We Have A Math Problem

I keep hearing as a response whenever the subject of vaccine deaths and injuries come up "but we've given billions of doses! The numbers are low!"

A couple of problems with this response.

One, vaccine monitoring never used such a calculus to determine whether a vaccine is safe and should be pulled. For example, when the flu vaccine was administered in 1976, I believe 25 people died and hundreds of injuries out of 45 million doses. Small percentage, but it was stopped because it was seen as too risky. Same thing happened in 2009 with the H1N1 vaccine when 700 kids got narcolepsy after taking it.

So the percentage of death and injury to doses given isn't a decisive factor in determining and deciding if a vaccine remains on the market.

Two, I notice people are making a basic mistake. They're say there are 40 000 deaths in the West and the response is the standard 'billion doses served!' 40 000 into 5 billion doses (or whatever it is - and even that number can't be trusted like any Covid statistic the government puts out) is tiny. Except the only data set that should be used is the population of the West since the deaths are for Western countries.

The general number we see is USA/UK/EU and in some cases Australia. No Canada because our system lacks transparency and so our numbers should be viewed with a sharp skeptical eye. 

Population of EU is about 448 million.

USA is 330 million.

UK is 67 million.

This gives a total of 845 million.

So whatever death and adverse events figures are reported should be divided into that number. Not 5 billion.

Now, keep in mind, we're seeing more and more studies showing vaccine related events are under reported anywhere between an order of magnitude of 31 to 100. Recall, a Harvard Pilgrim study showed only 1-10% of events are reported.

So we're playing with really basic and raw figures where we have to pro rate and extrapolate and adjust to what the real figure may be like.

In other words, it's a brutal catastrophe.

I haven't seen the recent numbers but I believe the total official deaths is 40 000 (which has never been seen in medical history) and 4 million injuries.

40 000 into 845 million is .005%. The injuries are at .5%. Both are probably way higher. If we use the the 30% under reported figure, the numbers rise dramatically. 

Already if we take the data at face value the numbers are grim. Start to adjust them to what was found in the studies, and we have a massive societal and medical problem where health officials and science failed on a spectacular level.

The fact agencies still refuse to consider this makes it safe to assert we indeed may be seeing a mass crime against humanity. 

Daily Derp: The Safe And Effective Derpline

Some vaccine derplines:

"Here are the new VAERS numbers on covid jabs:

22,607 deaths

29,716 myocarditis

25,777 life threatening events
38,693 severe allergic reactions
40,069 permanently disabled

2021 data in US:
MI/Heart Attack up 269%
Myocarditis up 285%
Pulmonary Embolism up 467%
Cerebral Infarction up 393%
Bell’s Palsy up 319%
Immunodeficiencies up 275%
MS/ Demyelinating Diagnosis up 487%
Neoplasms up 296%
Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemmorrhage/iCH up 312%
Spontaneous Abortion/Miscarriage up 306%"

Ouch. I believe there's a Department of Defense report out there that confirms these numbers.


Is the mRNA vaccines ending up in the DNA? Looks like it.

Sure does.  It's been also observed in Cell - one of the world's top molecular biology journals. 

Remember. This was 'disinformation', But here wasn't information. So it was weird to even say that in the absence of data. But the 'experts' were so sure it wasn't going to be. Now they appear to be wrong. 

Because that's how it works. Data comes in. Information is gathered and assessments are made. 

Eric Topol is still out there peddling this crap. So, he goes under the 'Keeping names' ledger.

Remember, his Scripps Research gets millions from Fauci's NIH.


A guide to Covid vaccine deaths. 


Prasad's awakening. It's years people have been wanting against the rise of public health tyranny. I figured out we were in trouble by May of 2020 seeing that if we don't reign in health officials they would never get us out of a virus that could never end.

As long as Fauci, Walensky, Biden, Justin, Tam and others (Collins was brought into the Biden fold), this unscientific political disaster continues.

Look for Prasad on substack. 


How 'fact checks' work.

Steve Kirsch records a conversation about VAERS with Poltifact.


Stop thinking the CDC is following science. They're not.

Worse, we're taking their word as law and scientific.

It's not.


The Pfizer leaked documents. In any sane and just world where integrity and science did exist, these vaccines are pulled. Immediately. 

But it isn't.


German side effects scandal. 


Vaccines don't prevent infections.

From Ontario. Yours do discover. Or not.


Dr. Been is jumping ship questioning things. 

Quote Of The Day

 "In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to." --- 

Theodore Dalrymple

Now go wear your fucken masks and get your booster. 


Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: Justin Trudeau And Chrystia Freeland Are The True Extremists

In observing Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland, we find two stubborn ideologues that does favour Canada's liberal heritage and values. 

Not only does Trudeau say one thing and do another from the day he took office, his entire reign of sub-mediocrity was about trying to take as much civil liberties from Canadians and funnel it into state power. This makes him a totalitarian in every sense of the word. Thankfully, thus far, the Canadian system has been reasonably resilient often pushing his incursions off. But Covid is severely straining our democratic institutions and the recent antics around the Emergencies Act was definitely a knife wound that demanded attention. 

Justin isn't your run of the mill politician we're accustomed to. Just because he was 'elected' doesn't make his actions legitimate. In fact, not only is he in a minority position propped up by a pathetic NDP but he doesn't even have the popular vote. Internal polling shows Canadians never liked or wanted passports, and are now over 60% in favour of ending mandates. If 'will of the people' exists, Justin doesn't have it. Past politicians lied about taxes and other banal political issues. Justin lies about our collective civil rights and identity as a nation as he attempts to continue to social engineer the country. 

The act of attacking people via the freezing of their bank accounts, suspension of insurance and subjecting them to criminal investigations given force through kangaroo courts and weak judges, is unprecedented in Canadian history. What's done is done. We crossed a Rubicon.

Now we must learn from this and go back to the Emergencies Act and reinforce still some more. Recall, the Emergencies Act was an upgrade in 1988 from the War Measures Act after Justin's father Pierre abused it. Two of the four times it was invoked came by way of a Trudeau. Three times by the Liberal party. 

The public trust during Covid has been broken. There's been a severe system breakdown - be it social, economic, political or other aspects that make up a country - that needs immediate attention. Trust in public health has dropped and the EA now created a destabilization of the financial system.

By design or incompetence - or both - is not the purpose here. The fact remains it was done and we need to fix it.

Freeland almost gleefully played her part in this mess. Freeland is an ultra-nationalist Ukrainian (not necessarily a bad thing given the suffering Ukrainians have faced in the 20th century) with possible Nazi lineage and sympathies. 

It would appear, in denigrating truckers (and others including the unvaccinated) as 'extremists' or 'terrorists' or 'racists', they've been engaging in projection all along.

Justin is a totalitarian and not a democrat whereas Freeland is a political extremist where Ukraine is concerned. 

Makes you wonder whose bank accounts need freezing?

Both these two individuals came to the people with benevolent intentions. But it's clear they have ulterior motives and we need to cast a severe skeptical eye and scrutinize them harder.

If we had any integrity in this country left, we'd demand their resignation.

Indeed, the entire Liberal party of Canada as well as Theresa Tam need to all resign for the sake of our country and its future. 

Being 'elected' won't change that. Not the run of the mill politician

 Freeze bank accounrs

Vaccines = autonomy

Bank freezes = control of money.

Both destroy AUTONOMY.


Of Covid And Putin: Stark, Stupid Hypocrisy, Manipulation And Lies Rampant

In Falsehood in War Time by Ponsonby I came to the disquieting realization we in the West aren't angels. In fact, we are well practiced in the dark art of negative propaganda. In World War I, the British and French spread what could be termed as disinformation - or fake news - with reckless abandon. 

And boy are we being fed a steady stream of blistering and blathering propaganda in Ukraine. 

You would think the staggering lies and propaganda free fom Covid would make people tad skeptical when it comes to the biggest manufactures of manipulation and lies in the media.

But nope.

Business as usual in the sanctimonious and mentally ill West. 

Now it begins. The faux-righteous corporations and bobbleheads boycotting promising to 'not buy Russian'. The SAQ - the same state outfit that did its part in furthering dividing society for 'public health - announced they will not sell Russian products. Shouldn't that be left to the market to decide? Of course not, everyone has to play their own part in the game of deception and charades. Just like the masks.

Oh the tomfoolery of it all.

It's pretty amazing how people are letting themselves once again be played. Can it be the Ukraine story - replete with 50 years of American and Western meddling - is being used to deflect from the fact more and more the Covid cult and its response to the virus is showing itself to be not just a disaster but possibly the greatest crime in human history as data on the vaccines - and how agencies and 'experts' are manipulating data - being nowhere near safe and effective (as insurance companies and actuaries are beginning to report)? 

The world has made Russia the punching bag. But the true enemy is China.

