Are You Awake Yet

They're really, really, really, really obsessed with gene therapies.

It's all but clear now that Covid-19 is not from nature and is one gigantic DoD scam and plot.

A bunch of crazy spooks and psycho scientists are fucking with the human race with their junk science.

And they just turned the world into a lab.

Enough with pretending Bill Gates just wants 'to save lives'. No, he doesn't;t. He wants money, power and control. Period and full stop.

They're now using mosquitoes to vaccinate people against malaria. What can possibly go wrong?

These mental diseases and broken people in all levels of our institutions that condone and take part in this are the ultimate criminals. Murderers in the name of science.

We're living in a comic book now.

“We use the mosquitoes like they’re 1,000 small flying syringes,” said researcher Dr. Sean Murphy, as reported by NPR.

You go around and plunge a syringe into someone and see what happens. What our psychotic (and do not be mistaken into believing they're not psychopaths) quack here is engaging in is ASSAULT.

But because they say it's for 'public health' and they're using 'vaccines' (the greatest most bestest and safest and effective medicine EVER!) they get to put that shit on everything and in everyone. 

People like Sean here need a nice reminder.....but I'll leave it at that.

They fooled and lied to you on levels you can't imagine.

I have no idea how to undo all this.

It's looking like a fight in the streets us the only way out of this madness.

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