equation. 

EVs are the Trojan Horse to our freedom just like the ArriveCan app is a tool used to condition people into becoming digital slaves. Electric cars, as I discussed in a previous post, won't make the environment cleaner. But EVs are just a political laser pointer distraction. Notice how they're going after truckers and farmers. The two most vital entities to our food security. If you're going around using idiotic terms like 'rage farming' you're hopeless and can't be helped. You're too deeply consumed by the salacious lies of modern corporate media.

Do you think for one-minute truckers and farmers feel like protesting because they're 'raging' against the system or Trudeau? These people live real lives with real jobs. They have no time for that shit. People like you do. That's why you had no problem with BLM. Truth to power and all that. Listen to the Emergencies Act hearings. Everything the government claimed could not be backed by evidence or verified. They simply lied to your face. 

But now somehow, you've allowed yourself to be duped into thinking groups of people are 'anti-vaxx' and 'anti-science' threatening your scared psyche.

You're the scrawny pawn in the timeless art of divide and conquer. 

Truckers, farmers and the unvaccinated are NOT your enemies. 

They're just your fellow compatriots with concerns and see there's a dark shadow clouding our senses. They see we've crossed too many ethical Rubicons from mandates to frozen bank accounts.

Do you feel safer?

Here's a final thought. I think we can do away with pediatrics altogether. They've become the first line of assault when it comes to vaccines. Some of the most outrageous statements I've heard - other than from academic epidemiologists - came from the minds and mouths of paediatricians during Covid. In their world, there is no safety without vaccines. In their world. there is no safety. I say hand back child care to GPs - who are barely better but we don't need redundancy. A GP can chart a child's growth and tell mothers lies about how bad breastfeeding is while jabbing kids 67 times just like a pedi can. 

While we're at it, we can safely blow out whatever 'preventative medicine' is. To me, this is a branch of medicine that taken to its logical end calls for you to hide under your bed....in a helmet.

Because 'preventative'. You don't want to catch anything. Or ever get hurt.

Which, strangely leads us to Hunter Biden as the final piece. It's all intricately related in some weird way.

Hunter Biden.

This is the great media scandal of our times. This from an industry with no shortage of lying to the public.

You know the story. The New York Post published an article about Hunter's laptop and all the sleazy contents therein. It was explosive and would have sunk Joe. 

But old and social media got together and hid the story from public view. Apparently, there are enough people out there who don't take a peek outside their own informational bubbles. Anyway, the NYP was banned from Twitter and Joe won the election.

Now the same feckless journalists say the story was true after all.

Stock fellas. Real slick.

But this too is a tipping point. From the 'mostly peaceful protestors' to Covington to fake rape stories, the public seems to finally have had enough of fabricated and fictions narratives that come 'papers of record' like the NYT and WaPo.

And it's not just talk. People are doing something about it.

One thing that is happening is the conservative film has gone directly to the viewer. Producer to consumer minus the gatekeepers. This may end the subscription-based model for movies. The films about Covid, for example, would never get funded by Hollywood but using tech to their advantage, they don't need a gatekeeper blessing.

The My Son Hunter film is garnering all sorts of excitement and interest. I plan to watch it. 

It just may be the film to change an industry. 

There you have it. A scattered musing of what's going on.

Brain Teasers

If Europe is experiencing higher excess deaths in 2022 than in 2021 and 2020, then how can it be claimed the 'vaccines' are working?

Sweden, to add to this mystery, has the lowest excess deaths.

Do I need to remind for the 554th time they did not impose severe restrictions like masks and lockdowns and kept their schools open? They had mild restrictions that were voluntary. They considered overall public health in their advice.

Let's do another exercise.

There have been about 610 million 'cases' in the world since 2020.

The world's population is about 7.8 billion.

That works out to about 8% of the world experiencing a 'case'.

We know a case isn't necessarily an infection. I profess to go off the top of my head here but I recall coming across a study or article that estimated only 10% of cases were actual infections. 

We also know about the controversy and utility of the PCR test as created for Covid by pseudo-virologists like Christian Drosten. Who, incidentally, sits at the top of the mountain among the biggest criminals in this scam that has come with disastrous economic and social consequences due to the fear-mongering and futile recommendations like this clown.

Let's be overly generous here and say, 50%.

Which would mean 305 million infections or 4% of the world's population.

There have been about 6.5 million deaths worldwide. It's almost certain those deaths are over-counted (it will be claimed it's worse. If it is, it's because of the murderous hospital protocols that contributed to the death rate and recorded as a Covid death). 

As been warned for 2.5 years, we've been conflating 'from' and 'with' Covid.

And likely on purpose.

My hunch is that given the erratic nature of data collection and the lack of coherent standards for recording cases and deaths from state to state, province to province, country to country, we're never going to know the truth but it's highly likely we overstated cases and deaths because of PCR and not differentiating between 'from' and 'with as well as people dying with comorbidities.

Moreover, Covid deaths per day, while high (again to the extent we can trust the numbers and I don't), don't even make it the most lethal health issue facing us. Fentanyl, for example, still kills more people per day on the continent. Heart disease too (made worse now by the dangerous mRNA injections I might add) and cancers (also going through the roof since the 'vaccine' roll out. 

Does this sound like this was ever a pandemic? Remember, they changed the definition of what constitutes a pandemic in 2009 (making it easier to declare one. Almost anything can qualify as one) and what is a vaccine. Look it up. I've covered it here on this blog.

Not to me, it does.