Ah. But you all want your cheap products while the established oligarchs and elites want to make money in China. Can't wake the dragon. Better to poke the bear. Russia is weak. Ergo, like the unvaccinated, a perfect scapegoat. 

Always need a boogeyman. 

That is not to say I side with Putin. I think both sides deserve each other. It's too bad the average Ukrainian is stuck in the middle wedged between the hypocritical West and cynical Russia. They lost millions of people back in WWII when Stalin ruled and now they find themselves once again at the centre of attention because of historical and geographical fate.

I'm just taking dead aim at us Westerners. Did they care about Chinese genocide during the Olympics. Nope. So excuse me if I'm not impressed with the pearl clutching and once again false virtue on display. Just like with the 'masks protects you' nonsense, the same arrogant mind set prevails with Ukraine. 

Humans, as Machiavelli wrote, are wretched creatures. Well, at least those who supported lockdowns and actually believe their leaders anyway.

Imagine being the sort of mind taking at face value what Macron, Johnson, Biden and - ugh - Justin Trudeau say.

These people are mentally unsound to various degrees.

The very fact we have to sit and listen to them vomit out lies about 'defending democracy' and 'fighting authoritarianism' (hi there Justin!), while crushing civil liberties during Covid under the complete and utter lie of 'public health belies and undermines this laughable assertion.

The gaslighting hypocrisy is enough to make asylum patients of us all!

They say Trump was 'mentally unsound'. To a room full of quacks he did. But now we know this was projection.

The world is one sick place. Not by the hand of a man-made virus but by the primal emotion of fear and cognitive acceptance of blind hypocrisy and ignorance.

People still go on about flashing their passports not recognizing they've given up medical autonomy and engaging in an activity that signals to the government they're willing to let the state manage their privileges and rights every single damn time they use the stupid thing.

People have indeed taken their liberties for granted. Worse, when the subject is mentioned, they react angrily and derisively. How dare you take about such a triggering topic like liberty! Liberty is all relative!

For two years this blog has pointed out repeatedly how we're being lied to. That everything we're being told is mostly a lie. 

It's the same thing going on with Ukraine. What you think is true and real isn't.

Stop consuming media. If you do, just remember they're peddling inverted reality through scripted narratives. 

So let's keep this simple what's happening in Ukraine.

First off, the United States and NATO has been flicking Putin's ears antagonizing him trying to court Ukraine into NATO defiantly breaking the deal they not do so. Putin has a legitimate claim to be angry here. While Western Ukraine may be fine with absorption into NATO, nearly 20% of the population identifies as ethnic Russian in the eastern part of the country. 

But there's a bigger problem. 

The reality is the West - including Canada and specifically Chrystia Freeland - are protecting and working with mobsters, bandits and gangsters running bio-labs in a vassal state where a useless military is run by actual Neo-Nazis.

All in Putin's back yard.

War is ugly. But this is a deep state war against criminals.

And the West are the bad guys here. It is the powers of the West protecting their racket who wanted this war despite endless warnings from Putin for over 10 years.

Keep this in mind when Canada and the USA attempt sell you the lie of passports for international travel. These are weapons to steal your rights. This is a distraction from the crimes they committed through Covid and vaccines. 

Don't take the bait. 


Trust In Banks: It's All Changed

Canada had a reputation for being the most stable and safest banking system in the world.

After the stunt Justin and Chrystia (I don't consider them 'Honourable') just pulled, trust in the banks has been tarnished. Whether it's permanent or temporary remains to be seen.

But I'm not about to wait.

With all this talk of social credits and bank freezers I will pull my money out. At least some of it.

Unless the Canadian government takes steps to ensure this can never happen again for the most preposterous of reasons, why would you trust banks? 

It's been very disappointing and infuriating to watch how easy banks, courts and police succumbed to government aggression on free citizens.

Canada averted a prolonged Emergencies Act - and with it whatever these two malicious WEF operatives had planned - but the damage was done.

Either we fix this or we continue on our slow path to Canazuela.

A could start is to depose Justin and Jagmeet. 

Keep vigilance 

The Great Pushback

I've just about had enough of the World Economic Forum and its 'grand' neo-feudalist designs with their idiotic Great this and that.

Time to roll Klaus Schwab's wheelchair into the ditch (along with Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland and Francois Legault) and begin THE GREAT PUSHBACK.

Say no to all you see come out of the mouths of these people. Their plans mean you will feel the pain. You will lose your right to be free all the while they maintain their elitist lifestyle. You will eat meat out of a can while they eat filet mignon. It's all been seen and done. Read Animal Farm.

They DO NOT have your interests at heart. Justin does NOT care about the middle-class or Canada. Look at all his policies. Does that strike you as someone is serving Canada? No, he's serving globalist interests. And this is NOT a conspiracy theory but a conspiracy fact. 

Protect you and your family. Your community.

Let's put an end to all this evil.

Vaccines Are A Racket

Canada has become addicted to vaccines.

And it's not a good thing.

In the past week, health officials have approved two vaccines - I'm sure they, cough, diligently looked over the data, cough - for Covid. One was Novavax - the magic serum for the 'anti-vaxxers'. Now they have no excuse! It's non-mRNA! Never mind that pesky toxic spike protein - and two, a plant based one out of Quebec.

Repeat after me the Costanza 'if you believe the lie' rule. SAFE AND EFFECTIVE. SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.... 

Sa ta na ma, sa ta na ma, sa ta na ma. 

Soma, soma, soma.

See what's happening? 

This is all a racket.

They're normalizing vaccines to the point they could conceivably attempt to make them mandatory. In the past, the Charter and lack of technological tools were enough to protect medical rights. Things are dicier now. People weren't so willing to give up rights (though that was always an issue) as they are now for 'safety'. Mobile phones can be used to enslave us. The can metaphorically and ironically become our own private prisons.

So we must guard against the erosions of ciivl liberties. They matter.

Back to the vaccines.

Like war is a racket, vaccines are a racket.

Moderna is under a constant cloud of suspicion around the circumstances of their product while Prifzer is under attack for the possibility their clinical trials were fraudulent.

Wall St,. insurance companies and actuaries are now starting to pour in with their concerns and data. Joining funeral home directors, embalmers and coroners. Each of whom are seeing disturbing things related to the vaccines.

In addition to publishing suspicious and poor studies, the CDC is now hiding data raising the ire of even the most ardent vaccine supporters among prominent scientists, doctors and scientists. Along with the CDC, the FDA continues to politicize the situation while in joining those agencies NIH/NIAID (and Health Canada) are simply not being honest about deaths and injuries related to the vaccines. And on top of all that, academic hospitals like Johns Hopkins, Harvard, University of Toronto and McGill continue to wallow in stagnant and stale messaging operating on 2020-2021 fumes.

This is what we call a breakdown of trust and heath institutions, 

But Yulon Ho! with the vaccines!

Like a solider marching on in the mud as he watches the slaughter around him likely to his demise and he survives it will come a dramatic and traumatic cost, officials have a deranged war mind set of this kind for vaccines. 

If these new vaccines are to be administered free of mandates as PROPER, then the market and people are free to choose. That is acceptable. Everyone is free to make their own medical choices based on their own private risk assessments. Especially for NON-STERILIZING vaccines that do NOT halt transmission nor prevent transmission from vaccinated individuals.

If they're not, we have a massive problem - and fight - on our hands. 

For now, everyone has taken their kick backs. Justin with his absurd 11 doses per person purchases (either he's a criminal or the world's most idiotic client who gets phished in to buy air in a bottle). The plant based company is out of Quebec, which means the country's most obsessed leader with vaccines Legault likely got his 'brown envelope' as well.

Now we enter the protection racket of vaccines.

It's up to the people to now stop being trusting and to pay close attention to its track record and how it impacts people.


What The Emergencies Act Did; Trump Was Right

Time and again we learn to never base decisions on lies, faulty premises and panic. The invoking of the Emergencies Act will perhaps go down as one of the dumbest decisions in Canadian political - and social - history. There was no justification for it on any grounds (and Justin making it about a non-confidence vote only adds to this fact) which makes one ask why was it done at all?

Has to be tied to the Digital ID plan which can then be turned into the social credit score. 

These things need to be done slowly and clandestinely. You distract Hansel and Gretel with candy before you cook them. 

You first soften people up with fear, get the used to soul crushing habits like mask wearing and passports, all along making sure they're told who to hate. Hint, not the government but truckers and the unvaccinated.

It's a game plan that isn't even a conspiracy and one in which the World Economic Forum is clearly behind  and making public.

We need to heed the threat.

The world is divided between globalists and populists. The former want a neo-feudalist society governed by a cabal of elites in global institutions like the UN and...WEF. People are to rescind their sovereignty in exchange for a 'safe' life where the powers that be will 'take care of them.

