Denying Ivermectin Is The Crime Of Lifetime

Among the many crimes being committed by the 'anointed' and narrow-minded intellectuals, elites, and public official as well as the army of TV Dinner Experts, the denial of Ivermectin will go down in infamy.

It will be seen as one of the great assault on human life.

All to sell stupid, shitty 'vaccines' to enrich one group of people and for their delusions of grandeur.

The 'unseen' to this decision is devastating as perhaps millions of people could have been saved. We had treatments all along. More and evidence is coming in showing this 'deadly' virus has been around since 2019 and perhaps even 2018 thus obliterating the god dang 'novel' lie. Moreover, we knew all we needed to know from the Diamond Princess that the virus doesn't spread and kill like the fear mongering corrupted and incompetent buffoons and criminals claimed. THEY were the spreaders of misinformation.

And we know who they all are. They won't be able to escape this. 

Horse dewormer my ass. 

The trade offs of all our decisions have had debilitating, devastating and damaging impacts on millions including children. Despite these facts, we still have deranged Covidians still screaming in fear demanding action to 'prevent' a surge. You won't be able to prevent it and you never will Have some humility 'experts'.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, understanding trade-offs,  once quipped in response to a reformers claims of success. 'How the devil can I tell whether I am not pulling it down more in some there place."

The cost-analysis benefit was never conducted and the failed results should surprise no one. The fact we still have experts promoting pseudoscience like masks proves they refuse to conduct one. This keeps them in their closed loop bubble of stupid 'responses' to a virus that has long ceased being a threat. We're no longer in a pandemic. It's been a while too.

Keep receipts fellas.

We ain't letting this go.

We can't let this go.

We have to fix this.

And we can't fix it until we haul all your sorry asses in front of a jury to explain yourselves.

The list of names is long. We've kept a log.

I plan to publish them. It's non-exhaustive but it'll do.

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