Far from it.

And we're paying a massive heavy price for it.



Pst. There Is No Crisis

It's true.

I know. It's hard to believe.

But there is no 'right-wing extremist' threat. The fact the Federal government froze bank accounts of innocent citizens in Canada and the FBI and DOJ labelled parents 'domestic terrorists' for petitioning to remove critical race theory in U.S. schools, should have clued you in on the fabricated lies.

What they've done - or trying to do - is outlaw the ability of citizens to protest.  It doesn't matter what the cause is, although I suspect the next BLM protest will go off without a single word from national leaders even if it gets violent as it often does.

There is no 'climate change' either. Climate system change is verbal trickery. Again, when they shifted from global warming to climate change, it should have lit the LED light in your brain. They knew global warming wasn't a thing (and data shows we haven't had warming in 15 years). So they needed to change the table before the facts seeped into the public's conscience. Recall, that they were wrong about global cooling in the 1970s.

Maybe saying they were wrong is a little strong. No one is that stupid. Let's just say they were - and are - lying - because that's where the money (ie research grants) is, bro.

So no cooling. No warming. Can't keep the labels. So they came up with 'climate change'. That way it encompasses anything, everything and nothing at the same time. After all, climate does change. 

Their solutions are to kill the food supply (cattle ranching is bad for the environment) and more dirty and dangerous electric cars without a proper accounting of what's needed to make it happen.

Auto manufacturers are jumping on this band wagon because it's a gold rush and they don't want to miss out on the demand. But I think it's a miscalculation.

Why? Reality is going to not only slap us in the face but it will beat the living crap out of us.

It's all based on lies. And a foundation based on lies is bound to collapse.

Ok. There are no extremists threatening the government or an actual climate threat (as been posted by true scientists, not on the take).

What else is a made-up lie?

Oh. Racists everywhere is a lie. We are NOT an incorrigibly racist society no matter what the recent pseudo-intellectual hucksters say. 

The whole Crisis Industry is filled with players like the SPLC, whoever this Faber guy here in Canada acting as some guy kind of anti-hate guru (hint. He's not. In order to play the part you MUST project), fact-checking organizations that are just fronts for the establishment profiting off the crisis industry.

It's quite a sophisticated network of deceivers. It doesn't take much to see it.

Is it really that hard and implausible to not see Bill Gates is at the centre of the climate change and Covid scams? He's positioned himself to make obscene profits off the fears of people he helped to foster.

The mRNA 'vaccines' was NEVER needed. It was all a shell game. The question is WHY do they want it in your body? 

Getting it?

Do you actually think these morally and intellectually regressive monsters we see at the WEF or EU commissions and elsewhere actually care about you?

They care about POWER.

Pure power.

They're addicted to it. 

For years I struggled to understand Hegel.

Now I get it.

The Hegelian Dialectic is being played out before our eyes at an alarming rate.


They want people to beg them to save 'the planet' and 'the world'.

And then they give each other shitty awards for being heroes.

Let's be forward and frank. These people are mediocre minds and talents. They're not that smart or even clever. The cream does not rise to the top in modern politics. The system seems to be designed in such a way an idiot can easily climb up the ladder. Take your pick. Very few of these vomit spewers actually possess an original or profound thought of any kind. I mean from politics to even academia. All slaves to their own dialectic calculus. They're not after the truth. They're after the version of it created in their minds.

It's all garbage.

It's The Truman Show.

Wake up and see it.

There is not a single crisis that is organic.

It's the sheer malicious intervention of 'experts' and politicians who make them.

They're the sticks in our wheels.

It's that simple.

They're the sowers of discord.

And destruction.

We and only we can stop it by simply being aware of it.

They Lied And Laughed About It

 “I vividly recall my blood boiling during an infuriating meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, when Fauci laughed about his own goggles comment, making it clear how cynical he was and that he could get people to believe anything,” Morgenstern wrote, adding “he went on to laugh about how ‘ass-backwards’ it was that people entered a restaurant wearing a mask,  then sat down and conversed with people without a mask. Of course, he wasn’t saying things to that effect publicly, just laughing privately at the American rubes he was fooling.”

Brian Morgenstern - Townhall

Any questions?

What's pathetic and evil is people in positions of influencing abusing their power and people believing them.

Snap out of it.

You failed the test but you have a chance to redeem yourself with the climate change bull shit they have planned and digital currency. 



The Face Of Incompetence And Mayhem

Dr. Anthony Fauci is a miserable failure.

And a coward at that.

He's completely incapable of humility. Admitting mistakes.

He has made numerous mistakes throughout his dubious career. 

None bigger than the Covid fiasco and his utterly incoherent and contradictory actions and recommendations.

Fauci has 'looking the part of an expert' down to an art form. He fooled and misled many.

For about two weeks I was 'just listen to Fauci' during those confusing weeks. But while I did that, I also researched this character.

Early on I learned to keep a close eye on him. His track record was littered with controversial plots. Turns out plenty of prominent scientists have been warning about him for decades.

Since announcing his retirement, Fauci has not moved with the obvious real world data one iota. He still beats on the same old nonsense he's been squawking about since 2020. 

His declarations lack intelligence or wisdom. He's an empty shell. A broken soul.

What has Fauci accomplished in his career exactly? He may have been brilliant but his tenure at NIAID has been a dismal painting that depicts American health as degrading. 

There's been an explosion of childhood diseases under his watch.

Yet, he can't explain.