The latter are the people who wish to not partake in this game and scam which is essentially authoritarianism and totalitarianism at its most grotesque expression.

That's the point of why there was a truckers revolt. Or Brexit. Or the rise of Salvini (and now Meloni) and Trump. There's a friction between these two points and the populists represent a healthier multi-polar world.

By invoking the EA under such suspicious and ludicrous reasons, all Justin did was expose the plan. Chrystia 'Spazzland' Freeland was getting ahead of herself - almost giddy with maniacal conceit - when she was saying parts of whatever draconian financial measures she wanted made permanent.

Aside from the massive resistance, they didn't expect the Senate to do its job and protect Canada. Imagine how shady you must be when the Senate was concerned. 

So it was killed and this was a monumental miscalculation on the part of Justin and Chrystia. 

I can't stress enough that these two are anti-Canadian and pro-globalists.

Another miscalculation came by way of Jagmeet. By admitting he supported the EA because it would trigger a non-confidence vote, he essentially undermined not just the integrity of the NDP but the essence and spirt of Parliamentary politics. The vote was about the Act and not political survival.

So he may have sealed his fate here. And that would mean one less WEF student in the ranks to work against Canada.

Hopefully, the NDP base O'Toole Jagmeet and nominate a new leader. 

Another issue we need to deal with is the politics of emotion that is reaching a crescendo. This issue was a matter of law - and the Liberals have been delinquents for years now obliterating ethics and ignoring laws - and not emotions. That you think a honk is code for Heil Hitler is NOT an argument to invoke such an extraordinary measure with potentially lasting impacts on the nation.

This short-sighted 'feely' politics is poison to logic and proper governance.

One can hope whatever nefarious WEF demands Chrystia and Justin attempted to implement has been thwarted if not temporarily, for good. But Digital ID is the Holy Grail for the WEF. They need this to complete their conquering of the global population int order to subjugate them to a miserable existence.

Make no mistake about it, what Klaus Schwab is peddling is an assault on human nature and dignity.

He's just a quack. Problem is, a quack politicians listen to.

There's a war. They need Covid to keep going. The countries who maintain mandates are the ones most corrupted by WEF. Canada, Australia, Germany, France and New Zealand specifically.

We need to rid ourselves of the virus.

That being the World Economic Forum.


Trump was right all along about Putin and Russia and handed them perfectly.

He did it by a simple calculus of 'keep your enemy close' while giving them what they desire: Respect and praise.

That's what all that was about. Of course, the media- being the dullards they are - couldn't and wouldn't see this. 

But it kept Putin in check and pointed our attention to where it mattered: That China is the real enemy.

Now the West led by what has to be the most incompetent, inept and disastrous administration in history, has decided to antagonize Russia (as it's done for years). 

I won't get into details here but the idea of NATO courting Ukraine has always been a source of ire for Russia (and rightfully so since it violated treaties stipulating NATO would not do so. It's a little like if the Warsaw Pact would have tried to woo Canada during the Cold War. How would the USA have reacted to that?). Putin isn't a good guy but on this, he has a point and legitimate beef.

Add the fact there are Neo-Nazi elements in the Ukraine army and we have a tad problem.

One theory I came across that this is really about American bio-labs in Ukraine Russia (and China) see as a national security threat. This adds another element to this plot. Basically, the Russians are accusing the Americans for Covid-19. Again, not exactly an unreasonable charge knowing what we know that the virus was indeed man-made through gain of function research. Dr. Fauci, for his part, did the brilliant move of letting the research be done in China and the Wuhan lab that way if things went bad, he (and the U.S. government and media) would blame China.

This isn't confirmed but there it is.

Either way, Trump was wise to handle Putin the way he did like he did the leader of North Korea. You have to assuage egos. It doesn't mean you're corroborating. It means you're engaging in the timeless art of diplomacy.


We Need To Talk About The World Economic Forum And Its Influence On Canada

 I've refrained from delving into whether or not the WEF under this weirdo Klaus Schwab has any real influence on and in Canada.

While I've dabbled around it at the periphery preferring to let people with better investigative abilities deal with it, I think it's time to face right before us.

That the WEF does seem to control Justin Trudeau. Chrystia Freeland and Jagmeet Singh. The evidence is all over and staring right in our faces. All the buzz phrases of 'the great reset' and 'build back better' are not conspiratorial imaginings but objectives clearly stipulated in books like The Great Reset and now The Great Narrative. 

I read parts of the former (thinking it was too idealistic and sophomoric to read fully) and currently reading the latter. 

In a nutshell, they want a new-feudalist world. Simple as that. 

Back in January of 2020 a member of the WEF named Benoit declared 'capitalism to be dead. Soon after,  German whack job Angela Merkel echoed the same sentiment. 

It was time to reimagine the world and the pandemic gave them the perfect opportunity to unveil and execute a plan they have been working on since at least the 1970s when Schwab founded the WEF in 1972. 

At this point, all I can do is invite Canadians to look into this. We can no longer afford to ignore this possibility. 

In an interview last year, Schwab bragged he had infiltrated at least half of the Canadian cabinet. The other day an MP asked in the House of Commons about the WEF and whether it in fact has done so. Mysteriously, the audio went out and the question was not answered. Look it up.

Back in 2020, there was an alleged 'Liberal Leak' that emerged revealing what was in store for Canadians. It was declared a fake but I've been monitoring events unfold here and it's disturbing to see the tenets of the leak have come to pass including the Emergencies Act. The end point is UBI and a social credit system. 

In other words, subjugation of the Canadians people to a Chinese style of existence.

The WEF, through its conferences and declarations - one of its most infamous slogans is 'you will own nothing and be happy' - makes it no secret of its admiration for China betting the future global network belongs to China.

Indeed, the United States is the final destination of this war with Canada having been chosen as the place to soften the blow. 

I don't know if it's true but it sure looks, sounds and feels that way.

There is a war.

A war for liberty. Do you not see the propaganda against the truckers? The articles talking about how dangerous freedom is and how obedience is a virtue?

They're playing the Canadian people who are simply not accustomed to being at the centre of such intrigue. A simple and apathetic population was the perfect target.

I have no idea where we go from here. I've tried since the day Trudeau was elected to point out he was setting a charted course for this country that we will all regret.

To no avail of course as he's been elected a stunning three times. 

At this point, the only way Canadians will learn is when they get hurt. Right now, 'icky truckers' are comforting distraction but the purge will come for us all if we do not become vigilant.

An emergency was declared where there is none. We should then ask, then why?

It is not because honking is code for Heil Hitler as one stupendously stupid MP from Ontario said in Parliament about to break down in tears. Showing once again the mentally ill run amok. 

No one with of sound mind and with a properly calibrated moral and intellectual compass could believe such racist poppycock. If you see this but through the prism of race (it's worth noting there were Sikh and blacker truckers involved), then by definition you are the racist.

The point and concern is the WEF needs Canada's economy to collapse. Everything the Liberals are doing seems to be geared toward accomplishing this goal and objective.

Then, it can come in with the 'solutions'. 

The people bought the Covid hysteria and all the lies and non-science superstition that came with it. They now blindly view truckers as a threat. In both cases, they've given up civil liberties (indeed some have become hostile to the very idea of defending civil liberties) for 'security'.

Now the consequence of this is the end game the WEF wants to implement.

The world is now a fight between globalist elites and populists in an increasingly multi-polar world. The globalists have enormous power and wealth and represent a tiny fraction of the world's population. The people are the populists. Not the enemy.

What you saw with Salvini, Brexit and Trump wasn't a threat.

It was our salvation. 

The media inverted this reality.

I don't believe the globalists will prevail. Mother Nature is already spitting in their faces with the man-made virus. People have become aware of their plans and are mobilizing. There will be patriots. They are now seen as enemies but time will vindicate them.

Become the patriot.

Go and read and research it. You will not see any of this in the news because the news is falsified propaganda designed to keep you in fear and ignorance. They can not have an awakened population.


It's that straight forward.

That's what the Emergencies Act is all about.

Are you ready to accept this and fight?

It won't take much.

Stop watching MSM and blindly and uncritically buying their lies. They work for the globalists. Shift your support to the people. The men and women who want nothing more than a restoration of community, country and God.

They want you to believe in yourself. To believe in each other. To not be divided. The division serves as a diversion for their plans. Be united. That's all it takes. 

Just say no.

Be Canadian.

Be sovereign.

Be free.

Justin's Unbearable Gaslighting And Hypocrisy

In a conference the Crime Minister spoke about how Canada will defend democracy and fight authoritarianism in the Ukraine. 

All the while he turned the Emergencies Act into a vote about him because in the end, there is no emergency.

An Act that is attacking people for protesting threatening to throw them in jail,  has frozen bank accounts of organizers of innocent people who donated to the convoy, and now is going after Randy Hillier and Ontario MP and Dr..Paul Alexander. - neither of whom are part of the leadership.

