Are You Smarter Than A Hamster?

I hope so.

Because they're playing you.

Got your vacations off your chest? It only cost you your medical autonomy and being illegally forced to download an app that's likely tracking you. 

An app that's a Trojan Horse.

See. These are all tests and you failed them all.

You didn't need to comply or consent but you did.

Because self-entitlement is a thing. You may have thought you were doing the right thing or going along to get along and that it would all revert itself.

Has it?

Canada is the last - read - LAST country on earth with excessive restrictions.

For a 'vaccine' that doesn't stop transmission.

Heck, what does it do?

It injures and kills. All cause mortality and other non-Covid deaths have skyrocketed in highly vaccinated countries.

Just the facts ma'am.

And still our venerated corrupted medical establishment scratches its balls and ass wondering 'why come so many people dead?'

The more cynical ones, because they think you're a hamster, are trying tot tell you it's all normal.

It's perfectly normal to get a stroke at 24. The trick is to....PREVENT! Learn to read the signs.

How about, I don't know, you stay away from the boosters?

The same boosters the conspiracy theorists said in 2020 was going to be a requirement. And all the government's journalists screamed 'FAKE NEWS!'

And here we are.

You're all refreshed. Had you parties. The government gave you some of your freedoms back.

They're playing it cook choosing their words but notice this time they're using a passive-aggressive tone.

Take your boosters - or else.

Restrictions and passports.

Yes, we're still talking about this in Canada.

The flunky pseudoscience TV Dinner Experts (TM) from McGill and U of T (whores to grants from the government and Bill Gates) are warning and fear-mongering again.

You think they won't pull this decrepit, discredited and debunked lockdown stunt again?

You think they won't divide us up again?

Of course, they will - or at least they will try,

See. The vaccines failed. They're expert 'advice' failed. Everything failed.

Injuries and deaths keep soaring.

Does that make sense to you?

Are you still refusing to ask some basic questions?

None of this worries you?

Not a little?

Do you ever wonder if you're being played and manipulated?

You should.

Because you are. 

Take the boosters. Ruin your immune system. The literature is only stacked and filled with evidence showing how bad these things are.

I mean, really, really bad.

And the monsters are giving it to kids like a bunch of psychopaths.

Alas, they're the reflection of society. 

And this is where we're at in Canada.

Superstitious, scared, cruel and not very bright little Canada.

Are you smarter than a hamster?

We're about to find out as the government is about to once again put you in your cage and the only way out is if you tag yourself and do as they say.

A better question is do you have any integrity and dignity?

Do not comply. 

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