On '"Right Wing' Extremism"

My read on things is that this is nothing but manufactured fear. 

I don't think there's a rise of ideological extremism.

What we're seeing, instead, is a general and genuine societal backlash comprising of people from all walks of life and political divide. 

The labels wreak of desperation from an exhausted 'expert' class clinging on to any vestige of relevance they may still have.

Basically, the intelligentsia is framing the a group of people charging them with trumped up - excuse the pun - mythical charges of 'domestic violence'. Canada and the United States are establishing good old fashion Nazi-Soviet tactics. Funny how that works, eh? Always accuse others of what you yourself do. In this case, the state and its minions in the machinery of manipulation are spreading disinformation and fear among the populace.

Our governments have gone rogue in recent years. Even when you request information it comes mostly redacted. This is why they've created the 'domestic terrorist' lie. They're framing 'right-wing extremists' for their crimes. 

On a slight tangent to provide an example, Covid Czar Jha is straight up lied to the American public just this past week urging people to take the boosters to protect granny. How is this not misinformation? The evidence has not supported such an outrageous claim since 2021. Yet, there's the government peddling and spreading 'disinformation'. Not only is Jha undermining trust in public health, he actually poses a direct danger to it. As do Tam, Njoo and Duclos up here. The boosters are unnecessary, ineffective, and DANGEROUS. 

In short, this hysterical and unscientificcampaign is unjustifiable and wholly unethical. It's simply a financial kick back scheme for all involved. Envelopes are likely circulating far and wide. 

They say we have to keep an eye on our kids and look for signs of trouble. The same vigilance is required of our governments.

Keep a vigilant eye. You have a right to publicly funded research. It shouldn't be firewall and when we request information it should come with full open disclosure. They're not our bosses. We're the bosses. 

Take your roll serious as a free and sovereign citizen. Trust and respect runs both ways. We're at the point even a blog post like this one can get 'flagged' and we know they're listening in on all our calls. 

Getting back on track. The fact the state managed to anger and upset truckers and farmers is less about them and more about how  the government purposely sowed these seeds of discord.

We're seeing once again the rise of populism in Europe. The conservative-populist movement took a hit when the Americans rigged their elections to keep Trump out. But now Europe is taking charge.

For example,

-The UK maintains a conservative government. Though a rather pedestrian one.

-The surge of Marie Le Pen in France taking the balance of power away from Macron.

-Sweden slipping right.

- Italy poised to be led by the populist Meloni.

-Vox continues to hold its own in Spain.

-The U.S. is expected to see the GOP take the Senate or the House or both.

My guess is the Ivory Tower knuckleheads know the writing is on the wall but they're not going down without a fight and so have worked overtime trying to keep the tactic of division going.

It seems to have petered out.

Now we watch the real possibility of the West being governed by populist governments. 

Paying attention Canada?

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