Remember this was 'supposed' to be about the leaders and lifting the blockades.

In the next 30 days, Justin will show Canada once and for all who he is and what he's about.

He - and Chrystia Freeland - are engaging in a monstrous authoritarian and Stalinesque inspired purge.

Monstrous. And if you support it, you're once again being deceived. Or just plain like monstrous things being done to people you disagree with. Because this is all this boils down to. A disagreement. Not a crime. And the government hasn't proven it's a crime. 

And the shameless courts, under the direction of Judges like Julie Bourgeous are playing along in this disgusting sham. The courts have revealed themselves as nothing but tools of the state and care not for actual justice. Same with the police. And the Senate? I was never sure if we should abolish it. Now I'm sure. A Senate stacked and built on patronage that merely rubber stamps things are useless to the people.

All this levels of government and law & order have forgotten they serve the people. Not the other way around. 

No wonder why people think this is an actual war on the people.

All this may just anger and coarsen the resolve of people - and not just the protestors.

Justice crossed a line here.

How we bring it back I don't know. But we need to stop this bleeding.

Canada can't afford three more years of Justin Trudeau.

It will be a nightmare. 


Don't Shoot The Messenger; Go Ahead Klaus Make Your Move

The globalists are maaadd but on the run.

However, CANADA is under duress.

People need to stop shooting the messenger. In this case, truckers. LOOK at the message.

End the mandates. Preserve the right to protest. Why leave this right in the hands of Justin?

The people must and will prevail.

Go ahead Klaus.

Make your move.

You do so as more and more people wake and wise up to your cartoonish plans.

It's Just A Bank Account

We've come a long way from 'it's just a mask' haven't we?

As the world turns into a healthier direction, Canada finds itself in a somber and precarious position.

Turns out our instincts about Justin Trudeau were right all along. Behind the veneer of love lies a defunct totalitarian. 

Seven years we've had to put up with this bullying brat. And now this mentally unstable coward is set to be given unseemly power that could change Canada forever.

I read the Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson - apparently his name shows up on the WEF directory - wants to sell trucks seized by the state.

Bank seizure, selling assets, beating down and arrests of peaceful protests...it all sounds so familiar. They even went after the wife of a trucker who had nothing to do with the convoy and hurt her credit score. Apparently destroying families is good, sound governance and law and order in Canada. 

All for mandates that are rooted in superstition and lies. 

Go read the Enabling Act of 1993 and carefully compare it to what we're watching unfold before our eyes.

I see no difference between Black and Brown shirts and Canadian police.

It's shocking and appalling that should numb all Canadians.

Now here's how things will play out. If Parliament is foolish enough to grant him this power he doesn't need, he will look to expand his power into other places beyond truckers.

Free speech is next. 

In the end, the truckers were never a threat or 'seditious'.

The real threat to Canada was Justin Trudeau all along.

It was Barzini. 


What We're Seeing In Ottawa Isn't Policing It's GOONERY

Justin has turned this country upside down.

And Ottawa police have ruined their reputation.

You know it's bad when American police officers are commenting and asking what the heck are Canadian police thinking?


All that is out the window as police have stupidly decided to become useful idiots to a rogue Justin Trudeau.

The images I'm seeing are just appalling. Stuff you'd see in a third world country. Once we distill the imagery and information (with no thanks to the complicit and useless media), we will see this for what it is: A dark chapter in Canadian history. 

There is no other way this will be interpreted and all players - especially police - will be part of really being on the wrong side of history. 

Cops assaulting women, peaceful protestors and pedestrians is not something we will recover from quickly. The trust has been broken.

As for Chief Wiggum acting as Ottawa police chief. Looks like he was hand picked to carry out the orders of his tyrannical totalitarian masters.Him going on stage to claim a woman was not trampled by police on horses was a piece of propaganda defiance I've yet seen.

Ottawa police.

You are cowards.


Own it.

It Won't Stop At Truckers

Again. I ask pay close attention. You didn't for two years.

But we're about to enter an even worse situation A perpetual state of emergency.

You're always at war with Eastasia.

It took a few days for Justin to abuse the Emergency Act - itself an abuse of power as there is no justification for it.

He promised protestors would not be touched, but they were. This was just about the blockade and remove this frightening parking dispute. 

Now that they're pulling out, the EA should be revoked, right?

No. Parliamentarians don't seem to grasp what their consenting to. This is reminiscent of the Enabling Act of 1933 by Adolf Hitler. 

Give the state an inch they take your life and liberty.

Now they're going after bank accounts and the media - the disgusting CTV and CBC - is now turning its evil eyes onto the 'influencers'.The buzz words. Pay attention to them. It's how they hook you with their lies and propaganda. If your in mainstream media, you are Pravda. Take a look. If this article by some useful idiot name Maggie Parkhill does't send shivers down your spine....

They want retribution. 

It's a purge,

Consider. Intelligence doesn't back the government on alleged foreign money other than some private donations. FINTRAC doesn't back the government. Various groups don't back the government. The government has a minority propped by the NDP and doesn't have the popular vote. They're sagging in the polls. People want mandates to end. Mandates ending everywhere. On the aggregate, this is the very definition of 'no legitimacy' The only entity I see being rogue and threat to Canadian sovereignty is Justin Trudeau himself. I can't believe of all people the media backs it's this treasonous mentally ill purger of Canadian values.

The government is claiming now sovereignty is threatened. Are you fricken kidding me? Of course without proof. Nothing any of governments - provincial or Federal - have done these past two years have been backed by any evidence. NONE.

Justin has criminalized free speech and the right to peaceful assembly and protests.

Do you understand this Canada?

Can you see now how they've keep this fake emergency going? What country in the West is doing this? There are convoys everywhere. 

We're stuck with malignant malcontents and I'm afraid they will do long-term damage to Canada.

If I'm young, I escape Canada. 

Once done with the truckers - all bets are off. 

Justin is a de facto dictator.

He'll come for revenge for all who mocked and challenged him.

Would not surprise me online website are next. 

Justin was groomed for this.

It's not truckers that threaten you Canada.

It's Justin Trudeau.

Get involved. It may be your last chance.

God bless.


RCMP Finest: Heroes

Leaked messages from Wasapp show RCMP 'officers' laughing at the violence directed at peaceful protestors. 

Their names are Andrew Nixon, Scott Peever and David Quilley. 

These psychopaths celebrated the horse trampling on a 78 year-old invalid woman. 

Man. Even the RCMP is done.

Dudley Do-Right they ain't. 

Goons and thugs they are. Tools and fools of tyranny. 

What a horrible week for Canada.

Another Day In Bananada

When Justin said in the House of Commons his EA was in line with the Charter, anyone with a functional brain knew that was a lie and it was a matter of time it was going to be shown to be one. 

Chilling judgements from Canada: 

"Tamara Lich was compelled by the court today, and she thus "promised to leave Ottawa by vehicle and give up her advocacy of the protest".

Chris Barber was similarly compelled by the court. He said his “organizing days are over”. He was granted bail on Friday night, with the conditions being that he leave Ottawa within 24 hours, and that he never support the protest again. Barber is not permitted to support the protest verbally, on television or online. He will be under de facto house arrest "until his case winds through the criminal justice system".

Just to be clear: speech has been criminalized—with these "Emergency Measures" that Trudeau swore would not impinge on Canadians' rights and freedoms as protected by the Charter. Trudeau—as usual—has lied once again, and is violating the law again, with the aid of a kangaroo court. The right to speak out is protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Emergency Measures Act does not cancel out the Charter."

I hope you all understand you're now living in a totalitarian state that fabricated an emergencyto usurp our fundamental rights. This is not about truckers. Get that out of your heads.

Like with Trump, people are shooting the messenger with the truckers and not listening to the damn message. 

The vaccine mandates are outdated, Pointless. The vaccines are not safe and effective and moving forward not likely to do much more. So we're losing our rights for a fabricate emergency AND mandates that should have been lifted! 

Folks, you're living in a banana republic. Once again, the courts are showing themselves to not be defenders of the Charter, police as nothing but tools of tyranny and the media irreparably corrupted and compromised while the medical and scientific class has lost a significant amount of credibility and trust.

Honestly, I don't know how long before they come after online sites. It's what they've been salivating at the mouth like rabid lunatics for some time now.

Canada is in a very bad place. 


Here's how Justin deceived the Canadian population. He dehumanized the unvaccinated. So any protestations from them was going to be met with little sympathy from people who bought into the hate speech. So when the convoy happened, it was very easy for Justin to whip up hate for them because all fools saw was 'anti-vaxx' and they couldn't see the bigger message and the fact martial law was imposed not hem when there was really no emergency. 

This has nothing to do with truckers and Covid.

There's something more sinister in play.

I'm not so sure it's the play of s very stupid snd incompetent individual.