Part of the reason why he can't explain it is because a) he really isn't a public health expert and b) isn't all that concerned with it.

He's the face of America's biodefense infrastructure. Fauci answers to the Pentagon and DoD. 

The quicker people grasp this, the quicker and easier it becomes to understand what just happened with Covid.

He's not a good guy.

Experts are good to shout directives in their white lab coats and from their desks in academia but when asked a direct question about why certain health outcomes are worse, they give you a stupid blank stare or some bull shit excuse.

They don't have the decency and humility to say 'I don't know'.

That's what upset and disappointed me most about the experts. They're self-assured in their declarations but when they're wrong - which is often - they don't admit it. Rather they double down.

They made a massive. monumentally marauding error peddling this gene therapy passing off as a 'vaccine'.

A catastrophic one.

They had a small window where they could have admitted the error and pulled back bur instead they chose to remain in a cynical closed loop logic of idiocy and doubled down. Now they can't get out.

"Now youz can't leave" as Sonny told the bikers in A Bronx Tale.

Ah man's hubris. 

Fauci recent; admitted he knew lockdowns would have collateral damage with children.

As we've been saying since 2020. We've repeatedly firmly and aggressively said so here.

It didn't take an expert to grasp this.

But Fauci's admitting it doesn't absolve him at all. He also not too long ago said he never called for any lockdowns. We have plenty of evidence showing that was, of course, false.

So let's close and keep this simple.

Anthony Fauci supported lockdowns and the closing of schools knowing full well it hurt a demographic that never was and never will be in danger of this man-made virus that likely came out of a lab in which he had a hand in.

I want you to re-read that and think.

He sacrificed children - like he did dogs - because Anthony Fauci is a miserable human being.

I don't care about his scientific credentials. He can shove those up his ass. Same for people like that idiot and fool Eric Topol and Peter Hotez and others for that matter.

Assholes and cunts all the way down. To be frank.

Not only that, thanks to this miscreant you were forced into a medical procedure that not only is an epic failure but has come with all sorts of incredible adverse events. Some of which may last for generations!

This was no 'flu shot'. This was gene editing without your consent because you took it under duress and because of the psychotic nudging and mountains of misinformation dumped on you on a daily basis.

The government and experts tied to them (as well as the dimwits who blindly followed), the people you naively trust, LIED TO YOU.

Will Fauci ever admit the collateral damage caused by the 'vaccines' he unleashed upon the world?

I, Declare

I declare that vaccine mandates have murdered people.

The numbers from insurance companies and actuaries don't lie.

There's no spinning the data. Excess deaths (called 'unknowns' by the disingenuous media and health officials) coincide exactly with coercive mandates.

Blood on hands.

And you know who you are.


I feel comfortable that one day in the future, if this blog is still up, historians, archivists and chroniclers and others will see it and conclude or at least see my position since 2020.

More From The Spendthrift Moron

The drunkard activist politician posing as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau never stops. He's got an ideological agenda and he ain't deviating from it.

The latest has him commuting $1.9 million to combat 'online terrorism'.

Knowing how this fecklessly lawless rogue bandit operates, that's going to be a long leash. How will they define 'terrorists'? Because these days, listening to this vacuous buffoon's divisive rhetoric, many including myself would qualify.

If they can go after truckers and farmers they can and will go after anyone.

They froze bank accounts of single mothers who thought they lived in a democracy for merely giving $20 to a protesting convoy.

I don't think Canadians are grasping anything that's happening in their country.

Too busy with the bread and circus I guess. 

Justin wants to regulate and quash online free speech.

Heck, he wants to erase freedom of expression and speech altogether.


The New Baseline: You Are SUBJECTS. Not Free Citizens

I don't think Canadians quite grasp what's going on.

In just 2.5 years, they lost whatever rights they thought they had.

Now we live in a country that views all activities - be it weddings, school, events etc. - as privileges that can be revoked at any time for any emergency they deem a threat to public health or the environment.

We are now nothing but subjects of the crown and not free and sovereign citizens like in the United States.

And that's the key and cold stark reality that differentiates Canada and the United States.

Recent rulings have signalled a really troubling sign of things to come in Canada.

For example, a 10-person limit to protest was upheld in Saskatchewan.

So, in effect, protesting is no longer a principle and a right claimed to be a cornerstone of our democracy anymore.

And students have no rights in Canada. The judge's excuse in this one is abhorrent.

As I've said, this country is governed by cruel cowards. 

We've tried everything. Good Canadians mobilized trusting there would be a legal remedy. We've been rudely awoken to the reality that Canada is nothing but a fraud.

The courts won't budge.

The only way to truly restore liberty is to overhaul our laws and strengthen the Charter. 

But there are zero impulses for that. Our elites seem more passionate and interested in supporting the globalist agenda than making Canada strong and free.

Our political class are bought and sold whores. Nothing more.

They wave the flag but they wipe their assed with it.

We've made our bed. Now we must lie in it.

Or just plain leave Canada.

The smart ones have. In my circle of friends, there's an uptick in entertaining the thought. Well, among the ones who are alert and concerned. 

My advice continues to be:

If you want to move to Canada, just go to the USA. 

And for those here, if you can, leave.

Canada is going to be a clean and polite shithole. 

But if things go on like this without daring to strengthen our civil liberties, we will be an unclean and impolite shithole sooner than we think.

Abolish The Monarchy

Now that people got the Queen's passing off their chest and had their chance to mourn, I'm just going to suggest the monarchy be abolished.

Especially now that Charlie's in charge.

