100% Electric Cars Or Green Energy Is A Pipe Dream That Will Cost Us If Pushed Through

The green grift won't solve whatever 'climate threat' we face.

The push for electric cars is a Trojan Horse just like any Covid tech is a pathway to digital ID.

That being the goal is to restrict mobility. The plan will eventually come to limiting the number of days and distance you can travel.

Solar and windmills are not reliable sources of energy. Try and heat your homes in the winter and look at how they destroy the environment to put up a windmill.

How is this 'green'?

Doesn't matter. Just like they refused to look at the trade-offs of the Covid measures, they're doing the same here. Of course, if you look at everything through the narrow prism of Covid, you can make a case you lowered transmission and deaths (though there are no strong studies proving this is the case) but at what cost?

Same with the green grift.

Let's look at electric cars.

If people would just sit and think the first thing they'd ask is do we actually have the electricity and infrastructure in place for the lofty and ambitious dates set to get everyone into an EV? The answer is simply and plainly no. And we won't achieve it.

Automakers are increasing the production of EVs but I predict that will be scaled back once reality sets in cutting down the 'irrational exuberance of the utopian vision.

The other and soberer part they won't tell you about is that the inputs into manufacturing an EV are actually horrible for the environment. The dirty inputs outweigh the final output. In fact, one can make the case EVs offer a net negative on the environment. 

Know how much mining needs to be done to extract the mineral needed for an EV? Notably cobalt,  nickel, zinc and lithium. Lithium in particular is a major issue because it's highly inflammable (if a battery explodes you can't douse it with water) and is finite. That is, there's not enough lithium in the world to meet the artificial demand being created. Also, there's limited space where you can store this toxic element.

The biggest lie about EVs is that there's no such thing as 'Zero Emissions' anymore there can be 'Zero Covid' or there's 'balance speech' or 'social justice'. These are just terms invented by pencil heads in academic halls.

The amount of mining, as mentioned, needed to produce ONE car and 1000-pound battery (bet you didn't think about how heavy a battery is, eh? is astronomical and detrimental to the environment. And here's the ultimate kicker, you need OIL to produce the battery. The carbon emissions from that alone are more than anything you could ever do on your own. But they want to place a carbon social credit score and taxes on YOU.

So you tell me where this is good for the environment? 

The green movement is to prosperity and the environment what the Covid measures were to liberty and the economy. A catastrophe in the making. Brought to you by the grifting expert class drunk and addicted to gargantuan grants.

Now Air Canada is aiming to produce electric planes by 2028.

You wouldn't be able to drag me onto one.

Like everything Unicorns in pink socks promise. It's a pipe dream.

Open the oil and gas up and see how fast we get back to normal.

It was cute for a while but it's time to debate this properly and free of the unrealistic and romantic emotions that come with it. Live the covid measures cost lives, and so too will the green new deal nonsense.

Ah. Can't do that, eh?

Digging into why is for another post.

Don't comply and stop being manipulated.

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