The Face Of Incompetence And Mayhem

Dr. Anthony Fauci is a miserable failure.

And a coward at that.

He's completely incapable of humility. Admitting mistakes.

He has made numerous mistakes throughout his dubious career. 

None bigger than the Covid fiasco and his utterly incoherent and contradictory actions and recommendations.

Fauci has 'looking the part of an expert' down to an art form. He fooled and misled many.

For about two weeks I was 'just listen to Fauci' during those confusing weeks. But while I did that, I also researched this character.

Early on I learned to keep a close eye on him. His track record was littered with controversial plots. Turns out plenty of prominent scientists have been warning about him for decades.

Since announcing his retirement, Fauci has not moved with the obvious real world data one iota. He still beats on the same old nonsense he's been squawking about since 2020. 

His declarations lack intelligence or wisdom. He's an empty shell. A broken soul.

What has Fauci accomplished in his career exactly? He may have been brilliant but his tenure at NIAID has been a dismal painting that depicts American health as degrading. 

There's been an explosion of childhood diseases under his watch.

Yet, he can't explain.

Part of the reason why he can't explain it is because a) he really isn't a public health expert and b) isn't all that concerned with it.

He's the face of America's biodefense infrastructure. Fauci answers to the Pentagon and DoD. 

The quicker people grasp this, the quicker and easier it becomes to understand what just happened with Covid.

He's not a good guy.

Experts are good to shout directives in their white lab coats and from their desks in academia but when asked a direct question about why certain health outcomes are worse, they give you a stupid blank stare or some bull shit excuse.

They don't have the decency and humility to say 'I don't know'.

That's what upset and disappointed me most about the experts. They're self-assured in their declarations but when they're wrong - which is often - they don't admit it. Rather they double down.

They made a massive. monumentally marauding error peddling this gene therapy passing off as a 'vaccine'.

A catastrophic one.

They had a small window where they could have admitted the error and pulled back bur instead they chose to remain in a cynical closed loop logic of idiocy and doubled down. Now they can't get out.

"Now youz can't leave" as Sonny told the bikers in A Bronx Tale.

Ah man's hubris. 

Fauci recent; admitted he knew lockdowns would have collateral damage with children.

As we've been saying since 2020. We've repeatedly firmly and aggressively said so here.

It didn't take an expert to grasp this.

But Fauci's admitting it doesn't absolve him at all. He also not too long ago said he never called for any lockdowns. We have plenty of evidence showing that was, of course, false.

So let's close and keep this simple.

Anthony Fauci supported lockdowns and the closing of schools knowing full well it hurt a demographic that never was and never will be in danger of this man-made virus that likely came out of a lab in which he had a hand in.

I want you to re-read that and think.

He sacrificed children - like he did dogs - because Anthony Fauci is a miserable human being.

I don't care about his scientific credentials. He can shove those up his ass. Same for people like that idiot and fool Eric Topol and Peter Hotez and others for that matter.

Assholes and cunts all the way down. To be frank.

Not only that, thanks to this miscreant you were forced into a medical procedure that not only is an epic failure but has come with all sorts of incredible adverse events. Some of which may last for generations!

This was no 'flu shot'. This was gene editing without your consent because you took it under duress and because of the psychotic nudging and mountains of misinformation dumped on you on a daily basis.

The government and experts tied to them (as well as the dimwits who blindly followed), the people you naively trust, LIED TO YOU.

Will Fauci ever admit the collateral damage caused by the 'vaccines' he unleashed upon the world?

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