He's not my kind of king.

He's but a puppet for global elite interests. 

Not the common people.

Shake out of it.

Step out of your private Truman Show.

Liberate yourselves.

Abolishing the monarchy is a step in the proper direction.

The king means nothing to me.


The Government Of Canada Is Allied With Ukrainian Nazis

Just a reminder that Canada - and our tax dollars - are going to support NAZIS in Ukraine.

Let me repeat the government of Canada is allied with full-on Nazis.

Just like the public was kept ignorant of what was actually happening in the bloodlands during Stalin's systematic murder machine by MSM, the same is happening here where people are being lied to about the atrocities being committed by the side the West is sending obscene amounts of money and arms to.

Arms that end up being for sale on the dark web by the way.

Thanks Chrystia, Melanie and Justin.

The irony is that as Justin keeps calling Canadians all sorts of names, he's the one siding with Nazis.

#Trudeaumustgo for real.


The Body Is A Temple; Not A Clinical Trial

One of the great hoodwinks public officials managed to pull is to convince people that if you don't take a coerced medical procedure you're somehow unnatural. Dirty.

A threat even to civilization.

Framed this way. it allows for people like Justin Trudeau to engage in hateful rhetoric questioning whether a section of the population should be 'tolerated'.

It's funny. All I heard for four years was how Donald Trump was apparently a hateful guy. Yet, the only hate I've read and heard was the verbal assault and rhetoric that has come out of the mouths of Trudeau and Biden. I mean, we're talking Naziesque-level psycho talk here.

As usual, it was projection all along.

The vaccine campaign is under severe scrutiny and duress now. And for good reason. It not has been a dismal failure but it may be coming at a drastic cost through massive injuries and sometimes death. Moreover, we don't know what the long-term implications will be and it may very well be the culprit driving variants. We may be unwittingly creating a super-virus through these leaky, non-sterilizing and crappy products.

Good job experts. It's a wrap.

The sad thing about all this is people didn't treat their bodies with the respect they deserved. We're a miraculous creation of God. We were born UNVACCINATED. This is our natural state. 

Taking a man-made chemical concoction under the claim of 'public health' is NOT NATURAL.

And neither is the virus for that matter.

Your body really is a temple. Treat it as such.

Don't be a rat in a clinical trial.

Start respecting yourself and be attentive. 

No more complying. 


They simply aren't effective and are DANGEROUS.

For the love of God. SNAP OUT OF IT!


Quebec: Vote Conservative

Eric Duhaime and the Conservative Party of Quebec is the only way out of this Covid hysteria and crime.

The CAQ are spent force with no ideas. They showed they're all too willing to bend to outside forces. They dropped the ball with Covid taking it a step too far.

Vote Conservative.

We don't need another four years of a CAQ majority. Legault has proven himself all too ready to be a dictator when he chooses. No commitment to principle or values. 


Bonne chance Eirc et le Parti Consavateur du Quebec. 


100% Electric Cars Or Green Energy Is A Pipe Dream That Will Cost Us If Pushed Through

The green grift won't solve whatever 'climate threat' we face.

The push for electric cars is a Trojan Horse just like any Covid tech is a pathway to digital ID.

That being the goal is to restrict mobility. The plan will eventually come to limiting the number of days and distance you can travel.

Solar and windmills are not reliable sources of energy. Try and heat your homes in the winter and look at how they destroy the environment to put up a windmill.

How is this 'green'?

Doesn't matter. Just like they refused to look at the trade-offs of the Covid measures, they're doing the same here. Of course, if you look at everything through the narrow prism of Covid, you can make a case you lowered transmission and deaths (though there are no strong studies proving this is the case) but at what cost?

Same with the green grift.

Let's look at electric cars.

If people would just sit and think the first thing they'd ask is do we actually have the electricity and infrastructure in place for the lofty and ambitious dates set to get everyone into an EV? The answer is simply and plainly no. And we won't achieve it.

Automakers are increasing the production of EVs but I predict that will be scaled back once reality sets in cutting down the 'irrational exuberance of the utopian vision.

The other and soberer part they won't tell you about is that the inputs into manufacturing an EV are actually horrible for the environment. The dirty inputs outweigh the final output. In fact, one can make the case EVs offer a net negative on the environment. 

Know how much mining needs to be done to extract the mineral needed for an EV? Notably cobalt,  nickel, zinc and lithium. Lithium in particular is a major issue because it's highly inflammable (if a battery explodes you can't douse it with water) and is finite. That is, there's not enough lithium in the world to meet the artificial demand being created. Also, there's limited space where you can store this toxic element.

The biggest lie about EVs is that there's no such thing as 'Zero Emissions' anymore there can be 'Zero Covid' or there's 'balance speech' or 'social justice'. These are just terms invented by pencil heads in academic halls.

The amount of mining, as mentioned, needed to produce ONE car and 1000-pound battery (bet you didn't think about how heavy a battery is, eh? is astronomical and detrimental to the environment. And here's the ultimate kicker, you need OIL to produce the battery. The carbon emissions from that alone are more than anything you could ever do on your own. But they want to place a carbon social credit score and taxes on YOU.

So you tell me where this is good for the environment? 

The green movement is to prosperity and the environment what the Covid measures were to liberty and the economy. A catastrophe in the making. Brought to you by the grifting expert class drunk and addicted to gargantuan grants.

Now Air Canada is aiming to produce electric planes by 2028.

You wouldn't be able to drag me onto one.