I hope it is.

Nunchuk's Answer To Authoritarian Ontario Superior Court Of '"Justice"

So, think the courts are there to protect rights and act as a bulwark against government over reach?

Think again.

It's banana republic town all around with MPs, courts, media and cops all playing their useful idiots part. 

All for one scandalous and pathetic little man posing as PM.

This whole ordeal should make us rethink and think again about how much information we give to any institution moving forward.

Your information is now being weaponized and will be used against you.

Based on a flimsy invocation of the Emergency Act, now the state is moving in to crush dissenters with psychotic impunity we only see in totalitarian regimes.

This is the new Canada.

Just like that.

Unless this god damn EA is stopped and stopped fast we're in for a whole new world of hurt and hare by the hand of our increasingly hostile government.

Justin has been looking to curb free speech and freedom as a whole throughout his reign of terror. The day will come they will freeze asssets of all and any Canadian they deem poses a threat. You're in an 'Emergency' nightmare now. 

Nunchuk's response to the court is a thing of gold.

Go fuck yourself.

This Is Not About Truckers Covid Or Public Health

Like many of you, I'm trying to figure out the angle for Justin's unjustifiable Emergency Act.

Some feel it's the WEF. Others pure incompetence. Or driven by pure ego and maliciousness.

It could be a mix of all three.

I don't know.

I do know this is not about truckers, Covid and public health or public order.

There has to be more. One thing mulling around my head is the freezing of bank accounts. This gross over reach of power should worry ALL Canadians. A government with this kind of power is no longer democratic but tyrannical. 

This is a form of social credit system people have been warning about it could very well be Justin is trying to use this fake emergency to usher this system in for Canada. Before you go all 'conspiracy theorist' remember they warned of passports and mandates way back in early 2020 and no one listened. Remember that Liberal Leak? Well, the final destination was Martial Law as a cover for further control of our lives.

We mus RESIST.

Giving banks this kind of authority should send chills down the spines of every Canadian.

This is why we need to all be aware and stand UNITED.

Or divided we will fall.

There's a vote on this coming on Monday. I don't see how this goes down as other than along party lines. Meaning, the NDP will once again prop up a rogue Liberal party completely out of control. Which makes the NDP complicit in this lie. Which in turn means so are their voters.

The precedent being set here is dangerous and must be reversed.


Tyrants walk among us.

Be the patriot.

This is not 'extremist' talk. It is our government acting in extreme form.

Animals are born free. 

Not subjugated.

There is no other purpose for this EA than to remove more of our rights.

This is where I stand at the moment.



Justin And Freeland ARE Totalitarians In Rhetoric AND Action

In psychology, I think there's a saying that goes something along the lines of "you tell so many lies you begin to believe them. Call it the Costanza deception. 

Justin Trudeau lives in a bubble within a cocoon of lies and deception. He has created an ideological world that does not exist but he has come to believe. Chrystia Freeland too wallows in this deceptive dimension of darkness. 

Together, they are taking Canada down a path we've never been on. 

Last night I saw the world's unelected and unofficial Dr of Death and Doom (no not Fauci). Bill Gates (you know, the software engineer and felon with eugenicist roots) declare Omicron is indeed a better vaccine than the vaccine itself. It's his way of saying I'm out. 

It's a matter of time the vaccinators either pull back or double down.

In Canada, we're a special kind of vaccine cult. Tam and her merry band of incompetent pseudo-doctors and shaman scientists continue to peddle a pipe dream of vaccines like crazed drug dealers high on their own supply to the point they're now forcing their clients to take their product. 

But their customers know the quality is bad and no longer wish to freely purchase it. Nonetheless, they're being hounded and harassed by their suppliers. I thought this sort of stuff is illegal? You can't keep soliciting people with junk marketing, no?

Yet, this is what the government of Canada is doing.

They do so because they're so detached from reality sitting in their damn cubby holes only to come out on a Zoom call (yes, in Canada two years later while America is back to a relative state of normalcy Canadian politicians still wear masks and bureaucrats still Zoom call. It's all so pathetic and depressing to watch them continue to peddle their charade) they can no longer see the trees in the forest. They have no sense of reality or perspective. They're mired in tunnel vision and that vision is so limited in scope they're blind.

The only way to right this ship is to remove them. It would be good for Canada if they'd resign but this people have no honour or dignity. Somehow we need to gut and reform our health agencies and academic hospitals. All they've done is issue decrees from afar without scant evidence for two years.

And plan to continue. This is what's driving Canadians to depression and despair. Nowhere in their rhetoric is there talk of hope and lights at the end of the tunnel. Just a long, dark road ahead going to infinity. Always slave to their models, projections and preventative tyranny. If you listen carefully to how they talk, this will go on forever.

And all they've got to sell is a vaccine. Vaccines that are not even safe or effective. I don't care what Skippy from McGill says, the data and literature on the vaccines are staggeringly bad.

From the fact they provide very limited relief - thick of it as a temporary relief pill - and now increasingly no value. They obviously do cause death and a lot of injuries. It doesn't matter billions of doses have been given thus making the percentage of injuries low. In the past, we never looked at percentages to determine if a medicine stays on the market. If there were a perceived number of gross numbers, it would be pulled. For example, just 700 kids got narcolepsy after taking the H1N1 vaccine. On a percentage basis, this was small. But 700 kids was enough to end it. Same with the flu shot in 1976. 25 people died out of 45 million doses given. Do the math. Low percentage there too. But still got pulled.

Here, we're ploughing ahead with over 40 000 deaths (USA/EU/UK) that have been reported and millions of injuries! 

Deaths and injuries to kids are surpassing the threat of Covid itself! 

This isn't a success story. It's a human and scientific catastrophe. 

You want to tell me this piece of crap injection is 'safe and effective' and that the 'benefits outweigh the risks"? You still have psychotics like Walensky saying jabbing kids (who are taking on all risk with no benefit) is the 'best way to protect the elderly'. 

Are you effen kidding me?

So many lies and deceptions have occurred not even the authorities have control of their own script or plot anymore. They're just going out their winging shit. Fauci is a contradicting machine so powerful, no software could ever be devised to match his shocking arrogance, depravity and penchant for lying. It would take years to input the codes to match Tony Fauci's lies.

The world wants to be done with Covid. Canada for some reason doesn't want to let go.

Think of just what happened. In December of 2021, Freeland said this virus was gong to be a common cold. If this was their position, then why did they double down on mandates for a common cold that was about to come? If the virus is known to become endemic, that means it poses little threat to us and we can all move n. We can start to exist with it like the flu. Of course, they're not quite ready to relinquish their powerful grip of paternalistic authority. Together with media, epidemiologists, and infectious disease doctors, they continue to appeal to fear.

This is going to paralyze and ruin Canada if this is allowed to continue a minute more. 

Only we the people can end this.

Justin playing hard ball with truckers for a vaccine that is no longer effective and then declaring an emergency is going down as one of the greatest miscalculation in Canadian history. It will be an example of how a 'stare of emergency' threatens democracy and liberty. 

The precedent established (and the baseline set by Covid measures indeed) moving forward can be summarized as giving power to cynical and hysterical pear cluttchers seeking to aggrandize the power of the state.

People cheering this madness on are once again showing their ignorance and inability  to look at things on a macro level. To consider the overall impact on the country and its civil order.

Too busy remaining in the Covid cult to come out and see the blue skies of truth. 

Everyone is flailing around unwilling to accept we can live with the virus.

The Prime Minister has dehumanized and demonized millions of Canadians in an effort to what seems to be to protect an untenable, unscientific and unreasonable vaccine mandate. He has gone full Nero on the country.

And when you are willing to go as far as he has - without much push back from MPs which is extremely disappointing and worrying - we absolutely are faced with a totalitarian mindset.

Listen to Justin and Freeland.

Try and tell me they're not acting like a couple of derelict and deranged totalitarians? 

The world is looking at them and laughing.

They're now memes. Memes are a look into the how the world views something.

They're the embodiment of the dangers of believing your own lies.

It is time to end this.


The Excuse For Emergency Act Is Staggeringly Poor One

There is no emergency.

There's a parking dispute. 

There is no violence either.

We know this by the live footage, eye witness accounts and by the fact the Federal government has acknowledged it has no proof. But that didn't stop NDP leader Jagmeet Singh from standing up in the House of Commons declaring there was violence.

So I wondered. What in the world do they mean by violence?

Then I saw a clip of retired lawyer Bruce Pardy explaining that the government's interpretation of the 'Public Order' provision in the EA (enacted in 1988) is based on the perception of violence through rhetoric. In this case, the truckers rhetoric constituted violence in the eyes of the government and in the context of politics.

For those of us who have been observing the evolution of how the left has been changing and redefining language in the last 20 years, we knew this was a highly problematic and potentially corrosive and dangerous development. Particularly where freedom of speech and civil liberties are concerned.

