Along Comes NACI

As we digest two months' worth of specious and ridiculous rantings of Duclos, in comes NACI to add more to indigestion. 

Recall Duclos in June said a booster would be 'required' even nine months. This past week he compared the human immune system - try not to laugh at our dimwitted politicians too hard - to toxic batteries. 

Your dirty immune system is like a disgusting combustible engine. But the mRNA will clean it and make it green. It will charge it like a battery!

The stupidity is so blatant it hurts the soul.

We keep hoping for anyone - even Mr. Dress Up at this point (not Justin. The real one) - will step up and bring some damn common sense back into Canada.

But who?

Not NACI that's fur sure. NACI has decided to contradict Duclos and suggested boosters should be taken every three months.

It's like NACI is on another planet. Or just a plain laggard.

Never mind all those heart and blood clot injuries. Forget the menstrual problem and 'temporary' drop in birth rates and semen counts.


Never mind the EMA did warn too many boosters could lead to immune fatigue.

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! .015% of people are dying and that's UNACCEPTABLE.

Forget the flurry of studies coming in furiously showing it may be time to halt this OCD-like obsession with a low-quality mRNA product.

Never mind that there remains a dearth of reliable and high-quality studies proving boosters do anything. But we do have one where eight mice made up a trial. And even then, it wasn't much of a study. 

Let's ignore one of the Godfathers of vaccinology and most respected in the world Dr. Paul Offit has jumped off this carousel.

Does NACI have someone of his stature on their committee?

To add to the odd timing, this decision comes on the heels of NIH okaying Ivermectin (two years too later) and a major study (confirming dozens upon dozens of studies and real-world data from critical care physicians. Including studies from the U.S. military) showing its unquestionable effectiveness. I need not rehash that this is a NOBEL WINNING HUMAN MEDICINE. It never was a 'horse dewormer'. It's a medicine that had been given for decades to humans and is on the list of essential medicines by the WHO.

That's the treatment YOUR public health denied YOU. 

A health system incapable of being honest with itself will not be honest with you. The '95% effective' claim by Pfizer was a fraud from the onset and there's a whistleblower lawsuit that I think will not only prevail but blow this scam wide apart. It had an ARR of 1%. Since when do we ruin people's lives and careers through unethical mandates for medicine that provides 1% risk reduction!?!?

Yet, here we are nearly two tears after the roll out still wallowing in a lie and myth about these things doing anything.

And to add the cherry on this ice cream, NACI and the entire public health apparatus stubbornly, irresponsibly and embarrassingly continue to deny the biological and scientific fact of NATURAL IMMUNITY.

There is no justification for this suggestion made by NACI.

If the vaccines wane so quickly, then perhaps it's time to, you know, rethink your positions. Is it not time to finally once and for all get off the failed mRNA experiment and pivot? ESPECIALLY, given now treatments are available and natural immunity is real.

Keeping on this path is ludicrous and will inevitably lead to the erosion of trust in public health and allopathic medicine in general.

If you're a normie, ask yourselves questions you've refused to confront.

Let me be even more blunt, curt and frank: These ineffective 'vaccines' are genomic BIO-AGENTS that do great harm and damage to overall health and the immune system.


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