Like everything Unicorns in pink socks promise. It's a pipe dream.

Open the oil and gas up and see how fast we get back to normal.

It was cute for a while but it's time to debate this properly and free of the unrealistic and romantic emotions that come with it. Live the covid measures cost lives, and so too will the green new deal nonsense.

Ah. Can't do that, eh?

Digging into why is for another post.

Don't comply and stop being manipulated.

On '"Right Wing' Extremism"

My read on things is that this is nothing but manufactured fear. 

I don't think there's a rise of ideological extremism.

What we're seeing, instead, is a general and genuine societal backlash comprising of people from all walks of life and political divide. 

The labels wreak of desperation from an exhausted 'expert' class clinging on to any vestige of relevance they may still have.

Basically, the intelligentsia is framing the a group of people charging them with trumped up - excuse the pun - mythical charges of 'domestic violence'. Canada and the United States are establishing good old fashion Nazi-Soviet tactics. Funny how that works, eh? Always accuse others of what you yourself do. In this case, the state and its minions in the machinery of manipulation are spreading disinformation and fear among the populace.

Our governments have gone rogue in recent years. Even when you request information it comes mostly redacted. This is why they've created the 'domestic terrorist' lie. They're framing 'right-wing extremists' for their crimes. 

On a slight tangent to provide an example, Covid Czar Jha is straight up lied to the American public just this past week urging people to take the boosters to protect granny. How is this not misinformation? The evidence has not supported such an outrageous claim since 2021. Yet, there's the government peddling and spreading 'disinformation'. Not only is Jha undermining trust in public health, he actually poses a direct danger to it. As do Tam, Njoo and Duclos up here. The boosters are unnecessary, ineffective, and DANGEROUS. 

In short, this hysterical and unscientificcampaign is unjustifiable and wholly unethical. It's simply a financial kick back scheme for all involved. Envelopes are likely circulating far and wide. 

They say we have to keep an eye on our kids and look for signs of trouble. The same vigilance is required of our governments.

Keep a vigilant eye. You have a right to publicly funded research. It shouldn't be firewall and when we request information it should come with full open disclosure. They're not our bosses. We're the bosses. 

Take your roll serious as a free and sovereign citizen. Trust and respect runs both ways. We're at the point even a blog post like this one can get 'flagged' and we know they're listening in on all our calls. 

Getting back on track. The fact the state managed to anger and upset truckers and farmers is less about them and more about how  the government purposely sowed these seeds of discord.

We're seeing once again the rise of populism in Europe. The conservative-populist movement took a hit when the Americans rigged their elections to keep Trump out. But now Europe is taking charge.

For example,

-The UK maintains a conservative government. Though a rather pedestrian one.

-The surge of Marie Le Pen in France taking the balance of power away from Macron.

-Sweden slipping right.

- Italy poised to be led by the populist Meloni.

-Vox continues to hold its own in Spain.

-The U.S. is expected to see the GOP take the Senate or the House or both.

My guess is the Ivory Tower knuckleheads know the writing is on the wall but they're not going down without a fight and so have worked overtime trying to keep the tactic of division going.

It seems to have petered out.

Now we watch the real possibility of the West being governed by populist governments. 

Paying attention Canada?



For the champs over at The Lancet. 

In a recent screed passing off as intelligent discourse published by the, ahem, esteemed journal (we all know scientific studies are corrupted. It's ok. You can all come out and show your faces now), the authors railed against the 'rise of anti-science'.

Gee, I wonder what gave rise to it? Had they not mandated or coerced people into it, they don't have this problem. They and they alone, through their arrogance and sheer short-sighted stupidity, did this. No one else.

This is the truth.

This level of cognitive dissonance is unacceptable.

The Frightening Hypocrisy Of The Modern Left

Did you hear?

De Sanrtis is a fucking legend.

Unlike the hams, we have in Canada and Quebec. In the "leaders" (these aren't leaders. They're bums) debate QS's Nadeau-Dubois took a passive-aggressive shot at Texas. Keep it up Quebec. Quebec keep showing your parochial and insignificant colors. Meanwhile, Frankie Brasserie made the audaciously arrogant and evil claim that curfews rescued contacts and ergo saved lives. It went unchallenged. 

Pathetic. Weak.


What a painful contrast. 

De Santis shipped 50 illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard. A few months ago Texas Gov. Abbott sent migrants to Washington D.C.

The purpose is to bring the problem to the places that refuse to fix it and see if they like it.

And boy do the parasites don't like it.

Residents of Martha's Vineyard - they should reconsider a name change to Karen's Vineyard - were not happy. No siree. One woman was pearl clutching one step away from asking to speak to the manager she was so flummoxed at the sight of 50 brown illegals on her precious island.

Mission accomplished for De Santis. It revealed the ugly racism of the east coast liberal.

They're nothing more than petty virtue signallers who, when it comes time to do the right thing, just engage in NIMBYism. 

Instead of doing something productive and humane like civilized people by finding accommodations they complained. Easier to complain. All they could do is reveal how disconnected they are deep in their arrogance and cognitive dissonance. Take in a Broadway show about Gander or something. 

Here's an idea. How about you ring Obama's doorbell and ask if he could put up the migrants for a fortnight on his luxurious, antic-climate change compound? 

Hypocrites. All of them.

To frightening heights. 


Alex Stein might not be everyone's cup of tea but he does well here:

They say voter ID is racist! Yet they wanted you to have a freaking vaccine mandate to buy a hot dog at 7-Eleven."