It's all crumbling before our eyes as we've allowed Covid to become politicized to the point the government is cynically expanding its powers.

Canada is in a very bad place at the moment.

How we beat this back I don't know.

But fight we must.


Meanwhile Gates has declared Omicron serves as a better vaccine than the vaccine itself.

Thus putting the final nail in the coffin about mandates being useful.

What a criminal mess all this.

Ottawa: A Consequence Of Dysfunctional And Incompetent Governance

What's happening right now in Ottawa is a direct consequence of failed and weak leadership. 

Every politician, academic, propagandist journalist, and health official had a hand in creating this wholly unnecessary situation.

The level of incompetence is astonishing and appalling. The state decided the 'only' way out was through forced mandates completely ignoring the possibility of other options while preserving civil liberties.

In the future, Canada will be a text book example of what not to do on how to handle a public health crisis.

Canada Is A Police State

My heart aches.

May Justin face justice.

God damn Liberal party. POISON. 

Novavax Is Here! Rejoice!

A new non-mRNA vaccine is here and it's relative risk is  90-92% effective in those highly reliable and honest clinical trials! 

So shut up and get your spike protein vaccine anti-vaxxers. Now you got nothing to say!

Um. Still got a 99.975% shot at survival and many have natural immunity. And what's the absolute risk figure?

The vaccine cult ploughs ahead.

Justin Is Sinking And Taking Us All Down With Him

"With great power comes great responsibility". Ben Parker. 

A man can sometimes have two options when faced with a challenge. He can accept defeat or what's in front of him or he canrieact in defiance despite what's obviously in front of him. 

The former would mean acting with humility for the betterment of all. The latter reveals a selfish narcissism to preserve power for its own sake.

Justin Trudeau, a ridiculously comical ideologue who is being lampooned the world over, chose the latter.

He decided to attack peaceful protestors (an illegal blockade can be a problem but it's nothing out of the ordinary of modern protesting tactics in Western countries and hardly constitutes an emergency. Furthermore, you don't invoke such extraordinary measures for the economy. Once again a horrible precedent is set. What's next? An emergency for basic protesting? The flu? If this be the standard, Canadians have a big problem. It is up to us to fix this immediately to ensure no leader acts with such irresponsible force) and once again there seems to be a good chunk of gullible Canadians - who have not learned the lessons of blindly believing the state as we saw with  '15 days to flatten the curve' are once again letting their indignant emotions get the better of them here. 'It's enough!' they scream. 'Take the shot!' These are the cries of a tired people lashing out for no logical reason. 

They should ask themselves why is it enough? Did they try and put themselves in someone else's shoes? Their basing their opinions on the notion set down by experts and officials who say the vaccines are the only way out. But as we see from other countries, this is simply not true. No one seems to care or show any respect as to why people have chosen to not to take the vaccine. This is a divide in the culture that can't be mended. Vaccines fall under the empty tropes like 'trust the science' and 'safe and effective'. It holds a magically powerful hold on people. Yet, and this is not the purpose of the post here, when one delves into the literature and history of vaccines, these truths suddenly become vulnerable. Is the science of vaccines built on a house of cards?

Justin is willing to burn Canada down for his mandates, But why? The science doesn't back him up anymore. At least when you consider the vaccines no longer provide the kind of effectiveness promised so the mandates aren't proportional to the quality of the product and what it's supposed to accomplish.

It's just a vaccine that can provide protection and perhaps reduce hospitalization or death. That's it.

It's not a magic bullet. 'No vaccine is 100%' the sly ones - originally retro-fitted from the 'take the shot to end the pandemic' - will say as if that's a comforting reason to take it. Indeed, if no vaccine is 100% safe or effective, then why one-size fits all 100% mandates? 

There is no logic or science driving any of this. We have doctors going on TV lamenting the loss of passports because they encouraged people to take the vaccine. That's an obtuse authoritarian claim from a class of people who claim to be following science. Of course, that''s not science. It's coercion. They continue to advocate social engineering habits based on faulty premises. This is the opposite of science. It's propaganda. 

There's no logic because perhaps we're not following the money. Somewhere in this sordid and sad saga someone is making a lot of money. 

Everything is tied to each other. The umbilical cord from '15 days' to the mask mandates, lockdowns, shutdowns, restrictions, fiery unsound and divisive rhetoric - all of it - brought us to Justin's remarkably stupid decision.

All with the help of mainstream media of course. Their lust for war and mandates shows the colours they wear.

One can hope, for Justin, the old 'play stupid games, win stupid prizes' will apply. 

Like the catastrophic fall out from our ill-advised lockdowns will mean years of repair and healing, this measure will perhaps lift soon but at what cost? People are already getting hurt.

Innocent people.

I don't think people who support this idiotic and rash move quite grasp the severity of the problem. They're too blinded by their own false self-righteous nonsense to see. As one Montreal Gazette propagandist described the truckers as 'sanctimonious'.

Good job there Aaron. They teach you that in 'J-school'?

And the courts. Don't expect judges to come to the rescue either.

Think of the damage.

One day, you are free to make a contribution to a cause, the next the government deems it illegal and your bank account is frozen.

This is not a free and functional democracy. It's stuff from a banana republic. And Canada has two formidable bananas: Justin and Chrystia Freeland. 

Free. Land. Oh, the irony.

Chrystia doesn't get enough scrutiny but she's every bit the puerile totalitarian at heart like her boss.

They're two peas in a pod. A perfect match. Bonnie & Clyde.

Yes, to me, they're on a freedom killing murder spree.

One can only hope their actions come to similar outcomes.

But for now, Justin is lashing out lack the brat we all know him to be. He's become a caricature of himself. To be laughed at like a carne freak. 

No leader, to my knowledge, has been more scandalous, verbally grotesque, divisive, shallow, and obscenely arrogant.

He should be removed.

But un the meantime, who in their right mind could trust banks? Why are they giving in so easily to his demands? And what about the RCMP? Why are they choosing to be gimps - Brown and black shirts perhaps - to him?

He's the Prime Minister but he's not a King.

We have laws - both legal and spiritual - to uphold and respect.

Justin violates these.

The RCMP should protect them. It is their duty. It is very easy to just say, 'No'. 

The greatest medical hysteria in history has brought us to this point. 

What we do from this point forward, is entirely up to us.

Next election. Choose wisely. 


RIP PJ O' Rourke

National Lampoon's.

Mad Magazine.

Wonderful political satirical humour.

Salute to a great writer. 

Chrystia Freeland: Don't Be Fooled

I never liked Freeland. And it's not just weird facial ticks and quirks.

It's deeper than that. Both intellectual and emotional. 

I always thought of her as a well-educated and connected useful idiot. Her appearances on The McLaughlin Group made that clear to me. I couldn't for the life of me understand how such a shallow mind with utterly unoriginal thoughts could be a Rhodes Scholar (a school that produces propagandists not thinkers) with all these editorial gigs. 

As time went on, I learned it's because she's part of some really bizarre global cabal of nasty people.

Her grandfather has Nazi ties and listening to her speak during the trumped up Emergency Act, it occurred to me this is her moment to shine and reveal to Canadians where her true loyalties lie.

Hint. It ain't with Canada.

In watching her inform people their accounts will be frozen, I saw the steely eyes of a totalitarian.

Freeland is a delusional plutocrat out the serve the ruling elites. That's all she is. 

Ruling elites love crushing dissent. 

Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise. 


Wake up.


In Scotland Less Is More Truth

Scotland, which had some of the best and most transparent statistics on vaccinations, are now removing them. Gee, I wonder why.

Because science.

And the vaccines don't work.


Way to go giving Canada more bad ideas. We have the lunatic fringe not outside Parliament but inside it led by Col. Kurtz. It is said, Inuit legend I'm told, that if you look late at nigh through the windows of Parliament you will see Justin Trudeau off his meds roaming the enchanted halls in his underwear and fancy socks reciting, 'All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.


 I need not expand. 

You all saw the exchange with the Jewish conservative MP Justin attacked like a shameless raging ideologue. She didn't need that. He can't answer questions like a decent human being so he attacks. In doing so, he insults a nation.

How much longer can this country tolerate his disgusting and totalitarian antics?

He has put Canada on a stage.

One in which soon will find itself in  Joey B. Toonz clip.

Because that's all what Justin Trudeau and silent Liberals are: BUFFOONS who must be mocked.

We don't have 'peace, order and good government'.

We have violence, chaos and failed governance. 


Word To David Lametti: I'd Worry

 It appears Justin's lunacy can spread like a virus.

If you are weak you are vulnerable to his psychopathy.

Enter David Lametti.

In an interview on CTV News, when asked about going after people for donating to the truckers, he said 'I'd worry'.

A more blatant act of aggression and violence upon a free people I've never seen in Canada.

