Destroy Humanity And The Environment To Save It

In case you haven't noticed, the globe is being destroyed, in my view, on purpose.

The climate change lie is one of the scams they use to hasten this fall.

Sorry, Jacinda Ardern and your pack of WEF misdisinfromation bull shit. The problem with the Arderns and Trudeaus of this world is they're wrong Spectacularly wrong. 

These so-called leaders possess frighteningly mundane mediocre minds. It wouldn't be so bad if they spewed their nonsense and left it at that. 

However, this is not the case. They're pushing very dangerous policies that will wreck prosperity and achieve NOTHING

Either they know it's a scam and is cynically profiting off it via financial incentives and power or they're that stupid and drunk on their own junk science beliefs.

And it IS a belief system not based on rational thought or science.

It's amazing how this persists.

They're looking to silence freedom of speech and expression. They're for it so long as it keeps in line with the narratives set by corrupted and talentless scientists operating under a cheap facade of 'consensus' and financial grants and dumbass politicians who buy into the bull shit.

We're not in danger.

Yes, the earth is acting a little screwy. Guess what? It always has.

Even before our sorry idiotic asses roamed this earth acting like a virus pretending and deceiving we can 'control' Mother Nature.

How big of a fool do you have to be that you can say policies will be able to keep temperatures at an arbitrary number set by humans?

Think a little. 

They can't.

And any scientist or politician who says they can (hello Al Gore!) is full of shit. 

Just a couple of logical points here:

1) Despite our concern for the environment, we allowed masks to pollute it. Billions litter our streets and waters now. How does one explain this contradiction? 

2) We destroy the environment to put up wind turbines and solar panels that provide little energy needed to power a modern economy. Maybe we don't need such prosperity, right?

3) They will cut down trees to put up bike lines.

4) The inputs into manufacturing an EV are such that it challenges the notion they're a net benefit for the environment.

These are just some issues off the top of my head. 

Like the mRNA catastrophe, the 'fight' against climate change is condemned to fail.

The price of this failure will come at an extraordinary price.

These people in power? They're arsonists.

The fusing of the  Peter principle and Dunning-Kruger resulted in poor decisions lacking any common sense or wisdom.

Message to Jacinda and Justin. You will go down in history as a pair of tools who ruined civilizations.

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