More From The Spendthrift Moron

The drunkard activist politician posing as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau never stops. He's got an ideological agenda and he ain't deviating from it.

The latest has him commuting $1.9 million to combat 'online terrorism'.

Knowing how this fecklessly lawless rogue bandit operates, that's going to be a long leash. How will they define 'terrorists'? Because these days, listening to this vacuous buffoon's divisive rhetoric, many including myself would qualify.

If they can go after truckers and farmers they can and will go after anyone.

They froze bank accounts of single mothers who thought they lived in a democracy for merely giving $20 to a protesting convoy.

I don't think Canadians are grasping anything that's happening in their country.

Too busy with the bread and circus I guess. 

Justin wants to regulate and quash online free speech.

Heck, he wants to erase freedom of expression and speech altogether.

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