Own It Canada: We're Cruel And Backwards


As the world clearly has moved on, we continue to wallow in a steady stream of Covid stupidity.

The level of hysterics and pseudoscience bullshit still spewing from the mouths of our idiotic 'experts' is astounding, astonishing and appalling.

They all still talk like it's 2020.

Know where they aren't?

Most of the civilized world.

Sure, there are pockets of idiocy but for the most part, the populations of Europe and the United States have had enough and their governments are getting the message.

No, The measures and restrictions did not keep us safe. The evidence simply doesn't back up these claims - and never did. We knew for decades they wouldn't work. And they clearly DID NOT.

Masks, mandates, lockdowns and even these lemons we call a 'vaccine'. Pointless to the point of danger now.

But in dimwitted Canada where politics and apathy are supreme, we maintain mandates and apps strictly for political and punitive reasons.

Anyone who claims these measures are necessary is an ignorant clown at this point.

What a shame and disappointment Canada has become. A complete outlier.

Ask yourself this: Why isn't anyone copying or praising Canada?

Canadians are cruel because they refuse to understand the trade-offs have had devastating impacts on the lives of millions. We cling to antiquated and wrong notions about Covid incapable of truly adjusting and evolving with the facts and data.

There's no need for ANY measures and nor should we even be talking about them.

Are we a nation of irrational fools and cowards or level-headed, learned and courageous citizens?

Right now. I see the former. 

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