"They love a vax (mandate). That's not racist. Having to show an ID and a vaccine card to eat spaghetti at Olive Garden, that's not racist. But having to show an ID to vote in an election, that is bigotry."


Justin the wannabe dictator has finally gone after Rebel News. He has sent some lap dog Jean-Christophe something from the University of Calgary to launch a lawsuit against Rebel. The game is to basically bankrupt Rebel.


The hypocrisy. 

Here's a gallivanting dead-weight loser who lectures about democracy everywhere he goes and is directly engaging in suppressing the press in Canada.

Dictators gonna dictate.

Evil, eh?

Social Credit Is Creeping In

Are you brave enough to stand against it?

Judging by how you all downloaded a stupid app through trickery and lies, I'm not so sure.

Now we're all screwed. 


Greatest Medical Crime In History; The Weasels Can't Take The Heat

Right on time we're hearing from academic professors come in a defend the indefensible.

As I've written and argued since 2020, it was evident that a) public officials were not following science and b) made it political.

There were many experts and voices of reason questioning the whole Covid narrative and response to it from Day One.

But they were all frozen out or censored.

Our job was to keep receipts.

Working through various groups, we've amassed, chronicled and read thousands of articles and studies that contradicted the official Covid charade.

We knew they were going to eventually come back claiming they 'didn't know' or that it was 'necessary' because it was the greatest public health threat in our lifetime.

It never was. That's the point we've been making all along and we will be vindicated.

The problem and challenge is to hold those accountable for dividing our countries and wrecking the civil order.

To continue and consistently deny the negative trade offs due to the response is unethical and rises to malfeasance.

We will also hear them dismiss the fact we tried to inform and warn that the path they chose was doomed to fail.

And it did.

The more candid societies, if you notice, are quietly stepping away.

Not in Canada though.

Arrogant, smug and backward Canada is going down with the ship.

And the courts and academia will sink right along with it.

The stupidity is breathtaking.

The damage done is irreparable.

Coercing people into social habits that had no basis whatsoever in science is unconscionable.

The latest TV Dinner Expert TM is Thomas Juneau from the University of Ottawa who argued that what the Quebec government did was acceptable because 'pandemic'.

No, it wasn't. It never was. Not the vaccine passports. Not the masks.Not the lockdowns.  Not the social distancing. And certainly not the venomous rhetoric that went along with it.

None of it was ever acceptable or appropriate.

If the professor, in fact, it would be great if any of these champs could present a STRONG and well-constructed RCT study to defend their assertions. 

But they rarely do.

It gets better.

His quote:

"...we shouldn't have politicians in the legislature who are openly anti-vaccine,"

Really? Since when? Are we not an 'open and free democracy?' There's ample evidence now showing that perhaps it's time to dial back this 'vaccine' (it's not a traditional vaccine) program. Should we not be allowed to debate it? Since when did vaccination become off-limits for debate?

It's quite the statement.

Especially at this junction with all we know about these mRNA injections.

It's an ignorant assertion to make.

It only makes sense if you're ignoring the endless stream of studies pointing to the need to cease the vaccination program.

Some countries are slowly beginning to do this.

The injuries and deaths are undeniable.

Worse still, is the revelation that Ivermectin works and the authorities knew it all along.

They always knew. The Canadian and American people have been betrayed by sheer incompetence and blind dogmatic science and corruption.

Even worse still, how a professor can make this statement just as we've learned that both the Quebec and Canadian governments did not consult public health and never followed science for their futile and cruel restrictions. It was all politics.

All of it.

I'll close here to lower the heat of my boiling blood and seething anger.

Now the weasels are scared that the heat is on them. 

Maybe they should have thought of this before they ruined the lives of millions. 

This is the consequence of their actions. 

They won't be able to squirm their way out of this so easily. Granted, we don't expect a legal or political recourse but we will keep fighting to ensure justice is served for the greatest medical hysteria unleashed on  free peoples. 

An Unserious Government Gone Rogue

When it comes to Canada's obscenely anti-human, antiscientific, unethical, and outrageous Covid charade, one could amend Mussolini's fascist statement to, Everything in the Covid state, nothing outside the Covid state, nothing against the Covid state.

In case you haven't noticed but this government is unhinged and cynically clinging on to power for its own sake.

And Canadians and the press just take it. Imagine if Stephen Harper shut down Parliament as Trudeau is currently doing?

Worse. When and if they do go back to work, it will once again be of the Zoom variety.

With the entire globe moved on from Covid, Canada wallows in 2020.

It's remarkably depressing.

This is from a country and population that considers itself the pride and joy of the world. The leaders of all things progressive and scientific.

 News flash Canadians.

Covid obliterated this facade.

We're not only that, but we're lamely at the bottom rung of all nations lethargically lagging behind.

The Liberals and NDP are plainly unserious. And this lack of seriousness and courage actually poses a danger to the nation.

Pierre Poilievre is poised to mount a major challenge to this detached Liberal government and with it expect the usual attacks from the mainstream press worried about his populism.

Alas, not even I was prepared for what I saw from Global's David Akin as he attacked Poilievre who was in the middle of giving a statement on CPAC.

Again, imagine if Rebel News did this to Justin (and no, they NEVER did that). 

It was a sad display that all too starkly revealed the media's bias. 

It's not surprising and par for the course but still jarring and upsetting to witness. Especially considering Justin's scandalous track record.

For some odd reason, the Liberals think being Covidian fanatics is a ticket to more power. Are Canadians this delusional?

