The New Baseline: You Are SUBJECTS. Not Free Citizens

I don't think Canadians quite grasp what's going on.

In just 2.5 years, they lost whatever rights they thought they had.

Now we live in a country that views all activities - be it weddings, school, events etc. - as privileges that can be revoked at any time for any emergency they deem a threat to public health or the environment.

We are now nothing but subjects of the crown and not free and sovereign citizens like in the United States.

And that's the key and cold stark reality that differentiates Canada and the United States.

Recent rulings have signalled a really troubling sign of things to come in Canada.

For example, a 10-person limit to protest was upheld in Saskatchewan.

So, in effect, protesting is no longer a principle and a right claimed to be a cornerstone of our democracy anymore.

And students have no rights in Canada. The judge's excuse in this one is abhorrent.

As I've said, this country is governed by cruel cowards. 

We've tried everything. Good Canadians mobilized trusting there would be a legal remedy. We've been rudely awoken to the reality that Canada is nothing but a fraud.

The courts won't budge.

The only way to truly restore liberty is to overhaul our laws and strengthen the Charter. 

But there are zero impulses for that. Our elites seem more passionate and interested in supporting the globalist agenda than making Canada strong and free.

Our political class are bought and sold whores. Nothing more.

They wave the flag but they wipe their assed with it.

We've made our bed. Now we must lie in it.

Or just plain leave Canada.

The smart ones have. In my circle of friends, there's an uptick in entertaining the thought. Well, among the ones who are alert and concerned. 

My advice continues to be:

If you want to move to Canada, just go to the USA. 

And for those here, if you can, leave.

Canada is going to be a clean and polite shithole. 

But if things go on like this without daring to strengthen our civil liberties, we will be an unclean and impolite shithole sooner than we think.

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