The Orange Man Bad Virus Has Spread Like A Blob Breaking Brains

I'm not going to give more time than necessary with this post because I've grown tired and impatient with the partisan flatulence of the intelligentsia. A rule rather than the exception where this behaviour is concerned I might add. Not a very flattering batting average they've had the past 100 years.

My daughter and I were doing some research on populism and looking to supplement the several books on the matter we have in our private library I took a look at online libraries like Brittanica. 

In its entry for populism by professor Andre Munro (with added edits from other editors) I found this little nugget:

"....In the United States, according to some historians and political scholars, the administration of Republican Pres. Donald Trump(2017–21) also displayed some aspects of authoritarian populism. Among them were conspiracy mongering, racism toward African Americans and nonwhite immigrants, distrust of democratic institutions among Trump’s core supporters, and the subservient position of the national Republican Party. Perhaps the most powerful indicator of the existence of authoritarian populism under Trump was his incitement of a mob of his supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election (see United States Capitol attack of 2021)."

Donald trump broke the minds of the intellectuals.

Quick bullet points:

- "Some historian". Who? Democrat historians I'm sure.

-What part of the constitution did Trump violate? 

-Conspiracy mongering? Does the great Russia collusion hoax qualify? Or the fact 2020 had large parts of its election rigged? Or that Hilary claimed 2016 was rigged and never shut up about it?

-What are examples of him being 'racist toward African Americans?'? Blacks thrived under Trump and his popularity among them rose. This is intellectuals not accepting reality and looking to retrofit it to fit their preconceived notions about Trump being a 'racist'. Right. Because Democrats don't engage in dubious and sometimes violent racist rhetoric. Whatever you say, Mutumbo.

-"Distrust of democratic institutions" is not necessarily a bad thing. Especially if those institutions are corrupt - which they incorrigibly are. It's actually healthy in order to elicit REFORMS.

-January 6 is overblown partisan nonsense. 

Now do Obama and Biden. Would they ever characterize these two as 'authoritarians'? The funny thing is Trump never removed rights from anyone. He didn't seek to limit the Constitution.

But Obama and Biden certainly try and have. Remind me who is censoring people again?

I'll stop here because this is just plain tiresome. The intelligentsia are boring and without original thought. 

And while scholars are using the laser pointer with their partisan Orange Man Bad interpretations, this is what's happening:

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