If this is the prevailing psychological mindset in the Liberal party, we're in a very bad place. This is precisely how the purges of Stalinist Russia operated.

Notice how it was to end the 'illegal blockades' and coyly shifted to going after people for engaging in a LEGAL activity (until Justin declared it illegal like a tin pot loser that he is).

These people sicken me. I despise them.

Lametti looks like the little rat who would turn on Anne Frank.

May God have mercy on his shameless soul. 

I'd worry David. This can't possibly end well for your stupid, shallow, pathetic career. 

You ARE a Nazi. Don't you get it?


You Played A Part In This 'Emergency'

You had a chance to avoid this in September. The sheer rhetoric of the Prime Minister should have been enough for you to not vote for him.

But you did.

And here we are.

In a 'state of emergency' for a non-emergency.

Think this will end at truckers?

Are you once again going to be this stupid?

This is a purge. Justin has a Stalin streak in him.

He's an ideologue. This has NOTHING to do with the Charter or public health.

This is punishment.

And YOU allowed this atmosphere to take root.

That includes all these infectious disease doctors, journalists and the like.

People are now losing their jobs for merely giving to the convoy. What was legal yesterday is no longer today. Based on LIES. Now independent media are being targeted.

Slowly but surely Justin will exact revenge.

With the help of YOU. People who screamed, 'it's about time!" not thinking at all - a natural talent for some - of the fact this can get very ugly very fast.

Justin is an enemy of Canada and all Canadians.

Who knows how long before this blog gets shut down for its position against this tyrannical government? 


One Day In And Justin Is Already Showing What We All Knew: He's A Communist

Rumours going around Justin is already expanding his lunatic power grab into freezing bank accounts of independent media. What's and who's next?

To think there are Liberals who agree with this! And NDPers!

This government has lost all credibility. They can NEVER go before the UN and preach about equality, justice and democracy ever again.

Justin is doing what all totalitarians do. They crush opposition.

The price will be he will be forever seen as a totalitarian piece of shit.

When will the Liberal establishment end this idiot? 

Just A Note To Justin And Chrystia

GO FUCK YOURSELVES SHAMELESS TYRANTS. And that goes for every Liberal and NDP shithead who keep this unconscionable charade going. May God have mercy on your despicable souls.


That is all.

Congratulations To Sleeping Voters

Those of you who voted for Justin got yourselves a dictator.

He had been hinting and even showing his true colours for years but either you chose to ignore them or you agree with it.

Thank you. You played your part in the ruining of Canada. 

Something VERY Rotten In Canada

This will be brief.

Three very troubling developments here.

1) Obviously the inexplicable invoking of the Emergencies Act. People of the world. There is no emergency. The truckers pose no threat to national security. Critical roads are open and the honking (sigh, yes Canadian Covidians complain about honking) has ceased. The military, for now, has declined to get involved. There was no reason to do this. But we have a petty tyrant who seems bent on dividing Canadians and weakening our institutions while essentially breaking the law. This was a pure political power move. Do Canadians not see this?

2) Parliament defeated a motion by the Conservatives to begin the process of ending the mandates. The vote went along, not surprisingly along party lines with the utterly despicable NDP once again supporting a lawless Liberal party driven by politics and NOT science.

3) Speaking od science, Liberal MPs are getting up in the House of Commons and flat out lying to Canadians. They're making preposterous and unsubstantiated claims about vaccinations (e.g. halting the spread) and mandates working (if b working you mean punitive and coercive). 

This conditions Canadians to believe unethical, unscientific and illegal mandates work. Which they do NOT as multiple studies have shown. Mandates have little impact on mortality. We're but one week removed from a Johns Hopkins University publishing the most recent of such studies showing a .2% impact on mortality.

Does that sound like a good trade-off to you?

The country is now in a 7 day dictatorship with a Federal government seemingly disinterested in moving the country forward punch drunk mad on power driven by lies and incoherence. 

Justin Trudeau has led Canada down one of its darkest path in our history.

He must somehow be removed.


For those of you who can my advice is LEAVE Canada.

And never look back.

We plan to do so as well but it will take time and effort as we're not in a position to just up and leave. But escape Canada one day we will. There is simply no sense of urgency or concern here about what's happening. The courts, police, academia, media - all collaborators and complicit with this idiotic government under this lunatic. 


Simply Not About Public Health

It's not just incompetence.

There's more in play.

Not is it about public health.

How can it be?

The establishment has not adjusted its Covid narrative since 2020. 

Worse, Liberal MPs are standing in Parliament and flat out lying. Lying is bad but it's what they're lying about that is very, very troubling.

They keep repeating lies about the vaccines that are demonstrably FALSE.

So much so, you don't hear what they say in other countries anymore.

The rhetoric around vaccines has changed significantly. Pay close attention to several pro-vaccine experts in the USA. Even the media in general.

It has softened while questions are being raised.

Canada has coarsened and remained a cruel and callous place.

This is not about your health.


-It is claimed 90% of Canadians are vaccinated. That's on par with measles. So why are there mandates in place?

-Less than 1% of people infected are hospitalized.

-Survival rate is 99.985%.

-Mandates do NOT impact mortality. 

-Cases, deaths and hospitalizations are receding as is the case with all seasonal illnesses. How does 4000 cases still demand such tyrannical measures?

-The truckers weren't blockading to the point of threatening national security.

Yet, Canada's Stringency Index score is among the most restrictive in the West! Less in line with places like the UK, Sweden, Portugal and Spain and more in line with the nutcases in German and Kazakstan.

We're doing worse than CHINA and Australia.

Thank about this. THINK. 


For the love of God....THINK!

The truckers aren't the threat.


Trudeau's Dieppe Moment

Rumours persist the government is contemplating involving an Emergencies Act.

This far into a pandemic now possibly heading towards a less severe existence as well as endemicity makes for such a call extreme. Never mind the virus comes with a 99.85% survival rate.

Another cover Justin is clearly using as an excuse is the trucker blockades from 'economic terrorists' as the Mayor of Sarnia called them. 

When a solution is pretty simple. Bring Canada more in line with most nations in the West particularly the United States and end these damn mandates. Mandates Tam and Duclos (who would both resign. Yes, even this early into his tenure Duclos has already shown himself incapable of handling this portfolio) have admitted the mandates are mostly to force vaccinate people.

This is where Canada is this late in the game. They keep peddling the lie the 'best way out of this pandemic is through vaccination'. This message is as stale as 2021. It's rooted less in science and more in obsession with a program that is failing.

And the government is incapable of adjusting.

Every signal out there is screaming 'PULL BACK!' Pay close attention to heavy supporters of vaccines from Godfathers of vaccination like Dr. Oufitt, Pfizer CEO Bourla suggesting the vaccines are ineffective now, two top FDA officials resigning over the lack of evidence to force boosters on a mass scale, endless studies, embalmers, and many others supplying us with valuable information all suggesting the vaccines need to be halted.

They are not' safe and effective' and the benefits are not outweighing the risks.

And some countries are getting the message. I suspect it will grow.

But not Canada.

Justin Trudeau is prepared to sacrifice Canadians like incompetent Generals sent young Canadian soldiers to their deaths at Dieppe.


Apparently, according to a poll, as many as 66% of Canadians support military action against truckers.

Which goes to show the 'comfortable classes' have learned nothing these past two years and refuse to learn anything.

All they know is force as they blissfully whistle away their rights.

For public health. 

Stay strong truckers.

For the rest of the Canadians who understand what's at stake, stand by them.

Our country needs us.

End the mandates.


Covid-19 Wuhan Virus Quotes Of The Day

"What we have learned so far from the embalmers is troubling: it appears the vaccines have overtaken heart disease as the #1 leading cause of death in America today."  Steve Kirsch. 

Zero Hedge: "The company (Pfizer) also notes that Covid-19 may "diminish in severity or prevalence, or disappear entirely."

Duclos (during presss conference): It's gonna be around forever! /burp.

The Stupid And Scared Among Us

"If they end the passports, I won't be going to restaurants' one person Tweeted.

Makes me wonder for how long  people can remain stupid.

It's quite shocking this level of ignorance. And wholly unacceptable.

It's simple.

Here's how to disarm a stupid, scared person among us who squawks about how necessary mandates and measures:

1) These are 'leaky' non-sterilizing vaccines. They are not sterilizing vaccines like for measles. That's is they wane and encourage immune escape and creation of variants due to pressure applied on the virus. Stop bloody conflating the two. Experts who deliberately fail to explain this distinction should be ashamed of themselves. 

