A Different Kind Of New Normal

For over two years, the West has overplayed its hands in more ways than one.

From the day the phrase 'flatten the curve' was uttered with a 'don't do it' warning from sober minds, the West has engaged in one mishap, miscalculation and misapplication of policy after another. It's been a stupendous bad Vaudevillian act on a loop.

Let's break the key tipping points about what happened to not only put the West on the defensive but actually put it on a trajectory to failure on the economic and social fronts.

I identify four of them

1) Covid: With it comes the Wuhan lab leak theory (which is highly probable is the case), the false narratives that included it was novel and there were no treatments. This, in turn, allowed for EUAs to be issued. Hospitals were given incentives to essentially kill patients through a cocktail of midazolam, Remdisivr and ventilators. There were 'Do not resuscitate orders. Autopsies were not permitted. This allowed for Covid 'cases' and deaths to be overstated. This opened the door to a psychological fear campaign never seen before.

All along they knew a) it was possibly not from nature, b) may have been around since 2019 and perhaps 2018 thus ending the 'novel' claim, c) there was no asymptomatic spread d) there were treatments like HCQ and later Ivermectin e) that it would eventually act like the flu and f) that mRNA injections were not going to stop transmission and by March 2021 knew it would not prevent infection. Hence, the pivot to 'it prevents severe disease' and reduced hospitalizations.

This was accompanied by the greatest manipulation of data in medical history. All statistical trickery was used to make it look like the 'vaccines' were working and that the unvaccinated posed a threat to society. We now know the vaccines not only were mediocre in their efficacy but in fact, probably did little to nothing on any of the metrics that claimed they helped from hospitalizations and deaths. 

In other words, a complete obscene dud. But the authorities created themselves a problem. They coerced and mandated billions into taking a leaky, non-sterilizing vaccine with a growing list of dangerous and potentially permanent adverse events. They destroyed businesses that to this day continue to close. Children's education and developmental targets are ruined. This is stuff societies don't recover from quickly. 

You can't lockdown down a delicate ecosystem known as human nature and the economy (I still remember the sophomorically ignorant claims the economy is 'just money'. I've written about how this is wrong on so many levels. The economy is not 'just money' it's US  - THE PEOPLE interacting in voluntary economic activity. It's the aggregation of the human spirit) and expect it all to 'revert' magically. 

Notice how businesses can't find work anymore. Ask yourself why?

The labour force doesn't just evaporate. And no, it's not because of Covid. Covid is NOT debilitating on a mass scale. But I'll let you know what is for the vast majority of HEALTHY people. Winkccine.

No one knows what these things are doing to immune systems and but a flurry of studies in recent months are posting to a very troubling if not bleak situation. The sheer arrogance of 'experts' speaking in absolute certainty should be enough for people to question the claims. Now they're attempting to normalize the lack of evidence is actually normal because we're in a 'pandemic' while citing fraudulent and laughable poor studies to peddle 'boosters for life'.

Boosters, I repeat, will be mostly damage and no benefit.

Too many people have been hurt and died from these products. It's the greatest mystery in history as to how this is permitted to continue given the boosters will NOT do anything. 


It's ALL risk and no benefit.

I'll stop here. There's much much more to tackle about this crime but the case has been made Covid was severely overestimated to simply sell mRNA injections. The question now becomes why did they want a needle in every arm? If the shots don't work then why? Is there something more to this story?

There absolutely is but not the point of this post. The realm of bioweapons and depopulation can't be ignored or ruled out.

The point of this post is to argue we've arrived at a tipping point. No/ You are NOT an 'extremist' that poses a threat to the stability of our civil order.

The authorities want you to believe this because they do have an agenda and need to put doubt in you. If you dare question them, you're a danger that needs to be censored.

Don't fall for it. None of this is for our benefit.

None of this is about public health or the climate.

Our health and earth are FINE.

Break out of your Truman Show slumber.

Let me jump into what I think the tipping point may have been reached. New York Presbyterian took out an ad showing a young girl 'bravely' confronting her myocarditis and being cared for by the 'brave' people at NYP.

The very people that caused the myocarditis by supporting the 'vaccine' campaign.

Follow what I'm saying? They're attempting to normalize a dangerous condition that is NOT normal in children and was induced by mRNA shots. They're gaslighting you.

And they know it. Just like intellectuals and journalists fawned over the Soviet Union. They later pretended to not know of the atrocities committed by Stalin but that was after the truth was impossible to ignore. They knew all along Stalin was killing people.