It's worth noting Italy is about to fall into populist hands, Sweden elected a right-wing government, New Zealand ended all measures, and Denmark ended all vaccinations for people under 50. This is after a major collaborative study which included the University of Toronto, John Hopkins, University of Maryland and others that concluded the mRNA injection is 98x worse than the virus while adding for every hospitalization prevented adverse events more than offset the gain posting to negative efficacy.

The science, literature and data do not support the Canadian Covidian Brigade and its obtuse and obnoxious hectoring lectures and policies. 

The Yawn Media

Here's a bold prediction:

Media will pain Pierre Poilievre as a meanie populist Trumpian.


Do not comply. 


Hey Media

Instead of erecting a 'pick and roll' for Justin and his bull shit, how about you do your damn jobs and ask serious and hard questions?

Not passive-aggressive leading questions like 'when are you bringing mandates' but like asking him to explain the difference between 'misinformation' and 'disinformation'.




Incredulous Buffoons

I saw a brief clip from TVA Nouvelles (Queebc's CNN) where the panel - which included former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair - acting with disgust about anti-vaxx conspiracies after one had the temerity to confront Le P'Tit Tyrant Francois Legault. Le Gros Boss. Brasserie Bob. L'Homme D'Affaire. 

She asked him why the website for the passport app was updated.

Good question.

A very important one.

But how dare she! How dare she, the little commoner, attack the poor Legault who wanted to have a drink and play his campaign games?

I was bothered and annoyed by their reaction. This is not how 'journalists' should be behave. But these are the tines where journalists have abandoned their duty and simply fall in line with whatever the state narrative is.

Hence, anyone who dares to question authority is now an extremist. 

Not a good situation.

But here's the thing.

'Conspiracy theorists' have been right EVERY SINGLE TIME since 2020.

In March of 2020 they laid out how it was all going to play out.

From never-ending boosters, to passports to quarantines, isolation camps  to climate change lockdowns to food shortages and so on.

I mean, I'm thoroughly impressed.

So when the passports do come back (which would be absolutely stunning and will surely make my final decision to leave Quebec permanent) I'll be sure to email Tom Mulcair.

Or maybe not. Because at this point, this pandemic sham is a scam and you have to be one special idiot to still a) be buying into it and b) listening to media and all the loud mouth'd shnooks who infest it.


Denying Ivermectin Is The Crime Of Lifetime

Among the many crimes being committed by the 'anointed' and narrow-minded intellectuals, elites, and public official as well as the army of TV Dinner Experts, the denial of Ivermectin will go down in infamy.

It will be seen as one of the great assault on human life.

All to sell stupid, shitty 'vaccines' to enrich one group of people and for their delusions of grandeur.

The 'unseen' to this decision is devastating as perhaps millions of people could have been saved. We had treatments all along. More and evidence is coming in showing this 'deadly' virus has been around since 2019 and perhaps even 2018 thus obliterating the god dang 'novel' lie. Moreover, we knew all we needed to know from the Diamond Princess that the virus doesn't spread and kill like the fear mongering corrupted and incompetent buffoons and criminals claimed. THEY were the spreaders of misinformation.

And we know who they all are. They won't be able to escape this. 

Horse dewormer my ass. 

The trade offs of all our decisions have had debilitating, devastating and damaging impacts on millions including children. Despite these facts, we still have deranged Covidians still screaming in fear demanding action to 'prevent' a surge. You won't be able to prevent it and you never will Have some humility 'experts'.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, understanding trade-offs,  once quipped in response to a reformers claims of success. 'How the devil can I tell whether I am not pulling it down more in some there place."

The cost-analysis benefit was never conducted and the failed results should surprise no one. The fact we still have experts promoting pseudoscience like masks proves they refuse to conduct one. This keeps them in their closed loop bubble of stupid 'responses' to a virus that has long ceased being a threat. We're no longer in a pandemic. It's been a while too.

Keep receipts fellas.

We ain't letting this go.

We can't let this go.

We have to fix this.

And we can't fix it until we haul all your sorry asses in front of a jury to explain yourselves.

The list of names is long. We've kept a log.

I plan to publish them. It's non-exhaustive but it'll do.

Provocative Questions

Do we need paediatrics and preventive medicine?


Show your work.  

Are You Smarter Than A Hamster?

I hope so.

Because they're playing you.

Got your vacations off your chest? It only cost you your medical autonomy and being illegally forced to download an app that's likely tracking you. 

An app that's a Trojan Horse.

See. These are all tests and you failed them all.

You didn't need to comply or consent but you did.

Because self-entitlement is a thing. You may have thought you were doing the right thing or going along to get along and that it would all revert itself.

Has it?

Canada is the last - read - LAST country on earth with excessive restrictions.

For a 'vaccine' that doesn't stop transmission.

Heck, what does it do?

It injures and kills. All cause mortality and other non-Covid deaths have skyrocketed in highly vaccinated countries.

Just the facts ma'am.

And still our venerated corrupted medical establishment scratches its balls and ass wondering 'why come so many people dead?'

The more cynical ones, because they think you're a hamster, are trying tot tell you it's all normal.

It's perfectly normal to get a stroke at 24. The trick is to....PREVENT! Learn to read the signs.

How about, I don't know, you stay away from the boosters?

The same boosters the conspiracy theorists said in 2020 was going to be a requirement. And all the government's journalists screamed 'FAKE NEWS!'

And here we are.