2) They do not halt transmission. They were NEVER designed to stop the spread. Thus making the claim 'get vaccinated end the pandemic' one of the all-time great lies. One in which graduated into malfeasance as it divided society. People became hostile to the unvaccinated incorrectly blaming them for preventing them from 'getting back to normal'. No, what stopped us from getting back to normal was blind obedience to incompetent officials who, it turns out, don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

3) Vaccinated people transmit the virus just as much as unvaccinated. Worse, sometimes asymptomatically because the vaccine does hide symptoms. Just who is the threat again?

4) Do the vaccines work or not? If you believe they do (myths persist but to each his own) then what's the problem? You're protected.

5) The vaccines wane. The shelf life of these low quality products is about six months with efficacy beginning its drop within two months. The booster can provide protection for up to four months. Meaning, again like the first shots, you probably have 'maximum' protection within two months. Regardless, natural immunity in the end provides the best kind of immunity. Fact.

So for the dumbasses who after two years still can't see the measures are futile and have frayed the civil order and continue to listen to discredited and disgraced officials and experts who have lost credibility, stay home indeed.

Let the rest of us get on with it.

You can play with your passport at home.

Books To Read And Substacks To Join

Whether you've emerged from the Covid hysteria or have been awake the whole time and would like to learn more about what happened here are some book ideas and Substacks to join.

1) The Real Anthony Fauci. Robert Kennedy jr. A real eye-opening lashing of 'I am Science' Tony Fauci. Backed by over 2000 citations, the son of Bobby Kennedy and nephew of John Kennedy, fulfills their promise of exposing the 'deep state'. The book, among other things, shows how Fauci helped further merge the medical and industrial complexes into a powerful bio-security entity threatening our freedoms. 

2) Corona. False Alarm? One of the first books to come out, Dr. Karina Reiss and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi present facts and figures pointing to an over reaction to the pandemic response.

3) Covid Lockdown Insanity. Hugh McTavish, Ph.D. A look into the poorly thought-out response. One of the few books to consider the negative trade-offs of forming policy through panic.

4) Speaking of panic The Price of Panic by Douglas Axe, William M. Briggs and Jay W. Richards delve into the trade offs and unintended consequences of rash and draconian decisions.

5) Twenty-Twenty-One. Ronne P.A. Lempert. This book focuses on the troubling corruption to Canada's handling of the pandemic. 

6) Influenza. Dr. Jeremy Brown. If anything, this is for those who are interested on the history of influenza to provide more context with Covid-19.

7) The Poisoned Needle was originally published in 1958 by Eleanor McBean. An obscure and forgotten book packed with stunning revelations about the history of vaccination that run eerily similar to what we're witnessing today.

8) Ideological Constructs of Vaccination. By Mateja Cernic, PhD. Runs in a similar vain to McBean's book packed with strong logical and statistical facts questioning vaccination.

9) Mirage of Health. Rene Dubois. Published in 1959, this is a journey into the cultural, spiritual, philosophical and intellectual aspects of humanity and medicine. 

10) Covid-19 and the Global Predators by Peter R Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin. Goes into deep details uncovering the malpractice, malfeasance and corruption involving the CCP, World Health Organization, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci. 

For those intrigued by crowd psychology:

1) Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay. Published in 1841 it remains and indispensable look into how delusions lead people into irrational actions.

2) The Crowd and the Psychology of Revolution. Gustave Le Bon. Written in 1895, this book focuses on the French Revolution but takes special note that reason succumbs to irrationalism is universal and endemic to man.

3) From 1956 The Rape of the Mind. Joost Merloo. Excellent insights, among other things, into how state propaganda manipulates people into abandoning all senses. 

4) Also relevant to how governments raped people's minds through propaganda is Falsehood in War Time (1928) by Arthur Ponsonby. 

5) And Propaganda by Edward Bernays (1928).

And finally rounding out this list three dystopian novels warn how the Covid-19 saga can result in a loss of freedom and the human spirit. They are George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

Books to look out for: Pandemia by Alex Berenson. Viral by Matt Ridley and What Really Happened in Wuhan by Sharri Markson.

On Substack:

James Lyons-Weiler

Stever Kirsch


Alex Berenson

George Eisenstein

Covid Myth Buster News

Marc Girardot

Igor Chudov

el gato malo

States Of Emergencies Galore

Oh my have Canadians become shit disturbers.

Bet that wasn't in the SPARS and Agenda 21 plan. Gates and Klaus must be scratching their heads wondering how they missed a blue collar rising of this sort. From Canada no less.

A nation known for its obedience to the law and politeness now inspires the world to rebellion.

According to Benjamin Franklin  rebellion is obedience to God. Canada is doing right by God's and Natural law.

Canadians are also fulfilling Henry Thoreau dictum that when a law becomes unjust, civil disobedience is justified and a civic duty.

Except, we're not dealing with laws here. We're dealing with a lawless and rogue government - with the blessing of the courts it would appear - inflicting harm on a free country and its peoples through untenable, unethical and unscientific decrees and mandates.

Canada has 10 Premiers and a Prime Minister that essentially declared war on civil liberties in the name of 'public safety'.

The irony is you're not safe. This government provides no public health protection nor is it concerned with the rights of man.

It's a double loss for every single Canadian - and citizens of the world - regardless of vaccination status.

The government of Canada, under an noxious, odious and weak man posing as a borderline illegitimate Prime Minister, has created an atmosphere of angst and animosity for its own agenda. Whatever it may be at this point. It doesn't seem to make sense to an increasing number of people including MP's within the Liberal ranks. So out of control this mandates have become the PM engages in bizarre Kafka-esque and Orwellian gibberish stating mandates are necessary to prevent future restrictions. In Quebec, Premier Francois Legault added his own perverse understanding of liberty when he uttered, 'masks are liberty' and later on exposing his unique ferocious talent for finding futile measures 'passports are liberty'.

Abuse of emergency powers were bound to expand state power. Anyone with a remedial grasp of history - or Hollywood movies - knows this was inevitable. The declaration of a state of emergency in Ontario and Alberta reveal - sigh - once again the shallow and stark hypocrisy of the political and intellectual establishment. 

During the BLM/Antifa riots throughout North America, people in various cities were subjected to 'mostly peaceful protests' that burned down city blocks, wanton destruction of property, and engaged in brut violence that sometimes resulted in murder. In Seattle, violent protestors even took over a block known as the 'CHOP' where rapes and murders took place while Seattle police were forbidden to enter.

Whether it was in Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, or Washington no state of emergencies were declared. In Canada, Justin Trudeau - true to his puerile Marxist activism - took a knee with protestors when BLM blew north.

Double-standards, gaslights and foolishness abounds among the the opportunistic vipers in government, media and academia.

So many knees. So little integrity. So much naked opportunism. 

In recent days the United States under the direction of the same forces (read Democrats) that failed to act while their cities faced destruction and violence, began to put pressure on Canada demanding they use Federal powers to end the blockades on the Ambassador Bridge connecting Michigan and Ontario. 

The message: Crush these uppity blue collars.

Michigan Empress (aka Governor) Gretchen Whitmore (who along with other Democrat Governors imposed some of the most draconian restrictions as well as having sent infected patiences into long-term care facilities and nursing homes resulting in deaths) called for force while members of the faux-intellectual classes even called for 'tires to be slashed'. Of course, it wasn't vigilantism what was called for except it was, you know, vigilantism.

A bridge, it's worth noting, that represents about 27% of trade between these two great neighbours. By far the most critical border crossing where trade is concerned.

And Ontario Premier Doug Ford - not being a particularly courageous figure possessing the spine of a wet noodle - obliged and declared that good old state of emergency. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney - another CINO (Conservative in name only) - did the same.

Blockades have been a key component of protests for decades in the West. Never has a state of emergency been declared to my knowledge. The understanding was, correctly, people have an inalienable right to protest.

Apparently no more.

Where death and destruction did not result in a state of emergency, apparently playing hockey, eating pancakes, jumping in bouncy houses, hugging and carrying Canadian flags does. 

No, no. It's because people are bringing fuel to the truckers and honking their horns!

That's why we need a state of emergency.

Yet, it could all end so easily. END THE MANDATES. But they don't want to. They want to crush the truckers to send a message to you and me. That message is never challenge or question our authority. 

It's that stark and obvious. Which means, we need to strengthen our resolve, dig deeper and spit in the face of this totalitarian mindset. Do not let it seep in or else we're done as a free country.

What we're witnessing before our eyes its the full inglorious incompetence and impotence of state power and control. The bureaucracy is made up of cronies protecting their rackets and answering to some of their masters. 

No free and strong society treats a true and peaceful protest if it wasn't a real threat to their power and agenda. Alas, the era of declaring of emergencies is upon us. Just like words like 'racist' has lost all power and meaning, the over use of states of emergencies that do little other than to aggrandize state power, will resonate less and less with the public.

The truckers seem to have touched a nerve. A nerve that roused a global consciousness. 

Canada went full punk.

I could not be prouder of this country. 

Onto to freedom friends! 

Honk, Honk!