ALWAYS Follow The Money

The Covid mRNA experimental project is just that - one big experiment where they turned the world into a real-world lab with people as the rats and hamsters.

A scam to end all scams.

One of the great shyster business models ever devised.

What better financial model can you get?

Use deadly viruses (you create) to install fear into humans and sell them the antidote on a permanent basis.

I thought consumers were savvier than that.

Now that we know these injectors aren't just useless but actually quite dangerous (and may every doctor and expert who keeps peddling them rot in hell. You have more blood and pain on your hands than Donald Trump. I mention Trump because a pediatrician once messaged me saying with a false-intellectual question asking, 'Is Trump the greatest mass murderer in peacetime?' Yes. He wrote that. Paediatricians are the most hysterical and hilarious group of quacks I've witnessed throughout this disaster along with the germ-chasing epidemiologists and their obsession with ineffective masks. They form a cult. They just don't know it), it's inexcusable to go keep going along with this madness.

And folks. It is madness.

But they need the madness to keep going to keep the cash flowing in.

Let's get one thing straight. Nobody cares about you, your family and your health. Not Justin. Not Tam. Not Duclos. Not Henry. Not Ford. Not Hinshaw. Not Moore. Not Boileau. Not Legault. NOBODY.

Some in that list - and that's just a small list featuring the faces of hysteria - are very likely on the take.

Moderna coming to Quebec? Yeh. I'd love to see those envelopes.

Everyone's on the take. Universities who take funding from Bill Gates. TV Dinner Experts with conflicts of interests. Like, oh I don't know, David Fisman. I'm sure if feckless and lazy journalists and their useless editors actually did their jobs - and by that I mean real journalists like independent ones - they could find all the dirt they need. Instead, the post laughable 'fact checks' and condescending 'No, the vaccines don't cause harm' articles. 

Like I said. Useless. And they too have more blood on their hands than Donald Trump.

Canada is a nation of whores. Always was. Always will be.

It sells itself (think resources) to the highest bidder while smugly wrapping itself in the flag.

Like a shameless whore. Come to Canada. Blow jobs for all the right price!

Quebec offers 2 for 1! Or more in a blow bang.

Alas, I should go easy on Canada. We're plain old dullards. 

Plus we're not alone. Though we're at the top with others.

Take Anthony Fauci.

He was already worth around $7 million - not bad as a grunt bureaucrat serving the DoD, eh? 

Now he's worth $12 million.

But go fact-check the shit out of this.

He has book deals!

He got paid to appear on TV!

Blah, blah.

While they burned the civil and economic order to the ground, they profited.


Bad look.

Follow the money.


And always ask:

Cui bono?

Condition yourself to do so. 


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