You're all refreshed. Had you parties. The government gave you some of your freedoms back.

They're playing it cook choosing their words but notice this time they're using a passive-aggressive tone.

Take your boosters - or else.

Restrictions and passports.

Yes, we're still talking about this in Canada.

The flunky pseudoscience TV Dinner Experts (TM) from McGill and U of T (whores to grants from the government and Bill Gates) are warning and fear-mongering again.

You think they won't pull this decrepit, discredited and debunked lockdown stunt again?

You think they won't divide us up again?

Of course, they will - or at least they will try,

See. The vaccines failed. They're expert 'advice' failed. Everything failed.

Injuries and deaths keep soaring.

Does that make sense to you?

Are you still refusing to ask some basic questions?

None of this worries you?

Not a little?

Do you ever wonder if you're being played and manipulated?

You should.

Because you are. 

Take the boosters. Ruin your immune system. The literature is only stacked and filled with evidence showing how bad these things are.

I mean, really, really bad.

And the monsters are giving it to kids like a bunch of psychopaths.

Alas, they're the reflection of society. 

And this is where we're at in Canada.

Superstitious, scared, cruel and not very bright little Canada.

Are you smarter than a hamster?

We're about to find out as the government is about to once again put you in your cage and the only way out is if you tag yourself and do as they say.

A better question is do you have any integrity and dignity?

Do not comply. 


Own It Canada: We're Cruel And Backwards


As the world clearly has moved on, we continue to wallow in a steady stream of Covid stupidity.

The level of hysterics and pseudoscience bullshit still spewing from the mouths of our idiotic 'experts' is astounding, astonishing and appalling.

They all still talk like it's 2020.

Know where they aren't?

Most of the civilized world.

Sure, there are pockets of idiocy but for the most part, the populations of Europe and the United States have had enough and their governments are getting the message.

No, The measures and restrictions did not keep us safe. The evidence simply doesn't back up these claims - and never did. We knew for decades they wouldn't work. And they clearly DID NOT.

Masks, mandates, lockdowns and even these lemons we call a 'vaccine'. Pointless to the point of danger now.

But in dimwitted Canada where politics and apathy are supreme, we maintain mandates and apps strictly for political and punitive reasons.

Anyone who claims these measures are necessary is an ignorant clown at this point.

What a shame and disappointment Canada has become. A complete outlier.

Ask yourself this: Why isn't anyone copying or praising Canada?

Canadians are cruel because they refuse to understand the trade-offs have had devastating impacts on the lives of millions. We cling to antiquated and wrong notions about Covid incapable of truly adjusting and evolving with the facts and data.

There's no need for ANY measures and nor should we even be talking about them.

Are we a nation of irrational fools and cowards or level-headed, learned and courageous citizens?

Right now. I see the former. 


Queen Elizabeth Dies; King Woke Takes Over

By all accounts, Queen Elizabeth led a nice and interesting life. 

Now she has passed away and the UK and the Commonwealth are in mourning.

In her place, comes King Charles.

King Woke of the WEF. 

Things just got even worse for the forces of liberty.



If you've had your first 'primary series' plus a booster that's enough.

The facts and reality are endless boosters that will do very little to protect you on any level. In fact, it is well demonstrated with each pointless booster you damage your immune system and in fact, increase your chances of contracting the virus. Your immune system is not a fucking battery.

Your government and TV dinner experts are Liars in Chief.

They don't want us to talk about this or the enormous harm this is causing people.

Well, they can all KISS MY ASS.

We must stare them down in the face and force them to tell the truth and account.


Save your health. 

There Will Be More Pain And Lies

Despite the Covid and mRNA narratives being essentially dead in the water, there's still juice to be extracted from it politically.

There are two elections coming up. One major, one minor. The major one, of course, is the U.S mid-terms. Right now, you'd be prudent and can't be blamed to think the powers that be are playing nice pretending guidance has shifted in order to get re-elected. Come one day after, don't be surprised if they attempt still more draconian measures. 

If the DNC manages to keep the House and/or the Senate, watch out. Fauci won't go anywhere and he will have license to further this plandemic. 

Same situation in Quebec. With a liar like Francois Legault, you know he has something up his sleeve. L'homme d'affaire has already charted things to the end of December at least and it will be more of the unethical pseudoscience bull shit Quebec fully embraces being the moral and scientific backwater that it is. 

Le 'Tit Tyrant Legault will go full Napoleon Covid complex once he gets re-elected on Oct. 2. That's why he and his derelict assholes are playing nice. You can read this moron from a mile away. He'd be the worst poker player in the room. Brasserie Legault is just that. A gutter talking smoothie who shoots his joual mouth off like the ignoramus he is.

Same goes for the narcissistic fink and jerkoff in Ottawa. 

They're all gearing up for a FEAR MONGERING BONANZA to fool you into taking a dangerous and useless booster. 

Yes, it's that corrupted and all about money. 

Get your asses on Substack and start to read what's going on. You're 12 months behind the curve.

Catch up. It's about your health. LIFE AND LIBERTY. 

There will be more pain and lies.



Quick word on Nouvelles TVA. I don't watch French or English news but whenever I come across clips it became apparent to me TVA is basically CNN Quebec.

Pure propaganda bull shit peddling fake news.

I was watching a segment that including former NDP leader Thomas Muclair and damn near fell off my chair at how shallow and so off the mark these people are.

It's actually scary.

TVA is owned by P-K Peladeau I think. P-K is good friends with Legault.

Do the damn math.