An Unserious Government Gone Rogue

When it comes to Canada's obscenely anti-human, antiscientific, unethical, and outrageous Covid charade, one could amend Mussolini's fascist statement to, Everything in the Covid state, nothing outside the Covid state, nothing against the Covid state.

In case you haven't noticed but this government is unhinged and cynically clinging on to power for its own sake.

And Canadians and the press just take it. Imagine if Stephen Harper shut down Parliament as Trudeau is currently doing?

Worse. When and if they do go back to work, it will once again be of the Zoom variety.

With the entire globe moved on from Covid, Canada wallows in 2020.

It's remarkably depressing.

This is from a country and population that considers itself the pride and joy of the world. The leaders of all things progressive and scientific.

 News flash Canadians.

Covid obliterated this facade.

We're not only that, but we're lamely at the bottom rung of all nations lethargically lagging behind.

The Liberals and NDP are plainly unserious. And this lack of seriousness and courage actually poses a danger to the nation.

Pierre Poilievre is poised to mount a major challenge to this detached Liberal government and with it expect the usual attacks from the mainstream press worried about his populism.

Alas, not even I was prepared for what I saw from Global's David Akin as he attacked Poilievre who was in the middle of giving a statement on CPAC.

Again, imagine if Rebel News did this to Justin (and no, they NEVER did that). 

It was a sad display that all too starkly revealed the media's bias. 

It's not surprising and par for the course but still jarring and upsetting to witness. Especially considering Justin's scandalous track record.

For some odd reason, the Liberals think being Covidian fanatics is a ticket to more power. Are Canadians this delusional?

It's worth noting Italy is about to fall into populist hands, Sweden elected a right-wing government, New Zealand ended all measures, and Denmark ended all vaccinations for people under 50. This is after a major collaborative study which included the University of Toronto, John Hopkins, University of Maryland and others that concluded the mRNA injection is 98x worse than the virus while adding for every hospitalization prevented adverse events more than offset the gain posting to negative efficacy.

The science, literature and data do not support the Canadian Covidian Brigade and its obtuse and obnoxious hectoring lectures and policies. 

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