I'm at a loss at what I'm fucking witnessing in Canada and the United States.

The utter, divisive, nasty, psychotic inflammatory rhetoric has reached a point where they've essentially shown their actual desires: WAR.

They want destruction. Not peace. Submission. Not liberty.

And they being the DEMOCRAT AND LIBERAL parties of Canada.

Justin and Joe clearly are on the same Talking Points software because they sound exactly alike. I've never seen anything like it.

Hate oozes out of their mouths.

Don't be fooled by their bull shit.

These are very dangerous people.

That speech tonight was a call to a civil war.


And then these two assholes claim to want to 'unite' people?

You can't have it both ways idiots.

We're on a very, very precarious path people.

All I can say is turn off your TV and start following legitimate alternative sources and media.

The truth IS out there.

The power structure wants you to believe there isn't and that you're alone.

There IS and you are NOT.

They said when this Irish hoodlum pedo with a broken family was elected it was a 'return to decency'. Naive and ill-informed people in my circle kept repeating that vapid moronic phrase like little seals.

Is this decency you're seeing?

I see vileness.

Things will get bad to worse. It's what they want. 

No one obsesses over a past President, attacks farmers, truckers, the unvaccinated and people who resist their medical tyranny for no reason.

There's a plan in place. You're watching it be put into action.

There is nothing 'democratic' in any of this. It's lawlessness. Mayhem.

It's Arkham running Gotham.


Appalling image no? Worse than anything Trump ever did. Look at the Nazi overtones. Hello. Blood red. The incendiary rhetoric. Two Marines. 

I've NEVER heard a leader of a free and democratic Western nation speak this way. EVER.

Trump poses no threat. They want you to believe this and they've set it up that they will do anything to win in November. There is no doubt in my mind 2020 was rigged and they're going to do it again.

To 'save' the soul of America.


Nothing like spending 50 years of your life only to find out your views are in fact a threat to ideologues tearing your country apart. 

That wild-haired brain-dead bird brain who took over from that other red-headed brain-dead bird brain said if you hold an opinion that is contrary to the majority, then that's 'extremism'.

So here we are.

If you were that dude who went against the Nazis, you'd be in trouble with the Democrat party. 

Tyranny of the majority is in.

This is rhetoric never seen before and it's WHOLLY MARXIST in its orientation.

Ignore it all at your peril.

But folks. There's a war.

It's a pre-civil-war.

You'd better start snapping out of it.

Because we will ALL lose.


Because Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden DO NOT represent our interests. 

They serve other masters.


That all being said.

These are the actions of weak men. Weak men of character and of physical weakness.

Justin and Joe are not Commander in Chiefs.

They project no statesmanship aura or great power pride.

They are the soft underbelly of a decrepit and dying wounded animal lashing out.

That's all I see.

Flailing arms, flapping gums, fervent cowardice.

These are not leaders.

These are not men.

They're a product of a society that rewards sub-mediocrity. Patsies who should be directing traffic at a construction site repairing potholes.

We must grin and bear it.

We have to trust justice will come,

Until then, do not comply and keep speaking out.

Freedom and liberty is the hill to die on.

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