Just like they know the 'vaccines' are hurting and killing people. 

If you don't take the shot, your kids are OK. Healthy. 

I charge the entire system with negligence and malfeasance. At some point, murder will have to be on the table.

They know we know about this scandalous behaviour. They're trying to get ahead of it with insulting ads like this. Moreover, it is NYP (and the media and feckless fact-checking groups) who are engaging in misinformation. 1) No, it's not normal. Don't accept this and 2) most young people afflicted by this condition are young makes not little girls. They didn't even bother to get that right choosing instead to play gender politics.

There's no end to how they will want to spin this to plot their escape. 

A complete breakdown of medical ethics and an indictment of modern allopathic medicine.

Shifting gears. This is where, Covid that is, the Great Reset came into play. Years of careful planning from Event 2030 and Agenda 21 and SPARS were put into full motion. This is where it was time to expedite the climate change agenda with the ultimate goal of limiting population and restricting mobility. What better tool to achieve this than Digital ID tied to medical status and electric cars?

Sound crazy. It's what they flat-out said is the plan. There is no commitment to liberty. They have to cut our personal will and agency from the equation. 

EVs are the Trojan Horse to our freedom just like the ArriveCan app is a tool used to condition people into becoming digital slaves. Electric cars, as I discussed in a previous post, won't make the environment cleaner. But EVs are just a political laser pointer distraction. Notice how they're going after truckers and farmers. The two most vital entities to our food security. If you're going around using idiotic terms like 'rage farming' you're hopeless and can't be helped. You're too deeply consumed by the salacious lies of modern corporate media.

Do you think for one-minute truckers and farmers feel like protesting because they're 'raging' against the system or Trudeau? These people live real lives with real jobs. They have no time for that shit. People like you do. That's why you had no problem with BLM. Truth to power and all that. Listen to the Emergencies Act hearings. Everything the government claimed could not be backed by evidence or verified. They simply lied to your face. 

But now somehow, you've allowed yourself to be duped into thinking groups of people are 'anti-vaxx' and 'anti-science' threatening your scared psyche.

You're the scrawny pawn in the timeless art of divide and conquer. 

Truckers, farmers and the unvaccinated are NOT your enemies. 

They're just your fellow compatriots with concerns and see there's a dark shadow clouding our senses. They see we've crossed too many ethical Rubicons from mandates to frozen bank accounts.

Do you feel safer?

Here's a final thought. I think we can do away with pediatrics altogether. They've become the first line of assault when it comes to vaccines. Some of the most outrageous statements I've heard - other than from academic epidemiologists - came from the minds and mouths of paediatricians during Covid. In their world, there is no safety without vaccines. In their world. there is no safety. I say hand back child care to GPs - who are barely better but we don't need redundancy. A GP can chart a child's growth and tell mothers lies about how bad breastfeeding is while jabbing kids 67 times just like a pedi can. 

While we're at it, we can safely blow out whatever 'preventative medicine' is. To me, this is a branch of medicine that taken to its logical end calls for you to hide under your bed....in a helmet.

Because 'preventative'. You don't want to catch anything. Or ever get hurt.

Which, strangely leads us to Hunter Biden as the final piece. It's all intricately related in some weird way.

Hunter Biden.

This is the great media scandal of our times. This from an industry with no shortage of lying to the public.

You know the story. The New York Post published an article about Hunter's laptop and all the sleazy contents therein. It was explosive and would have sunk Joe. 

But old and social media got together and hid the story from public view. Apparently, there are enough people out there who don't take a peek outside their own informational bubbles. Anyway, the NYP was banned from Twitter and Joe won the election.

Now the same feckless journalists say the story was true after all.

Stock fellas. Real slick.

But this too is a tipping point. From the 'mostly peaceful protestors' to Covington to fake rape stories, the public seems to finally have had enough of fabricated and fictions narratives that come 'papers of record' like the NYT and WaPo.

And it's not just talk. People are doing something about it.

One thing that is happening is the conservative film has gone directly to the viewer. Producer to consumer minus the gatekeepers. This may end the subscription-based model for movies. The films about Covid, for example, would never get funded by Hollywood but using tech to their advantage, they don't need a gatekeeper blessing.

The My Son Hunter film is garnering all sorts of excitement and interest. I plan to watch it. 

It just may be the film to change an industry. 

There you have it. A scattered musing of what's going on.

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